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S: Golden Wedding Anniversary Carl and Connie Roberts 08/07/2010

BC: Mom and Dad Although this is your special day to share with one another, it's special too for everyone who loves you. That's why so many loving thoughts have come your way, wishing you a special day! Happy Golden Anniversary How's that for a “Group Shot!”

FC: On This Day I Thee Wed... | August 7, 1960

7: sycho

8: Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!!! Wishes, Memories, Stories from Family and Friends... | Leon and I have known Connie and Carl for many years, and we wish them much happiness on their 50th anniversary. Carl came to work at Wasson High School in Colorado Springs as a counselor and I worked with him in that department. Every January our group and the front office would gather in the secretaries' workroom to share cake and celebrate Carl's birthday. I always remember Carl's laugh and we knew it was Carl wherever we were. Whenever I was walking with Carl, I had to run to keep up with his long stride. Later Carl earned his doctorate and went into administration. One of my daughter-in-laws had him as a counselor and she still expresses her gratitude for his help. She wanted to go into special education to work with the deaf. She is now teaching at the Deaf and Blind School in Tucson. After moving to Tucson we have seen Connie and Carl and continued our friendship. Of course, Carl's interest and ability in golf was always foremost. He was always kind and helpful and willing to write recommendations for me as I applied to work in the Arizona community college system. When Leon was hurt and in the hospital, Carl went there to visit with him. We appreciated that very much. Congratulations on your 50th Leon and Maxine Knox

9: HAPPY 50TH! Keep having fun and join us at 63. Smiley Face. About the biggest memory of Carl is him taking down the back seat of my car to get into the trunk to reach the battery! Of course, Connie followed me home. Connie and I have played bridge together for years. This is a picture of our Wednesday bridge club. Connie is definitely the best friend anyone could ever have ---- especially when one of you has a health problem. HAPPY - HAPPY DAYS AHEAD. Love, Pat and Bill -- or Norma and Carroll Ha! Ha! | Dear Connie and Carl. Congratulations on 50 years. We are coming up on 61 years and feel very blessed to have made it this far. I do not know Carl, but I have played bridge with Connie for about 2 or 3 years now. I love her. Connie gave me two tops that didn't fit her and I get so many compliments on them. She also gave me tablecloths to use at Thirsty's when we play bridge. It has been such a pleasure knowing and playing cards with Connie. Hope you have many more happy anniversaries. Love, Marie Holly

10: Growing up it was nice to be blessed with two sets of parents. I felt like the house on Bryant was my home away from home. And then when you moved from Colorado Springs to Tucson, your home there became my sanctuary during my first difficult years of teaching in El Paso, Texas. The memories of many Christmas Eves together and our trip to Hawaii will always live with me. As a child, I looked forward to the evenings spent playing Bridge and the afternoons "having a cup of coffee" with doughnuts. I learned to play golf with your guidance and patience, a sport I still love. Thanks for all your love and nurturing. Love, Kelly | What I remember about Carl and Connie is that they were good parents and busy ones. When I first met them, Carl was teaching math at West Junior and Connie was working nights at Memorial Hospital. When Carl was not teaching, he was going to school himself in Kansas. He was determined to succeed in his field and he did. It was a loss to Colorado Springs when they moved to Tucson but a good move for them. Happy Anniversary! Love, Phyllis Williams

11: I first met Connie when I traveled from a small town in Kansas -- Augusta -- to take my pre-entrance exam for St. Luke's nurses training. I was scared to death and Connie was there taking the test across the table from me -- wearing dark rimmed glasses and looking sooo smart. Once in training we were placed in the same clinical rotation so I got to know her (and love her) very well. Later, I shared a house with her and Jan Adams and Vicki Peuser. My favorite story is when I went to Pittsburgh with Connie for a weekend. Her dad, Garland Zucca, took the two of us honkytonkin' to Joplin, Missouri. We had a really fun time and had a good laugh when a guy there thought Garland was our "sugar daddy." We could not convince the guy that Mr. Zucca was truly Connie's dad. Garland especially enjoyed that! Happy Anniversary! Denny & Judy Moore Gaffney | This picture was taken at Pat Wicke's during the 50th nurses' reunion weekend. It is of three of the four former Walnut Street housemates Jan Adams Park, Judy Moore Gaffney, and Connie Zucca Roberts. Missing was Vicki Peuser Armstrong.

12: Happy 50th Anniversary to a well-deserved couple. You certainly made “the right choice” in August 1960. Connie, I treasure our friendship we have shared since age 7 to our 70’s. We have many wonderful memories - Girl Scout Camp (photo 1950), parties, sleepovers, majorettes, proms, double dating, and nursing school. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Wishing you both many more happy and healthy years together and I'm thankful I have had you both in my life. Cheers! Connie & Carl! Love, Jean | Carl, You were a pillar of strength to establish in Wasson a discipline of safety, efficiency, encouragement, and guidance for our children to become so successful in their professional and personal lives. Your golf is not so bad either. Connie, You were always the perfect picture of what OB Nurses should be. Your attentive care to patients and doctors contributed massively to the happy outcome of our patients. You brightened my day by assisting me on rounds. Ruth and I feel honored to call both of you our friends. Jack Cooper Carl - you are a great educator and you Connie, have been a super friend. We are so happy to have gotten to do things with both of you! Fondly, Ruth Cooper

13: Isn't it amazing, Connie, that everyone else in our class at St. Mary's got older - but we haven't changed a bit . . . unless you count my bald head, pot belly, hearing aides, bifocals . . . OK, I changed a little bit but you haven't! Carl, I haven't known you very long but you haven't changed a bit since I met you. May the two of you continue to have great happiness, love and excitement in your life. Dick & Daffy Shaw

14: Dear Connie and Carl, Frank and I want to congratulate you on your 50th wedding anniversary. That is such a wonderful achievement especially in today's world. I have always loved the Robert Browning poem that says "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. The last of life for which the first was made." So even though you married 50 years ago the celebration continues to this day. Because I have known Connie for all of my life, I have some vivid memories of the beautiful girl who was always a role model for me. I remember the car she had in high school - can't remember what kind, maybe a Studebaker - but she nicknamed it the Ruptured Duck. Then there was Connie - the homecoming queen and Connie - the nurse. And the Connie, Carl and Kyra who were friendly faces when we moved to Colorado Springs two days after our wedding. And the Connie who was in the delivery room when our first daughter, Angela, was born. I remember when Kyra was about 5 and we were playing bridge and she was sitting beside us and someone said, "pass". And Kyra said I can spell pass it goes "p.i.s.s" pass. She was so proud and the four adults dissolved in laughter. So again congratulations on this wonderful milestone. Love, Lee Ann and Frank

