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2009, 2010, 2011

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2009, 2010, 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Year in Review 2009-2013 | 2011

FC: 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012

1: Ring in | the Year

2: Ryan's Trip to Salt Lake City, Utah Snowboarding in the Mountains, March 2009

4: March 14, 2009 at the Moose Lodge | Casino Night

6: 03.17.09 Trinity's Irish Pub

10: Disney World April 5-10, 2009

11: We had a pirate themed room at Disney's Caribbean Resort. I received a pirate themed birthday basket with beers and snacks in it. We visited all the Disney theme parks and saw Cirque du Soleil's La Numba show in Downtown Disney. It was very interesting and unlike anything I've seen before.

15: Whitnall | Park



20: Devin's Birthday 05.25.09

22: Go Brewers!

24: Summer 2009 | Bow Fishing for Carp

25: Eagle River | Fourth of July Weekend 2009

26: 08/24/09

27: 09.06.09 | Wedding of Elena Gomez

30: 10.10.09 | Ottawa Lake Camping Trip

33: Best Catch of the Day!

34: “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” ~Helen Keller | “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.” ~ Helen Keller

43: Like friends, It's the Old Ornaments that mean the most.

46: The Wedding of | Jacquie Martell & Nicholas Hunt | 03.27.10

51: Loving someone is a leap of faith You are giving them your heart and trusting them not to break it... No matter what happens I will still never regret making that leap for you

56: CELEBRATE | Moises' and Carl's Birthdays | 04.24.10

58: Went to Old German Beer Hall & The Terminal

59: April Showers | May Flowers | bring

60: A smile as sweet as spring

62: Moe's Irish Pub 6.26.10

63: St. Roman's Festival | 06.20.10

64: SUMMERFEST | 07.02.10

67: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks

68: Bridal Shower | 08.15.10

79: Disney World | FLORIDA | August 23rd-28th, 2010



84: Disney's Hollywood Studios


88: A smile as sweet as spring | Party at the Lake House | 08.29.10

90: Ottawa Lake Camping 09.05.10


94: Bachelorette Party | 09.18.10

97: Bachelorette Checklist -Take your picture with a bartender - Dance with someone named Ryan - Go to a man who has been married for awhile and ask him for wedding advice. - Take a picture with a bald man. - Get someone to buy you a drink - Flirt with the next man you see - Dance on a table - Get someones phone number - Take a picture with a cop - Order a blow job from a bartender, but yell it so everyone can hear. - Find a guy with a condom in his wallet. -Ask a guy to chip in for your wedding. - Take a picture with another bachelor. - Take a picture with another bachelorette. - Dance by yourself on the dance floor. - Chug a drink with someone. - Find a guy to practice "walking down the aisle" with you. - Ask a guy to show you his belly button. - If there is a guy with huge muscles, ask if you can feel them. - Take a picture on the back of a motorcycle. - Get someone to get down on one knee and propose to you.

101: 1. Take a picture with a bartender. | 2. Dance with someone named Ryan. | 3. Ask someone for marriage advice. | 4. Take a picture with a bald man.

102: 5. Get someone to buy you a drink. | 6. Flirt with the next man you see. | 7. Dance on a table. | 8. Get someone's phone number.

103: 9. Get a picture with a cop. | 10. Order a blow job from the bartender loud enough for everyone to hear you. | 11. Find a guy with a condom in his wallet. | 12. Ask a guy to chip in for your wedding.

104: 13. Take a picture with another bachelor. | 14. Take a picture with another bachelorette. | 15. Dance by yourself on the dance floor. | 16. Chug a drink with someone. (Jack & Coke with Addison)

105: 17. Find a guy to practice walking down the aisle with you. | 18. Ask a guy to show you his belly button. | 19. If there's a guy with huge muscles, ask to feel them. | 20. Take a picture on the back of a motorcycle.

106: 4. Take a picture with a bald man.

114: Bachelor Party 09.18.10

117: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after.

