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Travel the World

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BC: "We Must Remember This....."

FC: Egypt and Jordan March 2012

1: Egypt | Jordan | MakingMemories

2: Itinerary | March 7: Fly to Cairo March 8: Cairo, Egypt March 9: Cairo, Egypt March 10: Cairo, Egypt March 11: : Cairo, Egypt March 12-18: Nile River Cruise March 19: Amman, Jordan March 20: Amman, Jordan March 21: Dead Sea Jordan March 22: Petra, Jordan March 23: Wadi Rum, Jordan March 24: Fly Home

3: Fellow Travelers | Paul & Cindy Billick - Phoenix, PA Brad & Leslie Burnside - Tesuque, NM Scott & Niki Dillard - Plano, TX Alexander &Barbara Gionvanniello - Diamond Bar, CA (Egypt Only) Ron & Sally Harris - Brownsboro, AL Ken & Ngaire Hutyra (TA) - Plano, TX Mike & Val Jackson - Bend, OR Jerry Laffey & Helen Michels - Diamond Bar, CA (Egypt Only) Alan & Kathy St. Vincent - Rocky River, OH (Cairo, Egypt Only) Don & Wendy Warner - Beamsville, ONT Kim Waterman & Alice Miller - Dedham, MA

4: Delta/AF Business Class | On Our Way

5: After a 3 hour layover in Atlanta, we began our 16 Hour, 6410 mile Flight through Paris to Cairo In Delta and Air France Business Class. We flew over Italy, the Adriatic Sea and the coast of southern Europe into Cairo. | Business Class

6: Population: 81 million, most live on the banks of the Nile River Country is 50 feet below sea level Overwhelming majority is Muslim, significant minority is Coptic Christian 7000 year old record of civilization discovered in the last 2 centuries | Egypt | King Tutankhamun Burial Mask

7: Henry Ayoub & Hany Iskandu | Our Guides and Egyptologists

8: The hotel is located on the west bank of the Nile not far from the Great Pyramids of Giza. A beautiful buffet breakfast was included everyday over looking the Nile River | Cairo Four Seasons Hotel

9: A Room with a View

10: The Cairo Four Seasons Hotel is part of the First Residence Complex that includes apartments and a mall (above). It is considered to be one of the wealthy areas of Cairo

11: Cairo | A Different Way of Life

12: Our Tour Begins - Sunset at the Great Pyramids at Giza | Nile 2

13: Wow!!

14: The Great Sphinx at Sundown

15: Our own private Sound and Light Show

16: Great Pyramids Sound and Light Show

17: The largest city in Africa and the Arab World with 22 million people in the city and surrounding suburbs. It is about 175 square miles, about half the size of New York City, but twice the residents. No one would claim Cairo is a beautiful city due to neglect, traffic, pollution and unregulated planning. | Cairo | Cairo

18: Our 2nd day began with a tour of Memphis, the Capital of Egypt 4000 years ago. Memphis is located about 14 miles south of Cairo. Today, it is marked solely by an open air museum of meager finds, mainly the remains of the statue (colossus) of Ramses II | Ramses II

19: Ramses II the Great was the 3rd Egyptian pharaoh from 1279 BC to 1213 BC. He was regarded as the greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire. | The city of Memphis lies buried beneath the modern village of Mit Rahina. | Alabaster Sphinx | The Ever Present Vendors | Ramses II

20: Memphis, Egypt | The "Do it All" Group with Hany | Old Kingdom Capital "City of the Living" | Alabaster Sphinx

21: The Streets and Scenes of the Village Mit Rahina | Many Modes of Transportation

22: The Step Pyramid Tomb of King Zoser 2667 BC to 2648 BC 96 feet high | Entrance Corridor of 40 Columns | Saqqara About 19 miles south of Cairo, the Saqqara is the first and oldest "City of the Dead". The Step Pyramid was the first pyramid ever built in Egypt.

23: Part of The The Highlights Group (Ngaire, Henry & Sally)

24: The Only Survivor of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World | The Great Pyramids of Giza

26: The Pyramids of Giza are dominated by the Great Pyramid, constructed for King Cheops around 2650 B.C. Close to the eastern flank of the Pyramid of Cheops are 3 small pyramids dedicated to either his wives or family members. The second pyramid was built for Kephren, son of Cheops and the third was built for Mycernius, Cheops' grandson

27: A "Rocky Moment" Mike and Alex complete the "Tomb Crawl"

28: The Great Pyramid | Height: 479 Ft. Weight of Stones: 6 million tons No. of Blocks: 2.3 million No. of Workers: 100,000 Construction: 20 years | Pyramid of Cheops