15: Carl and a bunch of friends from Wasson High School were going on a pheasant hunt to Tribune, Kansas to meet with Donoljoe Smith. On this particular season it had snowed a couple of inches right before opening day. We hunted in two groups until late morning then we got together at a prearranged meeting place. The two bunches of guys then hunted as one group for the rest of the day. The following day it was pretty much the same scenario and we joined together again in the late morning. That morning when we were talking over how many birds we had “brought to bag,” I told every one of the strange sign I had seen in the snow. I had followed tracks in the snow of a hunter who was wearing snowshoes and who had been running through the field in great strides like he was trying to catch the pheasants before he reached the end of the field. Donoljoe began to laugh hysterically and explained that his group had hunted that same field the morning before and that I had been following Carl's gunboat boot tracks and that Carl was just walking at his normal gait! | The joke was indeed on me, but in pheasant seasons to come, I always knew when Carl had been there before me and it would bring a smile and a chuckle to know that the Abominable Snowman wasn't frequenting the fields of Kansas – it was just Carl. Congratulations to both on 50 years of marriage. May you have another bunch of years together, God willing and the creek don't rise. Love Through Friendship, John and Wanda

16: Carl, do you remember playing bridge in the counselor's office at West Junior High? Mr. Dairy caught us – oh, dear. Do you remember, early on, all the sorority sweetheart balls, when we actually wore long ball gowns? What a hoot that was. | Shared Memories Some of this is fact; probably some of it is fiction. But this is the way I remember it, and I like it just that way. . Do you remember it too? All four of us, Connie, Carl, Eldon, Joyce, duded up one weekend and went to a local, halfway respectable nightclub. Eldon and Carl went upstairs. I have no idea what was of interest upstairs – I can only imagine. While they were gone, young men in the dance area saw their chance to dance with these two brunettes, surely the best looking women in the joint. We, however, remained faithful. At least, that's how I remember it. Carl and Eldon in a few minutes made a grand entrance, swishing, one at a time, down the fireman's pole in the middle of the dance floor. Was that a respectable thing to do? When you think about it, that pole probably took on other uses, far less respectable, years later. | I remember many nights of kitchen bridge. Carl and Eldon played as partners, all too frequently whipping our butts, Connie. I'd like to do that again hunkered down at the kitchen table. | I remember Connie at my side during that long night when I gave birth to Kelly. During Wendy's delivery, Connie went home to take care of her own daughter but checked in regularly during the day of labor. I still appreciate that, as well as her coming back to Springs when I became ill with pneumonia, taking care of our daughters and the house and sitting beside my side for many days. Believe me that gives new definition to friendship. If Eldon were here, I'm certain he would want to thank you for your help also. Connie, we used to give our houses hell together at spring vacation, moving appliances, even washing the walls. It was kind of fun. That was spring cleaning ala Connie and Joyce.

17: Do you remember Hawaii? You, Connie and I, with the guys, walked miles from our condo to a revolving restaurant in our hot pants. I believe mine was hot lime green with polka dots; yours was hot pink. They wouldn't let us in because our hot pants were too hot and we had to walk all the way back. I bet that wouldn't happen now. In Hawaii do you remember burning the top of your feet? Do you remember all the little boy plants? Do you remember, of course you do, Kyra being rescued from the rip tide at an Oahu beach? Do you remember the movie in the seedier side of Honolulu? I also remember you laughing your head off throughout the movie at the absurdity of the whole thing. Fortunately, hearing the dialogue was not important to the action. I remember the title, do you? | How about that time when we were water skiing behind Vern's boat at Bonny Reservoir? His sister, who we were helping to get up on skis, was with us. You, Connie intended to push her butt up at the right moment when Vern took off. But instead of helping her up, your fingernails caught in her bikini bottom and down came the bottom of her suit. She was too afraid to fall; therefore, she skied around the lake mooning anyone who cared to look. | Ah-----beautiful Alaska. How fortunate we were that the weather held during our cruise and our long drive to the Arctic. Gary enjoyed our shopping and drinking in Juneau – the Red Dog Saloon. I loved seeing the lynx, the mountain sheep, the grizzly, the whales. It was a wonderful vacation, culminating when we dipped our fingers in the Arctic Ocean. | Carl, are you still a golfer, par excellent? Connie, what a cook! How many golf games Carl must have suffered through with us. How many pair of golf shoes did he wear out? How many Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners did we share? I want to cry and I will. | And thank you one more time for the baskets you made for us, which still decorate our home; they remind us of you and your raw fingers on a daily basis. I miss you both. With loving memories, Gary and Joyce

18: When I was just 24 years old and fresh out of Nursing School, I applied for a job at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs. I got called for an interview and it was with Connie, who was the Head Nurse of Maternity at the time. I got the job and started the next week. I will never forget her and how she always was THERE.....helping on the floor, or at the desk. She was truly a part of the team and we all had such respect and fondness for her. We really felt that she was an advocate for all of us, no matter what the situation was. I remember when I had to get a patient ready for a C-Section and I had never put a Foley catheter in a LIVE person.....I was soooooo nervous and Connie took me aside and said, "I will stand outside the door and you walk into the room and pretend you have done this a hundred times. But if you need me for anything just quietly call me and I will help you." Well I marched into that room and explained what I was going to do and slipped that Foley right in without a problem!! Just knowing Connie was outside the door gave me the confidence I needed!!! I will never forget that!!! That is how she was with her whole staff...I can't believe that was 32 years ago and I am at the same hospital, doing the same thing!! I have not had a manager like her since and I will always have a special place in my heart for her!! HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY TO CONNIE AND CARL and wishing you many more....... Love, Stephanie Crigger | Happy 50th Anniversary We can remember seeing you when we came to Grandpa Zucca's and Garland's for a weekend visit. I remember you would dance for us when you were taking tap dance lessons. Some years later you went to nurses school. I remember your dad was very proud of you! And time went by so fast there was marriage – a baby- a son-in-law- and retirement. Where did all those years go? We can all be thankful for our family, our success, and our health. We wish you and Carl all the happiness and rewards left in life. Happy Anniversary for many years to come. All our love, Herb and Opal

