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Travel the World

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S: Exploring Explorers By: Mr. Wiegmann's Class

BC: Explorers

FC: Exploring Explorers By Mr.Wiegmann's Class

1: Gary Paulsen | Neil Armstrong | Sir Francis Drake | Leif Eriksson | Fransico Pizarro | Robert Peary | Amelia Earhart | Juan Ponce De Leon | Sacajawea | Sally Ride | Louis Joliet | Bill Gates | Marco Polo | Christopfher Columbus | Hernando De Soto | Daniel Boone | Giovanni | valentina Tereshkovo | Buzz Aldrin | Amerigo Vaspucci

2: He had a lot of problems! He unsuccessfully led a campaign against the Caribbean people in the island south of Puerto Rico. He was taken by the Native Americans on a ship and transported to Cuba. He was named “Provincial Governor of the eastern part of Hispaniola,” by the Governor of Hispaniola, for taking part of a campaign against the Native Americans. He came from a noble Spanish family that was well educated and befitted his status, he was taught many languages, physics, geometry, mathematics, and astronomy. | Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer. They are not sure when he was born but they think 1460 or 1474. He was born in Santervas, Spain. Spain sent him to be an explorer. When he got older he began looking for the “New World.” At first he thought he found an island but later he figured out it was North America – Florida. He found a heavy current in the Gulf of Mexico. He called it the “Gulf Stream.”

3: He served as page to Pedro Nunuz de Guzman at the Spanish court. He was a volunteer on Christopher Columbus’s 2nd voyage to the “New World.” He was the first conquistador to be knighted by King Ferdinand. He was very brave, and soon became a very respected explorer.

4: Did you know Leif Eriksson was the son of Eric the Red? Leif was born in about 980. He was born in Iceland. He lived in Europe, and started his expedition from there. He was looking for a place to settle. Leif found parts of Greenland and Canada. In Canada he started a settlement called Vinland. His problems were his father died and his brother Thorwald was killed by Indians. Also his crew kept getting attacked by Indians. | By Wil Cooney | Leif Eriksson

5: Some facts are his name could be spelled Ericson and Eiriksson. His life was recorded in a long Icelandic story called a saga. His men made wine from grapes in Vinland, Vinland means Wine land. He discovered America before Christopher Columbus. He died as Greenland's ruler.

7: Hernando De Soto was born in 1496 or 1497. He was born in Jerez de los Caballeros. His parents wanted him to stay in Spain to become a lawyer, but Hernando wanted to become a conquistador. He was sent from Seville Spain on an expedition to look for helmets of gold. He was a Spanish explorer who helped to defeat the Inca Empire and he was also the first person to see the Mississippi River. There are many other interesting facts about Hernando De Soto. He explored Nicaragua, Peru and Florida. He was named governor of Cuba in 1537. He found gold and was rich when he came back to Spain. De Soto died in late June of 1542 and was buried on the banks of the Mississippi River. It was a good thing that Hernando De Soto did not become a lawyer, but became a conquistador instead. By Dylon Crotty

8: Did you know that Daniel Boone was one of the most famous pioneers in America? He was born on a small farm in Reading, Pennsylvania on November 2, 1734. At age 15, the Boones settled in North Carolina. Daniel met a girl named Rebecca Bryant. In 1756 they married, and they built a home in Sugar Tree Creek. They had ten children. Daniel didn’t like North Carolina; he thought it was overcrowded. He wanted to move to Kentucky, where there weren't many settlers. In 1773 he set out for Kentucky for the first time, but he turned around at the Clumberland Gap because of an attack by Indians. A trading company hired him to make a trail from Fort Chiswell, Virginia to the Ohio River in Kentucky. The trail was called the Wilderness road. When he ended the trail he built a fort called Boonesborough. Daniel returned to North Carolina to lead his family to their new home. Boonesborough was small, it only consisted of 26 cabins. The nearest place to buy goods was nearly 200 miles away. | Daniel Boone | Explorer

