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Ukraine 2012

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S: Ukraine 2012

FC: Ukraine | 2012 | Sloco McRee Terry McRee Danielle Delorme Judy Delorme May 7 - May 21, 2012

1: When Terry and Sloco McRee were last in Ukraine, it was 1993, Judy had wanted to go as well, but their trip had taken place not long after the country had gained its independence from the USSR. At that time Ukraine wasn't the safest place to vacation. They had said that she could come along next time, so eighteen years later she did with her daughter Danielle as well.

2: a | Ukraine looks a little like home | Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada

3: ...And off we go | Chopin International Airport, Warsaw, Poland

4: Meet & greet in Warsaw | Terry and Sloco's cousin Natalia had her friends Camilla and Derek drive her to meet us in Warsaw. We didn't get to talk long, and even though some of us couldn't understand each other, it was an unforgettable experience!

5: Family

6: Ivan Franko Park, Lviv The oldest park in Ukraine | 100 year old lamp post

7: Lviv | Check out our view! | The bank beside our hotel | The Armenian Quarter

8: Tourist Market | High Castle

9: Greek Catholic Church of the Blessed Eucharist | Near Town Square

10: Town Hall | Longest building in Lviv | Armenian Cathedral | The Pope visited this church

11: Armenian Church | Opera Hall | Danielle and our guide Diana | Lviv is the birthplace of the kerosene lamp and has 111 churches, the first built in the 13th century. It also has 30 universities, the second oldest founded in 1661, and over 20 parks.

12: Saint George's Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral

13: Lychakiv | Necropolis | This cemetery has 300 000 graves, and the oldest refers to 1787. It's shown in the middle photo of the top row.

14: Trying to find an English channel... and not succeeding! | A bird had just pooped on her head! | Just chillin'!

15: Having Fun in | Carpathia

16: Our guide Ostap (he couldn't speak English)

17: Middle Castle Left: Soldiers' quarters, Centre: Commandant's quarters, Right (out of view): Officers' quarters | Palanok Castle, Mukacheve | The castle is situated on a hill, and was named 'Palanok' after the sharp stakes that | were once in the ground at the hill's base. They acted as one of many lines of defense, which also included the villagers, a moat, and the army that lived in the Castle.

18: The castle consists of three parts: the Low, Middle and High Castles. Low Castle acted as a trap. It's an open yard that can be isolated by closing two draw bridges. Once trapped, the enemy were bombarded with arrows, rocks and fire balls thrown by the castle's inhabitants. (Top two photos) Middle Castle was where the army lived. To take the castle, enemies would have had to make it past the soldiers. No attackers ever succeeded in doing this. High Castle was where the Lord or owner of the castle lived, and also it contained a well. It was separated from Middle Castle by a tunnel that could be closed off at both ends in case of intrusion. This tunnel was equipped with a small hole that ran to the chambers of the lord of the castle, acting as a sort of phone, which allowed some advanced warning that there were intruders entering High Castle. When closed, the soldiers would have poured hot tar onto their trapped enemies. Fortunately, this tunnel was never used. (Bottom two photos) | How the castle worked

20: High Castle | There is a chapel, a well, and statues of some of the previous owners of the castle. The top left photo features a statue of a Lord. It is said that if you touch his golden finger you will have good luck.

21: The Turul is a giant falcon-like bird, a messenger of god in Hungarian mythology. It is said that the Turul guided the Hungarian people to the land that eventually became Hungary. This monument was set in 2008 to symbolize the 1100th anniversary of the Hungarian tribes in the Carpathian lowland. | A view of Mukacheve from the castle. From Mukacheve you can reach Poland, Slovakia, Hungary or Romania in a matter of hours.

22: Uzhgorod | Uzhgorod is named after the river that flows through it, the River Uzh. Uzh, meaning grass snake, is an appropriate name for the river as it has many twists and turns. | Holy Cross Greek Catholic Cathedral | Former Synagogue | In Ukraine, there is a trend among young couples to "lock in" their love by placing personalized padlocks on bridges.

23: Hotel Uzhgorod

24: Churches, | churches, | and more | churches! | We'd visited so many, and since Sloco enjoyed them "so much", we just started calling him Reverend.