19: Hi Aunt Connie and Uncle Carl! My favorite tradition is the annual Christmas phone call 'audio greeting card' from you two. I have enjoyed your holiday letters and occasional trips to Kansas through the years, and remember visiting your home in Colorado Springs in 1966. I always appreciate your interest and encouragement. Congratulations on your half-century of togetherness! May you be blessed with the gift of many more years together and the good health to enjoy each other's company. Love always, Susan Basore Almond

20: Dear Connie and Carl, CONGRATULATIONS on your 50th wedding anniversary. You have been fine examples of a great couple. You supported each other in your professional lives as well as your personal lives. How wonderful that you have traveled the world and enjoyed many sights and opportunities together over the years. Carl, I really appreciated and admired your work in education. You were fully dedicated to your schools, but especially the T-Bird Farm. You had very high standards and as a result so did the faculty, staff, and students. The school improved in so many ways under your leadership. I was always amazed that you were able to resolve some very difficult situations and turn them into huge assets for the school. My biggest problem was trying to keep up with you in the halls. I so admired both of you in your ability and energy to support Kyra 100% in her activities at a different high school. That was not easy being divided to support different activities at the same time. I am sure that Kyra was thankful to you for your support. With our lives going in different geographic directions, we might have lost touch. But you didn't allow that to happen. Your Christmas phone calls have been so appreciated because it allowed us to keep in contact. We had that extra connection of being “die hard Yankee fans.” It has been fun over the years to have our baseball conversations. Wasn't that a unique experience to get to see the World Series together? And of course the moaning over the blooper hit that beat Rivera! So sad. Thank you for inviting me to stay in your home for that great Yankee experience. It was all fine...except for the ticket mess up. Then there was retirement. That was quite a blow to the school: the great principal along with many of his staff, registrar, counselor, program coordinator, head custodian, and valued teachers. You heard the appreciation given by the faculty and staff for your work there. It was well-deserved praise. The school hasn't been the same from that time on. Remember the 1977 retirement dinner and the ride to Peterson Field in the old cars? I'm including a picture to remind you of that day that my life, and yours changed. I trust that through the years, each change has brought you satisfaction and that with this milestone of your marriage you will reflect on the good years that you have made changes together. I pray that you will continue to have growth and change for many years to come. We wish you the best in the coming years and as you celebrate with family and friends for your 50th anniversary. | Best wishes. Kent and Betty Lee Hill

21: My memories of Carl & Connie I have some things that always jump to mind when I think of Carl. Of course he was the principal at my high school and I'm sure that offered advantages I could never have realized at that age. I don't think I was ever disciplined or suspended because someone had my back! While walking down the main hall of Wasson, smoking a cigar, I received a tug (so to speak) on my short hairs and was escorted towards the offices to what I was sure was impending doom. When we cleared the end of the hall, man was I scared, Carl said, “Use your head, put that out, and get your butt to class!!” Whew, close call. Then one fine spring day Carl showed up at the goat roper hang out where the steps and landings were stained with tobacco juice. He had two mops and buckets thus changing the spitting habits of an entire clique. All this was at school, but my most vivid memory of Carl is of him patching me up after a bike crash. Carl and Connie lived close to the dirt lot we used to ride on. One day, after a not so successful jump landing, crying and in pain I showed up on the front porch where Carl cleaned and patched me up. His kindness that day is something that will always stick out in my mind when I think of him. | Now when I think of Connie, I think of food. Hardly ever have I seen her when she didn't try to feed me. One time that sticks out was when we were tearing out their driveway in Colorado Springs. Connie served us lunch and we just dug right in without washing our hands. She was appalled. We just laughed it off that day, but whenever I wash my hands at work I think of Connie. Now as an adult I love to hang out with Carl and Connie. They have both been so kind to my children, happy to share good advice, and laugh with us. I truly believe knowing them has been my extreme pleasure. I love you guys! Wayne

23: Happy 50th Anniversary!!! Can I go? Is it supper time? Pet me, please. What are we doing now? Am I cute or what? Look up! Let's play now. Love, Mitzi

24: Carl and Connie – WOW! Congratulations and best wishes for many more years of happiness. What a milestone. You two are the greatest. Bravo to you both. We look back on some of those years having fun with you, playing golf and many great times sharing dinner together. May those good times continue. Love, Sue and Tom | To Carl and Connie, May the love you've shared for fifty years shine in your hearts forever. Happy Anniversary! Minnie & Del

25: When we were looking through pictures and reminiscing about the good times we had together, we thought about the night we all went to the Broadmoor for an evening out. That must have been back in the seventies because we remember that all the kids were at your house. For some reason Brenda wanted to go to Margaret's, so Donoljoe let us all out at the Broadmoor and went back to take her over there. When he didn't come back for a while, we were all placing bets on why he hadn't returned. Remember the tie deal? Jackie had tried to get him to wear one, but he was determined it wouldn't be necessary. Of course, he learned that it was necessary when he came back and tried to get in. We had left our luggage in the trunk of the car and he had stopped and was looking through our suitcases when the police stopped him so he had some BIG EXPLAINING to do about that. Then he finally borrowed a tie from some old friend that lived in the area who he hadn't seen in YEARS (imagine knocking on the door and asking for a tie at that hour of the night and explaining why he needed it.) At last he could make an appearance only to find that by this time we were all ready to head home!!!!!! After all these years we can still get a few laughs from that night out, huh? | Dear Connie and Carl, It seems impossible that we have reached the milestone of celebrating fifty years of marriage. Where has the time gone? It seems only yesterday that our children were small and we were getting together for pheasant hunts, bridge games or good times in Colorado Springs. | We have enjoyed a great friendship with you both for many years. We have all seen our children grow into wonderful adults that have shared many good times together. It seems impossible that we have been married for fifty-two years in April. We wish you a very special HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY. May you have many, many more celebrations and happy years together. Our love, Hank and Alice

26: Dear Connie and Carl, Little did we know in 1998 at the beginning of our winter sojourns at 49er Country Club that we would have the good fortune to meet the two of you, become friends and share some great times. You took us under your wing and introduced us to the Hidden Emeralds during those years. We don't make all the outings but we really enjoy our time with the group that would have never happened without you. | The “spur of the moment” afternoon movies and dinners at Montgomery's were always fun. Golfing, skeet shooting at Davis Monthan, the Myrtle Beach trip and, of course, the Master's in 2006 with you, Carl, along with Bob and Daryl, were the “frosting on the cake” for Bill. (You also introduced him to U of A women's softball – maybe because Jennie Finch was pitching!) | Congratulations and warmest regards on the celebration of the fiftieth year of your marriage. We miss being in the neighborhood and sharing good times with you both. And Yada misses you too!!! He especially misses Carl's early morning visits and golf cart stops at the back fence. Bill and Ginny Williams