119: We cannot destroy kindred: our chains stretch a little sometimes, but they never break. - Marquise de Sévigné

120: Thrown by the St. Francis Middle School and High School Dance Teams | 09.19.10

122: From Rachael As a new Era begins with your life, you will now begin Ryan Syrup's wife. Don't forget I'm a Skip away. (Skippy peanut butter) So I'll be over Quick every day. (Nes-quik) My Bags are packed, I'm moving in, (garbage bags) Just call me, your next of kin. I bought some cake to celebrate, From here on in, it's a three way date. I know it sounds corny, but we're sleeping together Move over Ryan, I'm light as a feather. Tell Ryan to get the chips off his shoulder. Now you get to watch me grow older and older. He can cook for us; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Pancakes, Lunchables, and spaghetti) And do the dishes, wow! He's a winner. (Dish soap) Be happy, say cheese, there are no fights. Don't make me send you to bed, taking away your rights. Catching up on movies with wonderful pom teams. Hosting our pasta parties will be Ryan's new dream. Just because he's the Man of the house, (Manwich) Us princesses get our way, even though he's your spouse (Princess fruit snacks) Let's throw a big party and pop out the juice. (Pop tarts and juice) Getting down and groovy, letting it all hang loose. (Downy) The big day is coming, it's your moment to shine. Let's make a toast with this new bottle of wine. Here's a few more items to finish this gift, We'll be one happy family, if you catch my drift. Everyone move aside as Amanda comes through, (Knorr Dinner sides) Throw up the rice and congratulate the two.

123: From Katie and Carol Parchim As you will seen when you open these bags, You will find several things, but no cleaning rags. We are super excited for your upcoming date. Amanda, Carol Parchim guarantees not to be late. In less than two weeks, you and Ryan will be, Looking so beautiful for all to see. As you begin as husband and wife, Inside herein is the most awesome chef's knife. The rest of the gifts will help you begin your life, When you become Ryan's happy and healthy wife. \ (Chef's knife) | From Morgan Don't be surprised by the item I bought, When I saw it on the list to myself I thought, Maybe they'll like me better if I bring Mac n' Cheese. You know I like my dairy, Can I come over please?

124: From Kelly Soon you'll be starting the next step of your life, And soon everyday will be an adventure. You'll go through good and bad days, But no worries, you'll get through them. For that you can be sure. But for those sticky situations, here's a can of PAM, Just for then you need it to lend a helping hand. | From Melissa M. This is my favorite kind of mac n' cheese, I think you'll enjoy it too. Maybe sometime you can have me over for dinner and I'll say "Of Course, Woo Hoo!" Lets just have a party if you don't really care, Invite your two year old cousin and we can all share. On Facebook I remember you telling me she loves it and eats it in a microwaveable bowl. We must eat a lot because it's good for the soul. The cheesy flavor is delicious and the shapes are so fun. After we're done eating we should probably go on a three mile run. I have this whole thing planned out as you can see. I can tell by your face, you're as excited as me. (Spongebob Mac n' Cheese)

125: From Brittany Every once and a while, you will use one of these, To clean up a spot where Brittany pees. (Capet Stain Remover) | From Kaya Like this sugar you can be so sweet, You do so much for our team and that's pretty neat. Use this for your food when you think it is boring. But our pom routine will be opposite it won't leave people snoring. This team and I thank you for all that you do, So when it comes to state we will do our best just for you. Congrats on your wedding and house, be careful with all dis food or you'll get a pet mouse. (Sugar, salt, and mouse trap) | From Sammie I figured I'd get you this because it's your last name, There's no more Schabowski and Ryan's to blame. Get Some pancake mix and stir it up, and top it all off with this here syrup.

126: From Lindsey You have a team full of girls that can twist and bend like pretzels, and now you have a big Brawny guy who is hopefully your Mr. Clean. We may not have much in common, but one thing is for sure, that we both love you to pieces. (Licorice twists, pretzels, Brawny paper towels, Mr.Clean kitchen cleaner, and Reese's Pieces.) | From Sam Cheaney Soap is not dope. When it comes to feeling your best, you better use Zest. Go with your gut, always wash your butt. Clean your ear, so you can hear. Q-tip is the way to have a nice day. Do the Q-tip twister for your mister mister.

