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Within Reach PhotoQuote Book

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S: Within Reach PhotoQuote Book

1: The sticker that started it all. | www.withinreachmovie.com

4: The 100 Sustainable Communities

6: "One of the biggest strengths we have here...is that we have a group of really smart skilled people who care about working together...we can communicate in ways that are compassionate and really care about the other people in the community." ~Brent, Emerald Earth | Emerald Earth | Community: Emerald Earth Type: Aspiring Eco-village Location: Booneville, CA (Rural) Size: 11 people Acreage: 189 Acres Website: www.emeraldearth.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 7/20/07

8: Heartland | "Regardless of how hard it is, we've been willing to keep doing it, one step at a time." ~Rain Tenaqiya, Heartland | Community: Heartland Type: Aspiring Eco-village Location: Ukiah CA (Rural) Size: 13 people Acreage: 800 Acres Website: directory.ic.org/22971/Heartland Date of Within Reach Visit: 11/18/07

11: Round Mt. | "A community should ideally own the property together." ~Pat, Renter, Round Mt. Ranch | Community: Round Mountain Ranch Type: Rental Units (Old Commune) Location: Ukiah CA (Rural) Size: >10 people Acreage: ? Acres Website: N/A Date of Within Reach Visit: 11/19/07

12: "In one growing season, you'll have enough skills to grow food for yourself." ~Farmer Scott Mathieson, Laguna Farm

13: Laguna Farm | Community: Laguna Farm CSA Type: Community Supported Agriculture Location: Sebastopol, CA (Small Town) Size: 12 people Acreage: 30 Acres Website: www.lagunafarm.com/ Date of Within Reach Visit: 11/24/07

14: New Hope | "We live in a rougher neighborhood...for instance I was physically assulted here not too long ago, but I think having the community as support has really made it a safe and secure place for us to live. So we don't have any fears necessarily of the neighborhood, and the community is the main reason why." ~Josh Harper, New Hope | Community: New Hope Type: Integrated Inner City Community Location: Oakland CA (Inner-City) Size: 80 residents Acreage: 8 city blocks (scattered) Website: www.newhopeoakland.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 2/15/08

15: 5 above Photos Courtesy: Josh Harper

17: Two Acre Wood | "We have invited our outside neighbors to become affiliate members. " ~Two Acre Wood Resident | Community: Two Acre Wood Type: Cohousing Location: Sebastopol, CA (Small Town) Size: 40 people Acreage: 2 Acres Website: www.cohousing.org/directory/view/2967 Date of Within Reach Visit: 3/17/08

18: Sowing Circle | "We have a 3 part community structure consisting of a non-profit, a business, and a community. This way they all support eachother, and if one part falls apart, the structure still stands." ~Sowing Circle Resident | Community: Sowing Circle (Occidental Arts & Ecology Center) Type: Aspiring Eco-village Location: Occidental, CA (Rural) Size: 18 residents Acreage: 80 Acres Website: www.oaec.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 4/26/08

20: "We'd like there to be more co-owners. It's cool renting to people, becuase not everybody is ready to make that kind of committment...but being a landlord...interferes with our ability to be in relationship fully with people." ~Sanda Everette, San Mateo Ecovillage | San Mateo

21: Community: San Mateo Ecovillage Type: Urban Ecovillage Location: San Mateo CA (City) Size: 15 people Acreage: 0.5 Acres Website: www.greensolutions.org/smcc.htm Date of Within Reach Visit: 5/5/08 | Ecovillage

22: Photos courtesy North Oakland Cohousing

23: North Oakland Cohousing | "If you don't have land when you start you don't necessarily need capital because what you are doing is building community." ~Joan Lichterman, North Oakland Cohousing | Community: North Oakland Cohousing Type: Cohousing Location: Oakland,CA (City) Size: >10 people Acreage: < 0.5 Acres Website: north-oakland-cohousing.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 5/7/08

24: Temescal Creek | " Cohousing is not only a good financial investment, but a good investment of your energy." ~Karen Hester, Temescal Creek Cohousing | Community: Temescal Creek Cohousing Type: Cohousing Location: Oakland, CA (City) Size: 7 Units Acreage: 0.5 Acres Website: www.directory.ic.org/6222/Temescal_Creek_Cohousing Date of Within Reach Visit: 5/8/08

