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Travel the World

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S: This is Your Life, John Kling

FC: This is Your Life, John Kling

1: This is Your Life, John Kling! You were born September 3, 1951 in Macclesfield, England to Don and Hannah Kling. You are a Son, Husband, Father, Brother, Friend, Photographer, Bartender, DJ, Chauffeur, Bus Driver, Motorcyclist, Storyteller, Social Chairman. Happy 60th Birthday from your family and friends. We love you and hope you enjoy this book.

2: Early Days | St. Wilfred's School | You have maintained contact with many of your childhood friends, even though you live far away from them.

3: Despite a serious accident involving you, your sister's bike, and a lorry, you went on to become a leader in school and dreamed , of a life of travel and exciting places.

4: I have many happy memories of our time together. From my first trip to America for your wedding, where I fell in love with Hobby Nobby, to my most recent trip for David's wedding, you have always made sure I was well looked after. I appreciate your frequent phone calls that keep me up to date with your family. I remember the days at Alexander's, and driving the car home on the wrong side of the road. I remember having a pretty little thing bring me home and David and Emily watching from the bedroom window as we said goodnight. It's sad there will be no more trips to America for me, but I look forward to the next visit you make to England. You have been a very thoughtful son and I thank you for all that you've done for me. Happy birthday! Love, Dad | John, Don, and Mary | Papa Don loved his trips to America.

5: The 3 generations of Kling men often enjoy doing things together.

7: When I was about 8 years old, you 4, one Christmas Eve, Father Christmas had delivered our Christmas stockings (my dad's old sock, filled with sweets and fruit and nuts and chocolate covered pennies). I woke you up; it must have been about 4am. Excitedly, you brought your stocking into my bedroom and we sat on my bed consuming the contents. One of the best things in the stocking was usually sugar mice or, on this occasion, quite a large sugar pig, all pink and delicious. We both decided to eat them, on top of everything we had already devoured! Not long after everything was gone, you started to look quite 'green' and queasy. You suddenly started being horribly sick all over my bed. I think if I remember correctly, by this time you were crying loudly and Mum came in to see what was up. Of course big Sister always got the blame, for feeding you the contents of your stocking. I don't think you ate anything else all Christmas day. You were quite a 'sickly' child, and when it was your first communion (brought up in a strict Catholic family, well at least our Mother was). Well when you took communion in the Catholic church you were not allowed to eat anything before taking communion. This was an important day, you all dressed in white with your proud parents watching you go through this ceremony with all of your classmates. Suddenly your face became as white as your shirt and you started to 'sway,' then promptly fainted. I am not sure to this day whether you actually made your 'first Communion.' Maybe you can remember this and enlighten us! Love, Mary

8: When Mum and Don married, they 'sculted off' to pastures new, leaving us to carry on living in the Maisonette above the fish and chip shop at Tilgate Parade. At the time we were very much into a football game called 'Subuteo', which was usually played in your bedroom. You were quite a good player. I think you used to practice behind my back! I would come in from the pub, wake you up, as you had usually gone to bed and fallen asleep, but no matter, a game was needed. I would say, "OK, John, time for a match." This was a cunning plan by me to catch you off guard. This ploy of mine only worked for a short time as you had seen through my evil plan, so from that point on, cheating was the only option I had, so the days of 'Subuteo' matches soon waned in my interest. We all moved- into a brand new house in Strudgate Close. Your bedroom was the small one at the front of the house, whilst David and I shared the second bedroom which happened to be across the hall from yours, cue nightmares. David would sneak into your room and tie one end of cotton onto the corner of your eiderdown and trail it back to our room and then we would wait. You would eventually go to bed. When we thought you were just in that semi-conscious world of blissful sleep, we would carefully take up the slack of the yarn and slowly pull the eiderdown from your bed. This was followed by hideous and blood curdling screams from your room. Needless to say, David and I were helpless with laughter. May I say here that the guts it must have taken you to pull up stakes, get yourself a better job and future by going to sea on 'The Oriana' then to land in America, meet the lovely Cindy, marry her and produce a family of which we are all so very proud just says it of the man. Your sisters and brothers send a huge hug on your big night. You really deserve it, and a rock of the family you will always be. You truly are a real good fella, and so good for us to see you and Cindy at our family do's. I think the effort you two make is marvelous. Should you want an apology from David and me for pulling your leg all those years ago, No Chance! Have a great night! Love, Keith Have a great night! Love, Keith

