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Turkey - Page Text Content

BC: Baris!

FC: Our Pilgrimage to Turkey | 11/7/11 to 11/17/11

1: The alley next to the Titanic, with street vendors | Boarding the bus - our home away from home for the next 9 days! | Day 1 - Istanbul | Our Hotel

2: Mass at St. Anthony's of Padua (original church built in 1221)

3: Istiklal Street famous street where both churches were located | Constant fishing from the bridges | Fresh squeezed pomegranate juice | Life in the City | The Roman Aqueducts | Our gang on the way to church

4: The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (aka The Blue Mosque) Built 1609 - 1616

5: Iznik tiles (that's why it's blue!) | The minbar (pulpit) | The center of the Dome | Dilek - our guide | Washing station

6: Topkapi Palace Ottoman Sultans' Residence from 1465 - 1856

7: Ixznik tiles with God's Eyes | The view from the back of the Palace

8: Cruising | Sunset Cruise along the Bosphorus | An old boat garage Bridge connecting Europe to Asia

9: An 18th century hunting lodge | Sunset over Istanbul

10: Dinner - awesome spicy lamb & beef kebabs! | The crazy underground tunnel to the Spice Market.

11: Day 2 - Istanbul | Mass at Santa Maria Draperis (oldest Roman Catholic church in Istanbul - originally built in 1585; rebuilt in 1772)

12: The Suleymaniye Mosque (built 1550-1558 by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent) | Each design on the carpet is for a worshiper. It forms the Gate to Heaven and is lined with roses and carnations, both very important symbols in Islam.

13: Originally built in 5th century; rebuilt in 1282. Converted to a mosque in 1511; became a museum in 1945. All the frescoes and mosaics were uncovered from beneath whitewash. | The Chora Church

14: Saint Paul in gold mosaic | Central Dome with the 12 Apostles

15: Saint Peter, too. | The Last Judgment Fresco

16: A visit to the Spice Bazaar

17: The Hagia Sophia Church of the "Holy Wisdom" Orthodox Basilica built in 360 AD; converted to a mosque in 1453, became a museum in 1935 | The center dome is 182 feet high and 100 feet in diameter | The atrium measures 157 x 106 ft and the total length of the construction is 442 ft. | The dome is carried on four pendentives, known as "elephant legs"

18: The blending of Christianity and Islam within this magnificent building

20: The View from Above Access to the upper galleries are provided by ramps, which are a traditional feature of Constantinopolitan church planning.

21: The Grand Bazaar built 1461 over 4,000 shops inside a maze of 58 covered streets | Sidewalk Artist...with a Spirograph!

22: Day 3 - The City of Troy and the Road to Canakkale | Lunch and a Pit Stop, Turkish Style | Machine Gun Bunkers from the Battle of Gallipoli

23: The Ferry across the Straights of Dardanelles (going from Europe to Asia) | Gypsy selling stuff to Sue and Rit

24: The Main Entrance to the City | Excavations revealed 9 layers of cities, ranging from 3000 BC – 500 AD. Homer's Troy was Troy VII - built 1300 BC | TROY

25: Greek Amphitheater (100 BC)

26: Hotel Kolin (in Canakkale) | The view from our room of the Aegean Sea

27: Another history lesson from Dilek | The shore at Alexandria Troas | A pit stop at an eclectic shop on the shore - the only thing open that day! | Day 4 - The Road to Kusadasi

28: The ruins of Alexandria Troas

29: Pergamon 3rd Century BC

30: The Temple of Trajan 2nd Century AD

31: Arched walkway below the Temple | The Theater in Pergamon is the steepest Hellenistic theater in the world. Capacity 10,000

32: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Founder of the Republic of Turkey | Charisma Hotel in Kusadasi Our view of the Aegean Sea gets better!

33: The House of the Virgin Mary | Day 5 - Ephesus | The road up the mountain to Mary's house. Original Meander River mouth and port of Ephesus (silted in a long time ago)

34: Mass celebrated in the Chapel by Father Danny and Father Nock

35: A pretty Catholic entering the Shrine | Access to the Holy Spring Water that flows from her house | The Prayer Wall | The house is a holy shrine for both Catholics and Muslims.

