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Travel the World II

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Travel the World II - Page Text Content

S: Israel II: June 4-14, 2011

BC: May Peace Prevail on Earth MB + KB 2011

FC: Via Dolorosa Jerusalem, Israel

1: Driving to Masada Dead Sea in the background

2: Under the shade of Masada, where Jews made their last desperate stand against the Romans in 73 A.D.

3: From top left, a columbarium (for nesting of carrier pigeons), "Snake Path" on the Eastern slope of the mountain, canons, and Roman camps

4: Roman camp | Wearing hats to beat the heat! | Scribe, working on a torah at Masada's synagogue

5: Mikvah, ritual bath | 2,000 year old paint on the walls of a bath house with basin built by Zealots.

6: Remains of a storehouse. Jews destroyed all but one storehouse to prove to the Romans that they had ample provisions. | The caldarium (hot room) in the bath-house; Israeli flag flying in front of the Dead Sea and Jordan in the distance

7: Cable car, which brings you to the top of Masada

8: Ibex mother and child, has existed here since biblical times Date palms

9: Brazilians, Argentinians, Jews, Arabs and Americans all eating lunch together | Peace

10: Mikvah, ritual baths in Qumran

11: Site where in 1947, two Bedouin shepherd boys found seven clay jars with scriptures, now known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

13: Jerusalem | View from the Mt. of Olives | Eastern Gate or Golden Gate, where the Messiah will re-enter. | Cemetery on Mt. of Olives

14: Brazilians, praying for Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives

15: Where Jesus taught his disciples, prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem and wept over its fate. Luke 19:37-41

16: Pathway where Jesus walked to Jerusalem from Bethany, and original stone pathway that Jesus walked on. | Gorgeous bougainvilleas, they grow in all 5 colors throughout Israel.

17: Gran and Robin | Pam and Warren

19: Garden of Gethsemane Huge 2,000 olive trees with branches of new life!

20: Basilica of Agony Church where Jesus sweat blood and tears together.

21: "...And being in agony, he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was mixed with great drops of blood falling down to the ground." Luke 22:42-44 | Entrance to the Basilica of the Agony or Church of the Nations

22: Main altar, the traditional Rock of the Agony, upon which Jesus prayed and sweat blood the night before his arrest. | Sponsored by U.S. and other countries

23: Golden Gates Africans in Israel at the Church of All Nations Spanish in Israel at the same Church

24: The Tomb of Absalom - named after David's son who erected a pillar in his honor since he had no children to remember him. II Sam. 18:18 | The Tomb of Zacharias 2 Chronicles 24:20

25: Southern Steps, where Jesus entered the temple | Steps lead to the original entrance to the Temple Mount and to the Second Temple. Jesus climbed these steps when he visited the temple in Jerusalem.

26: Church of Hagia Maria Zion, also known as the Church of the Dormition

28: Room of the Last Supper Acts 1:13 | Site of the Passover feast Jesus attended with his disciples Mark 14:15

29: The table of the last supper was actually a U-shaped table, not a long table as depicted in the painting. | Also the site of the Washing of the Feet John 13:5

30: The Zion Gate - Entrance to Mt. Zion and King David's Tomb

31: View over the city

32: The Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu | House of Caiaphas, High Priest at the time of Jesus' execution

33: Hole where Jesus was lowered with ropes, leading to the pit where He was imprisoned. | Preston and Korwynn inside Jesus' cell (He was kept separate from other prisoners.)

34: Steps Jesus walked on to be tried at the House of Caiaphas

35: Being silly on the bus

36: Bethlehem security checkpoint, now under Jordanian control (Arabs can come into Israel but Israelis can not enter into Jordan.)

37: Hill of Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified (looks like a skull)

38: Interior of the Garden Tomb | Where Jesus died and rose again

39: Jaffa Gate - the original starting point to the road to the main port town. | Old City Walls, built by the Turks on the foundations of the Crusader city (Walls stretch 2.5 miles in circumference and vary from 30 to 60 feet in height)

40: Wide elegant arcaded avenue where Crusaders had a market; now the site of tourist boutiques.

41: Active excavations inside the Jewish Quarter | Remains of the Roman Cardo

42: Head covering for holy sites

43: Hezekiah's Broad Wall | Ancient defensive city wall dating from the reign of King Hezekiah (late eighth century B.C.)

44: Newly renovated Hurva Synagogue, opened 2010 in the Jewish Quarter Al-Aqsa Mosque, third holiest site in Islam

45: Western Wall in front of the Dome of the Rock | Constructed on the site of the Second Jewish Temple, which was destroyed in 70 A.D.

46: Western Wall or Wailing Wall, is the closest Jews are permitted to the holiest site in Judaism. Men and women are separated. | Constructed in 20 B.C. by King Herod, as a retaining wall surrounding the eastern hill which was raised and filled to form a flat plateau for Mt. Moriah.

47: Over a million notes are placed in the cracks of the Western Wall each year.

49: Inside the Western Wall Tunnels; model of the Temple in Jesus time.

50: 50 feet below ground level Only a small portion of the Wall is above ground; most is underground. | Herodian stones

51: The largest stone is the Western Stone and is 45 feet and weighs 570 tons. | Part of a walkway from Jesus' time. (All of the ladies painted out toes blue for Israel!)

52: Via Dolorosa Church and the Pools of Bethesda The Via Dolorosa or "Way of Sorrow" is the path Jesus carried the cross on his back.

54: All citizens serve in the military. Men serve 3 years and women serve 2 years. | Lion's Gate or St. Stephen's Gate, marks the beginning of the Via Dolorosa path

55: Our night in Ben Yahuda Closed (like everything else) for Shabbat

56: Ayalon Institute, located on Kibbutz Hill, was a secret underground ammunition factory.

57: Bullets were made here for 4 years. | The underground factory was built in 22 days.

58: One of the machines purchased in Poland, where they were stored for nearly 4 years before being snuck into Palestine.

59: The Ramparts Walk | About 2.5 miles around | Skinny slot where Romans shot bow and arrows.

61: View of date palms from wall's stones

62: View of the Dome of the Rock from the top of the Ramparts Walk

63: Travel group, participating in a Via Dolorosa procession through the Moslem quarter, carrying the cross

64: Hasidic Jew children going to visit the Western Wall

65: Israeli flags marking the Jewish Quarter We saw military everywhere. Not because of safety, but because education is a big part in their training.

66: Pillar of Heroism at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum

67: Children's Memorial, funded by Abe and Edita Spiegel, whose son Uziel was murdered in Auschwitz at the age of two and a half.

68: Korczak statue He tried to save his Jewish students from extermination, but was not successful so he went into the gas chambers with them.

69: HUGE model of the Old City during the time of the Second Temple

70: Outside of the museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls (shaped to look like you are in a jar from the inside which is where the scrolls were found)

71: Israeli Museum Magnum Bars...Yummmm!

72: Valley of Elah Where David slew Goliath I Samuel 17:4-51

73: Last dinner in Israel Midnight flight back to the U.S.

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