9: Living in Boonesborough was very dangerous because there were lots of Native Americans. All the Native Americans were very angry at Daniel for settling on their land, especially the Shawnee. There were many fights with them. Everyone had to be careful when going outside the fort. Daniel’s daughters and her friends were captured one day. Daniel spent three days tracking them before they were found. Daniel was captured 4 times by Indians. In 1778 he was captured by the Shawnee and rather than kill him, the Chief wanted to adopt him. After 4 months Daniel returned to Boonesborough, but his family had returned to North Carolina because they thought he was dead. Later in North Carolina they were reunited. In Daniel’s later years he and his family moved around from Virginia to Kentucky. He ended up moving to Missouri when he was 65. Daniel’s wife died in 1813 at age 75. Daniel died at age 85 seven years later. By Molly Dugan | Wilderness Road | Boonesborough

10: Bill Gates is a modern explorer. Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He was trying to find a way to make Microsoft useful. He had some problems. He dropped out of college. He would skip school to go to computer centers. They had trouble keeping clients because the company was run by high school students. .

11: He ended up making Microsoft. There are many facts about Bill GatesHe was once the richest man in the world. He has over a billion dollars. Bill Gates went to Harvard University. A computer is a toy to him. Bill Gates is an explorer because he travels to places around the world. | by Ben Finn

12: Sacajawea Sacajawea was born in 1787. As a young girl Sacajawea was kidnapped by a group of Hidsta Indians when she was only 13. She was purchased or won through gambling as to become their slave. She grew up and married a man named Toussaint Charbonneau who was already married when they tied the knot or in others words got married. When she joined the"Lewis & Clark Expedition her goal was to help them by translating what Indians said to them and what Lewis & Clark wanted to say back. She accomplished her goal but also ended up helping them navigate around, since she knew the area very well. Sacajawea was pregnant when she met Lewis & Clark and ended up having her baby on their journey. Clark nicknamed him Pompey. The Lewis and Clark group was called "The Corps of Discovery" which Sacajawea was in. She died of a fever at age 25 on December 20, 1812.

13: By: Kate Franke

14: Do you know everything about Hernando Cortes? He was born in Medellin, Spain in 1485. He had 3 wives and killed 1 because she did not do what she was told. He had 6 children, 2 boys and 4 girls. Their names were Martin, Luis, Catalina, Leonor, Maria, and Juana. He was sent by Spain to conquer many different lands. Hernando Cortes looked for gold and he found it in the Seven Cites of Gold. He fought in a war with the Tabascans. He also fought in a war with the Tlaxcalans and the Aztecs. The Governor of Cuba tried to arrest Cortes but he fought back and won. Later, he died of pleurisy on December 2, 1547.

15: Hernando Cortes Joseph Gleason

16: Giovanni da Verrazano Giovanni was born in 1485 in Florence, Italy. He was an explorer sent by France to find the Northwest passage to China. Giovanni explored the Eastern coast of North America from the Carolina's to Newfoundland. He later made two more voyages to the new world. He did not find the Northwest passage to China. He was killed and eaten by the native Carib tribe. And smelled. Giovanni was a navigator and sailed with a crew. The made two trips and came into contact with Native Americans. He made important discoveries but because of bad luck and timing, he's not as famous as other explorers of his era.

17: 1485 - 1528 | By: Quinton Goeman

18: NEIL ARMSTRONG By: Jackson Hamlin Neil Armstrong was born in 1930 near Wapakoneta, Ohio. Neil Armstrong was at a young age when he started to love airplanes. His room was filled with model airplanes. Neil grew up learning about airplanes. When Neil was finished with college, he joined the military and he flew fighter planes. In 1962 Neil was selected to be a part of NASA. Neil's first mission for NASA was the Gemini 8 mission. Gemini 8 was launched on March 16, 1966. It was a successful journey to space. In 1969 Neil was selected to be a part of the Apollo 11 mission with Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins. The Apollo 11 mission was supposed to be the first successful journey to the moon. On July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 took off for the moon.

