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Travel the World

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BC: Song-Jesus Loves Everyone (written in Pidgin) Jisas laikim olgeta Olgeta, olgeta Jisas laikim olgeta laikim olgeta. laikim Papa, Wanntaim Mama Bikpela Susa, Liklik Brata. Laikim yu, laikim mi. laikim olgeta.

FC: My Summer in the Kuman Tribe | "Go ye therefore into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." Mark 16: 15-16 | Papua New Guinea

1: Kuman Team | Todd Ladd, Howard Morfield, Rod Harris, Dave Puruis, Dave Mcallister, Calvin Mcallister, Bruce Ironside, Jeff Lincicome, Jeff Rozhart. Rich Lewis, Scott Leach Ms. Morfield, Lori Mcallister, Lori Newell, Carolyn Hempel, Barb Mcallister, Tammie Tregellas, Betty Campell Brandy Brown, Tracy Hodlick, Janet Urey, Lynn Beder | New Tribes Mission Destination Summit Summer 1987

2: Aloha! | Hello Hawaii, Goodbye luggage... | 6/16-"Here I am in Hawaii...They lost my luggage from SanFransisco to Here. I'm lucky I had essentials! I hope they find it!"

3: Five days of Orientation | Long days of lecture to prepare us for our entry | 6/17-"My luggage is still gone. I had to buy all new clothes. A lady from a local church gave me some too. Still waiting for more (financial) support to come in...I hope it comes in."

4: Sidney, Australia

5: We spent a day working on the New Tribes base outside of Sidney. After a long day of work we were paired off with a team member to eat dinner at a missionary's home. We enjoyed hearing about their experiences and culture. | 6/25-"We had dinner at a missionary's house. Lori leaned back and said, "boy am I stuffed." The missionary's eyes got real big. They told us that in Australia that means you are pregnant! We all started laughing."

6: We landed in Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea. There, we spent the night at "The Gateway" hotel and headed the next day on a smaller plane to Goroka, a village in the Highlands. Many villagers came to meet our plane. From there we took a "bus" ride further into the highland region where we spent the night and played basketball with the nationals . The last leg of our trip was a truck ride to into the Kuman tribe. | One of our greeters at the Goroka airport | Welcome to Papua New Guinea! | "The Gateway Hotel"...our last taste of civilization.

7: Sunday morning worship with a tribe in Goroka.

8: "I'm so happy for you, you buy my flowers!" | Three hours in the back of a truck to get to our new home...Children ran out to sell flowers when they heard the truck coming. | "one Toea!" (equivalent of 10 cents)

9: The Kuman Tribe | 7/6- "We are finally here in the Kuman tribe after 3 hrs in the back of a truck...The trip was so cool because all the nationals waved at us as we drove by. The little kids would chase the truck. One time we threw out a bag of Doritos for them. We rode through many villages. | located in Simbu province in the highlands region

10: 7/9-"Carolyn and I put plastic around the ladies outhouse today. It's so much nicer..." 7/25-"I took a shower tonight, I was all wet and then the bucket string broke and it came crashing down on top of my head." | "The Outhouse"-The guys made it into a two seater because they said "girls always go to the restroom with each other". The other hole they cut was heart shaped! | Our Facilities for the Summer | "Bucket Showers" Rock floor. We had to heat water on the fire if we wanted it hot. We quickly learned not to shower at sun set...Rod was the one who unknowingly demonstrated how the setting sun behind the shower provided a perfect silhouette of the occupant!

11: Sleeping Quarters | It was prearranged that the guys would sleep in a national's hut. When we arrived, she refused to leave. With much coaxing, "Angus" finally got out but she left her pigs in there!

12: 6/30-"Today was so neat. We came up to the water hole and all the nationals got out and looked at us. It was quiet. Then some of us got in and flipped each other over on the tube. The children laughed...Pretty soon all the children joined us. Some girls swam under the water to rub my my legs. Then they would pop up and laugh...I guess they liked the idea of being able to touch a white person." | "The Watering Hole"

13: Each day "Elis" would come by. She would bring flowers for us, bracelets, fresh fruit and other goodies. She had a giving heart and a helpful spirit. We really enjoyed her friendship. | Elis teaching me how to make jewelry out of seeds. | 7/9-"Elis came by again. She helped Janet and me plant...she brought me a squash, papaya, squash leaves and a little bilum (woven bag) she made for me...she is so nice." | Friends

