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Ultimate Africa

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Ultimate Africa - Page Text Content

S: Ultimate Africa 2011, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe

BC: A beautiful African sky.

FC: My first big safari adventure. Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe August 10-29, 2011

1: Taking off at O'Hare | Anticipating our adventure | Day 1, August 10, 2011

2: Ultimate Africa 2011

3: After traveling over night 7 hours and 40 minutes, we arrived at London Heathrow Airport. We had a day room at the Sofitel to rest and refresh before our next over-night trip. Our day room was very nice. Heathrow had wonderful restaurants. | Day 2, August 11

4: Weighing in--no more than 46 pounds allowed

5: We met our guide and finally got to our hotel. Cindy and I both tried new dishes that were delicious. | Day 3, August 12

6: Arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa, after flying 10 hours and 45 minutes. Our guide took us to the Tambo Hotel. We stayed there only 1 night before going to Chobe National Park in Botswana.

7: Our hotel, airport, and pool area. | Good food here!

8: Our greeting party

9: We were greeted with singing and dancing.

10: Johannesburg, South Africa

11: Greeting at Baobab Safari Lodge. | Day 4, August 13

12: Bumpy road through the Park | This old giraffe had only one horn and a torn ear. | Day 5, August 14 | The 2nd largest (and first created) national park in Botswana. Home to one of the world's largest elephant populations--45,000

14: Yellow-billed Egret | Whistling Ducks | Pelicans

15: Grey Heron

16: A baby Cape Buffalo eating

17: A Mother Elephant was trying to help her baby get up the big hill. I also have a video of this and it's priceless. | The Elephants were enjoying the mud bath.

18: Mamma and baby--holding on tight..

19: A Troop of Baboons

20: A vulture Acacia Tree

21: Zebra------An African sunset Our land rover

22: Yellow-billed Stork | A Sound of Warthogs

23: Warthogs, Black-backed Jackal, Knob-billed Duck, Zebra, Cape Buffalo (A Herd or Bellow), Sable Antelope

24: Pale-billed Hornbill Blue-eared Starling Sable Antelope

26: Elephant crossing.....

28: Baboon family

30: SP was our guide/driver | He was full of information | Day 6, August 15

32: Lilac-breasted Roller | Red Letchwe | a Lilac-breasted Roller-perched & in flight, Steenbok, Purple Roller | Purple Roller | Black-crowned Night Heron

34: OUR TENT CABIN IN BAOBAB SAFARI LODGE. | Our room & the Loo with a view

35: My good friend, Cindy. | Our gathering place for everyone...we ate here.

37: Some of our dishes and our table set for dinner. Our room and the walk.

39: The first lion we saw way far away. The camp where we took the river cruise.

40: We went on a 2.5-hour Chobe River cruise in a small pontoon boat and explored the thriving life along the river's banks. | Our guide told us numerous stories and explained about all the animals we saw during the cruise. | Day 6, August 15

41: Jean, Pat, Gene and Penny

42: Saddle-billed Stork Yellow-billed Egret Jacano or Jesus Bird (walks on water), Pied Kingfisher-Hovers over water

43: African Darter drying his wings, Nile Monitor Lizard, Nile Crocodile

44: Black Egret, White Faced Whistling Ducks, Hippo, Crocodile, Spur Winged Goose

45: Steppe Eagle, Yellow-billed Stork, Afrocam Jicana "Jesus Bird", Black-crowned Night Heron in flight,

46: African Fish Eagle, African Jicana, Black Egret

47: African Darter drying his wings. Sometimes called a sanke bird

50: SP-Guide

52: Grey-Go-away Bird, Helmeted Guineafowl

53: Greater Blue-eared Starling, Lilac-breasted Roller


57: Giraffe says hello..., Snake on the tree...

59: A Parade of Elephants

60: Getting ready to leave our first tent camp,Baobab Safari Lodge.

61: Traditional Botswana Dance

62: The end of our stay at Baobab Safari Lodge. We were always presented with a native dance and native food on the last night at all our camps. It made us really feel like we were in Africa. The drum beats were exhilarating.

64: CAMPING | Day 7, August 16

65: Flying to our next Wilderness Tented Camp. Kasane Airport and our plane. Okavango Delta--our next adventure.

66: Chobe River/Okavango Delta, Botswana | Okavango Delta is the world's largest inland river delta, created by the flow of the Okavango River into the Kalahari Desert. Depending on the season and rainfall, it is possible to explore this unique ecosystem, which is partially protected by the Moremi Game Reserve, by land or by mokoro dugout canoe.

68: Arriving at our next Camp on a dirt runway. On our way to Wilderness Tented Camp.

69: Termite mound at the bottom of the tree.

70: Lunch in the Bush of the Okavango Delta

72: Ready to cross the river, and this was the dry season.

73: Getting deeper! | And it goes over the hood. | Came out okay!! Yeah! | During the wet season they can't cross some places.

76: Bridge of the Khwai River

77: We drove through this small village.

