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Traveling to the Maritimes

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S: Maritimes 2010

BC: "We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open." Jawaharial Nehru | "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." Lao Tzu

FC: Traveling to the Maritime's!

1: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

2: June 3, 2010

3: On June 3, 2010, Lacey & Gavin left their house in Chilliwack, and flew to Calgary to meet Russ & Judi, and Mama. From there we took a 4 1/2 hour flight over to Halifax. When we arrived, we rented a Jeep Wrangler. We then drove to Dartmouth, to our hotel. By the time we got there, we were so hungry so we decided to find some place to eat. | But the only place open was Sam's. Long story short, twenty minutes before closing, the waitress brought us take-out boxes and told us we had to pack our food up because the owner wanted to go home. Even though we had just received our meals not long before that. Lacey ended up eating her's at the hotel. We never ate there again.

4: June 4, 2010 | After a nice long sleep, breakfast, and our morning Tim Hortan's, we drove down to Cole Harbour, JUST to say we have been where Sidney Crosby grew up. Then we drove to Halifax's waterfront boardwalk. We booked a 2 hour sail boat ride and then grabbed a bite to eat before boarding. Lacey and Judi had fresh fish and chips, and Mama and Russ had a Beavertail. We then set sail on the ship. Russ even got to help put out the sail. We all took turns holding Gavin.

7: We went back to our hotel to get ready and then headed to Salty's for supper with Mama's family. What a surprise that was. We were supposed to meet Uncle John & Auntie Fran, and Uncle Gerry & Auntie Barb there, but Uncle Ron & Auntie Nora came from Victoira, and Auntie Evie & Clarence and Auntie Gwynn drove from Ontario to see Mama. Bob and _____ and there 2 daughters also came. It was such a nice evening. Uncle Gerry found Judi's coat and tried to claim it. He kept putting salt and pepper shakers in people's coats. It was an evening filled with a lot of laughs. A night to remember. | Oldest to Youngest: Uncle Ron, Mama, Auntie Barb, Auntie Evie, Auntie Fran, and Auntie Gwynn.

8: June 5, 2010 | After breakfast, we headed to the Halifax Farmer's Market. It was held in the old Alexander Keith's Brewery. The building was built in the 1820's. There was SO many people there, and very inconvenient for a stroller. But we managed just fine. It was mostly fresh produce, but still very neat to see.

9: We then ventured off to Peggy's cove. We were very hungry when we got there so we decided to eat lunch first. Once we sat down, it started raining. The lunch was awesome. We all had to have some fresh seafood chowder. Once we got outside, it was raining quite a bit. So we spent little time walking around due to the weather.

10: Since it was raining, we went to Pier 21 next since that was indoors. We walked around the building and then watched a short film on the first immigrants. Gavin even enjoyed listening to it. It was neat to see since Grandpa Buit came through here in 1947.

12: It was so foggy when we were leaving. You couldn't even see across to Dartmouth. We went back to our hotel and got changed and then headed out for supper to MacAskills. It was probably the best food we ever had. After supper we bathed Gavin, got him to bed, and played a round of 3 to King. Mama won of course.

13: June 6, 2010 | Off to church we went. We attended the United church across the street. It was a nice service and everyone was very friendly.

15: After church we drove and found a grocery store so we could pick up some food and wine. We were invited over to Uncle John and Auntie Fran's for supper that night since Uncle Ron & Auntie Nora, Auntie Gwynn, and Auntie Evie and Clarence were staying there for a few days. When we got there, the guys left to go pick up some lobster. What a treat. We got to watch them cook them. And we then sat around their table, with EVERY chair from inside AND outside of their house and enjoyed a nice meal together. We each got a lobster. It was quite a bit of work to eat them, especially since we didn't have a lot of elbow room to break them apart.

16: Mama really enjoyed the time she could spend with her sisters. It was nice to be able to visit with them in a relaxing environment. They kept bugging Mama about the vine. She wanted it all to herself. After supper, we got to enjoy freshly made Lemon Meringue pie from Uncle John. It was so good.