19: Neil, Buzz, and Mike had a successful journey to the moon. Neil was the first person in the world to take a step on the moon he also did the moon walk.. When Neil stepped on the moon, he had said something that nobody would forget. He said, “That's one small step for a man, but one giant leap for mankind. On their way back to earth something bad happened. The switch that controlled the rocket broke off. They didn't panic; instead they were smart enough to think up an idea. They used a ballpoint pen to replace the switch. Their idea worked. The astronauts landed on earth safely. The whole time they were on the moon they were on T.V, and everybody knew that Neil Armstrong was the first person to take a step on the moon.

20: Robert Peary

21: Robert Peary 1856-1920 Robert Peary was born in Cresson , Pennsylvania in 1856. Robert graduated from Bowoin College in 1877. After college, he joined the U.S. Navy. Robert had a wife named Josephine D. Peary he also had a son named Robert E. Peary. Jr. At first Robert was looking for a Northwest passage that would allow ships to sail between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Then he searched for the North Pole. Robert had some problems when he was on his expedition, He had to outcome a lot of obstacles : cold temperature, shifting ice, and impassable open channels of water. Robert was forced to turn back in 1891, but on April 6, 1909 he found the North Pole. By.Luke

22: Valentina Tereshkovo 1937-? | Jillian Heitland | Have you ever wondered who the first woman to travel to space was? Valentina was born in Maslennikovo, western Russia, 1937. She volunteered for space- training school and soon became the first women to go into space. She had no experience of a test pilot, so she used manual controls.

23: Valentina enjoyed parachuting. She made 125 jumps before starting space- training school. When she reentered the earth’s atmosphere she parachuted from her spacecraft the Vostok 6. Valentina made 45 full revolutions around the world in a 70-hour 50-mintue flight starting at June 16th and ending June 19th, 1963. She also orbited the earth once every 88 minutes. Her spacecraft was called the Vostok 6. Valentina was the first women to go into space. She enjoyed parachuting and learning new things. Valentina made a great discovery and was a very brave person to do it!

24: Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart was born in Atchison, KA. She was born in 1897.Amelia was the first female aviator. Amelia's goal was to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. When she was flying across the Atlantic, her plane ran out of fuel, and it crashed. Her body was never found, but her plane might have been found. Amelia flew solo across the Atlantic. Amelia accomplished flying across the Atlantic. I learned a lot more about her to. When Amelia was ten, she saw her first airplane. She wasn't impressed. She said, “It was rusty wire and wood and looked not at all interesting”. She attended a stunt flying exhibit a decade later she became interested in aviation. By Taylor Hill

27: Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus was born on May 21 1506. He was one of the greatest explores of all time. Columbus discovered America. Columbus wanted to find a faster way to get to India by traveling west instead of east. Nobody thought he could complete this voyage, because they didn't know that the other half of the world existed. But Columbus believed there was. Columbus put 90 people on three ships along with Houses, plants est. When Columbus set off he was in the sea for months before he saw land. Finally the spied land and then they named it the new world. By Tyler Hobbs

28: Buzz Aldrin Buzz Aldrin was born on Jan. 20, 1930. He was born in Glen Ridger, New Jersey. Buzz was looking to become astronaut and become part of NASA. Buzz flew 66 combat missions in Korea and later served in West Germany. He was one of the first to land on the moon, and one of the first to walk on the moon. The one thing that made Buzz mad was that Neil Armstrong was named The Pilot of the Eagle. Here are some facts about Buzz Aldrin. Buzz is an American mechanical engineer. Buzz was the second astronaut on the moon, Buzz joined NASA on Oct. 1963. He was part of the 1963 NASA group. He went to the moon on Apollo 11. By Joshua Jurgensen

31: Louis Joliet By: Aaron Kelso Louis Joliet was an explorer. He was born in 1645 in Quebec City. He was sent by New France which is now called Canada. He was looking for the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. On his expedition he found the upper Mississippi River. On his return trip his canoe turned over and he lost all of his papers. Since Joliet's log of the journey were lost, their exact route is unknown. Louis Joliet started his life as a fur trader with the Native Indians. Then from 1669 to 1671, Joliet tried his hand at copper mining. Louis Joliet had paddled 2,500 miles in his exploration for the Mississippi river.