27: Congratulations to Connie and Carl on your 50th Anniversary, From one who loves you. What an honor it is to have you in my life. Congratulations to all your successes, but mostly the love you have for each other. Love, Dot | Dear Connie and Carl, Warmest Wishes on your 50th Wedding Anniversary Over all these years, we have made many friends, but “really Special friends like you” don't come along very often. Boy, we had some fun times over the years, didn't we? We remember when you invited us over to have elk steaks and none of us were really sure what to do with them and finally Carl said, “Hell, they're steaks; let's put 'em on the grill!” It was a good choice; they were great! We recall when you bought your first stereo and called us to come take a listen. Wow! We all sat there in awe of the amazing music coming out of that machine! And of course, we all had to go home to call each other, because that's the only place there was a phone! | And probably our most memorable occasion was when we were asked to be in charge of Connie's birthday present – “trying to keep a box with a puppy dog in it, quiet!" It was a challenge, but we managed to pull it off. If our minds are still in working condition, I believe that puppy was named: Cinder. Have a great Anniversary and we really need to get together soon; we live so far apart you know- Love, Jim and Veon Mendenhall

28: I knew Connie when she was a senior in High School. I remember when she would get nervous; she would twist a strand of hair until I thought it would come out of her head. I remember how excited she was when she found out she would be attending St. Lukes Nursing School in Kansas City. Our paths would cross from time to time until she was out of school and then Carl came into the picture. I was working in Kansas City and at that time, I never thought all of us would remain as close as we have and they would be a couple of our best friends. Pat and I were at their wedding, visited them in Pittsburg when Carl was attending summer school, visited them in Colorado when they lived there and of course, have had wonderful times with them in Arizona. Carl and I have had many good memories on the golf course and telling stories while waiting for the girls to get out of their nurse reunions. Here's hoping all of these good times continue for many years to come. We are looking forward to it. Jim Wicke | My story to tell is about the ARRANGED MEETING OF CARL AND CONNIE. I met Carl at the train station the day of their meeting. I was appointed this duty because I at least had seen him before. Vicki, the matchmaker, had to work that day. Our friend Janet actually had a car that we could use. Not many of us had WHEELS (we did our best to impress him). We drove to a bar. Well, it wasn't just any bar. KELLY'S claim to fame was two- fold. It was the official hangout for Saint Lukes Nurses, and the oldest occupied building in Kansas City. We were to hang out there until Connie and Vicki got off work. They did arrive, Connie's remark was "GOSH, he sure is tall. I like that." The rest is history. Carl and Connie We love you and Thanks for being our friends all these years. You both are wonderful hosts and we always feel very, very welcome in your home. Pat Wicke

29: Carl and Connie, Congratulations on this milestone 50th wedding anniversary. I have known Carl since our first golf trip to Ireland with the Hidden Emeralds group in 1998. A fond memory was when you attended the Fox Hill member guest Fox Hunt and we won the “shoot out.” Connie had quite a fun time collecting at least two-dozen logo cups that night. Your reciprocal invitation to play in the Forty-Niners Country Club tournament and your kind hospitality that week was a pleasant memory for both of us. We have shared many common interests and laughs over the years and know what good friends you are to us. Roger and Carolyn Driver

30: Dear Connie and Carl, Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! So, as I think about this, I met the two of you in 1987, 23 years ago or in your 27th year of marriage. Neal and I were married in August, too. I'll never forget my first introduction to Carl. I was a brand new assistant principal, hired by Sabino principal, Leo Johnson. Upon learning that I was pregnant and only two months on the job, I totally panicked; however, I mustered up the courage to tell Mr. Johnson of my demise. Surprisingly, he jumped up and down with excitement... I found out later he was Mormon. Then meeting Carl, upon his introduction to Tucson and Sabino High School by Assistant Superintendent, Dale Fredrickson, he asked, “Are you one of my assistant principals and pregnant?” I gulped, and said yes that I was a new assistant principal and very pregnant. He paused and then asked, “Can I have a ride back to school?” We both squeezed into my small Honda Civic; me because of my stomach, Carl because of his height. Later, it became apparent that Carl, despite his exterior sternness, had a huge heart that was fair, understanding and sympathetic. One of the things that still to this day makes me chuckle is Carl's fast and purposeful walk. He eats that way too. He would ask if I wanted to go to the cafeteria for lunch. I had to combine a jog and skip method to keep up with his pace and stride, and usually was too out of breath to eat. Besides, lunch was over in 2 minutes...he got that job done, cross that off the list! That was good because it gave him more time to grab his 3x5 cards out of his pocket to make notes of what he had observed while going from his office to the cafeteria; someone was going to get a note, that's for sure! One time Carl and Connie came over for dinner and I had made a pie for dessert. Rather than adding 1 tsp of salt, I must have added 1 TBS. It was terrible! But, there was Carl eating the whole thing, just lovin' it. The best thing about hiring Carl as Sabino's principal was it became a family affair. Not long after Carl was hired, Kyra, their daughter, became a counselor. And Connie volunteered every Tuesday in the Counseling office, and was regular about bringing in baked goods for the staff to enjoy, always with kind words and a smile. Carl, you were the best thing that ever happened to me in my professional life. You had the wisdom and conviction to do really bold things that Tucson Unified School District couldn't realize. You made everything better including bringing out the best in all employees because you expected it. With high expectation and your “can do” attitude, you transformed Sabino from a good school to an excellent school. And, because you were my boss for 10 years, I learned from the best, and went into the principalship with better skills because of you. I continue to be grateful for all that you taught me. Much love and happiness, Susan and Neal Preimesberger

