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Aqua Swirls

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FC: Bruce | By:Erika Barroso

1: Basic Info | Name: Bruce Wayne Date of Birth: March 25, 2013 Place of Birth: Pallet Town Doctor: Professor Oak Weight: 5 lbs

2: Bruce was a miracle child. Professor Oak said his birth mother had the Rubella virus, a Teratogen and a chemical that passes the placenta and harms the baby. With the help of rest, fluids, and medication, since the virus has no cure, the mother managed to not pass it on to Bruce. We are extremely blessed and grateful. | March 25, 2013

3: Today we started seeing Bruce and his reflexes, an automatic reaction that he has no control over. We saw the Moro-reflex when Bruce felt he had no more support. He opened up his arms and shocked me with his thunder bolt...very painful. Rubber gloves, anyone?

4: The Senses | Bruce is still developing his senses a.k.a. his hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. Being only a few weeks old, Bruce can only focus on objects a foot in front of him. He can see Mommy and Daddy, but not his beautiful wallpaper...How sad, it was so expensive.

5: A Reflection of the Past | Bruce's First Word "Pika!" | I'm surprised at how Bruce developed his speech: 2-4 months: cooing and only vowels sounds 4-8 months: babbling 8-12 months: "Dadda" for Daddy 1-2 years: knows commands 2-3 years: knows two step commands

6: It's a 'boy' | Bruce likes his rapper outfit the most. | Bruce is a 'boy' and a boy. | I remember when my mother told me to raise Bruce 'properly' and manly. She said since he was a boy, he was meant to do 'boy things.' I told her that Bruce's gender wouldn't be the result of the effect of culture or genetics. Yes, he was born a boy, but it would be his choice to be a 'boy' or a 'girl.' We bought him both Barbies and trucks, the cliche toys for both genders. Bruce decided to play with the trucks. When choosing an outfit, he always preferred his blue jeans to his pink shorts. Bruce is a 'boy,' but because of his own decisions.

7: Parenting | I think we did okay. | Alfred and I are trying to be good parents. We didn't want to be Authoritarian parents and give Bruce no freedom and always make decisions for him. He would've become fearful when we weren't there to decide things for him anymore. | We definitely didn't want to be Permissive Parents, always changing our minds and being bipolar. Bruce would never know how to behave, because he wouldn't know how we would react. Not only that, but he would have Attachment issues. When in a Strange Situation, like being dropped off for daycare, Bruce would be Anxious/ Ambivalent. He wouldn't want to come back with us. | We decided to be Authoritative parents, giving Bruce a little more freedom each year. When he was young, we explained to him what we decided and why we decided that. Now, at thirteen, Bruce does not doubt us. If he feels something is unfair, we discuss it.

8: 0-1 Year I'm not sure if Freud was wrong... Bruce seems to be in the Oral Stage, always wanting to put everything in his mouth...even his pokeball! | 1 1/2- 2 Years Bruce is in the Anal Stage. He wants to be in control. The only things he can control right now are his body fluids. | 2-6 Years Bruce is in the Phallic Stage. He is starting to understand the difference berween a girl and a boy. | 6-12 Years Bruce is in the Latency Stage. Nothing has really changed. Bruce is pretty stable right now...Let's hope it stays this way, and he never reaches the Genital Stage...yeah right. The instant he hits puberty, his sexual desires are going to resurface and be twice as powerful!

9: Oh Piaget | Mini-Blog At two, Bruce is about to end his Sensori-Motor Stage. He is now aware of object permanence. He knows that my car keys are hidden in my pocket and haven't disappeared...GREAT. At the age of five, Bruce is about to end his Pre-operational Stage. He is starting to understand the concept of symbolic thinking. At the age of eleven, Bruce just finished his Concrete Operational stage. He knows what conservation is. I don't have to use the same cup for his as the ones Daddy and I use, because "they're bigger." At the age of thirteen, Bruce just entered the Formal Operational Stage. He knows how to think hypothetically. He can solve math problems without my help. Time to sign up for Algebra. Overall, I'm glad Bruce is done with the whole idea that everything revolves around him (egocentrism). No more monster trucks for Mother's Day!

10: Erickson dsakldgf;lk NO! ...That was Bruce. | Trust vs. Mistrust- Whenever Bruce cried, I would go and comfort him. He knows he can trust the world, and that someone will always be there for him. (birth- 1 yr) Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt- Bruce keeps saying no to everything, even things he likes. He said no to Pewter City!! (1-2 yrs) | Initiative vs. Guilt- Bruce keeps asking 'why' to everything! He kept this up for hours, until I told him to go ask Daddy... ;) (2-5 yrs) Identity vs Role Confusion- Bruce looks lost. I hear him in his sleep wondering who he is. He's trying to figure out how he belongs in society. Poor baby. This is going to take a while. (13-20 yrs) | Pre-Conventional Stage- Bruce only acts good so he won't get into trouble. (Birth- 4 yrs) Conventional Stage- Bruce is behaving the he thinks society wants him to act. (4-10 yrs) Post-Conventional Stage- Bruce is starting to develop his own morals, without the influence of others. Hopefully he keeps this up as he grows. (10-20 yrs)

11: Intimacy vs Isolation- I worry how Bruce will handle love. Will he find some? Can he learn to love someone? Wow, I sound like I'M in that stage...hmm. (20-40 yrs) Generativity vs Stagnation- When Bruce gets married he's going to wonder if he can make his life count. He'll be wondering what job will get him far in life and whether or not he should have kids. I know what ever he does, he'll be successful. (40-50 yrs) | Integrity vs Despair- Hopefully this doesn't happen for a long, LONG time, but when Bruce gets to his final years, he'll look back on his life and wonder if he did everything right, if being himself was okay. I hope what he sees makes him smile.

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