33: Amerigo Vaspucci By Alexis King My person is Amerigo Vaspucci. Did you know that Vaspucci kidnapped 200 Native Americans and brought them back to Spain the next day. He was a person who helped Columbus on his 3rd and 4th expedition to the new world. Actually he was the one who found the new world before Columbus did. Amerigo Vaspucci found North America and South America, in fact he was the person who named them. He was the first person to experience Latitude and Longitude. After he reached main land his (friend) Alonso de Ojeda went sepret ways to discover more of the land on foot. He made many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, and many trips back to America.

35: Dalton Mennenga Sir Francis Drake Sir Francis Drake was an explore and sailor. He went on two expeditions for England to trade salves, gold, and other richs . But he had a problem while sailing. He had to deal with violent storms. He also upsetted the king of Spain. But he later help take down his empire . He was the first English man to sail around the world. I learned a lot more about Sir Francis Drake. Some people consider him a thief. He later on became a professional pirate. At a young age he was the oldest of 12 sons. He also married one of the wealthiest women in England. When he died his crew buried him at sea. In San Francisco there is a hotel named after him.

37: Francisco Pizarro 1471-1541 | He was sent from Spain to find the Incan Empire. On the first trip, they had rough weather and sickness before they landed. On the second trip, they also had bad weather again. Therefore, they started traveling by land because of the bad weather. He found the Incan Empire, gold, and silver. | Have you ever wanted to know about Francisco Pizarro? Francisco Pizarro was born in Trujjo, Spain. He was born in 1471. They didn’t know the exact date he was born. | By: Carson Meyer | Here are some neat facts about Pizarro’s life. He didn’t know how to read or write. When he was a teen, he joined the Spanish army. He spent his life as a soldier. Pizarro never lost a man during war. He died on July 26, 1541.

38: Sally Ride Sally Ride, born in Los Angeles, California, in 1951, was the first American woman to become an astronaut and travel into outer space. The reason why she went to space was to be able to launch new satellites and to test the space shuttle's remote manipulator arm. After doing some experimenting, she found new information about how the sun affects the Earth's weather. In 1986, before her third planned mission, the Challenger exploded in space. Ride was then ordered to investigate the accident, and was never able to go on her final mission. Sally Ride hadn't always planned to be an explorer. After graduating high school, Sally thought about becoming a professional tennis player. Instead, she decided to go to school to become an astronaut. She graduated from Stanford University in 1978 with a Ph.D. in physics. After spending some time exploring in outer space, she went on to teach physics at the University of California, and became the director of the California Space institute in 1989. Even though Sally Ride went through some difficult times, she still had an exciting life of exploration by Kyle Movick

40: Vasco Nunez de Balboa Vasco Nunez de Balboa was born in 1475. His home town was Jerez de los Caballeros. Balboa was also a Spanish soldier. Spanish soldiers are also called conquistadors. Conquistadors looked for gold and other treasures. Balboa went west, after Columbus found the Caribbean, to look for gold, silver, tin, serpents, birds, and monsters. He found the Pacific Ocean. The crew had almost eight hundred Indians, one hundred fifty Spanish soldiers,and a pack of dogs trained to fight. Leoncro, Balboa's own dog, was the leader of the pack. His ship was infested with a wood eating sea worm called Broma. Eventually, his ship sank near the shores of Haiti. He made his way towards the land. Balboa lived in the colony. Not long afterward, Balboa became a farmer. Farm life was not for him. Because of this, Balboa did not work. Instead of working, Balboa borrowed money from his neighbors. He wanted to go to Central America. The law said that if you were in debt, then you had to pay them before you could leave. Then Balboa snuck onto Martin Fernandez de Encisco’s ship, who was a lawyer. Encisco found him. Seeing a hard working youth, Encisco set Balboa to work. After that, the ship landed on an island. Someone there said that the natives had poisoned arrow tips. Everybody in the crew wanted to go home immediatly. Encisco did go home, but Balboa did a inspirational speech that made the rest of the crew stay. He went and made peace with the natives. Then, at 10:00 A.M., September 25th, 1513, Vasco Nunez de Balboa found the Pacific Ocean. He named it in honor of King Ferdinand.