26: Above 3 photos courtesy of Berkeley Cohousing

27: Berkeley Cohousing | "It's so much easier to be green when you know your neighbors, when you support eachother, when you learn from eachother. " ~ Raines Cohen, Berkeley Cohousing | Community: Berkeley Cohousing Type: Cohousing Location: Berkeley CA (City) Size: 32 people Acreage: 0.8 Acres Website: www.cohousing.org/directory/view/3889 Date of Within Reach Visit: 5/13/08

28: Above Photo Courtesy of: www.thecowabungadude.files.wordpress.com

29: The Domes | "It's just so great living with 27 of your best friends and all in such close quarters." ~Matt McKorkel, Dome Resident | Community: The Domes Type: Student Co-op Location: UC Davis, CA (Small Town) Size: 14 domes, 2 person capacity Acreage: 4 Acres Website: www.daviswiki.org/the_domes Date of Within Reach Visit: 5/21/08

30: N Street | Community: N Street Cohousing Type: Retrofit Cohousing Location: Davis, CA (Small Town) Size: 61 members Acreage: 3 Acres Website: www.nstreetcohousing.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 5/21/08

31: "We knocked down all our backyard fences and created shared space. " ~Kevin, N-St. Cohousing | Cohousing

32: Village Homes | "All the streets go to the back of our houses, and walkways and greenspaces go to our front doors which face eachother. " ~Village Homes Resident | Community: Village Homes Type: Planned Eco-Neighborhood Location: Davis, CA (Small Town) Size: 225 homes Acreage: 70 Acres Website:www.villagehomesdavis.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 5/22/08

35: Jungle House | "We've spent 30 years creating our deep soils to create this backyard jungle. Three generations have contributed to this thriving dry-farmed garden paradise. " ~Jungle House Resident | Community: Jungle House Type: Housemates Location: Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA (City) Size: 4 people Acreage: 0.25 Acres Website: N/A Date of Within Reach Visit: 5/23/08

36: LA Ecovillage | "We are a very strong bicycle culture here in the heart of LA. " ~Lois Arken, LA Ecovillage | Community: LA Ecovillage Type: Urban Eco-village Location: Los Angeles CA (City) Size: 40 members, 25 non-member residents, 400 neighbors w/in two blocks Acreage: 0.5 owned Acres, 11 acres within umbrella Website: www.laecovillage.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 5/26/08

38: Community: Hummingbird Community Type: Co-Creative Eco-community Location: Cleveland, NM (Rural) Size: 15 members Acreage: 500 Acres Website: hummingbirdcommunity.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 6/2/08

39: Hummingbird | "Community for me is that smallest unit in which we recreate the dynamics that tribes and small communities had, and we actually have the ability in that container to be a living laboratory of all sorts of new systems. We can see the pendulum swings that happen. When we started in the early days, we came into tribal consciousness. The other pendulum swing is individuals. And what comes with it is a sense of alienation. And now we come back to relational dynamics that support us in being whole together." -Rich Ruster, Resident

40: "Water catchment is essential in the desert climate and we've set up a new stacking function system with trees, gardens, and cisterns, through a government grant. " ~Manzanita Village Resident

41: Manzanita Village | Community: Manzanita Village Type: Cohousing Location: Prescott, AZ (Small Town) Size: 42 members, 7 non-member residents Acreage: 12.5 Acres Website: www.manzanitavillage.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 6/20/08

43: Arcosanti | "Here we're operating more on an intellectual level. Some people are definitely working from their heart more but i think most people are still working from their head. So in my personal opinion I think there would be more going on if we were working from the heart center." ~Carri Krueger, Arcosanti | Community: Arcosanti Type: Urban Laboratory in Rural Setting Location: Mayer, AZ (Rural) Size: 56 Members, 25 non-member residents Acreage: 4060 Acres Website: www.arcosanti.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 6/24/08

