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1: Dear, Son April 14,2015 I know you won't understand all of this but I have to let you know. I work for the N.A.G aka National Assassins Guild. It all started when my parents had a divorce I was so hurt that I ran away, and never wished to come back. I went to the nearest homeless shelter. I was sitting in my room when some weird strange looking men in suits showed up at my room door. "Albert", they yelled in their deepest voice all I could do was think, how do they know me, or better yet how did they find me. The next thing I knew I was being dragged through some wide double doors. Crying everynight wishing I was back home where I was used to being treated like a person, not just an object or a toy. Just to be made into some type of soldier to fight a winless and hopeless battle for no cause. Everyday they would slide a rusted bowl of minerals and pills of vitamins under my cell door. They would make me train everyday of every hour sweating everything but clear liquids. "Albert, your time has come", a dark faceless shadow;whispered into my ear, "What do you want from me"? "What do you want me to do"? I hollered.

2: "Find Leshu Dabwa and assassinate him, and take the keys to his manor, their you will find a data chip which contains classified information that will help us link to his bank account, he will be at his new restaurant the name is,"Italian Roll", use what we had taught you to progress through your mission. At that very moment all I wanted to do was kill the shadow. Then I heard him speak out, "And one more thing we will be watching your every move",don't try to be disobediant". Then the strange man drifted off, into the double doors. I tried to run after him but I was latched to the wall. Then the last thing I could remember was watching two surgeons rush into the room one was carrying a syringe in his hand while the other one retained me, he injected me with with some sort of tranquilizer. When I finally woke up feeling very distored and disoriented I was in the back seat of a car driving through some mysterious town, my vision was impaired. I took a glance out of the window and notice that we were at the restaurant, that I was told to start my mission in. "Get out the car", the driver haulted the car and dragged me out into what I would call the end of Albert and the beginning of an assassin.

3: I swiftly sneaked into the restaurant to find my target. I nugged into a man, he seem like he knew who I was. "Hi may I help you sir?", asked a waiter,"No, but where can I find chef Leshu Dabwa?" "Down this hall and make a quick left", she replied,"thank you."

4: Quickly I approached a security room one of the men on watch glanced my way, and I crouched behind the wall to the room. There he was in the kitchen down the hall making his special dish,spaghetti and,fetticini, sneaky like a fox I took out the syringe the man in the shadow provided me with. "Ahhh", Leshu whispered under his breath, I grasped his mouth tight so he didnt make a sound, I injected him with a high dose of Clonidine,which killed him instantly. I reached into his pocket and found the key to his manor, that was the easy part of my mission,now I had to ponder on how to keep this fantaility vacant from the outside world. Then I noticed a cooler just big enough to store his obese body, just at that moment I heard footsteps walking my way. So I stuffed his body into the cooler like I had planned,"hault", the two suited men yelled. Just than from the corner of my eye I seen an open window, I herld myself through it without even second guessing the danger of the fall. I tumbled down two stories and hit the pavement with such force. I had thought I broke my arm, but with my luck I escaped with just a scratch. Then the two men emerged out the window and started shooting.

5: I was fortunate to dodge a couple of bullets but my fate would not let me leave the scene unpunished. I got shot in my left shoulder. Gushing an anormous amount of blood I knew I had to see a doctor, but then suddenly I heard police sirens and loud voices screaming out "Leshu, Leshu!"

6: I ran into the middle of the road and flagged down the first car that approached me,the woman thought I was a hitch hiker, but I knew other wise. I felt ruthless as I dragged her out of the car like an unwanted pet. I drove off, I could hear the sirens growing louder as the police cars started catching up to me."Pull over!", they shouted on their loud speakers, as they progressed beside my vehicle. I knew the only way to lose the heat was to ram them into the oncoming traffic, but in the back of my mind I knew I could be hurting innocent people. I came too far to stop now, nothing could stop me. Crash! I rammed the police car over the traffic divider, glass scattered across the whole road leaving two police officers deceased and a police car in the middle of the road. As I glanced to the opposite side of the road I saw three oncoming cars, who I think seen the horrible accident. Bang! Boom! they crashed into the already demonished police vehicle causing a great uproar. and blinding flame of fire. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw bits and pieces of what use to be cars, falling back down to earth. I kept on driving down the road.

7: I radio into the faceless man to tell him my status and for some directions. "Go down this road until you see a huge sign to your left which says Leshu Manor, make a left and you will see his manor". I drove into the manor, I got out of the car unlocked the double gates with the key. I obtained from Leshu, then two watchdogs, growling and foaming from their mouths started leaping toward me and tried to attack me. I dashed to the manor door and without even unlocking the door, I busted the door down, rushed up the stairs to Leshu bedroom. I started pulling out all his drawers trying frantically to find the data chip. I found it in his closet in a security box hidden under a stack of old cookbooks, and also in the box was a old handgun. I leaped down the stairs and greeted the two watchdogs with two silver bullets. Another part of my mission is now completed. So I got in my car and saw on my dashboard that it was one fifteen a.m., I put the key in the ignition and drove off. I drove to the restaurant and called in again to tell the shadow that I have completed the mission. The shadow told his men to pick me up, the mysterious car was here now. A man got out of the car and blindfolded me.

8: I passed out from being fatigue in the back seat of the car. The car stopped and the man pulled me out of the car through the double doors and into my cell he threw me. "Well done Albert", the faceless man said. That was the last mission I could remember everything else was a blurr to me. I was getting older and more wiser even stronger but still the assassin instinct ran through my veins. While sitting here in this cold and clammy cell writing this letter to the son that I have never seen or even heard his voice. I am still choked up and full of tears, because I will never know you and you will never know me. I thought that I would never see another cell in my life, and be treated like a human once again but now I am just an number 15360, to be exact. Today, April 14,2015 I will be put to rest with a lethal injection, for all the terrible crimes I had been made to commit. I love you son and always will. With love always Albert

9: Literary term: Foreshadowing- the use of clues to hint at events that will occur later in the plot. I foreshadowed in my story when Albert killed Leshu and took the keys to his manor, that foreshadowed that he would go to his manor.

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