9: I wish you a happy 60th birthday, mine is not till next year (not rubbing it in). Remember the 4th year at St Wilfred's in the huts, (the kiss as my boyfriend), we were in Mrs. Harman’s class, next door was Mr. Murphy (Sean Regan the wrestler) oh what memories. Mrs. Harmon used to make us girls kneel on the floor to ensure that our skirts would touch the back of our legs, if they didn't we would have to unroll them from the waist band. Also what about the rats that lived under the huts? We do remember some strange things from the past. Lots of love and have a happy birthday, Martha

10: Life at Sea | At age 19, you set off on a grand adventure. You joined the British Merchant Navy and started a trip around the world. Your tales of exotic places influenced your sisters Mary and Lynn to become stewardesses.

11: Exotic Ports of Call

12: Colonel added a big part to many years of a great time for crew and Officers on board Sun Princess with memories of the Movie” Miss Indge Impossible” with Colonel up in a parachute being pulled along by a speedboat with a big 16mm camera on his shoulder. (First planned in Acapulco and I thought he must be joking), Channel 4 News including the Heineken bottles of the Xmas Show(everyone from the Captain down were all eager to partake in any way they could.)

13: Crew shows with initially the Rock Band the Who to be followed up by Beatle Mania and of course “This is Your Life, Captain John Young”. These memories including the photos of Oscars’ bike!!! belong to many people as it was such a big part to play with all at that time on the ship.I feel lucky that I had the pleasure of working with Colonel as a Bartender but most of all for the enthusiasm you had as a Movie Producer, a news Anchorman and a Rock Band Promoter. You have remained a close friend and I wish you a very special 60th, which is hard tobelieve is here. Here’s to you Johnny !!!! Dave (Ripoff ) Indge

14: Channel 4 News Sydney Australia -Founder of Channel 4 Hits 60 ! Becoming 60 is a big milestone mate best wishes from Sydney Australia but before I go a little story from 1975. First met you on Oriana in the Ocean Bar 36 years ago (wow we are old now). I was your PRS and at the time I was nicknamed the roadrunner. Colonel you were the fastest barman and I always tried to fill the counter with all dockets!! We used to see how fast you could get the drinks out and little did you know I used to ensure there were more complicated cocktails to slow you up. I also had the pleasure in the early days before Channel 4 being your sound man at Disneyland and In Denmark. Colonel, Channel 4 lives on in Sydney in your honour. Happy Birthday, Bobbo

16: Love & Marriage | In 1977 you served drinks to some new passengers on the sun deck and met your future wife. After a long distance courtship and visits to the Navajo reservation and Grand Canyon, you decided to propose in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC. You were married December 27, 1978.

18: After a brief time in Carson City, Nevada, we both went to sea onboard the Sun Princess. We had many fun times there and found creative ways to share a single cabin. Remember how excited we were to have a double bed? That is, until we found that it collapsed in the middle. We formed many lifelong friendships there. When it came time to settle down, we decided to make Redmond our home. We purchased our condo, you worked as a bartender, and we started our family. Remember David's farmyard nursery? You became a US citizen and worked hard to make a good life for us. After a couple of years, we decided to buy a house, and found one in Snohomish. Emily was born there and both children flourished with you there during the day and me with them at night. We added Max and Kitty, Lucky, Penny, Smokey, Sassy, Josephine, Mozzarella and a multitude of mice. Our lives were soon filled with camping trips, soccer matches, band concerts, dance recitals, basketball games and track meets. You brought your usual enthusiasm and the children appreciated your involvement in their activities. Before we knew it, David and Emily were greduating, heading off to college, and starting lives on their own. Duncan and Smudge became our new children. I am very proud of the parents we became and the wonderful life we created together. As we head into this new phase of our lives as grendparents, I look forward to spending this time with you. Thank you for being my husband, my partner, my best friend. Happy Birthday, Hubby!