44: Solar Living Institute | "Nothing can really be sustainable until everything is sustainable. If you don't treat the entire universe as one system, every little thing you do within it will completely fall apart. Part of the problem [is] with the word "sustainability", which is not my favorite word, I prefer the word "regeneration", 'cuz we're putting things back together. As Bill McDonagh says "Who wants a sustainable marriage?". You want something that's exciting, that's regenerative, that's going forward, you don't want to just be sustainable, sounds a little bit boring." -John Schaeffer, Founder | Community: Solar Living Institute Type: Sustainable Living School Location: Hopland, CA (Small Town) Size: ~15 interns Acreage: 12 acres Website: www.solarliving.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 8/16/08

47: Avalon Springs | "We're just focusing on being the yes. Be the yes you want to be." ~Sandeep Goel, Avalon Springs | Community: Avalon Springs Type: Seasonal Ecovillage Location: Middletown, CA (Rural) Size: 8 residents Acreage: 318 Acres Website: www.avalonsprings.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 8/21/08

48: Pacific Tradewinds | "Staying in hostels while traveling or being in a transitional lifestyle helps maintain a green lifestyle by sharing resources as well as saving money." ~Pacific Tradewinds Hostler | Community: Pacific Tradewinds Type: Hostel Location: San Francisco, CA (City) Size: various population size Acreage: 3 building floors Website: www.sanfranciscohostel.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 9/9/08 | Within Reach is staying at the Pacific Tradewinds hostel (www.sanfranciscohostel.org), rated #1 in the US. 9 Sep 08 (1st WR tweet)

49: Above 5 photos courtesy of Pacific Tradewinds | Photo: chris.erbach.ca | Photo: Teng (Picassa)

51: Andres Castro Arms | "The coops are pretty much white liberal culture. One of the criticisms of the sustainable communities movement is that it's mostly a white movement with an absence of people of color. It's kind of a privilege to think about the long term future." ~Audrey Lin, Andres Castro Arms | Community: Andres Castro Arms Type: Student Coop Location: Berkeley, CA (City) Size: 56 residents Acreage: 0,5 Acres Website: www.berkeleystudentcooperative.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 9/28/08 | On way with new UC Berkeley Coop friends to http://www.KarmaKitchen.org 28 Sep 08

52: Lothlorien Hall | "Every American could live like this. My dream when I graduate is to go live in a coop. Make your dreams in line with your worldview." ~Ian Quirk, Lothlorien Hall | Community: Lothlorien Hall Type: Student Coop Location: Berkeley, CA (City) Size: 57 residents Acreage: ~1 Acre Website: www.berkeleystudentcooperative.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 10/4/08 | wonders if building scott peck's def. of community (a group that learns to transcend its individual differences) is actually possible...??? 4 Oct 08

54: Fresno | en route to Fresno Cohousing Grand Opening with @Raines, Betsy (cohousing coaches) and one of the architects. 5 Oct 08

55: Community: Fresno Cohousing (AKA La Querencia) Type: Cohousing Location: Fresno, CA (City) Size: 28 members Acreage: 2.8 Acres Website: www.fresnocohousing.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 10/5/08 | Cohousing | "It's not about what your community can do for you, it's about what you can do for your community. " ~George Burman, Fresno Cohousing

57: Oak Creek Commons | "it's a goal to produce as much food as we can with the time and energy we have." ~Nancy Scott, Oak Creek Commons | Community: Oak Creek Commons Type: Cohousing Location: Paso Robles, CA (Small City) Size: 36 Homes Acreage: 14.4 Acres Website: www.oakcreekcommons.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 10/10/08 | pulling into Oak Creek Commons Cohousing in Paso Robles, CA 10 Oct 08

58: Dancing Deer | "A place where people can come, learn about themselves, learn about the land, learn about each other, and connect...and maybe we'll share a little bit of wine." ~Peter Huber, Dancing Deer Founder | Community: Dancing Deer Type: Retreat Center Community Location: Templeton, CA (Rural) Size: 6 members Acreage: ~100 Acres Website: www.dancingdeer.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 10/11/08