25: Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Savior

26: Uzhgorod Castle | The castle is now a historical and cultural museum, complete with costumes and musical instruments common to each region

27: The miniature village in the castle grounds

28: The Countryside

30: Yaremche

31: Kolomyya

32: Chernivtsi

33: town hall | St. Nicolas Orthodox Church - also called the "Drunken Church" due to its tilted spires built in the Romanian style in 1938 | This Synagogue was turned into a movie theatre when the country was under Nazi rule and is still used for that purpose today

34: St. Nicolas Church - the first building was constructed in 1607, when the country was under Turkish rule. The design was meant to disguise the church as a house when the Turks were trying to convert Christians to Islam. | Austrian Savings Bank (built 1901) - the mural represents the joining of the 10th state, Bukovina (where Chernivtsi is located), to Austria-Hungary. There is one maiden for each state: the maiden in white (middle-left) is Bukovina, the maiden in purple (far right) is Galicia. | The Opera Hall

35: St. Dukhivskyy Orthodox Cathedral | St. Peter and Paul Armenian Catholic Church | Chernivtsi is a sister city to Saskatoon!

36: The Residence of the Archbishop was built from 1864 to 1882. It 1956 it became a university and is still used for this purpose today. | The Marble Room The original marble walls were destroyed by fire in 1944 during the Nazi occupation | The Red Room Its wall were originally lined with Chinese red silk | The Residence is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

37: Khotyn Fortress

40: Kamyanets-Podilsky | Our guides Rina and Ina | Kamyanets-Podilsky is built on a peninsula and has three bridges leading into the city. It was the capital of Ukraine for six months between 1918 and 1919. The name comes from kamyanets, meaning town of stones, and podilsky, because it is located in the central Podila region. | Two kings, brothers from Lithuania, came to the city and saw a pure white deer. They decided to shoot it and chased the deer onto the peninsula, trapping it. When they saw that the deer could not escape, they realized that enemies would not be able to escape either. | The Armenian Orthodox Church of S. Nicholas was used in past times as a protective tower to shoot at enemies on the opposite side of the canyon.

41: Central Cathedral of St. Peter & St. Paul | Triumphal Arch - Arch of Wishes - 1791 | Memorial column of the destroyed cemetery of bishops | Tourist Market

43: The first fortress was built in the 12th century, and the current between the 14th and 18th centuries. It contains a well that is 40 metres deep, whose housing tower was built in the 15th century. In 1972, two bombs from the Second World War were found at the bottom of the train.

44: Left to Right - Top: Judy Delorme, Sloco McRee, Maria Kolashnikowa, Adam Volodi, Taras McRee. Bottom: Nadia (Kliszcz) Hulovatyi, Iryna (Hulovatyi) Volodi | Top: Luba (Harchuk), ?, Natalia ?, Danielle Delorme Bottom: Mehasko Harchuk, 4 of his daughters | Top: ?, Natalia ?, ?, Olya ? (Natalia's older sister), ? Bottom: ?

45: Descendants of Mehasko Harchuk | Top: Vasil Seska, Leska (Harchuk) Seska, Oksana Seska (Bohodan's daughter) Bottom: Maruska (Harchuk) (Leska's sister), Bohodan Seska, Anna Seska (wife) | Left to Right: Judy Delorme, Danielle Delorme, Taras McRee, Sloco McRee, Maruska (Harchuk)

46: Family Tree | Fel Kliszcz | Mother | __________________________________________ | Palahna Kliszcz | Joseph Kliszcz | - - - - - - - - | __ | _ | __ | - - - | Magda | - - - | Tanasko Voselka | ____ | ____ | ___________ | ________________ | ____ | Stephan Kliszcz | __________ | Anna Kliszcz | ____ | Usefa Voselka | _______ | Mehalo Voselka | ____ | Zanco Kliszcz | ____ | Mehasko Kliszcz | Nadia Kliszcz | Adam Volodi | _________ | Iryna Kliszcz | Taras McRee | - - - | ___________ | ____ | Maruska Harchuk | ____ | ____ | Mehasko Harchuk | ____ | Slowco Harchuk | _____ | _____ | _____ | __ | _________________________ | ____ | Leska Harchuk | ____ | Nadia Harchuk | ____ | Luba Harchuk | ____ | ____ | Ivan Harchuk | ____ | Orasa Harchuk | Veera Harchuk | Evor Harchuk | ____ | Hala Harchuk | Nazar Harchuk | Usefa Harchuk | ____________________ | ____ | Natalia Seska | Vasil Seska | Bohodan Seska | __________ | _____ | The young children in the photos are the grand children of Mehasko Harchuk

47: Odessa | Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia: This area of Ukraine was occupied first by Turkey then by Russia. The Empress organized first the port, and then the city of Odessa. In her left hand she holds the deed to the city while her right points to the port, welcoming newcomers. Odessa is now the largest port in Ukraine. | This synagogue was closed during World War II and has never been reopened. Odessa's Jewish community was hit hard during the War. Before the War, it was made up by about 33% of the city's citizens, but it now sits at only 3%.