19: Family Memories

21: Happy 60th, Dad!!! You are a truly caring, devoted, funny, intelligent, and interesting man whom I am honored to call “Dad.” To this day, I cherish, and am thankful for, the positive upbringing you provided. If there is one thing you absolutely excel at, it is living life to the fullest, and introducing our family to new adventures and experiences. I fondly remember rain-soaked camping trips in the “vintage” trailer (and later in our RV down the Oregon Coast), waking up to catch the early morning Premier League matches on TV before heading to my rec league soccer matches, hopping on the Alexander’s bus to the Mariners games back in the Kingdome, and so many other outstanding times. | Perhaps the most impressive aspect of these memories is how hard you worked to make them happen in the first place. I still can’t believe you used to work a full shift at the bar, get maybe a couple of hours of sleep, head out to go drive the bus for several more hours, and then return home to be with our family. Needless to say, as I am on the eve of an age “milestone,” myself (turning 30), I look forward to many great years to come as we enter the next chapters in our lives, so I wish you “Happy Birthday!” Love, Dave

23: Growing up as the colonel’s daughter has given so many irreplaceable memories I will continue to cherish. It’s no secret that he’s always put his family first, and the older I get, the more I respect his uniqueness (probably because each day I realize how much of his “character” I’ve directly inherited!) If I had to pick one memory of dad where I realized I had a father like no one else in the world, it would have to be during his “Elvis” years. Dad was somewhat of a celebrity at the bar he used to work at, giving weekly karaoke performances in full Elvis character, shiny gold cape and all. When I was in 3rd or 4th grade, somehow my mom had talked him into making a guest performance on the last day of school. At the end of the assembly, Elvis (aka dad) emerged from the storage closet on his motorcycle to whisk the principle away on the back of his bike. I remember being so proud, making sure everyone at the school knew that “Elvis” was my dad. Thanks for passing on your sense of adventure, creativity and desire to better the world around you. I couldn’t ask for a better role model-you’re truly one of a kind! Love your daughter, ~ Emily~

24: AmericanFamily | With your marriage came an American family. You were welcomed with open arms and appreciated for your compassion and humor. You have documented all family events and milestones. We have come to expect "This will be on Facebook in minutes." We are so happy you joined our family.

27: I remember a party at our house, where you were serving strawberry daiquiris. We were barbecuing on the patio, and you took the empty pitcher upstairs to make another batch. While you were upstairs, the patio slider got closed to keep the smoke out of the house. After mixing up a pitcher full, you came downstairs, and moving at your usual brisk pace, ran smack into the slider. I was on the patio, and when I heard a loud crash, I turned to see what looked like a large quantity of blood running down the glass. After we determined that what looked like blood was really daiquiris, heartbeats slowly went back to normal, and the cleanup commenced after we found that you were not injured, only a bit shaken! Love, Dick

28: I have many happy memories of you. One was when you were employed on the Sun Princess (Love Boat), Cindy, Diane, Margaret and I drove to Vancouver to see you while the ship was in port. You took us on a guided tour of the ship, introducing us to everyone, including taking pictures with the Captain. We went to your cabin where you showed us videos of your travels. Afterwards, we and a couple of your buddies went to a revolving restaurant overlooking the entire city. It was such a blast! Another time, I was visiting from Texas and you decided to take the family in the Limo to the Metro Base so we could ride along on your scenic route. You acted as a tour guide, pointing out interesting sights along the way. Afterwards, we got back in the Caddie and drove to the local Dairy Queen. Everyone was staring at the limo, trying to see who these VIP’s were inside. We were cracking up. You are a loving, considerate, caring man that I’m proud to have as my son-in-law. You show your thoughtfulness in so many ways. You call your father several times a week to check on him. You make sure I get CD’s of family celebrations and travels. You’re a hard working guy who calls me “Mummy.” You are also a “Gentle Man,” opening car doors and seeing that I get seated at restaurants. I love you and I’m wishing you “A Very 60th Young Birthday.” Mum E.

29: For the short time you got to know them, you made quite an impression on Grandma Margaret and Grandma Zeta. They were touched by your kindness and consideration.