61: The Establishment | "We all have gifts, and the way to bring those gifts out is to surround yourself with others. It's kinda like why we're here, to help each other and to make the world a better place." ~Robin Finley, The Establishment | Community: The Establishment Type: Coop Location: San Luis Obispo, CA (Small City) Size: 19 Members Acreage: 0.5 acres Website: directory.ic.org/21906/The_Establishment Date of Within Reach Visit: 10/12/08 | am thinking about asking better questions - like "how are you growing today" instead of "how are you doing?" 13 Oct 08

62: Tierra Nueva | "Spiral dynamics which we learned about at Findhorn, teaches us that human progress is not linear but rather spiriling upwards" ~Floyd Tift, Tierra Nueva | Community: Tierra Nueva Type: Cohousing Location: Oceano, CA (Small Town) Size: 70 members Acreage: 5 Acres Website: www.tncoho.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 10/15/08 | wonders if the US financial system will last much longer - http://tinyurl.com/44zfgx 15 Oct 08

63: outer pics: tncoho.com

65: Regenerative Coops | "The coop in America has the potential to be what families are in places like Mexico." ~Ana Alderstein, Regenerative Coops | Community: Regenerative Coops Type: Multiple Coops in 1 neighborhood Location: Pomona, CA (City) Size: 30 Residents in 4 homes Acreage: 1 acre Website: www.regen.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 10/28/08 | going to Regenerative Coops in Pomona (http://www.regen.org). 28 Oct 08

66: Casa Blanca

67: Community: Casa Blanca Hot Springs Type: Naturist Community Location: Tonopah, AZ (Rural) Size: 4 residents Acreage: ~3 Acres Website: N/A Date of Within Reach Visit: 11/7/08 | Hot Springs | "I started being a nudist the day I was born." ~Bill Pennington, Casa Blanca Hot Springs | bicycling to casa blanca hot springs in AZ 05 Nov 08

68: Sonora Cohousing | "We have all these other areas outside of our house and we no longer need as big of a house as we thought we did." -Mechelle Meixner, Resident "Part of sustainability is how you feel about social connection." - Racheli Gai, Resident | hoping for wide shoulders tomorrow en route to Tucson AZ; also, check out http://bicycletouringpro.com 12 Nov 08

69: Community: Sonora Cohousing Type: Cohousing Location: Tucson AZ (Suburban) Size: 89 residents Acreage: 4.8 Acres Website: sonoracohousing.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 11/14/08

71: Agua Linda Farm | shooting a green wedding in Amado AZ - low cost and low impact to the environment 15 Nov 08 | Community: Agua Linda Farm Type: Community Supprted Agriculture Location: Amado, AZ (Rural) Size: 2 residents Acreage: 63 Acres Website: agualindafarm.net Date of Within Reach Visit: 11/15/08 | "Basically, the Agua Linda Farm is an organic vegetable farm–but there’s quite a history to the place. Over the years, Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, Gene Kelly, & Robert Wagner have all visited." - Hortense P. Tightwad. "Carlos Ronstadt, uncle to singer Linda Ronstadt, raised cattle and farmed cotton, alfalfa, corn, and barley on the property. -Patty Machelor

72: ACME COOP | "LIfe is easier here for [differently-abled] people" - Dar Dabroslavic, Co-founder | Community: Acme Coop Type: Differently Abled Person's Coop Location: Tucson AZ (Suburban) Size: 6 residents Acreage: 1.3 Acres Website: acmecoop.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 11/17/08 | can't go join a community? bring it to you! acmecoop.com (we're headed there now to film for withinreachmovie.com) 19 Nov 08

75: Dancing Rocks | Community: Dancing Rocks Type: Aspiring Ecovillage Location: Tucson AZ (Rural) Size: 6 residents Acreage: 20 Acres Website: beantreefarm.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 11/18/08 | "When you harvest from the earth, you want to say thanks." - Barbara Rose, Co-founder | just visited Dancing Rock community in AZ www.beantreefarm.com 20 Nov 08

76: Civano | in Tuscon, AZ @ Civano Neighborhood Tucson, AZ civanoneighbors.com 27 Nov 08

