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Aqua Swirls

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S: Scout

FC: To Kill a Mockingbird | By: Marissa Zimmerman & Sierra Hegarty

2: About Me! | The name my daddy gave me is Jean Louise Finch, but everybody calls me Scout. I live in Maycomb, a small southern town where just about everybody knows everything about everyone. Ive got a brother named Jem and a dad we call Atticus. Jem is older than me and likes to pretend he's as grown as Atticus, but I know different. He's still scared to go to the Radley's house, but he puts on a brave face in front of others. Aunt Alexandria is the last that lives in my house, and usually I don't mind her much, but she just gets under my skin sometimes! She always gets on to me about wearin' my overalls, but I don't see the problem. Atticus even tells me bein' the way I am ain't and issue, so I don't see why Aunt Alexandria acts as if its one of the seven deadly sins. My caretaker's name is Calpurnia. She is like a mother to me. She treats us like we is her own two kids. Punishing us and all. And Atticus always takes her side on it too. But she is part of the family and always will be to me. Dill is the one I plan to marry. He plans to marry me too. He visits every summer and he's a pretty good playmate for both Jem and me. Sometimes when all three of us is playin' together Dill will try to sneak a kiss to me without Jem noticin'.

3: Atticus taught me and Jem to read when we was both real little. I can't remember a day without knowin' how to read. Its like I was born knowin' how to read. This turned out to be a not so good thing at school. My teacher tells me Atticus taught me all wrong and I cant read with him no more. I sit there bored in school everyday now unless some kid makes me mad and I have to fight em'. They say things about Atticus all the time. Like callin' him names just because he is defending Tom Robinson. Well I wont have it. I've got to give them what they deserve for disrespectin my daddy. Atticus never likes us standin up for him though. He always makes me go back to the people and apologize to them. I never understand why.

4: My dad, Atticus, is a really important person in my life. For one, he's my daddy and he helps take care of me. When I was real little Atticus taught me to read. I don't remember a day without me knowin' how to read. Second, he helps me through life. When I get in fights a school or come to a time that I need help with he is always there. We never tell each other we love each other. But we don't have to. We know by the way we take care of each other. Atticus is also just an overall good, honest, and humble man. | Atticus

5: Jem, my brother, is also a really important person in my life. Jem is always lookin' after me. He walks with me home from school everyday. He likes to pretend he is a lot older than me, but I know better. He is a good playmate, even if sometimes he tries to leave me out and just go play with Dill. I look up to Jem though. He is very brave and is a good protector. I love my brother and he knows it without me even havin' to tell him. | Jem

6: Atticus was a strong man. The way he carried on as if no one said anything about him supporting the side of Tom Robinson. Jem could do it too. But not me. If anyone said one word about Atticus I was ready to fight them. It wasn't so bad in the beginning. People would call Atticus a name and it would get me in a rage, but as the days went by and the trial became bigger news to everyone I couldn't take it no more. it made me not want to go to school. School was boring anyway, so why should I have to go to school to hear people talk bad about Atticus when I wasn't learning anything new. I didn't understand why people had to be so mean. I asked Atticus 'bout it one day and he said to not go judgin' until I have walked a mile in their shoes. And that sometimes callin' him a name was the only thing they knew to do because that's what they learned from their parents. He said it wasn't time to worry yet. But I worried. I was worried for Atticus with Mr. Ewell always threatening him. I was worried for Tom and what was happenin' to him. And I was worried for Jem. All the court drama was really gettin' to him. Calpurnia and Atticus said it was just a stage Jem was goin through, but I knew it was more than just a stage. All the talkin was doin a number on Jem. It didn't help either when Atticus lost the trial. Jem had it set he was gonna win. The trial was bringin' our family close in ways that was so unrecognizable because the change was happening so fast in each and every one of us. | Atticus and The Court

7: Halloween night, after my school play, was a very frightenin' night. I was in the school play as a ham, and my costume was great! It looked real realistic and everythin'! Now earlier that day, when me and Jem were walkin' to school, another boy jumped out from behind a tree and scared us. When Jem and I were leavin' the school, we heard a noise behind us and thought it was that same boy. Jem and I both called his name but nobody answered. Then both of us started gettin' real scared and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I knew somethin' was wrong. Then somebody charged out of the darkness towards us and Jem and me rean as fast as we could. The footsteps got closer and closer. I heard the person catch up with Jem and they fought for a bit. Then I heard a scream and a crunching soucnd and the person came towards me and started to attack me. Luckily I had my coustume on still and I was mostly protected from the attacker. Then someone pulled em' off me. I ran all the way home and was met by Boo Radley of all people carrying my brother, Jem, in his arms. Jem's arm was badly broken and bent at an odd angle. Atticus called the doctor and had his arm set. We found out the attacker was Bob Ewell, tryin' to get back at Attics for defending Tom Robinson in the case against his daughter, Myella Ewell. Without Boo Radley savin' me and jem, I wouldn't be alive. | A Scary Event in My Life

8: Soap Dolls & A Blanket | The soap doll I found in the knothole of a tree, tells about my life. It shows the mystery involved with the Radleys. The doll looked just like me, it even wore its hair short like me. Jem got another one that looked just like him too. We reckoned that Boo Radley carved them for us. When we found them we were fascinated. Those dolls remind me how excitin' the summer we found them was. Now, thanks to Boo, I will always have somethin' to remember that summer by.

9: The night of the fire at Miss Maudie's house was a night I remember very well but very few details about. Atticus woke Jem and me, and took us outside. He told Jem to take me down the street and stay there. It was a chilly night and too much was goin on at once for me to realize what was actually happening. When the fire was finally out Jem and me came home. Atticus asked me where I got a blanket and i didn't know the answer. I stood there tryin' to remember, but Jem figured it out first. Boo gave it to me. He put it around my shoulders without me noticing. Then Jem burst out all the details about the knothole to Atticus. I wanted to throw up.

10: Throughout Scout and Jem's life if there's anything that Atticus tries to teach his kids it's to be understandable. To be understandable of others looks no matter who they are. To be understandable of others ways no matter what they do. To be understandable of others words no matter what they say. He gives everyone a fair chance. He takes the side of everyone is born innocent, and if they give you a reason to believe they are not innocent you should listen to their story before you judge. When Scout tells Atticus that Boo Radley is nice it symbolizes Scout finally starting to grasp the concept of undertanding. Despite all the stories that she had heard in the past from people in her town she got to know the mysterious Boo Radley, the night her and Jem ere attacked and learned he wasn't like what everyone said at all. | "Atticus, he was real nice..."Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.""(p. 281)

11: The End!

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