30: From one Virgo to the other Virgo in our family, it has been absolutely wonderful to have been able to share the Virgo World with you! I have had such delight in watching you in all your endeavors: the cruise ship, purchasing the condo, leaving the ship and starting a new career, the arrival of David on that Thanksgiving Day, the purchase of your Snohomish home, the arrival of delightful Emily. Oh those babies-I was in Ammie heaven! | I have fond memories of family gatherings, holidays, weddings, kids growing, soccer, band, and dance. Then, with David at U of W came Husky games and pep rallies, graduation from Gonzaga Law, his wedding to Shawna and the birth of Kiptyn.. Emily made a huge name in High School Basketball and Track State championships then on to U of I and OT grad school. You very wisely took wonderful trips to very interesting places: Mexico, Paris, London, etc. I delighted in watching your devotion to recording our lives with pictures and sound, each of which was done with the latest possible technology. I loved watching you enjoy your vehicles-the limousine, the motorcycles, the special cars, and your undying love for your favorite sports teams. I wish you A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love, Marcia

33: Happy Birthday to you! We have so many great John Memories that it’s hard to choose which to write about. Maybe it’s better to select a “theme”—and we choose British Demeanor. The Regattas were wonderful memory-building events. We remember the time a large group of us were enjoying our “beverages” in the gazebo when someone finally heard a voice calling “Say there, mates” and noticed that you had fallen in the lake. Your comfort (and survival!) was not your concern—you were holding aloft the radio controller and looking for someone to bring it to safety. Then there was the time one of the boats escaped and headed straight to the dam across the lake. Before the rest of us knew the problem, you’d hopped into the paddleboat and made the daring rescue. We remember the time you joined the sailboat crew and we got seasick watching the video, and this summer when you made the motorcycle trek solo to Trinidad and only commented briefly about the gale-force winds on that coast! Through all your adventures, you’ve greatly enriched our lives, John. We’ve admired your devotion to your dad and family and so enjoyed the visits with us that you’ve squeezed into a busy life. We wish you the best decade ever ahead!! (It includes retirement, so it can’t be bad!) Much love to you, Kay and Rudy

34: Limos, Interviews, and Cousins –Oh My! As a little girl, I was always most excited to travel to Seattle for special visits. The first question that I would ask, upon learning that a trip to Seattle was scheduled, was “Do I get to ride in Uncle John’s limo?” I mean, seriously, how many kids can claim that their uncles drive a limo? It was so cool to be picked up in the limocomplete with an authentic Brit as a chauffeur. As we would plan family events and all gather to travel to our destination, Uncle John would always reserve space to let me ride with my cousins in the special car. However, it wasn’t just the limo that made me look forward to seeing Uncle Johnhe let me play with a microphone. Not just any microphone----one that was attached to a real, live camera. I remember being turned loose at a number of family eventshanded a microphone by Uncle John and given free rein to thrust both the microphone and my random interview questions upon unassuming family members. When I would struggle to think of questions (or even when I would just run out of questions), Uncle John was ready to assist and to prompt me with even more witty quips with which to torture the family. Now, as an adult, I treasure the many videos that allow me to reflect on all of the many fond memories that were captured----from hearing Grandma Rose’s voice again to remembering how tiny Cousin David once was! Whenever Uncle John came to pick me upit meant I was going to get to play with my Kling Cousins! As an “only child,” those were the best timesas I got a snapshot of what it was like to have siblings. Uncle John was so patient, as we ran our detective agency out of the closet upstairsas we tortured Kittyand as we ran around the house with boundless energy. Many years later, and living across the country, I enjoy Uncle John’s plethora of Facebook updates, videos, and stories----as they always make me smile and help me stay in touch with the craziness of our family. Happy 60th birthday to the best uncle ever! Love, Shelly

36: Rudy's 90th | Whenever I think of you I always find myself smiling. Even when you don't intend to be funny, you are. Of course we all love your wonderful stories told as only you can do, your charm, accent and wit. I also had the rare opportunity to meet your Dad as well and your son David and can see you all share this special gift. Though I'm sure you fulfill a much needed place keeping passengers happily commuting through their lives, I think you missed a cast calling for a quick witted, beloved host of a wildly successful British Variety Comedy show. You must have been touring around town on your- motor bike and didn’t know of the audition. The worst part is that all of those unlucky souls that won't get to know you! What a loss! So lucky are those that travel with you through your days, getting a knowing smile, a nod of acceptance and if they're really lucky, a bright little insight as to how you interpret life or a charming little only you can tell. Cheers and thanks for making the world a happier place! Fondly, Day

37: Uncle Don and Suzanne | The Coronado connection (aka Pleasantville) gave us many fond memories of sunshine and good times.