127: From Karah Here today I'm going to write you a speech, And my product for you is a container of bleach. Make sure you use it on your laundry with care. But take it from me, don't use it on your hair. | From Chelsea I suggest you keep these at hand Because as soon as your stomach starts to expand. There will be a new born baby roaming free, And you will have to pop a few so you get up at three. For the days that you're feeling crummy, Take on of these to cure your tummy. Could it be a boy? A girl maybe? Either way, you're going to have to drown out the sound of an adult and newborn crybaby. Because having a baby comes without directions, being a wife and parent comes with its imperfections. (Tylenol PM and Pepto Busmo)

128: From Sam J. Here's something to clean your windows and glass, Because if Beth finds out there's fingerprints, she might just kick your....behind. (Windex) Here;s something to help you stick together if you get in a fight or help freshen you up after a long, hard night. (Gum) If the team comes over and you just can't wait to throw us out, here's an easy way to do just that without anyone finding out. (Large Garbage bags) These are a pain to find around your house, but promise if you get mad you won't throw them at your spouse. (Razors) And these are just in case you didn't listen to my advice. (Bandaids)

129: From Janay, Our pom practices make the room smell horrible, So after practice you're not very huggable. But do not fret or do not worry, this laundry soap will get you clean in a hurry. And while I'm at it, here is some air freshener, That will make your room smell clean in a jiffy. Dish soap is a must, so your dishes don't taste like rust. So now, you will not have to juggle poms and cleaning, so you and Ryan can Snuggle. (Snuggle Laundry detergent, Febreeze air freshener, Dawn dish soap) | From Melissa B. Don't be a noodle head and think your love is corny. Ziplock the love away in a Jiffy. (Pasta noodles, canned corn, Ziplock bags, and Jiffy Peanut Butter)

130: From Ashley We've got you some ingredients you can use a lot, For cooking and baking, they will not rot! Included is a recipre for one of our favorite treats (My mom wanted to share it with you) It doesn't involve any meats. You have your new place with your husband to be, We wanted to help you out, You're the best choreographer anyone's ever seen, There is absolutely no doubt. (Sugar, Baking soda, Flour, Salt, and Canola Oil) | From Kate Restrooms and loos, are some of the names. The intent and the uses, are always the same. Crapper and shitter, are some of the slang. Not just to do business, but to gossip and hang. So appreciate the places, everyone must go To relieve the inner pressures, and let it all flow. (Toilet plunger and toilet bowl cleaner)

131: From Tanya For all of the time you told me to clean up your arms, Here is something to clean up yours. (Zest Soap) | From Serena You are as sweet as powdered sugar. You and Ryan go together like spaghetti sauce and noodles. You're perfect! | From Sarah You are as sweet as powdered sugar. You and Ryan go together like spaghetti sauce and noodles. You're perfect!

132: From Taylor Roses are red, Violets are blue, Chocolate is sweet, and so are you. (Semi-sweet chocolate chips) | From Vanessa I got you these suckers, because like them you come in all different flavors. (Blow Pops) | From Brianna You are getting married and it's the Dawn of a new day. So I gathered my thoughts and things to help you on your way. When you are together, you will find Joy. So remember your Pledge and give him your All. To Amanda and Ryan, The best of luck and good fortune in the years to come. And may Ryan always be your Honey ... Nut Cheerios.

133: From Makayla (No Picture) For the sloppiest of teams, and the person who heard our S.O.S (Save Our Squad) and to wipe up our team. (S.O.S. pads and paper towel) | From Ellise Here is some Woolite, so that when you dance your pants won't seal-tight. My dad's name is Lance. Your toilet will Sparkle with the GreenWorks. You can eat your spaghetti and Spiced Caribbean Jerk. But not at the same time. | From Jacklyn I got you Skittles not just because it's a treat. I got you Skittles because you are sweet. The Baking soda is for your house.

136: This year the Cougars made it all the way to the state championships! We worked really hard. | We grew together as a team this year and really succeeded in developing our sports skills.

