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Travel the World

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FC: My San Francisco Travels By: Sarah Lasnier |

1: Property Of Sarah Lasnier | San Francisco is a fifty-mile city stationed by the pacific ocean in California. Filled with lush valleys and vineyards, San Francisco is actually a fairly small city. The tightly packed city that housed over one million people though, made it seem otherwise. many of the houses in the city are Victorian styled along with the modern style too. The enormous mansion on the outskirts of the city are also a mixture of Victorian and modern. There are many vibrant art parks in the city, as well as interesting outdoor activities done for the common tours. |

2: California's first inhabitants were native Indians called Ohlones 10,000 years ago. The Ohlones died off many years later due to fighting for power, and California wasn't bothered again until 1579 when the Europeans came on an expedition led by Sir Francis Drake. Europeans didn't move in until 1775 by a "sacred Expedition" led by Gasper de Portola. California was next acquired by America in our push westward, and the Gold Rush brought thousands of people to California, many of them settling in San Francisco. California was th e31st state to be admitted in to the U.S. Many Chinese immigrants later settled in what you now know as Chinatown after passing through Angel Island. Several earthquakes hit San Francisco and destroyed the wealthy and beautiful city. The city was rebuilt by engineers who had figured out how to make earthquake proof buildings. World War II brought ship making to the west, and then San Francisco wen through the "Hippie Generation." They are now learning new technology about going Green. |

3: 1.)Alcatraz 2.)Napa Vineyards 3.)Wild Life Parks (Los Padres National Forest, and Southern California's Channel Island National Park) 4.) Hearst Castle 5.) Beaches (10,000 miles) 6.)Pier 39 7.)Santa Cruz 8.)Golden Gate Bridge 9.) Walt Disney Concert Hall 10.) Old Mission Santa Barbra | Places to Visit |

4: Historical Sites 1.) Alcatraz 2.) Treasure Island 3.) Alma 4.) Apollo 5.)Aquatic Park Historic District 6.) Armour and Company Building 7.) Atherton House 8.) Baker and Hamilton 9.) Bank of Italy |

5: 1.) AT&T PArk 2.) Wicked in Theaters 3.) Castro Theater 4.) Palace of Fine Arts 5.) Musee Mecanique 6.) Lion King (theater version) 7.) Bike trail riding 8.) Rock and Mountain climbing 9.) Tours of the Art PArks | Activities |

6: | San Francisco | 1.) Holiday boat Parade 2.) Rudolf Nureyev: a Life of Dance 3.) Winters Music Festival 4.) The Bold Italic 5.) Sharon Art studio 6.) Japanese Tea Garden 7.) De ya Museum

7: San Francisco is on the tip of a peninsula of Northern California. Surrounded by three bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Strait, and the San Francisco Bay, San Francisco is filled with hills, some even 1000 ft high. San FVrancisco covers 47 sq miles and is 155 ft above sea level. |

8: San Francisco is a mild city climate wise. The annual average temperature is 58 degrees F and the heat doesn't go above 75 degrees F or below 45 degrees F. San Francisco receives 22.1 inches of rain on average. Fog is extremely common because of the ocean and land air conflicting as well. The hills in San FVrancisco cause the weather to be different in different parts of town. This city is busy in the fall and spring, but hectic in the summer while calm in the winter. All year round, San Francisco is a cool place, so pack for cooler weather. |

9: The language and currency are the same as the rest of America, English and dollar bills. Coffee is extremely popular in San Francisco, so start early for the coffee. Their food is more extreme than the rest of America, as in sweeter foods are sweeter there than in say, Chicago. Also crepes, a pastry, and cheese stores are more common to see. This is the City of Innovation, so being original will be appreciated. |

10: San Francisco is called " The City of Innovation" for a reason. Many things have been invented, created, or discovered here. In fact, the first fortune cookie was made in the Japanese Tea Garden, not in china like many believe. Mark Twain also created his style of writing here that many soon followed. Then there is the one and only Golden Gate Bridge. This bridge is an architectural and engineering feat. Many more things have been invented in this great city. | thecestelscope.web

11: November 12, 2012 Today I wanted to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, but many things had to be done first. My mother insisted I unpack before going, and then spending some family time beforehand in the famous coffee place, Café Triste. I quickly unpacked and then hopped into the minivan with my family. Four grueling minutes later, we arrived at 609 Vallejo Street. After finishing my mocha frappacino and listening to my family go on about how Francis Ford Coppola wrote the Famous Godfather Trilogy here, we stopped by the Golden gate bridge. The 746 foot bridge towered over th land, an amazing and demanding structure. Traveling back to the Fairmont hotel on 950 mason street now, I can't help but be amazed by the wonders of San Francisco already. |

12: November 13, 2012 Today, I planned to tackle the Palace of Fine Arts. The tour guide talked to us about how amazing it was, and that we "for sure" needed to go." Taking my camera and some cash, my family and I stopped at the Fog City Diner on 1300 Battery Street, which lit up like a Christmas Tree. After our brunch, we loaded up the van and began the 10 minute journey to the lovely museum. The Palace was breath taking with its high arches and domed ceiling. Designed by Bernard Maybeck, this building has been around since 1915, taking in more art all the while. At the Fairmont hotel, I think I'm starting to fall in serious love with the City of San Francisco. |

13: November 14, 2012 Tuseday I went to the Golden Gate Bridge and Wednesday I went to the Palace of Fine Arts. Well today I went to the AT&T Park at 24 Willie Mays Plaza. This morning I had Breakfast at the Fairmont hotel, and then spent many hours shouting at the T.V. about how oblivious the team was on the show N.C.I.S., until of course they figured it out. Finally, at around 2, I went with my family to the At&T Park to see the Giants, the San Francisco baseball team, in action. The Giants played the New York Yankees, and beat them six to four. In the third inning, I even caught a foul ball, after of course letting it bounce around so I didn't break my hand. Spinning the shiny red and white sphere in my hands as I write, I wonder if my parents would object to living here. |

14: November 15, 2012 Today was my final day in San Francisco, so I decided to visit the Orpheum on 1192 Market Street. I wolfed down a quick butter and toast, and I slipped into the car with my impatiently waiting family. Traveling the five minute car ride conversing, we arrived at eleven fifteen, early for our show, the Lion King. Settling in the best spots near the middle, I watched as the theater became extremely packed, squished even. The play was amazing, and the songs were preformed to perfection. Not an actor or actress was out of place during the entire four hour show. As I settle in for our plane ride home, I realized that as cool as San Francisco, I still love Kansas City more. That doesn't mean I don't want to visit again though! | Blog,

15: San Francisco and Kansas City are very different places. For example, San Fransisco has a lot more tourers, while Kansas City has only a few. Although they do have some similarities. For example, Kansas City and San Francisco both have milder climates. To say that these cities are different would be and understatement, but it just shows how two very different things can be so alike as well |

16: | This journey has been crazy and adventurous, not to mention life-changing. This journey has brought me closer to my family than ever before. It has also helped me to figure out my future. i now know I that I want to live in a big city, at least for a part of my life.

17: San Francisco is an astounding and innovating city. As Rudyard Kipling said, "San Francisco only has one draw back- it's impossible to leave." I hope to visit this city again, if not more than once. |

18: "This presentation contains copyrighted material used under the educational fair use exemption to U.S. Copyright law." (Simpson, 70)

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