77: Neighbors | Community: Civano Neighbors Type: Neighborhood Association Location: Tucson AZ (Suburban) Size: 600 homes Acreage: 1,145 Acres Website: civanoneighbors.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 11/27/08 | "Civano has one of the highest success rates of salvaging native plants cleared during development." - Simmons Buntin, Resident

79: "Basically what we are trying to do is live a much simpler lifestyle even if it's just my family and myself. I think that people will come. The universe is so aware and abundant and personable, and all the synchronizations that are happening all around us [will bring people]" - Grace Chase, Owner | Black Hawke Ranch | Community: Black Hawke Ranch Type: Family Farm Location: Truth or Consequences, NM (Rural) Size: 5 people Acreage: 50 Acres Website: N/A Date of Within Reach Visit: 12/06/08 | exploring sustainable side of Truth or Consequences, NM - Black Hawke Ranch, Holy Scrap Hot Springs, more? 08 Dec 08

80: Firewater Lodge | economy is not thriving, but surviving here in TorC, NM...interested to see how sustainable farms and business help grow it. 09 Nov 08 | Community: Firewater Lodge Type: Eco-Inn & Hot Springs Location: Truth or Consequences, NM (Small Town) Size: 1 person Acreage: 1 Acre Website: firewaterlodge.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 12/07/08 | "The advantage to using aluminum cans is most people can lift them up. This way you can have the whole community do a little work on a wall as a group project. it's real cheap, you can collect them for free, there out there, and it makes a nice wall. " - Richard Epstein, Owner

82: Town of Hillsboro | This town has a sustainable spirit to it because a Christmas party like this couldn't happen without so many people chipping in and putting forth a lot of effort to make it happen. We do have a community spirit that's very deep here. -Meredith Hildrith

83: Earthships too far north for this time of year on bike, but may visit on return trip East-to-West summer09 (wheel fixed!) 12 Dec 08 | Community: Town of Hillsboro Type: Town Location: Hillsboro, NM (Rural) Size: 225 people Acreage: N/A Website: hillsboronm.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 12/12/08

84: Community: Black Range Lodge Type: Eco-B&B Location: Kingston, NM (Rural) Size: 5 people Acreage: 2 Acres Website: blackrangelodge.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 12/13/08

85: Black Range Lodge | Enjoying a rustic stay at the Black Range Lodge - great for large eco-gatherings...check it out! blackrangelodge.com 15 Dec 08 | "While there are intentional communities, & cohousing, & ecovillages, & all those experimentations in living together, they're wonderful, but what I discovered here in moving to Kingston is that the small town is the epitome of community. That's led us to talk about Kingston & the lodge itself as an unintentional community. -Catherine Wanek, Owner

86: Landerland | "Here at Landerland, I pretty much do the building and then Satomi does the plastering. It's the one aspect that she loves to do and is very good at it. Over the years we've been experimenting with different materials, techniques, and methods, still learning as we go." -Tom Lander, Co-owner | encouraging everyone to sign up for your state's Transition Towns network via transitionus.org 12 Dec 08 | Community: Landerland Type: Natural Building Teaching Site Location: Kingston, NM (Rural) Size: 2 people Acreage: 2 Acres Website: landerland.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 12/14/08

88: Anonymous Hot Springs Community | "The first time I walked into this library, I walked through this door, I was 18 years old, and on a stepstool was my wife-to-be, 16 years old. Now it's 20 years later, and every time I walk by that spot where I first saw her, I get the chills....Dulcie Clarkson!" -Charris Ford, resident | next stop is holiday time at a hot springs near San Lorenzo, NM, then onto Austin after the new year! 18 Dec 08

89: Community: Anonymous Hot Springs Community Type: Hot Springs Community Location: Southern, NM (Rural) Size: 20 people Acreage: 420 Acres Website: N/A Date of Within Reach Visit: 12/14/08