32: Dear Connie & Carl, Happy Anniversary – Wow are we getting chronologically gifted or what? Hope you have a great 50th! Love, Barb Bills | Connie is one of the most thoughtful people I know. She seems to always be one step ahead of others when someone needs help. I'm glad to consider her a friend. I send my best wishes to Connie and Carl on their 50th anniversary. Doris Stahl | Wow, it is hard to believe the time has flown by and you are celebrating your 50th. It seems like we all worked together just yesterday in the PIT and on the floor of the old OB department at Memorial Hospital. I doubt that you would recognize the hospital with all the continued remodeling and building on of the hospital. We truly were a wonderful group of women who seemed for the most part to get along well. As for stories the one that sticks out the most for me was the year (not sure but maybe the late 70's) we raided the costume department of Wasson High School for Halloween. The department decided to dress up in costumes for Halloween that year and a group of us went to Wasson and picked out costumes to wear. I was a pregnant Indian moccasin. It was a little difficult to take care of laboring moms that day but what fun we had. A picture was taken and we made the M-Scope (our hospital news rag of that era) for having the best costumes that year. I have looked for the picture but can't find it. I think the group in the picture included me, Jeanne Guber, Connie, Dee Decker, Lila Miller and one person from the nursery whose name escapes me now. That was over 25 years ago so names vanish overnight sometimes. Another story relates to Carl. We were at a hospital awards banquet and Mike Berman (then my significant other, now my husband of 20 years) sat together. Carl was so upset about a prank that some seniors had pulled that day involving the large artificial steer that was moved from the Sirloin Stockade Restaurant and placed on the front lawn of the school. At the time we could say nothing as he was upset enough to expel the guilty parties and hence they wouldn't get to graduate. Well, I'm not sure of the statute of limitations but one of the parties is now a physician and related to me by marriage, i.e. my son Craig. He told us that of all the pranks that could have been done this was the least damaging to anyone and nobody was hurt. I guess the cops saw the steer going down the street, late at night but nobody stopped them. Must have looked pretty weird seeing a Dodge Van pulling a large plaster steer behind it. Makes one wonder what the local law enforcement officers were thinking by not stopping them. Carl and Connie our very best wishes to you on your Golden celebration. May you have many more wonderful years ahead together. Michael and Sheila Berman | Dear Carl and Connie, I was very pleased to find out that you two will be celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary this year!!! It has been a great joy to know both of you ever since I moved to Colorado from Indiana. Carl, you were a great professional guide for me as I began my high school media work at Wasson. Those were great years! I hope you are both still enjoying beautiful Tucson and your lovely place on the golf course. Love, Brooks Harting | Dear Connie and Carl, This is really something to celebrate. I am very happy for you. Hope you have a lot of "grand slams." Joyce Konkel

33: Happy 50th Anniversary, Carl and Connie God joined the two of you to share your lives together. I found, having met you 35 years ago, that you have also shared your lives with others – giving of yourselves in numerous ways. You were there, as Tony and I arrived to take up residence in our newly purchased home as your neighbors on Bryant Avenue in Colorado Springs. A wonderful friendship followed through the years, and no matter what came about in our lives, sad times and glad times, we could count on you! On one occasion, we had unexpected company. A nephew and his family of five arrived at our doorstep, it was dinnertime – I was not prepared. Connie had made a chicken broccoli casserole for her family meal, and had a large amount left over. She came to my rescue and brought the food to our house. It was wonderful! I might add – to this day, when I fix a meal for six or eight, that casserole recipe is used – in fact it is my favorite. Thank you Connie. There are many incidents that occurred during our years as neighbors, too numerous to write about, but kept in my heart. May God continue to bless you both with much joy and happiness. My Love, Joan Leis | When Kyra asked for memories of Carl and Connie, I thought, “I have trouble remembering yesterday, much less 20 or 30 years ago.” And then I thought THE ROWDY BUNCH!!!!!!! The Notts, Roberts, Hamptons, Halls, Zechas and Hoffmeisters made up this group. We went to many football and basketball games in the Hoffmeister mini. One such game was a state football game playoff in Boulder. The wind was blowing so hard the game was postponed. Signs and junk were blowing around and was really dangerous. Connie really wanted to spend the night in Boulder and even offered to pay for the motel rooms. But Bert thought we could make it okay, and had us moving from side to side to keep all four wheels on the ground. By the time we got to Denver the wind had let up and we made it safely home. It really was white-knuckle time!!! We also spent several weekends at the Notts cabin in Cuchara playing cards until the wee hours. When the Notts decided to tear down the old cabin and build a new one Carl, Connie, Bert and I helped tear down the old one and put up sheet rock and other jobs on the new one. These are only a couple of examples of the things we did. We really did have a lot of fun, mostly acting like teenagers. Wishing you 50 more!! Have a really great day!! Much love to you both, Geri Hoffmeister | Connie and Carl, Congratulations on 50 years of marriage! I have always thought you were a great couple. I remember going to Colorado and meeting Carl for the first time. Then there were the "house parties" when the Colorado guys came to Kansas City to visit! The wedding was exciting for us all. Visiting you in Colorado Springs was fun. I remember how impressed I was that the mountains were practically in your back yard. Enjoy your day; wish we could all be there. Jan Parks

34: Dear Connie and Carl, Connie, I wouldn't give up the three years we had together in nurses training. I really loved having so many close friends. I almost felt like we were sisters. We had a lot of fun, among the studying we had to do. We also enjoyed meeting Carl and came to love him as well. It's been wonderful keeping in touch over the past 51 years through Christmas cards, phone calls and emails. Max and I celebrated our 50th this past November. I used to think fifty years of marriage was a real milestone if you lived long enough to reach that point. Now it's a milestone if you make it without getting a divorce. We did it and so did you and many of our classmates as well. Congratulations. Love, Joan and Max Penner | Dear Connie & Carl, Connie means a lot to me. She was supervisor of OB and Mother Baby at Memorial. She was always so considerate of her working staff. When anyone had a birthday, she'd make a cake and we would celebrate. There was one doctor who could not stand “older” nurses and often had us near to tears – so Connie wouldn't give me any of his patients if she could help it. Also I knew Carl, as he returned many times for a massage for a bad back. I became a massage therapist just before I retired. They are both wonderful friends. I wish you the best on your 50th anniversary. With love, Ester Hill

35: Congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary Dear Connie and Carl: It is truly a privilege to send you greetings on this momentous occasion. Very few people reach this milestone and do so with such grace and style! I have fond childhood memories of the two of you and Kyra. Trips to Bentley Kansas to visit Grandma Edith, trips to Colorado Springs, and even a grand trip to Sheridan New York! It was always fun and a great time enjoying relatives we didn't see too often. | Tes and I both have more recent memories. Trips to Colorado Springs to visit Mom and Dad, with some side visits to “Aunt Connie, Uncle Carl, and cousin Kyra's home”. We always admired your laughing personalities, how you treated each other with respect, and the great way you treated Mom and Dad. Dad loved those “treats” he always received during one of your visits. And, then there was the most recent trip to Kansas and Mom's new place. She enjoyed that visit so much, including the new umbrella for the patio! We fondly remember the trip to Tucson: the guesthouse, the wonderful meals, and great sites. We were so touched you took time from your schedules to play “tour guides”! What a wonderful time! And the recent trip to the Kansas City area, when you stayed with us...great fun! Most of all, we are so honored to call you ‘family’. We are proud to send you congratulations for the past 50 years. We are sending you wishes for many more years together. Our love, Alison and Tes