17: After Dessert the ladies got knitting while we visited. And then Auntie Fran took us up to her art studio that Uncle John built for her. They are both amazing artists. Actually almost all Mama's family can paint. Russ, Judi, Lacey & Gavin then left Mama there for night and went to Tatamagouche to find a hotel for the night.

18: June 7, 2010

19: Uncle John suggested this place called the Train Station in. It was too cute to resist. It was pouring when we got there so we didn't get to really see it till the morning. But we actually stayed in an old cart. We got to tour the carts and have breakfast in their dinner. It was beautiful.

20: We then went and picked Mama up. Everyone was sad to see her leave, but they ran to the bushes to wave as we drove past.

21: Amherst was our next stop to take some pictures of some old buildings. But when we went around the corner we spotted a Tim Hortan's. So we HAD to get our usuals. Mama (tea), Russ and Judi (french vanilla), and Lacey (double double). You can tell we are getting close to the bay of fundy by the color of the road.

22: Joggin's Fossil museum was our next stop. This is where the world's highest tides are, and because of this, there are 300 million year old fossils found all the time. It also used to be an old mine. We found an old train wheel, train nail, coal, and where a tree used to be in the rocks. We then went for lunch and headed to New Brunswich.

24: Hopewell rocks was closed, but we decided to hop the fence and give ourselves a tour. Mama seemed a bit concerned. It was a long walk down, but well worth it. The tide was just coming in. On our way back we found a shortcut and hauled Gavin's stroller over the fence.

25: DID YOU KNOW? The magnificent sea-carved rocks of Hopewell Cape draw thousands of visitors to New Brunswick each year. However, if they arrive during high tide, they may be disappointed because these giant flowerpots, as they've come to be known, are nearly covered by water at this time. The highest tides in the world, for which New Brunswick is also famous, swirl and roll around the towering rocks twice daily. In fact, it is the power of these waters that formed the Hopewell Rocks, leaving a striking legacy to millions of years of turbulent tidal motion.

26: After our long day of driving and touring, we stopped at a covered bridge to take a picture. One of which many we will see. There are only a couple in use to this day. We then stopped in Sussex for supper and found a hotel for the night in Roachville.

27: June 8, 2010 | After breakfast we drove to Saint johns to see the reversing rapids. We were actually 10 minutes to late, but it was still beautiful to see.

28: DID YOU KNOW? Considered both a spectacular event and natural phenomenon, the waters at the foot of the St. John River reverse direction during tidal changes. The rushing and gushing reversal is caused by the tremendous rise and fall of the tides of the Bay of Fundy. The reversal is best viewed during two stages of the tide cycle - near low tide and near high tide - every 12 hours of so. This is seemingly impossible sight attracts thousands of visitors to the city of Saint john each year.

29: We then went to the downtown Farmers Market and ate lunch from a hot dog vendor. It was very good. A cruise ship had just came into Saint Johns.

31: We then checked out more covered bridges on are way back through Sussex. Judi loved the bridges and wanted to stop at all of them. Then it was off the PEI. We got to travel on the confederation bridge to get there. It was neat to see. Once we got there we were fascinated by the red soil. So different then where we are from.

32: DID YOU KNOW? The Confederation Bridge, which joins Borden-Carleton, PEI, and Cape Tormentine, NB, is the longest bridge over ice-covered waters in the world at 12.9 km. Opened on May 31, 1997, this historic bridge brought a new age of transportation to Atlantic Canada, with two lanes of traffic, moving 80 km/hour, 24 hours a day. A trip across the bridge, which is for vehicles only, takes less than 10 minutes to cross.

33: Since everything was closed coming in, we drove straight to Charlottetown. After taking a look around the town, we decided to stop at a restaurant called 'Rum Runners' because Russ and Judi had stopped there last time they were here and said it was good. I think we had the best seafood chowder there. It was so good. After supper we found a hotel in Charlottetown where we stayed for the night. Mama did her nightly singing to Gavin to get him to go to sleep. He will sure miss the sound of her voice when he leaves here.