78: Red Letchwe

79: More houses in the village going to our Wilderness Tented Camp.

80: Wilderness Tented Camp Maun, Botswana

81: cabins | restroom | food | Solar panel for hot water

82: Vinny-our Game Driver Guide, termite mound, Cindy's hat, Vervet Monkey

83: Mr T-our Driver Guide Ed Cobb Another company rover coming out.

84: Elephants break over the trees. New bridge on left and old bridge next to it. Entrance to Chobe National Park.

88: Days 8 & 9, August 17 & 18

91: Our first Leopard

92: Leopard with a kill.

94: We watched this leopard for several hours in the afternoon and again the next morning. The first afternoon, she had the kill.

95: She is very relaxed with us watching....

98: Vinny, our driver guide | Mr T, our driver guide | Ed & Wanda Cobb | Mokoro, dug out canoe

99: Cindy & I, Ed & Wanda Cobb, CeCe Algra | Pat & Pam Hughes

103: Back to the Land Rover to go watch the animals again.

104: Day 9, August 18

105: D ux, Vinny, Don, Mr T | Little Bee-eater

106: A hugh termite mound. | Huge termite mound

107: This is where we ate breakfast. It was cold most mornings--about 45 degrees. The paths in the marsh are from the hippos. We heard them all night long walking and chomping the grass. One evening a hippo was right at our door. The guide had to scare it away before we went into our tent. Okavango Delta

108: Viewing the inside of our tent. We were on a marsh.

111: We took a tour of the kitchen and the laundry facility. They hand-washed everything and ironed them.

113: Here we are--all 15 of us and 3 guides. Front row: Ndaba Ncube, Me, Penny Bryant, Paula Patch, Cindy Bernard, Jean Ware, Wanda Cobb, Bev Holl, Vinny Second row: Mr T, Jeff Patch, Jim Bryant, Pat Hughes, Gene Ware, Eldon Holl, Pam Hughes, Ed Cobb, Cece Algra

114: A traditional Botswana meal and traditional dance.

115: White-fronted Bee-eater & Hippo that was at our tent one night.

116: Day 10, August 19 Leaving Wilderness Camp. Flying to Kasane.

118: Now we fly on to Zambia, and Kafue National Park

120: Muami and Gordon

121: Our new camp for the next 3 days, Lufupa Camp. Our greeting party is the staff here. Gordon has the most colorful "skirt" on. He danced the best, also. Muami was the director of the camp and her husband directed the neighboring camp.

124: Muami, her husband and daughter. Our camp director.

125: View from the river

126: Kafue River on the right Lafupa River on the left

129: Our dinner table always looked wonderful.

132: Bathroom area, cabins for director. Cindy on our steps.

133: Our closet and a little, tiny frog on our sink. | Decorated glasses and the roof over our porch.

135: We found these Cheetas out on a drive. There are actually 3 different ones. The guides called them 3 brothers. One of them had a hurt leg and the other 2 stayed by him. They traveled slowly so he could keep up.

136: The next day, we found the 3 lying on this little hill just resting.

140: Greater Kudu Day 11, August 20 | Two Impala playing A Rank of Impala | Day 11, August 20, Kafue National Park, Zambia Greater Kudu

141: Puku | Tawny Eagle Termite mound grave yard

142: Pod, Raft or School of Hippopotami

143: The Hippo pond. We watched for a long time. There were all sizes and shapes in this pond.

144: The Great Outdoors

145: Hippo yawn

148: We found a Pod of hippopotami in this pool. Oxpeckers sit on them.

149: We burned elephant dung to ward off the teetsie flies. It worked really well. And elephant dung never smells. It is all grasses and brush, so it's just like a bale of hay--almost.

151: Vervet Monkies, Red Hibiscus. Brian shows how to make a bird whistle from this plant. Southern Ground-Hornbill. CeCe just watching. Eldon is hiding from the Teetsie Flies.

152: Lala Palm Trees, Sjambok Pod Tree, Wattled Crane, Sausage Tree, Brian, our guide and driver. | Day | Day 12, August 21

153: Sjambok Pod Tree and termite mound, Wattled Cranes, and us being cold.

154: Lion Footprint

155: Nile Crocodile Dove footprints | Steppe Eagle

156: Female Puku nursing her baby | Female Kudu and her baby

157: Gordon

158: Traditional Zambian dance and songs for our last night in Lufupa Camp.

160: Muami and staff bid us good-bye

162: Day 13 August 22 One last game drive before leaving Zambia.

165: A Tower of Giraffe are standing still. A Journey of Giraffe are moving. A Stride of Giraffe are running.

169: Driving through Victoria Falls on our way to the next destination.

170: Our greeting at Makalolo Tented Camp. Announcement is speaking (yes, that's his name...)

171: This is our gathering room, a fruit drink, and snacks.