29: The Great Sphinx | The Great Sphinx Height: 66 Ft. Construction; Made from a single block of stone

30: Wonderful Times at the Pyramids

31: Andrea Restaurant After the pyramids we had a delicious outdoor lunch near the town of Giza

32: The Government Building is located next to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities where we had a private tour just for our group (no pictures allowed).. The museum contains more than 150,000 antiquities, including King Tut's artifacts (his mummy is in the Valley of the Kings). The Egyptians plan to keep this building, as is, as a reminder of their "FreedomRevolution". | Burned Government Building at Tahir Square - Site of the Egyptian Revolution

33: Old Cairo | Saladin Citadel | Khan El Khalil Bazaar | Mosque of Mohammad Ali | Coptic Cairo

34: Mohammad Ali Mosque Muhammad Ali came to power in 1806 and ruled for 43 years. It is not used today | Saladin Citadel Constructed in 1170AD by King Saladin with stones stripped from the Pyramids of Giza. The fortress served as Egypt's seat of power for 700 years

35: Church of St. George - Coptic Christians Egypt was entirely Christian until arrival of Islam 10-20% of population are Coptic Christian (based on Greek Orthodox). St George was an early Christian martyr, executed by Romans in 300 AC. The Romans destroyed Christianity in Egypt.

36: Spiritual Home of Coptic Christians | Church of St. George | Coptic Cairo

37: Scenes of Old Cairo | Frankincense Perfumery

38: Lunch in Old Cairo's Khan El Khalili Bazaar

39: Naguib Mahfouz Cafe | Lamb Chicken Beef Rice

40: Private Pool Side Dinner Antoine Riad CEO, South Sinai Travel | Good Times

41: A Private Discussion in Mr. Riad's Home | "Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow"

42: We flew 313 miles from Cairo to Luxor, Egypt for our 7 day Nile Cruise

43: Should We or Shouldn't We?

44: The Top Sun Deck | The Sonesta Star Goddess | Gathering Place

45: Our 7 Day Nile Cruise Between Luxor and Aswan | Lobby | Val | Lobby

46: Our Staff

47: You're the Greatest!

48: Buffets - Morning, Noon and Night

49: "Here's the Dish"

50: Life on the Nile

51: Clever Vendors!

52: The Nile River Longest River in the World and the life Blood of Egypt | EXPLORE

54: The Nile - 4130 Miles Long | Most Egyptians Live Along The Nile

55: Main Industry is Agriculture

56: Going to Market

57: For Sale

59: Street Scenes Along the Nile | "A New Way of SeeingThings" | Street Scenes Along The Nile

60: Going Through The Locks on the Nile

61: Our 1st Glimpse of a Temple

62: Galabiya Party | What Can I Say? | Sonesta Star Goddess | LET'S PARTY!

63: "Dance Like an Egyptian" | Pass the Bottle

65: Sonesta Star The Spinning Dance of the Whirling Dervish

67: The Temple of Karnack | Locate a few miles north of Luxor, Karnack is the largest ancient religious site in the world. It is known for how long it took to build. Construction started in the 16th century BC by approx. 30 different Pharoahs contributing to the building. It was built to celebrate gods and Pharoahs. It includes the entrance, obelisks, columns, hieroglyphs,, statues, Avenue of the Ram Headed Sphinxes (Sacred Way) and The Sacred Pool. Karnack is 2nd only to Giza Pyramids in popularity. Karnack is dedicated to the Pharoah Amun and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

68: Temple of Karnak

70: The Obelisks of Karnack Temple

71: Columns and Hieroglyphs

72: More of Karnack

73: Discover

74: Avenue of the Sphinxes (The Sacred Way) Located at the entrance of the temple, the avenue was once 2 miles long. The ram heads represents the sacred animal of the god Amun

75: The Sacred Lake Site of Pharoah Purification

76: Valley of the Kings

77: At the beginning of the New Kingdom (1550-1070 BC), the pyramids ceased to be used as a royal tomb. This may be because a remote valley could be better protected from stealing and plundering. Sixty four tombs are currently known, but only a small number are open to visitors. The tomb of King Tutankhamun, is the most famous because it is the only one not to have been robbed and because it contained priceless artistic and archaeological treasures (now housed in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo).

78: The Valley of the Kings lies on the West Bank of the Nile near Luxor. In preparation of death, the tombs contained treasures and material goods such as jewelry, furniture, golden masks, clothes, food and drink.

79: King Tut's Mummy | Merenptah | Ramses I | Ramses I | Ramses III | Ramses IV | Ramses IV | Ramses VI | Thutmoses III | Thutmoses III | Seti 2 | Saptah | 64 tombs are currently known, but only a small number are open to visitors. We visited 4. Above are examples of contents found in the tombs. Most contents had been robbed or transferred to the museum in Cairo, with little remaining except the hieroglyphs and King Tut's Mummy.