38: Happy 60th from The Whartons Tom, Diane Sarah, Rachel, and Hannah

39: Happy Birthday from The Cihaks Dave, Tammy Joshua and Megan

40: Happy Birthday, Granddad! Thank you for driving through the night to welcome me while I was brand new. A lot has changed in my first 6 months. Hopefully I can see you more often – you are invited to come see me anytime. I also look forward to you teaching me all about soccer, and taking me to England someday. Love, Your Grandson, Kiptyn | Happy 60th Birthday, John! It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 7 years since I met Dave, and was first introduced to the Klings! One of my fondest memories over that time was our trip to your home country of England in 2008. From the London sightseeing, to celebrating your birthday at that fancy restaurant near Tower Bridge, and not to forget the fun time we had watching the English soccer match at that pub in Petersfield, it was great getting to know you guys better, and definitely a lot of fun meeting all of the extended family. I honestly feel our family has come together even more now that it has expanded by one little person in particular, and I look forward to many great times and memories to come. Have a great birthday – you deserve it! Love, Your Daughter-in-Law, Shawna

41: The Cusack Connection | Holy crap – you’re 60! We have had great times with you...Football at our house, Cindy and you coming to the Potholes, and of course, the wedding. We hope to see you more over the years to come. Happy Birthday, and we hope you have a great one! -Heidi Cusack | Along with welcoming David Andrew Kling to our family, we welcomed John and Cindy Kling. John has been a positive influence with his high energy and fun attitude, like when we were at the Mariners game having our photo taken with the Mariner Moose. And remember, John, there’s nothing better than raising our glasses for a toast when we’re together celebrating another family occasion. Good luck, and Happy 60th Birthday! -Daryl Cusack | The Cusack Connection

42: English Relatives | You have many nieces and nephews in England who adore their Uncle John. You also reconnected your family with Eric. You helped create many memories for them in England as well as America.

44: I can't ever forget having my uncle John turn up at my 15th birthday party as Elvis Presley. It was the highlight of the night! -Suzi- | I'll never forget you picking us up in the limo when we came to visit you. It was our first time in America; I think we were 11, and it was the coolest thing ever! Loved crusing around in Seattle in the limo-Awesome uncle John! -Becca-

45: My first memory of Uncle John, and my family in America, comes from a Seattle Mariners jumper (sweatshirt) I received one birthday - as a kid it was always great to brag at school that you had family in America, it automatically made you half American, and therefore almost related to our American idols - yes, I know Snoop Dogg, half my family are American! Travelling to Seattle in my mid teens was a trip I remember fondly - playing John at table tennis, going for a ride on the motorcycle, playing with the radio and my favourite - Uncle John stocking the fridge in the caravan with beer, telling me it was top secret, and popping in every now and again for a beer himself! I've had many fun times with John and the family, too many to name here, and I'm looking forward to many more! Happy 60th Unc! John, it has been so nice to get to know you over the last few years and I’m so glad you could make it to the wedding, I hope you have a fantastic birthday and look forward to seeing you very soon, it is definitely our turn to come and visit you plus we’ll have a new addition for you to meet by then! Ed & Ana

46: Claudine and Richard

47: The American and English cousins are alway in for a good time together.

48: Friends | You never met anyone who didn't become a friend. From your school days to your ship days to your bar days to your bus days, you have acquired an amazing group of friends all over the world.

50: Hey Tarzan, Who would have thought you were brave enough to show off your caveman moves. You really rocked the hair! Siri

53: The many sides of John Kling | Lochnaw Castle

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