41: By: Abbi Parcher

42: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was a Spanish explorer. He was born 1510 in Salamanca, Spain. Francisco Coronado was sent by Spain to search for the Seven Cities of Gold. On the expedition Coronado's group had many problems. Coronado's group ran low on food, and water was scarce. Many animals and soldiers died on the journey. Coronado got injured while searching for the Seven Cities of Gold. Instead of finding the Seven Cities of Gold, Coronado's group found the Grand Canyon. | Kayla Ritter | Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

43: Coronado married a woman named Beatriz. They had 4 daughters and 1 son. While searching for the Seven Cities, Coronado found a wealthy city with lots of food and other needs, but there was no gold. The first city Coronado's group found was very poor with little adobe huts. Since Coronado was the second son born, he would have to search for his own gold, or live on a very small portion of his family's money. Coronado found land in Kansas where there were animals that frightened Coronado and his men. In Kansas, Coronado and his men got food, property, and turquoise from the Indians. They got no gold. | Facts about Coronado

44: Marco Polo Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy in 1254. His father, Nicolo, and his uncle, Maffeo, had left on a traveling mission right before his birth. His mother died when he was about seven, so he was raised by his aunt and uncle. While Nicolo and Maffeo were traveling, they met a Chinese ruler named Kublai Kahn who had invited them to come back. By the time they got back to Venice, Marco was fifteen. They decided to visit Kublai Khan and take Marco with them. In 1271 they set out for China. When they reached China, they met Kublai Khan. Khan liked the Polos, and they served him for many years, but when they wanted to leave, he wouldn't let them. Finally, Khan let them leave as long as they escorted a princess to Persia to be married. After they escorted the princess to Persia and made it back to Venice, they had been gone for twenty-four years. Marco became most famous for the book he wrote while traveling. He had a big imagination, and most people thought he was lying about most of the things he wrote down. He also traveled further into Asia than any other European had before. Marco died in 1324 when he was seventy years old. By Tali Tesar

51: Do you like the author Gary Paulsen? Did you know he is considered an explorer? Gary Paulsen was born on May 17th, 1937-. He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is in search of ideas for his books. He found what he was looking for and even some adventure. Some problems that he had were the place where he lived, and the places where he got his ideas. He lived in The Canadian Bush. The Canadian Bush is a very harsh place because there are bears, treacherous mosquitoes, and it is sometimes hard to get food. It would be very hard to be an author and an explorer in the Canadian Bush. | Here are some fun-facts about Gary Paulsen. He is a children and young adult author. He lives currently in La Luz, New Mexico. He also has a 40 acre spread north of Willow, Alaska. He has written over 400 books. At the age of 14 he ran away from home to join a carnival. Gary Paulsen is a very interesting author/explorer. | By Speed Toyne

52: Did you know that Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480? He was born in Portugal but he was also kicked out by the king of Portugal. He looked for the spices in Asia but he found Guam some Indians. He also found people to exchange stuff with. He had some problems like the king wouldn"t give him his new assignments at sea so he got mad at the king. Plus he asked the king for money but the king said “no” but it was because that he decided that he should travel more for him to get more money. Here are interesting facts about what he loved to do. He loved to go to school a lot for learning how to get even better. He was a sea captain so that he could go where he was told to plus he liked to explore new places. Ferdinand Magellan was promised the voyage of the Spice Islands. But he didn’t find the Spice Islands. He was also on the Five Spanish Ships with 251 men. But it was the first thing to come the voyage. He died in 1521 which was very sad for his family.

53: Ferdinand Magellan By Gabrielle Wubben

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