14: 7/23-"...we had to carry two huge water barrels across the mountain. Up and down hills, across muddy streams...the nationals took one and we took the other..." 7/25-"I climbed in one of those water tanks today (after it was in the ground) through a little hole and had to patch holes with this tar stuff. It was so hot..." 7/26-" Janet and I got the job of sanding another water barrel. We were filthy. The national children would come up to us and laugh because we were covered. The only clean thing was our teeth!" | We had "Barrels of Fun"

15: ...Laundry, fetching water and cooking meals for the team were all day jobs. The girls rotated chores throughout the sumer while the guys focused on the building project. I ended up with kitchen duty a lot...which wasn't always a good thing...Like the maggots in the soup incident! I thought it was rice. Most of the guys ate it anyways. | A clothesline with a view! | Behind the clothes line you can see the yellow plastic shower stall to the left and the ladies out house to the right.

16: Our main project for the summer was to build the Mcallister Family a permanent home in the Kuman village. When they left for furlough, their first house was burnt down. They chose a different area to build this time so we started from scratch. It took much planning and calculating. We were dependent upon the weather, deliveries and supplies on hand. Everyone pitched in as they could using whatever skills God gave them. | Building a Home

17: 7/9- "Today was o.k. Two Kuman men came up to Ms. M and asked if they could buy Janet and me. Ms. M. told them we weren't old enough and that our mothers wouldn't like that..."

18: Team Work

19: Towards the end of the summer we were able to see a glimpse of the final product. What a blessing it was to help Dale and Barb in their calling to witness to the Kuman people. | One excited missionary!!!

20: The Compensation Ceremony When the summer began, a few nationals approached the Kuman village and asked for money. The men had to raise 24,000 "kina" as a compensation gift for the killings they committed within the Kuman tribe. | The men chanted as they handed over the polls to the Kuman families. PNG authorities stood by with watchful eyes. We found out that the grieving families ended up fighting about how to split the money amongst themselves. They burnt each others huts down later that day.

21: From our village, you could view the burning huts | Procession of poles | 7/24- "What a day! We got to see a Compensation Ceremony. The Kuman tribe wanted 12 thousand kina for each of the two men killed a while ago...the two tribes met all dressed up at the main road...There was only 4 thousand kina!..there might be a war! "

22: 7/28- Today we get to see the Mumu. It's a big party the nationals have with dancing and food. I can't wait!..." | A Day of Farewell Events | The nationals came from their homes showering us with gifts all day and into the night. Many hugged us and many women cried because they didn't want us to leave.

23: Some of the men acted out a war scene for us. The story was about a man's two pigs kept getting into a woman's garden.

24: 7/28-"The women gave me a bilum! (handwoven sack) They also gave me a wreath of pink flowers...they said they wished we didn't have to leave..."

25: "At noon Sepa came to us and said he wanted us to stop working because his people made presents for us and wanted to give them to us...They lined up and sang a song and danced for us...The women smeared themselves with mud and rattled cans of beans as they danced..." | "At dark we were invited to a "Head Turning." We went inside Josephine's hut and sat on the floor. In came two women with painted faces. The lantern light shone on them...They sat down with us and started swaying back and forth and singing...They sang of friendships and missing us..."

26: "After the dance we all watched them fix the meal. (the mumu) They dug a hole and heated up some rocks...then they put banana leaves down and big pieces of lamb, more rocks and leaves and lamb...Then they put in cowcow. They poured big buckets of water in it and the steam cooked it all." | The "Mumu"- a traditional feast prepared in an earth oven

27: "They said I looked like a simbu girl (their province) They told me to dance like one. Ms. Mcallister told me how. "Just wave your arms and stomp your feet." I put my bilum on my head and tried to dance. All the nationals were laughing. It was so funny."

28: 7/30- "The kuman people were at the house this a.m. before we left. The older ladies held onto our legs and cried and talked in Kuman....we were all crying. Little James was there and I gave him my koala hat...Paul met us at the top of the hill and put his hands over his face and wept..." "...I've learned that there really is a need to witness out there...I don't know if God wants me to be a missionary yet but the Kuman tribe will always be so special to me, and all the happiness and joy they gave me to me, I will never forget..."

29: "How then can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one who they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." Romans 10: 14-15

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