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Travel the World

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FC: My Journey to Jerusalem | By Justin McCart-Lewis

1: Jerusalem is commonly known as the "holy city" or the "city of gold" because Jesus was the king of Israel and Jerusalem is the capital. Their is a total of 8 gates around this ancient city the most visited one is the golden gate. The official language is Hebrew and for this small city their is is about 800,000 people but the weather of this city is even more big of a deal from November to April its very rainy. Unlike when this city was built their is now a Democracy. Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities and is located in the Judah Mountains.

2: 1917 the British conquer Israel in Jerusalem in WW1 1850-1948 the Jerusalem population went to 600,00o because alot of people came back after they fled in WW1 1948 Israel fought for its independence and won but lost the Jerusalem and the Jordanians took over Jerusalem and killed the Jews but most of them fled 1967 the Jews were trying to get Jerusalem back and won the city back over in just six days

3: There are 3 main places of interest in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Museum where u can find ancient scrolls and Van Goh artwork and also a beautiful garden made out of sculpture work. The botanical gardens are simply magnificent to with different climates to simulate different weather conditions. theirs meadows,herb gardens and forest the restaurants our also well known to. Yad Vashem is also the holocaust where 6 million Jews died and their is houses as well as many archives THe zoo is also outstanding with 100s of species of animals to land from to water

4: Historical sites The church of the Holy sepulcher is full of artifacts of different time periods the most interesting ones is the artifacts that are connected to Jesus's death but this church might also provide a scare in some places there is no lighting, so bring a flashlight The western wall is the holiest sight considered by the Jews it was the only part left of the first temple that was made THe tower of David was constructed by the ottomans and was made to guard the Jaffu gate and it has a amazing view the Robinson arch is around that is over 2000 years old and and leads to the wester was and the southern wall, you can climb the steps on the second wall

5: This city is 1000s of years old but it just as modern as us with swimming pools and a stadium that holds 12,000 people. the biggest and a very fun activity is the Sacher park that has roller skating parks and basketball courts and more. The Lenner sports complex has every sport you can imagine with a Olympic size swimming pool

6: Jerusalem Arts Festival: The country's most interesting performing arts festival. For a few weeks, the city is filled with free concerts, street performances, drama, ballet, opera, modern dance, jazz . The Jerusalem Center performing arts are home of the orchestra symphony and more.

7: This is the old city of Jerusalem where the first and second temple were built. the old city has a total of 8 gates and is a major tourist attraction

8: Jerusalem is thriving country in farming because it rains from November to April and their is lots of mountains that people claim but you have be careful because the air percentage goes down

9: In Jerusalem, most people speak English and are very friendly. Appropriate dress would be casual but not in the religious sites people are expected to wear pants and long sleeves and women are expected to cover their whole body. On sabbath you are not allowed to wear shorts.Israeli shekels is the Jerusalem

10: In Jerusalem their is over 2,000 archaeological sites and over 60 museums and the first temple to be built was overseen by 3,300 men and with over 150,000 workers. King David was buried in Mount Zion but most people now want to be buries in the Mount of olives. Jerusalem is a big tourist attraction and Jerusalem is ready for it with over 9,000 hotel rooms

11: I have just arrived in a city near Jerusalem and i can already feel the heat of this place. I think that the places are a lot more dirty then i expected. Then,I took a cab to Jerusalem, in want seemed to be hours but was probably less, the old Jerusalem is a lot more clean and fresh and the wildlife is astonishing. I have just got my first look as I stepped out of the cab and this place is beautiful with the clear blue sky and all the flowers and green because of the plants. I am already excited and cant wait to get started tomorrow on my journey i hope to get closer to god spiritually and i really do hope it has a effect on my life

12: I woke up this morning or should i say in the afternoon.I finally got to sleep in and i feel rejuvenated energy. I plan to go to to the botanical gardens. After i was ready i called a taxi and i was absorbed in the city, there was no way to describe it. When i arrived the beauty was hard to describe with it rainbow of colors neatly organized , the trees were cut out and looked like spirals the beauty was its simplicity. I was there for hours saying "Ohs and Awes". I was exhausted in just hours but craved for more of this feeling that i longed for i decided to go to a church and the church was nothing that i have ever experienced the air was electrified and i couldn't pin point what it was but it was comfort or a deep joy.After that i went back and hit the hay and was out at 8:00 because i had to wake up at 5 in the morning to climb Mount of Olives and expedience the wildlife then go to some Museums.

13: I woke up and was groggy but i did get up and met my guide the climb was a lot more harder then i thought because of the fog and it made the ground wet and slippery but i pushed through.I stopped and looked out into the horizon and the sunrise was colored red, pink, and orange with streaks of yellow. i was mesmerized this was like no other, the way it reflected off the city was amazing. We continued and i saw graves, lots of graves a bolt of sadness went in my chest but i pushed it aside and realized they had their place in this mountain and would be never be forgotten or lost it looked almost liked happiness after that i don't know it was maybe a sense of peace. Half of me was in the Museums and the rest on the mountain in peace I still payed attention and looked at the old pictures and the art but the hold time I was in thought.

14: Today was my last day and I am nervous and excited. I am going to the western wall. When I arrived I looked and saw a wall, just a wall but i walked up and touched and i looked around and sat their and prayed and finally understood what this place and the culture live by they trust in god and have faith and will conquer any challenge with faith. I feel like I am changing I decided to walk thats right just walk. I was deep in thought and I was at peace and found a new bright flame in my chest. I was light like a feather. In thought i looked back to the first day and i came here expecting a nice tourist attraction and a relaxing vacation but it was more . a lot more, it was life changing and i will never forget the day. I was walking for 30 minutes and i felt satisfied packed my things and left but before i left I looked back and gave a silent thanks.

15: Both Jerusalem and Kansas have Attractions. Jerusalem is more faith guided unlike Kansas. Kansas and Jerusalem are alike with their wildlife. Jerusalem is old but Kansas is young.

16: I would say that the journey and hardships in my journey at Jerusalem. The reason i went to Jerusalem was to be separated from society and to be relaxed but it had a real effect in the the way thought , it was almost more clearer and calm and i have been separated spiritually and Jerusalem made me question if i believed in god enough and i don't think it was coincidental

17: As i boarded the plane i believe that a "silent thanks" wasn't enough but a promise to be the best i can be and think things through i still had the flame in my chest but it has died down but i know its not gone. When i went Jerusalem i think it was installed into me and now its my job to use it. I think its almost cleansed me and i fell clean fresh i don't know me minty? I wish i could go back and connect with the wildlife and the city but maybe next time the people too. I have to go but ill keep my promise.

18: "This presentation contains copyrighted material used under the educational fair use exemption to U.S. Copyrighted law."

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