91: "You ever heard of the water guy? Where he says you put all this intention in the water, and it picks it up and holds this intention and energy. So it's the same concept with the veggie oil. I'm taking this nasty stuff that comes from restaurant friers and all kinds of nasty food got fried up in it, and we're creating a fuel out of it that is reorganized using these subtle energies of sacred geometry, stones and minerals, and chanting coming from Tibetan monks that are holding the space for peace on the planet and infusing it into the oil. So it's a process where we are infusing the oil with the intention of harmony with the earth, and in it's use. So both in it's ability to burn clean in an engine, but also how we use the fuel. It's larger than just making the fuel reorganize itself to burn happier, it's also a process that involves human interaction with it and our own intentions." -Asher Gelbart, Owner | Community: Asher's Homestead Type: Homestead Location: San Lorezo, NM (Rural) Size: 3 people Acreage: 2.4 Acres Website: sites.google.com/site/ashergen Date of Within Reach Visit: 12/16/08 | Asher's Homestead | Just toured an eco-home in San Lorenzo NM with an enlightened 7 year old, including Teepee, rolling/composting outhouse and biofuel setup. 18 Dec 08

92: Community: Holy Scrap Hot Springs Type: Eco-inn & Hot Springs Location: Truth or Consequences, NM (Small Town) Size: 2 people Acreage: 1 Acre Website: blog.holyscraphotsprings.com Date of Within Reach Visit: 12/19/08 | if you homestead or want to live an eco-friendly life on a budget, this is the blog for you: blog.holyscraphotsprings.com 20 Dec 08 | Holy Scrap Hot Springs | "Holy Scrap is me and Mikey's attempt at living in a way that we're reliant mostly on waste materials and we have a very low impact on earth. We've become good at papercrete, we've become good at solar installations, and then within our strengths, we live in the context of a larger community. And it's my hope that our larger community will also develop strengths and specialties, and that collectively now we have lots of experts who live on their own so to speak but within the context of sharing, exchanging, bartering, living as a community. I think that's where we're headed, it's more tribal, and based on world views, and really appreciate that people are directing their energy towards the common good." - Wendy Tremayne, Co-Owner

95: Transition Alpine | dynamic discussion about small town ability to more easily Transition after peak oil. L:Alpine TX 19 Jan 09 | "Think about yourself or ourselves and our skills. What kind of resilient skills do we have and what kind of skills do we not have? Paul Schaefer, Moderator, Transition Alpine | Community: Transition Alpine Type: Transition Town Location: Alpine, TX (Small Town) Size: 6,460 (town population) Acreage: 4.1 sq miles Website: transitionus.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 1/18/09

96: La Loma Del Chivo | Community: La Loma del Chivo (aka Goat Hll) Type: Papercrete Ecovillage & Hostel Location: Marathon, TX (Rural) Size: 6 people Acreage: 20 Acres Website: lalomadelchivo.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 1/22/09 | "I don't think it fits the criteria of a sustainable community. It may turn out to be that. Maybe it will turn into a non-profit organization. Literally everybody's ideas are welcome here. This is one community where there pretty much are no rules. Nobody ever says no you can't do that." -Stan Nelson, Resident | this is a 'MUST SEE' for all cyclists and non... find Guil Jones in Marathon TX on warmshowers.org...WOW! 22 Jan 09

99: Eve's Garden | Community: Eves's Garden Type: Papercrete Organic B&B & Ecology Resource Center Location: Marathon, TX (Small Town) Size: 4 people Acreage: 2 acres Website: evesgarden.org Date of Within Reach Visit: 1/22/09 | "If you can find a way to make yourself a living doing something, hopefully that you enjoy doing, in your community, then you [really] have a community." -Kate Thayer, Innkeeper | Enjoying the Southern Tier ACA route [Adventure Cycling Association: adventurecycling.org] 23 Jan 09

101: Community: Solstice Type: Homesteading Community Location: Wimberly, TX (Small Town) Size: ~6 separate homesteads Acreage: N/A Website: brotherscott.org/calltothecircle.htm Date of Within Reach Visit: 2/03/09 | Solstice | Just met Bruce Collie, former [super bowl] NFL player for 49'ers, & owns 2 [eco]restaurants in Wimberly. We were 1st to taste test his new OG ginger ale! 03 Feb 09 | "You do it because you are compelled to do it, it's the right thing to do, you are being a huge service to humanity and the universe, because anything you do has ripples, that just go out, and you don't even concern yourself with the ripples, you concern yourself with the seed. " -Brother Scott Beckwith, Co-founder

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