80: At least 75 tombs are burrowed in the rocks for royal brides, princes, princesses and members of the royal court. | Valley of the Queens

81: Temple of Queen Hatshepsut (Her Reign Lasted 20 years) | "Hot Chicken Soup"

82: Laughter.........

83: The Universal Language

84: Take off! | Adventure

85: Sally's Hot Air Balloon Ride Ten of our group took an open air ferry across the river (breakfast provided) for a 1 hour balloon ride. over the Vally of the Queens on the West Bank of the Nile. Upon landing, we danced to the gods for a safe return.

86: 2 Colossal statues originally formed part of the biggest mortuary temple of the New Kingdom. The temple was destroyed by earthquakes (17 BC) leaving only the statues. | Colossi of Memnon (Luxor)

87: Kom Ombo | We sailed towards Aswan and stopped at the Temple of Horus (hawk headed protector of the sun god.)

88: Temple of Horus (Kom Ombo)

90: Crocodile Mummies | Aswan, Egypt | The Cruise Continues

91: Nubians - Ancient Africans of the lower Nile Famous for the Wealth and Trade | Nubian Museum | Artifacts

92: Temple of Isis - The Island of Philae

93: "Not All Who Wonder are Lost" | The Temple of Isis (goddess of fertility) was constructed in 280 BC. It is a short ferry ride from Aswan near the High Dam on the Nile

94: Scenes and People

95: Aswan, Egypt

96: Cairo | Abu Simbel | Aswan | The Unfinished Obelisk, Aswan | Huge obelisk, perfectly shaped, but still attached to the bedrock. It was abandoned after a flaw was discovered in the stone. At nearly 140 ft.. in length, it would have been the largest, heaviest obelisk ever attempted. .It is speculated it was intended for the Temple of Karnack.

97: Flying from Aswan to Abu Simbel for our day excursion

98: As we entered the Temple of Abu Simbel, for Ramses II, we didn't know quite what to expect.

99: Lake Nasser | Flying into Abu Simbel

100: Ramses II Temple

101: Queen Nefertari (Wife of Ramses II) Temple

102: King Ramses II Statues | Inside King Ramses II Temple | King Ramses II as Child Fighting the Hittites | King Ramses II Giving Offering to a god

103: Inside Queen Nefertari's Temple | Nefertari Being Crowned | Ramses II Being Crowned

104: Abul Simbel

105: Temple of Edfu | We sailed back to Luxor and visited Edfu, the best preserved temple in all Egypt.. Work began in 255 BC and finished in 55 BC. It is dedicated to the falcon headed god Horus. | Horus, god of Kings

106: Felucca Sail

107: Aswan, Egypt

108: Rambo Takes Us to The Temple | Carriage Transportation | Hitching a Ride | The Village of Edfu

109: Edfu Temple

110: Tricked by the Local Snake Charmer in Edfu

111: Our Seven Day Nile Cruise Comes to an End at the Luxor Temple, Built by Multiple Pharoahs

112: Scenes of Luxor | Another World

113: Our Incredible Egyptologists and Guides | Henry and Hany

114: Our Journey on The Nile River

115: Cairo Airport Leaving for Amman, Jordan | "We must educate our children to become like young Egyptian people..." President of the USA Barack Obama

116: Jordan | Borders Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Israel. Known as the Switzerland of the Middle East to keep peace with it's neighbors. Population of 6.5 million people and the 2nd highest standard of living in the Middle East. 40% of it's residence are from another country, 92% are Muslim (Sunni's). Jordan has no oil, becoming the banking capital or the region.

117: Amman | The capital of Jordan has 2..3 million people. Known as the "White City", it is much cleaner and well planned than Cairo. Due to the influx of wealthy Iraqi refugees after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the price of housing has skyrocketed. We saw the work of American foreign aid in Palestinian refugee camps, historical excavations. A very large US Embassy resides in the city (no pictures allowed) demonstrating our commitment to the country.