48: Some of the beautiful architecture that fills the city. The "Red Hotel" (bottom left) and the Philharmonic Hall, which sits across the street, were built in the late 19th century by an Italian architect. Unfortunately, he died in poverty because he had to borrow money and even pay out of his own pocket to finish constructing the buildings.

50: Odessa Opera House & Ballet Theatre | Indoor Shopping Center

51: Colonnade of Vorontsov Palace The owner of the palace had the colonnade constructed as a gift for his wife | This heart was erected near a very long bridge for which young couples could attach their padlocks. There were so many locks on the bridge that the extra weight threatened to become a safety hazard. | The Potemkin Staircase was constructed between 1837 and 1840 and is the longest in Ukraine. It has 192 steps and acts as an entrance to the city from the port.

52: The Black Sea

53: Odessa is built over a series of catacombs, a sort of underground maze. When the city was first constructed, it required a very sizable amount of limestone for buildings. This limestone was mined from beneath the ground where the city now stands, and thus the catacombs were created. | Our bus, which was our primary source of transportation across the country | In front of our hotel in Odessa with Ostap | Danielle sitting on the "Twelfth Chair" monument to a famous Ukrainian novel based in Odessa

54: Taras Shevchenko Monument

55: Sofiyivka Park, Uman | The park is named after Sofia Potatsky, a legendary beauty whose husband bought her from her last husband. He built the park as a monument to her. She broke his heart by having an affair with his son.

56: Kyiv | Shevchenko Monument | Kyiv National University | Opera House Where Judy and Danielle saw Karmin

57: Kyiv has over 200 churches, including St. Sofia's Cathedral. The cathedral is no longer an active church, but instead a museum. Its bell tower stands 76 metres high. | St. Michael is the patron saint of Kyiv. The original St. Michael's Cathedral, founded in the 12th century, was bombed and destroyed during World War II. Only a small portion of one wall remains. Its bell tower contains over 50 bells. | Monument for the victims of the Famine-Genocide of 1932-1933

58: Kyiv's first cable car was installed in 1905. It was built in Lviv. | St. Andrew's Cathedral was built in the mid-18th century. Construction took 18 years. | The Golden Gate Its name comes from the gold coins visitors once had to pay to enter the city

59: The Office of the President Located in the President's Area, which has been a prestigious area since the 18th century, it used to be the Office of the Ukrainian Communist Party. | The House of Chimeras The architect had a passion for big game hunting, which he reflected in the house's design. Wladislaw Horodecki constructed his house between 1901 and 1903 mainly from cement.

60: Slavic - Poland | Slavco - Ukraine

61: Danielle and "Good King Kong"

62: Kyiv City

64: Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin | This cathedral is a Moscow Orthodox church; it has the tallest bell tower in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the tower is no longer open to the public due to a high rate of suicides.

65: These monuments were erected as memorials to the victims of the Famine-Genocide of 1932-1933

66: The view from the hotel room... | Meeting Troy Lulashnyk, the Canadian ambassador in Ukraine

68: Green: Day Stops Yellow: Night Stops

69: Day 1: May 7 - Edmonton to Toronto to Warsaw, Poland Day 2: May 8 - Toronto to Warsaw (continued) Day 3: May 9 - Warsaw to Lviv, Ukraine Day 4: May 10 - Lviv Tour Day 5: May 11 - Lviv to Uzhgorod - Palanok Castle, Mukacheve - Uzhgorod Castle - Uzhgorod City Tour Day 6: May 12 - Uzhgorod to Yaremcha Day 7: May 13 - Yaremcha to Chernivtsi - Pysanky Museum, Kolomyya Day 8: May 14 - Chernivtsi to Kamyanets-Podilsky to Chortkiv - Khotyn Fortress, Khotyn - Kamyanets-Podilsky City Tour Day 9: May 15 - Chortkiv to Polatkivtsi back to Chortkiv - Visit the family Day 10: May 16 - Chortkiv to Odessa Day 11: May 17 - Odessa City Tour Day 12: May 18 - Odessa to Kyiv - Sofiyivka Park Tour, Uman Day 13: May 19 - First Kyiv Tour Day 14: May 20 - Second Kyiv Tour Day 15: May 21 - Kyiv to Toronto Day 16: May 22 - Toronto to Edmonton

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