36: Dear Carl & Connie, Greetings to the two of you. 50 bloody miserable years eh? Carl or should I call you Doctor Roberts? I realise that you have much to thank your darling wife for. In fact, Connie has been the primary reason for all of your accolades, accomplishments and your title. By that I mean, her constant nagging, and pestering for carnal favours meant that your only solace were the dark corners of the library and your only friends ‘the books’. 50 years and only a doctor... over here you would have been awarded a knighthood! And Connie, I can only imagine the levels of unspeakable evil you must have reached in a previous life- in order that Karma dictated that you were to be saddled with the Doctor for so many years? I do believe the only reason he sought the title was so he could make you wear a nurse's uniform again! Carl's golfing skills can be attributed to you also; a genius way of getting the man out of the house and leaving you to clean the house to a specification required by, only homosexuals and the autistic! Congratulations to the two of you. Fifty years is regarded as a harsh sentence for Murder... In hindsight, I wonder what you both would have preferred! | Joking aside, I would like to raise a glass to two of the warmest people I have ever known. I am not at all surprised that you have reached this epic milestone, as your deep love for one another is clear to anyone who knows you. I still think of the two of you as my ‘American parents’ and have nothing but great memories of the times spent with you, as you welcomed me into your family. May you reach another 50! Lots of Love, Mark X X X

37: Congratulations to a great couple who have worked together and made good things happen in their life. We wish you all the very best for many more years to come. Love and Blessings, Jan & Rolly | “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming, “WOW! What a RIDE!”

38: Dear Connie & Carl, Connie & Carl, It is great to be wishing you congratulations on 50 years of wedding bliss! Joe and I consider you to be two of our dearest friends for the last 50 years. We have a lot of memories. I remember having our first babies a month apart. It was always a comfort to know I could call on you if I had any problems. I remember learning to play bridge and here we are still at it. We enjoy the hunting trips every year and I enjoy the bridge playing. Remember the year Jena was a baby? We looked down and your dog was sucking on her pacifier. There were a few bad memories too, like the time you babysat while I had to go to work and Eric flushed his dirty diapers down the stool or the time the unwelcome hunters showed up and parked their camper in our drive. Thank goodness, most of the 50 years have been wonderful memories and we feel really blessed for having been able to share them with you. Joe's memories: I could write a book on Carl and my experiences. We started hunting together and in 1959 started planning an elk-hunting trip. Low and behold, no question about it, Connie and Jackie, 8 months pregnant, decided to go with us. We went without them - scooped 1 ft. of snow, put up tent after dark, got into sleeping bags with all our clothes on, and arose before daylight next morning to hunt. No breakfast, no dinner, no supper. I can remember candy, cookies and a case of beer. I shot a bull elk at daylight. We tried to drag it downhill. Gave up on that and walked back to the camp to hire someone to get the elk out. I left Carl there to guard the elk. In the mean time Carl shot a deer and in the process of finding the deer, lost the elk. When I returned there were size 13 footprints all over the mountain. We made it home tired, dirty, and an elk on top of the car. The wives were sure glad we had talked them into staying home. We have laughed about the case of beer we forgot and left in snowdrift. I am sure someone in the spring loved it. Another vivid memory was the night we all went to Patty Jewett for a Christmas party. We had a great time. When it was time to go home, we came out to find a solid sheet of ice. About a block away was a dead end street with a car parked at the end. We missed the turn and hit the car broadside. Carl backed away from the car and negotiated the corner and we made it home. Carl and I made a special trip back by the next morning to look at the damage. The car looked like it had been in a demolition derby. We had not been the only ones to hit the car. The years have gone so quickly but thank-goodness we still have our memories. We wish you many more years of happy memories. Congratulations, Jackie & Donoljoe

40: Dear Connie and Carl: What a tremendous fete...being married together for 50 years. Congratulations! I have many fond memories of the two of you... * Connie and the best breakfasts ever - even after she came home from working all night * Carl and his cool cars - the Monterey with a rear window that went down and then Connie's cute little Yellow VW bug - followed by her Fiesta * Connie giving Kyra and I money to go to the movies - something I'd never done before * The best darn cook out at Helen Hunt Falls - loading that giant BBQ in the back of the Continental - woohoo...that was living!!! * Easters with summer weather sunny skies and our families together Most of all I remember many good times with Mom, Dad and the two of you...it is great to have the two of you. You are an important part of our family. Congratulations and best wishes! Love, Craig | Carl and Connie, it s a pleasure to wish you a Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary. Reaching this milestone required, much compromise and understanding. (I will not say who had to yield the most.) You have much to be proud of for your efforts. You raised a very beautiful talented daughter, who understands commitment and hard work as a result of your example. Along the way you both worked in your own professions and made a difference because of your dedication and caring. I am sure that the qualities you demonstrated daily helped the two of you reach your 50th Wedding Anniversary. Carl: I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be on staff when you came from Colorado to Sabino. You truly made a difference at Sabino and set a standard of leadership for others to follow. You were innovative (seven period day), courageous (not being afraid to question upper leadership for the benefit of the students), progressive (bringing MAC’S into the District). And prudent (researching fully before making decisions). I also appreciated that you listened to your subordinates and valued their input. It gave us a sense of belonging and helped develop the “Sabino Family”. I am proud to say that you are a good friend who made a difference in my life. | Connie: Your never ending volunteering was always appreciated. Not only because you fed us well, but because of the professionalism you displayed. You running interference for us in the front office enabled us to be more productive. Here's wishing you both the health and perseverance to make it to the next milestone whatever it may be. Bruce Johnson