118: The Ancient City of Jerash | Arch of Hadrian

120: Jerash dates back 6500 years and is one of the best preserved Roman towns in the world. It's colonnaded streets, baths, theaters, temples, hippodrome, plaza and arches were home to some 20,000 people.. It is located about 30 miles north of Amman. The Bible refers to Jerash (previous name, "Gerasenes") in the story of "The Healing of a Demon Possessed Man" (Mark 5:1, Luke 8:26)

121: The Collonade | The Colonnaded Streets of Jerash

122: South Gate | Oval Forum | Temple of Artemis | South Gate | Hippodrome or Circus (Site of Chariot Races) | Temple of Zeus | Sites of Jerash

123: Amphitheater

124: Amman Citadel | Located in the center of Amman on a hill overlooking the city., the Roman settlement at the Citadel extends over 7000 years. The largest structure is the Temple of Hercules.. At the site is a Byzantine Church and a museum containing fossils up to 1 million years old (the horses tooth)! The view overlooking the city of Amman, includes an ancient Roman Amphitheater which is still used today for various venues. | Lunch in Amman | Homemade Pita Bread | Bread Oven

126: Movenpick Dead Sea Resort

127: Swimming in the Dead Sea (1388 Ft. Below Sea Level) | " Splash"

128: Bethany - Site on the Jordan River where it is believed John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. | "When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was baptized too. And as he was praying, heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven:

129: "You are my Son whom I love; with you I am well pleased." ( Luke 3: 21)

130: Looking at Israel. The Israeli (West) - Jordanian (East) Border at the Jordan River in Bethany

131: After Jesus was Baptized - Into the Wilderness on the East Bank of the Jordan | St. John the Baptist Church - Greek Orthodox | "At once the Spirit sent him out into the desert, and he was in the desert forty days being tempted by Satan. He was with the wild animals, and angels attended him." (Mark 1:12) | Inspiring

132: Bethany

133: The Grounds of Mt. Nebo | The rolling stone (much like that used to close the tomb of Jesus), is a fortified door of a Byzantine Monastery. (Abu Dadd) Next to it is Zohair, our Jordanian Guide.

134: Mt. Nebo, Jordan | Mt. Nebo has been inhabited since remote antiquity, but it is best known as the site where the Prophet Moses first surveyed the Promised Land following the Jewish exodus from Egypt. The Book of Deuteronomy says Moses surveyed the Promise Land from Mt. Nebo's heights, but died on the mountain before reaching it himself. Within a short distance are Hebron, the Dead Sea, the Jordon River, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Jericho

135: "The Lord said to him, this is the land of which I swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, saying: 'I will give it to your descendants. I have caused you to see it with your eyes, but you shall not cross over there.'

136: Madaba, Jordan | Beautiful Mosaic Pieces Still Being Hand Made Today

137: St. George Church, 6th Century Mosaic Map of Jerusalem and Holy Land (1896 AD) | Mosaic Map On the Floor of the Church. Over 2 million Pieces of Stone

138: Lunch in Madaba, Jordan | Madaba is located about 18 miles south of Amman along the 5000 year old King's Highway. The town has a population of 60,000 people and is known as the "City of Mosaics".

139: Our Journey Continues to Petra, Jordan | Movenpick Petra Resort

140: Located approx. 3 hours south of Amman, the ancient city of Petra is the legacy of the Nabataeis, an industrious Arab people who settled in South Jordan 2000 years ago. This "Lost City of Stone", carved from the sand stone cliffs, is known for the massive architecture with complex dams and water channels. Petra was a crucial trade route once inhabited by 20,000 people. There are many walks and climbs to over 800 buildings, tombs, baths, funary halls, temples, arched gateways, colonnaded streets, tombs, rock drawings and a 3000 seat amphitheater. It is the No. 1 tourist site in Jordan and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. | Petra

141: The Siq - 1.2 Miles Entrance to Petra. | At some points, the path is only 16 ft. wide with walls 650 ft. tall.

143: The Treasury

144: The Tombs of Petra | The Obelisk Tomb | Tomb Cover Stones

145: Amphitheater | Temples, Halls and Colonnaded Streets of Petra | Fascinating....

146: The Water System of Petra

147: Only Mike, Kim, Alice and Ken Hiked the 900 Steps to The Monastery in Petra

148: Scenes of Petra

149: Camel Riding in Petra

150: Wadi Rum (Valley of the Moon) | Our Bedouin guides took us on a beautiful off-road adventure through this desert valley.

151: 4-Wheel Drive Adventure | One of Jordan's important tourist destinations for hiking, rock climbing, camel and horse safaris.

152: T.H. Lawrence | Lawrence of Arabia

153: Chapter 1 | The 7 Pillars of Wisdom Named in memory of Lawrence's book written after the Arab Revolt in 1917-1918

154: Mike and Val Together at Last - A Final Camel Ride

155: Off Into the Desert

156: Our Journey Ends with Tea in a Bedouin Camp

158: There Are No Foreign Lands. It is the Traveler Only Who is Foreign

159: We flew over 15,000 miles We Saw: 8 Museums 11 Temples 10 Mummies 5 Pyramids 15 Cities, Towns and Villages 6 Ancient Cities 4 Churches 3 Biblical Sites 100's of Tombs | Incredible Journey

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