34: June 9, 2010 | After a good breakfast we got on the road to discover PEI! This is the first time Mama has ever been here. Here are the 3 things we noticed about PEI. 1)Red Dirt Roads 2)Everyone owns these colorful chairs 3)Lupins are everywhere! We headed up to North Rustico where we found this beautiful dock. The Ocean swept all the rocks onto it. It was neat seeing the Red soil aligning the whole island. What a beautiful day it was. We had clear blue sky all day.

37: The one thing Russ wanted to do was rent a cabin. So we headed for Cavendish to find him one. We found a place called Cavendish Beach Cottages and they were so nice. Wood in the whole inside, 2 bedrooms, and a kitchen and cheap!! We then headed to Cavendish boardwalk where we ate at 'Pizza Delight'. We figured since they were everywhere, we should probably eat there to get the PEI experience. We then stopped at the 'COWS' ice cream parlor and picked up some gifts for the family at home. They had such cool Tshirts there.

38: After lunch we went to the 'Avonlea Village' from the popular book series, 'Anne of Green Gables'. We got in for free because it was in the off season. That seemed to be the theme in our trip. We were always a week to early. But we still got to tour ourselves through. The actors were just coming in to get ready for the busy season. It was neat to see. They placed it in PEI because the Author of the series Lucy Montgomery actually lived close to there and someone just down the road from her actually applied for an orphan boy and received a girl instead, just like the book. So we got to drive past the Montgomery house also.

39: We then took some backroads to find some red mud. Russ wanted to get the vehicle dirty in red mud so badly. After lunch we went out for supper with Russ's old friend from when he attended college in Nova Scotia, Anthony Nurboor's. He brought his wife Anna along. We ate at the Fisherman's Wharf. It was so good. You ordered your seafood and then they had a 75ft salad bar and dessert bar you could have as much as you wanted. So we all ate lobster, except for Russ. We went to our cottage to watch the sun set! It was beautiful.

40: June 10, 2010

41: The next morning, Russ and Judi picked up breakfast and we ate it on the patio. We then found a red potato field to take a picture of Gavin in. We stopped at a beach to take some pictures and dip our toes in the ocean, and then headed back to Charolletown. We ate lunch at the Peak's Quay. Another beautiful day in PEI!

42: In Charlottetown we did some historic site seeing. We toured the St. Dustan's Basilica (bottom left). We did a mouse house where you had to find the mouse at every historic building. While doing that we saw the Province house, Confederation Court house, and more. We then stopped for ice cream at 'COWS'. When we got back Mama said her favorite part was seeing the car. I guess we walked alot more than we thought we did. Gavin thought it was boring.

45: We stopped at an Old Cemetery in which people were buried from 1784-1873. Mama stayed in the car to watch Gavin which Russ, She had done enough walking already! Judi and Lacey took some pictures. Most of the graves were in too rough of shape to even read. We ate supper at 'Chez Yvonne's'. It was very good. And a perfect night to sit on the patio to eat.

46: On are way home, we went to the ocean to enjoy the sunset. What a priceless picture of Mama and Gavin, and Lacey and Gavin. Also here is a picture of Lacey and Gavin next to the red rock along the ocean. Russ and Judi enjoyed some romantic sunset pictures. Once we got home it was Gavin's bathtime and then time for bed,

47: “When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator” Ghandi

48: June 11, 2010

49: We stopped at the St. Joachim's Parish. They have such beautiful churches here in the Martime's. We called up Anna and Anthony Nabuurs and decided to go there for a visit. Russ toured the barn while Lacey fed Gavin. They harvest soybeans for a living along with grain. Then we all went in for coffee. Anna came home on her lunch break to visit for a while. We got to meet one of there daughters. They then drove us half way to the fairy to make sure we wouldn't get lost. And then we drove the rest ourselves.

51: We got to the ferry in plenty of time and then drove on. Once we parked we went to the top deck to watch it sail. We then had lunch while we made the 1 1/2 hour trip back to Nova Scotia. Gavin slept through the entire ride. It was a prefect day for the fairy ride. Once we got to the other side, we drove off and continued are drive to Cape Breton.