41: Yea Carl & Connie. Cheers and congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary. We are proud to have had the privilege of being one of your many friends over that time. We have great memories of our times together and hope to continue those and see each other for many years to come. Thank you for allowing us to visit with you and to share your awesome accommodations. Not only have you provided us with a wonderful place to stay, but a beyond gourmet dining experience. Carl "old really old" buddy you really married a good one, as did I. Connie continues to amaze us with her overwhelming talent to create and prepare "normal" meals into a wonderful eating experience whether it is "just" breakfast or "lite" lunches or "wow" suppers. The only thing she required of me was to wake up before noon to enjoy them. As far as one of our activities together in our later years, y'all introduced us to a game called "Mexican Train". You explained the rules before we started playing, but seemed to revise them as play continued. Even after we went home and started to teach others how to play, when we returned to Arizona, you seemed to have added or revised those rules. "Ho Ho". May our friendship continue forever and we remain the best of friends even after playing Mexican Train. You guys are the best and we always have fun. Carl, you and I first met back at good old Emporia State with AKL. You were much older than me and became an example for me to observe. Not only did you lead in all those late night study sessions on Math and Physics, but also you taught me the finer points of college education such as Bell Sinking, KU Sign Removal, St Bene's Student Introduction, Trophy Sharing, Ark River diversion and many other things that will be forever forgotten due to my depleted power of memory. Judy just reminded me of one of her memories associated with your wedding. It seemed like you picked a wedding date at a time when the US Navy needed me elsewhere in the world. We did get an invitation but not having me there, she decided to attend with one of your other "Best Buddy's", Larry T. We did not think much about this until many years later when we, Carl, Connie, Judy and I were sitting around discussing old times when Carl stated how disappointed he was that Larry T, his old buddy, and we did not come to their wedding. We had to get you to get out your wedding book and read where Judy and Larry signed the register book. You were reminded that maybe you did not remember a lot of things that day. I sure hope your memory was better that night. I have enjoyed the great times we have had playing golf, especially when I got to see you score one of your umpteenth "holes in one" on your birthday. I will for sure let you know when I get my first, ace that is. Please continue to keep in touch thru e-mails. You send us some of the best ones we receive. We hope you will have many more years of happy married life and maybe we can continue to share some of them with you. Love to you both. Judy & Kenny

42: March 3, 2010 Dear Connie and Carl, The deadline for your note for this book was Feb. 28 and by the date you can see that I procrastinated—but I did not because I didn't care or want to write this letter, but because I wanted to have enough time to write all that I wanted to. Where to start—I want to start with THANK YOU first!!! Thank you for all that you have taught me through all of the years - both in words and in actions. You both have taught me to stand up for what I believe and to be strong in those thoughts. You have taught me to try new things and to always put forth my best effort in all that I do. You have taught me compassion and how to share that with others. You have taught me how to laugh and enjoy life. Many of these lessons happened when I was child and I was a little fearful of you. Many of these lessons happened when I was a young adult and I looked up to you. Many of these lessons happened when I became a parent and I respected you. Today, these lessons continue; I am no longer fearful of you, but still look up to and respect you both. Thank you for all that you have given to me and to my family. Thank you for all the care packages both big and small. Thank you for always remembering our birthdays and the holidays even when I forget. Thank you for all the encouragement that you offer to myself, Chris and to Travis, Lauren and Adam and all of their activities. Next, the memories---Wow, this part really could go on for a while. As a child, I can remember coming to your house and playing with Snoopy, being in awe of all the stuffed animals in Kyra's room and all of the Amway in the office. I remember always wondering why your bedroom was always dark. (I didn't realize that you slept during the day.) I remember going to the mall in the Green Honda—why I don't know. I remember trick-or-treating in your neighborhood all night long and Joan next door giving me special stuff because we had the same birthday. I remember being able to walk to the White's house and the school quickly by using the short cut path. Then you built the addition. That little nook was just for me to play in and of course to learn the longest name of a town located in Wales—Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwll~llandysiliogogogoch. I am surprised that tape still works. I remember you feeding the birds and having a water heater for them so they would have water in the winter. What about pheasant?? To think, I didn't even want to try it. As a teenager, I attended my first major league baseball game with you, celebrated your 25th wedding anniversary, learned some more cooking skills, learned how to golf and how to play Scrabble among other games. I remember you learning what roadrunners like to eat and feeding them and the birds. You always made sure that when I visited that my favorite snacks were available, that my kids’ favorite snacks were bought and that Lauren's socks didn't cut the circulation off to her feet when she was so chubby. One of my favorite memories is when we lived in Arizona, and the doorbell would ring and you were there to just say hi. Many of my favorite moments were spent over a cup of coffee and a basket of laundry. I always love when you all come to visit us. It was fun on your last trip to surprise you at the airport. The kids always looked forward to coming to visit you so they could swim, golf and eat pheasant. We have had fun bowling, going to the movies, shopping, playing Scrabble (even if Grandpa makes up words), grabbing a quick bite at the fancy McDonald’s and don't forget waiting for an ice cream machine to get fixed. I know there are many memories we talk about that I am forgetting but my space is limited. Lastly, I would like to wish you both a Happy 50th Anniversary!!! It is truly a great accomplishment. You are great role models both - personally and together. Your love for each other has always been obvious to me. I learned that love is shown in many ways—cooking Carl his favorite dinner or buying Connie the little TV for the kitchen—wait was that for Connie??? Ha-ha. What I know is that you two make a great couple and deserve many, many more years of happiness. I love you tons!! Love, Nalisa & Chris

44: Dear Big Grandma & Grandpa, Happy Anniversary. I hope all has been well and continues to be that way. When I think of the good times with you guys, it usually revolves around a game of golf or pheasant dinners. Playing golf has always been fun, but it's not quite the same without Grandpa's constant critiquing and coaching and I look forward to playing every time I come to see you. Pheasant dinners are to die for; there is nothing better than good company and enough fried pheasant to feed a small army. Travis | Dear Big Grandpa and Grandma, WOW!!! 50 years is a long time. You guys have been very helpful to me. Care packages keep me going. Golf is one of my favorite sports to play. Thank you for teaching me and supplying me with the things I need. Sincerely, Adam (P.S. I love you a lot!)

