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FC: Created by: Garret Tierney | Taking A Trip to San Francisco |

1: San Francisco This is taking place in one of the greatest city ever! San Francisco was founded on June 29th, 1776. It is located on the west coast of the United States. Although the city is still being built. There have been some earthquakes there that destroyed everything in San Francisco. There earthquakes were massive, they happen in 1906 and 1989. There are some mind blowing sights in San Francisco, and i will be showing you some of them throughout the presentation.

2: History of San Francisco when people started to hear that there was gold in San Francisco everybody started to come. There were thousands of gold miners that were coming to San Francisco in 1849. After that was over there was a new thing that the people wanted silver. People started rushing into San Francisco once again. San Francisco was also know for Alcatraz. Alcatraz was a prison that is shut down now but it was a very high security prison that nobody escaped from. |

3: Places of Interest Marrakech Magic Theater Marin Headlands Lands End Golden Gate Bridge AT@T Park (Baseball Stadium) San Francisco Bay San Francisco Opera Legion of Honor Golden Gate Park Twin Peaks |

4: Historical Places in San Francisco Administration building, Treasure Island Alcatraz Cartoon Art Museum Armor and Co. building C.A. Thayer City of Paris Building Golden Gate Bridge De Young Museum Alamo Square District |

5: Activities in San Francisco Alcatraz City Tour Hop on Hop off Tour Golden Gate Park Golden Gate Bridge Walt Disney Family Museum Fisherman’s Wharf Union Square The Exploratorium AT@T Park (Baseball Stadium Candlestick Park (Football Stadium) |

6: Art and Cultural Entertainment Asian Art Museum Modern Art Museum De Young Museum Walt Disney Family Museum Night at the Museum Yerba Buena Center of Arts Southern Exposure Gallery |

7: Geography The time to travel to San Francisco would be December. December would be a fun month to travel there because you would get to see all of the lights that would be put up. They would put the lights all over the city to make it look amazing! The weather at this time of the year would be beautiful. You wouldn't have to worry about being freezing or being really hot. The weather would always be in the high 50’s for the day time, at night it would be in the high 40’s. It would be a good idea to pack a couple sweat shirts and jeans. There would be so many things to do, sights to see, and the beaches to lie on. | I chose this map because it shows all the different neighborhoods and the beaches. I think this picture also showed vivid description and showed where some things were at.

8: Cultural Awareness The most common language to speak in San Francisco is English. The second most common language is Spanish. If you don't speak either of these languages don't worry because there are a lot more languages spoken in San Francisco. San Francisco is known for some of their food. They have some of the greatest restraints in the world out there. The type of clothing you should wear is just casual. You’re not going to need any fancy clothes unless you go into one of their fancy restraints. |

9: Miscellaneous Information San Francisco has some of the best restaurants in the world. They also have a large gay community. There are a lot of gays that live in San Francisco. San Francisco also has a lot of steep hill. The streets of San Francisco are as hilly and steep as any in the county. San Francisco has a prison named Alcatraz. Alcatraz is a prison out in the middle of the ocean on an island. It was surrounded by freezing ice water and sharks roaming around the island. This was a very well-known prison because nobody could ever escape from it. | | |

10: Journal Entry #1 Coming from my home town, Kansas City. My family and I are taking a trip to San Francisco. We are going to fly out there and see what San Francisco has for us to do. Taking my first plane ride was exciting. When we landed in San Francisco, all I could hear from my family is “What are we going to go do first!” I said “we should go and see the Golden Gate Bridge!” I wanted to go see that first because I heard that it was the best sight that you will ever see. With it already being six o’clock we didn’t have a lot of time. We went to see the Golden Gate Bridge; it was the most magnificent sight that I have ever seen before. With the sun going down, barely raising its head above the horizon the sky was orange and pink. Standing there looking at the bridge in beautiful weather was very relaxing. After a while through the sun went down and we decided that we need to go get some food; our stomachs were growling! My brother looked up this place that was called the Water bar. It was not that far from the hotel we would be staying in. Eating at the restaurant was amazing; it was some of the best food that I had ever tasted. When we left the restaurant we decided that we needed to go to bed. Driving to our hotel you could see if from far away. It was the biggest hotel there was! This place was massive! Walking into the hotels I couldn’t get my eyes off of the art on the walls, the land scape I would be living in for a couple of days! Going up to our room it just got more and more exciting. Finally get in the most confortable bed that I have ever slept in, I fell asleep like a baby. |

