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Travel the World

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FC: what If.. | By; Dallyn kemski

1: 1. Ancient River Valley Civilization 2. Classical Greece/ Rome 3. Post Classical Africa/ Asia 4. Post- classical (Medieval) Europe 5. Renaissance/ Reformation 6. Enlightenment/ Reformation 7. World War 1 8. World War 2 9. Cold War

2: Ancient River Valley Civilizations were mostly found around the Indus River and the Nile River in Egypt.People liked to stay near the water so they could use it for irregation.The soil was very good for farming and people became very advanced and began to create things like there own planned cities and forms of Government.They began to get an education and Egypt came up with there own writing system called hieroglyphics. Most civilizations were seperated into city-states . | Ancient River Valley Civilization

3: If people hadnt learned how to farm then the civilization wouldnt have expanded irrigation routes wouldnt have been developed there for we wouldnt be able to transform regions. | what if..

4: During Classical Greece/ Rome era an event happened known as the Persian invasion of Greece.Greece was invaded by the army and naval fleet of the persian empire. | Classical Greece/ Rome

5: If Rome hadnt fell the eastern half wouldnt have fallen into byzantine empire and maybe in Europe you would see less Muslim rule. | What if..

6: Classical Africa and Asia Bantu migration happened 2,000 years ago a group of Bantu speakers walked around. Territorial waars broke out, As they shared new ideas/ skills people they formed the Bantu Culture. Archaeologist thought they were called Nok people | Classical Africa/ Asia

7: If silk roads werent saafe for trade across East, South, West then north Asia wouldnt exist and we wouldnt be able to trade with other countries | What if...

8: The post classical medieval Europe era was known as middle ages between the 5th and 15th century. During this time period there was a huge rise in religion. | Post Classical (Medieval) Europe

9: if the black plage hadnt attacked Europe their are and music would ne different and faith would still be strong. | what if..

10: Renaissance/ Reformation | This was the re-birth rime period. The renaissance first started in fragmented city-state of Italy. these renaissance intellectuals said that the epoch following the fall of the roman empire in 500 a.s until their own dark times was the dark ages. The renaissance owed alot of money to the medieval world. The had a huge growth in the literature, art, and political.

11: If Guetenburg hadnt invented the printing press then we wouldnt have to hand write everything and it would take much longer then just using a printing press. | What If...

12: Enlightenment/ Reformation | They believed that the human reason could be used to combat ignorance superstition and tyranny and to build a better world their principal targets were religion (the catholic church) the domination of society by hereditarty

13: What If.. | If the enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonist then we wouldn't have iberian powers, and the British wouldnt have created colonies all over the globe

14: World War 1 | WW1 created the fundamental elements of the 20th century history. Genocide emerged as an act of war. so did the use of poison and gas on the battlefield. the whole international system was transformed. on the political right fascism came out of the war.

15: What if.. | If germany hadnt been solely blamed for wwI then

16: World War 2 | If Britain had remaned neutral with Germany in 1939 and all the way through ww2

17: What if.. | If the us hadnt dropped the bombs on Japan then this huge event that changed many lives wouldnt be important.

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