53: We drove across the Causeway bridge leading into Cape Breton. And then we stopped for supper at the Red Shoes, which is owned by the famous Rankin Sisters. We drove straight to Inverness and found some cabins there. They were not the nicest but for one night they worked. We watched the sun set on the ocean and then headed to bed. We think Lacey had bugs in her bed because she was quite itchy in the morning and had bug bites everywhere.

54: June 12, 2010 | After are nights rest, we found a Tim Hortan's to stop at. The sign was written in Gaylic. Almost every house here looks like this one (top right). They all have a house, with a wood pile, a clothes line, and ALLOT of lawn to mow. Everything is hilly and so lush. We got to see some fishing boats come in with lobster also. We stopped for lunch and then continued on. Gavin kept leaking through his diaper so we kept napkins in his pants.

55: Gavin wouldn't keep his soother in so Lacey had to hold it in with her foot so she could eat. The views are just incredible here. If only we had more time so enjoy the scenery. We saw another old church on the way, while we almost ran out of gas. Mama and Judi were quite worried.

56: We stopped at a tourist spot called 'Bog'. There we got to see frogs and orchids and even moose tracks. Thankfully no moose because we had no where to go. It was a nice sunny day to do a little walking and helped stretch out of legs. They had a lot of hikes you could do along the Cabot trail, but most were 3-5 hour hikes and we were on a time limit.

58: The picture in the middle of the left side, is the fishing cove. The picture doesn't even show you how far down it actually is. We had to stop for a bathroom break because Mama wasn't up for stopping on the side of the road!! | Again, we almost ran out of gas. Apparently some of these towns here don't even have a gas station we learned. We also saw another beautiful old church. This one is still in use today. The picture on the bottom right describes the Cabot Trail. A road along the ocean is what it is.

61: We stopped at this beautiful restaurant for supper in St.Ann's where this guy from Vancouver was singing. He drove across Canada on his motorbike in 12 days. He sang a song to Gavin. There we could see the fog coming in. We found a hotel in Baddeck that was so nice. And then we began packing, for tomorrow we had to enjoy are last day before heading home. It was sad to leave. Mama had to sing to Gavin one last time before bed.

62: Can you find Gavin? He slept in bed with Lacey every night! Then we enjoyed one last breakfast and packed the vehicle up. Stopped at Tim Hortan's one last time and took a drive around Baddeck. We wished we could of stayed here longer. It was such a cute town. We then headed for Halifax. | June 13, 2010

64: We went for lunch to Auntie Barb and Uncle Gerry's place. It was so nice. Denise and Bob were there with their 3 girls, Maddy, Allie and Hannah. And Andy was there from Panama with his 2 girls, Charlotte and Ana. It was nice to meet everyone. They had such a beautiful yard. They just sold their house and will be moving to a housing community in the next month. Auntie Barb has Parkinson's so they decided it would be better to move while they were quite healthy.

65: Russ and Judi, Lacey and Gavin left to do some last minute shopping while Mama said back to visit. We then said our good-byes and headed for the airport. They had some nice stores there so we shopped for a while and then went through security. Gavin didn't like the flight home as much, since it was 5 1/2 hours back, Once we got to Calgary we drove home and dropped Mama off. We arrived at Russ and Judi's at around 1:30am. What a trip! It seemed like just yesterday we arrived. But I guess all trips have to come to an end eventually.