11: Journal entry #2 Sleeping in the bed, I start to hear my brothers laugh; that’s never good. I was always known as the late sleeper in my family. I wanted to get up and see what they were doing, but I was way too tired. I finally woke up; to my brothers jumping on my of course. They were a lot bigger than me so I couldn’t do anything about it. My brothers Names are max and carter. The world’s worst brothers you could ask for. Laughing From when they jumped on me, I had to think of something that would get back at them. Getting up for breakfast we were walking to our car and smelled breakfast already made! Going to sit down at a table in our hotel, staring down the food to see what I should get, I walk over to get some water. Eating breakfast at the hotel was what I would call eating like a champion. It was a mouth full of flavor and deliciousness. I decided that we need to go to fisherman’s wharf for the day. This place will keep you busy all day! Just walking from place to place there are “Street Performers.” they have clowns, mimes, magicians, and fire-eaters, roaming around the park entertaining you. As we walk into fisherman’s Wharf, I saw a magician doing magic for people. Right when I got inside I went and looked at all of the street performers. I decided that my favorite one is the magician, I thought he was the coolest or maybe it is just because I love magic. My family and I went walking around to see the entire place. My family and I walked to the sea lions. I have never seen a sea lion before so I thought that they were really unique. After we went to see the sea lions, we decided that we needed to see the beach. As we walk down there, there were people playing some volleyball, we decided to kill them. After beating them several times, I walked over to some chairs that were set up and I fell right asleep. I woke up and couldn’t find my family. Walking over to the volley ball players i asked them if they had seen my family. They didn’t respond to me, they are really instance into the volley ball game. I left and started walking around Fisherman’s Wharf. I didn’t see them anywhere. I walked into the restaurants and all the shops, I couldn’t find them. After looking for them, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, my family was right there. I asked them “where have you been I was looking everywhere for you guys!” My brother Max said “we were in this amazing restaurant! Why didn’t you come with us?” “I woke up and you guys were gone! Whatever it is okay have you guys ate yet?” I asked. “Yeah we just ate, and it was delicious.” Max said. “Well I am still hungry, I haven’t ate.” I said. “If you haven’t ate them I guess we should come with you to eat because we owe you one.” Max said. My family and I started to walk toward this open patio restaurant. This place was looking delicious. Walking in to the restaurant, I smelt meat. A waitress walked up to our table and asked “What would you like to eat this fine evening?” I said “May I have a steak with a baked potato on this side please?” “Yes you may,” She responded. After eating we got into our car and started to drive back to our hotel. Walking into the hotel and up to our room I was exhausted! I got in my bed and I didn’t hear another peep the rest of the night. |

12: Journal Entry #3 This dinner that we had last night was delicious. My brothers and I are deciding what we are going to do for the day. My Family and i are going to go watch a football game. Carter and Max have wanted to do this ever since we got into San Francisco. I love football it is my favorite sport to play, so this is going to be a great opportunity for me to learn things from some of the best people in the world at football. My favorite team is going to be playing, the Chiefs! They are going to be playing the 49ers. The fans at the 49ers stadium are crazy! There are some of the loudest fans that I have ever seen! After the game was over we went to a restaurant, this was a small place with really good food. While eating at our table all we were talking about was the football game! This was no surprise though the Chiefs managed to loose once again. |

13: Journal Entry #4 For our last day of the trip we decided to go see everything one last time. First we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge. This was defiantly the best sight that we saw during the whole trip! Next we went to see the museums. We went to several of them. The 2nd one we went to though was defiantly the coolest one that we went to. It was called California Palace of the Legion of Honor. Right when we were walking inside, we saw a giant pool. The art work inside of the museum was amazing. These pieces of art were some of the best pieces of art that I have ever seen. Taking a trip to San Francisco was really fun. It was defiantly one of the most run trips that i have ever been on and hope to visit again some day |

14: Compare and Contrast San Francisco is a lot different from Kansas City. San Francisco has beaches that you can get tan on. You can do a lot of things on beaches like play volley ball, make sand Casals, and just play in the sand. Kansas city doesn’t have any of that we just hope that the weather won’t change from when we play outside from when we go inside. San Francisco pretty much always has the same weather throughout the year! San Francisco also has a lot of sights that everybody should see. Kansas, we got some hills, no mountains. Both places are still nice to be at. |

15: Cause and Effect The journey has had a big impact on my life. Walking around the City you saw a lot of gays. I learned that it was okay to choose your same sex as a person you would like to marry. I learned to respect all kinds of people. I also saw some of the best sights that I will ever see in my life. The Golden Gate Bridge is going to be one to remember, this was the longest and tallest bridge that I have ever seen. The Orange color the bridge had to it was nice and when I saw it, it made my happier and forget the bad things that have happened in my day. Going to San Francisco was a blast; I also had a great deal of learning experiences while I was there. |

16: conclusion this place would be a great place to visit if you are going to ever take a trip. San Francisco is exciting and defiantly fun. It has some of the best sights that you will ever see and encourage you to go there. This is what a wise man said about the city. "You know what it is? (It) is a golden handcuff with the key thrown away." John Steinbeck. He is referring it to the Golden Gate Bridge, He is saying that once you see it your never going to want it to be out of your sight. |

17: Copyright "This presentation contains copyrighted material used under the educational fair use exemption to U.S. copyright law." (Simpson, 70)

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