138: classmates group photo

139: We had a varsity basketball game that week and we had 99% attendance, our best attendance record ever! Everyone wore school colors and we beat the Lions by 13 points! We had a new cheer that was practiced all week and it got the crowd excited to win! Later in the week we had a dance to celebrate our school spirit. The theme was “fifties” and we danced to some classic songs and learned how to do the twist. | We set up carnival games like baseball toss, a dunk tank, and lawn bowling. We even got Mr. Carter to sit on the dunk tank!

144: We also went on a nature retreat to the Muir Woods. It was fun with friends. We collected a lot of redwood tree samples. Can't believe some trees were more than 100 years old. | This year we went on a class trip to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. We walked around the area a bit to take in the wonderful view and we saw art from all over the world.

145: Here we learned about our delicate ecosystem and how global warming has affected our local wildlife. We learned more about recycling and how to do our part to help the world. Go green and save the Earth!

146: Honeymoon Trip to | B | S | O

147: T | O | N

187: AYRES ROCK/ULURU the world's largest monolith and an Aboriginal sacred site is Australia's most famous natural landmark.

189: Stephanie's Bachelorette Party | 10.16.10

190: for a day

192: come true | a

193: 100% Princess

194: Little Girls Are Heaven's Flowers. | My little princess.

195: Perfect princess.

196: Little Girls Are Heaven's Flowers.

197: Perfect princess.

198: The Princesses Castle

199: "The perfect shoes can change your life." - Cinderella


203: Happy Haunting!

205: Trick or Treat!

207: Fright Night

211: We had a Frightfully good time at the Halloween party this year

215: TheWeddding of Brian Hoagland & Stephanie Smith | 11.13.10


221: "Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres...." 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

226: 01.08.11 | The Harley- Davidson Museum with the Suras and Alexis

230: Having a place to go - is a home. Having someone to love - is a family. Having both - is a blessing.

232: 05.21.11 | BREWERS GAME | MOTHER'S DAY | for

234: July 02, 2011 | HORNY GOAT


236: Went to Bau's House on July 3rd to watch "The Big Bang" fireworks over the lake. On July 4th, we went to the St.Francis Talent Show and then to the Sura's for a cookout in the backyard.

237: Let's Celebrate!

238: Summerfest 07.06.11 | Florence + the Machine and the Black Keys in Concert

239: July 30th, 2011

240: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after.

241: Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much.

242: Susan and Bob's 25th Anniversary Pool Party | 08.13.11

246: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

247: The Wedding of | Reba Simon & | Damian Carrasco-Zanini

248: 08.20.11



254: August 23rd-28th, 2011 | Eagle River with Alexis

262: Paddle Boating on the Chain


268: Gumby's Bar 09.30.11

272: Celebrating 0ur First Anniversary | 10.02.11

277: Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. | The Wedding of Shaun Farrell & Amanda Swiatczak | 10.08.11


292: "Families are like fudge mostly sweet with a few nuts." ~Author Unknown

298: Happy Halloween


300: Marissa's Bachelorette Party

301: 11.12.11

302: Dear Santa, I want one of everything

303: Who needs Santa when you have Grandma!

304: Look at my house.

306: Amanda & Kate

308: "The friend within the man is that part of him which belongs to you and opens to you a door which never, perhaps, is opened to another. Such a friend is true, and all he says is true; and he loves you even if he hates you in other mansions of his heart." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry | convocation

309: May 19th, 2012 | Whether you go for a semester, a whole year or just a couple weeks, studying abroad is definitely an experience you won’t forget. | “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine -

310: May 25th, 2012

314: 06.23.2012 | St. Romans After Party

316: July 22nd, 2012 | Summer Swimming with


318: August 11, 2012


322: Up North for the Laborfest Party 9/1-9/2 | Eagle River, WI

326: O | K | T | O

327: B | E | R | F | E | S | T | September 15th, 2012

328: "Hey, Hey Baby... Ooh! Aah! I Want to Know If You'll Be My Girl ?"


331: SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2012

332: 2nd Anniversary

335: OCTOBER 5-6, 2012

337: Hip Hip Hooray, It's My Birthday Today | 11.11.12

339: Christmas | 2012

340: Christmas Day

344: December 28th, 2012

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