36: Truth in advertising | Ephesus (mainly 2nd Century BC)

37: The smaller Theater The Main Thoroughfare

38: The Romans pockmarked the marble roads to prevent horses and chariots from slipping. | Original mosaic tile pedestrian walkway; typically followed along the side of the main thoroughfare.

39: The latrines

41: The Celsus Library (built 117 AD) - Photo op time!

42: Where St. Paul caused trouble

43: The Galata Carpet Weaving Workshop | Removing silk from the cocoons | Father Danny is presented with a gift

44: Day 6 - "Plan B" (the weather's too rough for Patmos) | Start by leaving Kusadasi for the Church of St. John (traditional burial site of St. John) | Our hotel is out on the point

45: A confessional (we think) St. John's Tomb | The Baptismal Font

46: Ancient Who Dats!! | Interesting column symbols | The only remnants of the Temple of Artemis - one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World | A 14th century Turkish castle

47: Next... | Some Roman Dude | The Goddess Artemis "Mother Earth" | and her favorite boy toy, Priapus, the Fertility God

48: Then take us to a mountain village... | Our bus driver, Harum

49: Shopping and exploring

50: Finally - finish the day with a Leather Fashion Show

51: Day 7 - Heading Inland | Leaving the Hotel Kolin | On the road to Laodicea, through the Meander River Valley

52: Laodicea 2nd century BC | Excavations started only 10 years ago | Ruts in the streets caused by chariots | Pretty shaky ground

53: A glass floor display - underneath was a secret chamber of unknown purpose

54: Another theater | Another history lesson | The Travertines - our next stop

55: The Travertines at Pamukkale "Cotton Castle" | A camel... | calcium carbonate buildup over millennia created this snow white hillside

57: Hierapolis 2nd century BC A Greco-Roman retirement/resort community situated on top of the Travertines

58: just helping out | uncovering relics | Original mineral bath houses

59: The Necropolis an expansive assortment of mausoleums | A beautiful end to another incredible day!

60: Day 8 - Back to the Coast | The Meander River | Olive groves | In this village, parents of prospective brides put a bottle on their roof. If a suitor is interested, he comes by and shoots it off the roof - then the courtship begins!

61: Philadelphia 1st century BC | Except for these church columns, all of the original city of Philadelphia is buried beneath the current city of Alsehir

62: Sardis (1st century BC) | Shops along the avenue

63: The largest synogogue discovered outside of Jerusalem (built 2nd century AD) | Mosaic tile on the synagogue walls | Another latrine, this time with a visual!

64: The view of the courtyard from next to the altar | The altar area | Gymnasium-Bathhouse

65: The Temple of Artemis (but not theTemple...) Built 300 BC | Remains of a castle built by Lydian kings (on the hill in the distance behind the temple)

66: Christian chapel (4th century AD) built against the corner of the temple - smart marketing move! | This was the 4th largest Ionic temple in the world

67: Izmir (ancient Smyrna) Beautiful port city on the Aegean | Pedestrian walkway follows the curve of the bay | Women in traditional "country" attire selling roses | Local constables working the beat

68: The Church of St. Polycarp The only one of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor still operating (Smyrna) | A replica of the Shroud of Turin, displayed in the Narthex of the church

69: This building dates from the 1690s French architect Raymond Charles Péré restored the church and painted the frescoes in the late 19th century

70: Glazed tile Stations of the Cross

71: Our last Mass in Turkey | Legend has it the Romans tried to burn the 86 year old Bishop at the stake. The flames would not burn him, so the Romans resorted to stabbing him to death instead. A white dove is said to have flown up into the sky from the spot where he died.

72: Leaving Izmir, and back to Istanbul | The Mount Rushmore of Turkey | One last history lesson | Our last dinner in Istanbul with Dilek and her husband, Tan

73: Day 9 - Homeward Bound | Waiting... | Leaving Turkey | Really cool fog in a river valley somewhere in Europe | River Thames, London | Frozen lakes over the Arctic Circle

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