173: Made for elephant crossing

175: Announcement made this elephant, Elias made the rhino. | Lawrence made the big male lion

176: Our new camp, Makalolo Tented Camp, in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

177: Black-backed Jackal

179: Many, many elephants, but we never tired of watching them with their family units. An Egyptian Goose

181: Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe's largest park and home to many diverse habitats, from teak forests to palm islands to vast savannah plains. This African bush country is hugely endowed with wildlife, including elephant, buffalo, eland, wildebeest, impala, lion, leopard, cheetah, and more than 400 known bird species.

182: Spotted Hyaena African Magpie | Lawrence of Zimbabwe loading gun Brown-backed Jackal | Day 14, August 23 Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

183: Sable Antelope, Lion paw print, Lawrence giving the walking tour

186: A Clan of Hyaenas | A Dazzle of Sebra

187: African Magpie flying, Red-billed Hornbill, Hyaena droppings--white because they eat all the bone, so it has calcium in it. Looks like a Gueniafowl got eaten.

189: Wildebeest, Jackal Berry Seed, Our vehicles and an Acacia Tree A Stride of Giraffe (running)

190: Our walking safari | Lawrence explaining things

191: Elephant bones, Zebra foot prints Common Ostrich

193: Male Ostrich and Female with chicks Greater Blue-eared Starling | Roan Antelope

194: Very close to the elephants Roan Antelope Very rare to see. They are shy and stay away.

197: Ever wonder how a baby elephant nurses with his trunk in the way? Here it is...they put their trunk over their head. Black backed Jackal with a kill.

199: Day 15, August 24 - Starting out COLD in the morning, We track prints in the sand.

200: Long-tailed Magpie Shrike, Elephant prints and bone.

201: Lilac-breasted Roller, African Fish Eagle, Cheetah prints,

202: Kori Busturd, big male Lion prints, Lala Palms

203: Railroad before Gnamo Village and two Waterbuck

204: Railroad crossing, Purple Roller | Hwange National Park Poaching Station More bones

205: Cattle were in the National Park. The men helped get them back outside the fence. Zebra and baby, Kori Bustard

207: Going into the Village of Ngamo for a visit to the school and the Headman.

211: The school kids. The school and teachers homes.

215: Teacher Principle

219: broom

220: Headman of the Village Mr Johnson | Headman is like our Major

222: Mr Johnson's wife

223: We are in the Boma of Mr Johnson (gathering place). | Mr Johnson's mother-in-law & grandson

226: The girls bedroom and living area. The village market.

228: Hippos rarely seen out of water during the day. | Elephants taking a mud bath to cool off and get bugs off.

229: Our picnic lunch after our village visit. I was sitting in the truck.

231: Our last night here, so our traditional African dancing around the campfire.

232: Day 16, August 25

233: We thought we would have to leave without seeing lions. Then the morning we were leaving 4 of them waltzed in front of our lodge. They were moving from 1 waterhole to another.

235: He just walked right in front of the land rovers.

236: He isn't growling...he likes the smell of a lioness

237: The trackers around their necks were from researchers who study them.

238: I think she's just yawning

242: Eland Secretary Bird

243: After following the lions, we fly to Victoria Falls

245: Ndaba and our lady co-pilot. Ndaba and CeCe Our male pilot

246: Day 16, August 25 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe One of the world's Seven Natural Wonders

247: Victoria Falls is also known by its African name, Mosi-oa Tunya, which means "the smoke that thunders." The Falls are as high as Niagara and 1 1/2 times as wide, with 3 times as much water. At peak flood times 1.4 billion gallons of water per minute pass over its edge, generating a spray that can be seen from 50 miles away.

248: Rainbow Falls | Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

264: Our greeting at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.

267: Our room in Victoria Falls

269: Pools and bar area.

273: Early the next morning I went to Walk with the Lions" for an interactive look at lions. | Day 17, August 26

275: This is the female cub. She is only 14 months old.

276: The male lion below is just getting his mane at 14 months. | They are brother and sister.

278: Such a beautiful baby cub.

280: As we walked, the handlers let them do what they wanted. He decided to lie down.

282: During the walk, she decided to play on this fallen tree.

285: The restroom facilities

286: In the afternoon, Cindy, CeCe and I went on an elephant back safari.

287: The giraffe lived on this preserve also. This is Detema, the elephant we rode.

288: We were all waiting to go up the steps to get on our elephant.

290: We made it on--it was quite a feat, I might add...

292: Cece is on her elephant. Two guides walked in front of the elephant parade.

294: We were feeding her a mix of peanuts and grain.

298: The guide is making her lie down.

300: Detema is 13 years old. These elephants were saved from a drought that killed many of their family.

302: Come on, Cindy--get that elephant her treats!

308: This is Detema's footprint for our memories.

309: Along the road back to our lodge.

310: Day 17, August 26 Dinner at the Boma (Authentic African Food)

311: They put native clothes on us.

314: Our lodge from the road.

315: Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere! -- Albert Einstein -- I am so thankful I could take this trip of a lifetime. I had experiences that I couldn't have dreamed of and met wonderful people from around the world.

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