45: Big Grandpa and Grandma, Thank you for being the best great-grandparents in the world! You have inspired so much in me as I have grown older. You have always been there for me, willing to talk or just play a game. Even though I do not get to see you as much as I would like, you are an important part of my life! I mean who would have taught me the oh-so important art of golfing? Though I am not good at it, at all. And who would have told me how to make pheasant (the best I have ever had, if I may add!) or braided my hair and swam with me in the pool in the summer? You guys are the best and no one could argue any different if they knew you! As I write this I remember all those times Grandma would go get us some Eegees while we swam in the pool and Grandpa would go make us some yummy sandwiches. What would we have done without you? Or all the fun times we have had shopping and talking in the car. All those memories are still with me and when I think of you, I think of summer and fun and love. So I hope your 50 years together have been wonderful and continue to be great. You will always be a part of my life, and I can't wait to see how the two of you grow more together. I hope that one day you will be able to see me get married and be happy like the two of you. Happy anniversary and I love you lots! With Lots of Love, Lauren

46: Happy Anniversary! We do hope you have a wonderful anniversary. Sincerely, Evelyn Marshall | Carl and Connie Happy Anniversary! A celebration of each happy year together. Looking forward to many more. Best wishes, Bob and Arlene Belt

47: Happy Anniversary! I have many, many happy memories of our days together at Memorial Hospital – starting with Second East, Nurse Montgomery, Nurse Chison, and the stroke patients that were mixed in with cardiac and pediatric patients! Wouldn't happen today! We had such fun as a group of nurses - making candy and Christmas decorations together. We changed into post-partum after a couple years. We missed Connie every summer and were told, “When Mrs. Roberts comes back in September things would shape up” – and it did! Remember that little office at one end of the hall and the sun porch on the other, the gal who plugged in her car in the driveway by the library, scrubbing in for deliveries, and taking care of the babies where the stoke patients had been?!? I remember all the time we shared telling stories, both good and not so good, about our kids. Personnel came and went and we pretty much stayed on – and then you were the “Boss Lady!” All thru the years you were always friend first and “boss” second which probably made it more of a problem for you than me. We even did the “women's club thing” in Beta Sigma Phi together with Lois. With Much Love, Lila

48: First of all, I want to apologize for not getting my comments to you sooner. If I had my stuff together as Carl does, I would have been a little earlier. It had been a long time ago that we first met. In September 2009 while visiting a friend, Kenny Bell in KC, heard that Carl and Connie were in town, got a number and arranged a meeting at Starbucks for a brief visit. Jo and I met Carl and Connie and had a too short, but enjoyable time trying to remember things that happened about 50 years earlier. Carl looked very good and unlike some of us.... appeared to be in great shape. I was only in the Frat house my Junior and Senior years, so some of the memories are waning. Some comments and memories about Carl: Initial memories - tall, broad shoulders, piercing eyes, intelligent, athletic There were a lot of smart guys in the house you could approach for assistance or questions. Because of Carl's physical size he might not be the first one you would approach, but then when you got to know him, you found out he was just a “softie”. He was always fun to be around unless he was losing in a bowling game in a pub at the far end of Commercial called the “Lariat." I wouldn't even go there about that with him -he would probably deny it. Congratulations, Jerry and Jo Hannah Keltner

49: Now that all the serious stuff has been said. We have to say we love spending time with you two. All the fun parties and get togethers. All the great food and games we played. We're gonna have to make it a point of doing it more! If we haven't said it before, thank you so much for taking time from your vacation last summer and visiting us at our little summer get away in Wolverine. It was so great to have you there and we had a great time. You two are always welcome back and stay as long as you like! Besides someone needs to catch a trout from that river someday. Love Always, Don and Sharon | Carl, could it really be only just coincidence that you happen to be Donnie's high school principal? We felt very safe and comfortable sending our son to a school knowing you were the one in charge. You are calm, but firm in your ideals and command control and confidence. If asked a question, we know your answers will always be well thought, honest and straight. Truly you were meant to be in the professional field you chose. | “HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY” You Two Are An Inspiration! You took your vows, meant them and lived by them. Something that seems to go by the way side in so many other marriages, but not for you two! CONGRATULATIONS! Who would have thought that by becoming friends with Kyra and Vern, we would gain a whole family...it seems it was all meant to be. We believe that our connection and friendship is more than the two of you being just the parents of Kyra. | Connie, you have got to be the kindest and most caring person we have ever met. Anyone that knows you doesn't have to ask why you chose to be a nurse. The true nature of that love and caring is in your blood. We feel blessed to have you in our lives. You are always there and ready to lend a hand and help anyone in need. Thank you so much for being there in our time of need. It got very rough at times for us, and you made it easier by reminding us that if we needed anything, all we had to do was ask. I know you always felt like there is so much more you could do, and it would never be enough. But believe me when I say that the times you called and just simply asked, “How are you?” did more for me than you will ever know!

50: I had the pleasure of meeting Carl Roberts over 50 years ago when I was visiting in Colorado Springs for a weekend. He was one of the craziest, most lovable guys I had ever met. I decided then and there that he would be the perfect match for my roommate, Connie Zucca. I convinced him and the next thing we were planning was for him to come and visit. Connie and I had gone through nursing school together and were living with two other gals in a cute little house on the Country Club Plaza. We had many parties there and were known for our delicious purple passion drinks (made by the tubful). I came home and told Connie that I had just met the guy she was going to marry. She gave me one of her great hands on the hips with "the look" and said "oh yeah, sure.” I finally told her that he was going to call her and then come for a visit. Things went well until Carl sent her a nerdy picture of himself and told her that it flattered him. She was fit to be tied. We planned long and hard for his trip to Kansas City on the train. She agonized many an hour over this but finally agreed that she would meet him, but she told me to not expect anything. We met at Kelly's Bar and the rest was history. The next thing I knew was Connie was going for a visit to Colorado Springs and Carl returned later for another visit to Kansas City. Carl told me that he had some news for me. He said that Connie and he were getting married and she was moving to Colorado. I was sad to lose my roommate, but I was so happy for them and I was not a bit surprised! We planned a wedding for them with a reception in our little house complete with champagne and wedding cake. Carl got even by getting my old love Fred and I back together after 24 years. To celebrate we went to Colorado Springs to get married with Connie & Carl as our witnesses. That was 25 years ago! We are all living happily ever after. Love, Vicki and Fred

52: Mom and Dad, Thank you for being the loving parents you are and for showing me your love throughout the years! TRUE LOVE is doing the endless little things for each other. Working, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, shopping... Wow! My mom really loves my dad! Working, mowing the grass, household repairs, working on cars, handling the finances... Wow! My dad really loves my mom! Joking around, talking, listening, playing games, making bets, watching T.V.... WOW! My parents really love each other! Having get-togethers, going to events, going on vacations, spending time together... WOW! My parents really love our family! Supporting, caring, giving, laughing, sharing, smiling, respecting, admiring... WOW! Fifty years of loving memories! Happy 50th Anniversary!!! Love Always, Kyra and Vern

53: Love brought you together as husband and wife and gave each of you a best friend for life! Happy 50th Anniversary!

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