66: Gavin in the Wrangler

67: Lighthouses of the Maritimes

68: Animals of the Maritime's

69: Our Favorite Memories ... | Lacey ... This trip was such a precious memory that I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life. What made is SO amazing was who I got to share it with, my Mama, parents, and my son! It was awesome to meet my Mama's family and share such good times and laughs with them all. I also loved seeing God's creation first hand. From the vasts of the ocean, to the heights of the trees, to the colors of P.E.I. God really was an amazing creator. It was so amazing to watch Mama and my parents with Gavin. From Mama singing to Gavin so he would fall asleep, to my mom and dad cuddling and making him laugh. I loved learning the history of everything. I also enjoyed all our laughs we had together. From my awesome photos, to Mama's funny comments, to watching Mama get in and out of the Wrangler, to dad threatening to leave Mama at the Fossil Museum ... this is a trip that will never be forgotten. | Gavin ... I think what I will remember most is the look of the back seat and my mom and great Mama sitting beside me. I will also remember all the nights that Great Mama sang to me to help me fall asleep. I loved the look in my Grandma and Grandpa's faces every time they saw me and how much they tried to get to me smile and laugh. I also loved sleeping in bed beside my mom. I love my family. | Mama ... We saw so many beautiful and interesting places, it's hard to choose the favorite ones. It was so much fun watching Lacey make sure that Gavin experienced all the different specialties of the Maritimes, from "holding" a lobster , to sitting in a red potato field. It's too bad he won't remember it. Hopewell Rocks gave us the best description of the low and high tides on the Bay of Fundy, something we had all heard about. I have always loved the ocean- the rocky, as well as the sandy beaches, and the views of the ocean from the beautiful beaches of PEI and from the cliffs of Cape Breton, were spectacular.The nicest place we stayed in was a cabin at North Rustico. In the morning the lobster boats were out pulling in their traps, and in the evening Judi and Lacey took gorgeous pictures of one of God's most beautiful creations - the sunset. It made a person feel so small and insignificant. Joining my relatives for two special get-togethers was very special to me and I really appreciatedthe chance to visit with all of them. Of course the lobster feasts and other seafood meals were highlights too.There were so many other things too- the harbour cruise on the Tall Ship was unplanned and exciting, the Halifax Market, Confederation Bridge, and Pier 21 were all so interesting. Important Note : What made the trip so enjoyable was the group I traveled with. Judi, Russ, Lacey, and Gavin are such special people, and I was so lucky to be able to join them on this trip. | Russ & Judi ... How do we condense 11 awesome days into a few sentences? First and foremost - the company! 4 generations experiencing Mom's birthplace, everyone so excited to be there. Mom's family, so excited that we were thee & providing an amazing lobster feast for us at uncle John and Auntie Fran's. Mom's eager smile for anything we wanted to do. Spending unlimited time with Lacey & Gavin - Lacey's love for discovery and adventure and unique photo shoots and Gavin's big smiles and lots of cuddle time. The BLUE Atlantic ocean, the RED P.E.I, and the GREEN lushness of the Maritimes. Many new experiences - sailing on a tall ship, meeting cousins we've never met, sleeping in a rail car, our cabin overlooking the ocean, the mouse hunt to find Eckhart, the beauty of the Cabot Trail and experiencing the Acadian lifestyle. 2600 kilometer's in a blue jeep Wrangler. Discovering 3 Provinces - Nova Scotia's lupines, New Brunswich's trees, and P.E.I.'s coastline. LObster, sunsets, ocean waves, potato fields, our country's history. Amazing views, friendly people and unlimited together time. A Very, Very, special 11 days!!

70: Daily Routes Day 1: Halifax to Dartmouth (A-B) Day 2: Dartmouth to Halifax back to Dartmouth (B-A-B) Day 3: Dartmouth to Peggy's Cove to Halifax to Dartmouth (B-C-A-B) Day 4: Dartmouth to Scotsburn to Tatamogouche (B-D-E) Day 5: Tatamogouche to Scotsburn to Joggins to Hopewell to Sussex (E-D-F-G-H) Day 6: Sussex to Saint John - Moncton - Charlottwtown (H-I-J-K)

71: Day 7: Charlolletown to Cavendish to Rustico to Cavendish (A-B-C-B) Day 8: Cavendish to Charlolettown to Cavendish (B-A-B) Day 9: Cavendish to Montague to Wood Islands to Caribou to Inverness (B-D-E-F-G) Day 10: Inverness to Cheticamp to Pleasant Bay to Ingonish to Baddeck (G-H-I-J-K) Day 11: Baddeck to Dartmouth to Halifax (K-L-M) Total: 2,600 km

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