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camden gola

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S: Someday by Camden Gola Original story by Charlotte Zolotow

FC: Some Day Story By: Camden Gola Real Story By: Charlotte Zolotow.

1: Someday...

2: Something I could change at home

3: Someday. I wish i had a self cleaner for my room. My mom always tells me to clean my room but i never do. I almost never make my bed and my mom yells at me everyday for it. If I had one that could clean my room put away my clothes and make my bed everyday that would be so awesome. I'm sure i'm not the only one that would like that.

4: Someday, I wish I could be better at baseball. All though i am already really good at it, i always strive to be better. You can never get worse at a sport, you can only get better. Everyone would have to keep up with me . I would maybe even make it to the pros. Then everyone will stop catching up with me because ill be the best I can be.

5: Sport that i wish i could be better at

6: March 11th 2009 | Someday, I will have a pet liger. Yes, liger's are real. Liger's happen when a tiger and a lion mate. They are big and fat and furry. They are the coolest kind of animal in my opinion. I could let it live in my backyard like Mike Tyson does with his tiger.

7: Let the dice roll!

9: Someday, I would like to visit Area 51. I want to see if there really are aliens there. If there are aliens there I would try to talk to them to see whats going on in Mars. I would name all of the aliens Paul. They could show me around in their spaceship their secretly building and take me to Pluto.

10: Job I wish I could have | Someday, I will be a professional baseball player. I love playing baseball. It is the most fun sport to play. You make millions of dollars for playing one year. If you play for 10 years you can retire at 30 and do what ever you want in your mansion.

11: Something I wish for my friendships | Someday, I wish I had time to hang out with my friends on weekdays. But either they have something to do or I have to go to baseball practice or games. Don't get me wrong I love playing baseball, but I just want some time to hangout with my friends.

12: Something I want to do for the Earth | Someday, I want there to be no Global warming EVER for the earth. I want this because It will get really really really hot if global warming actually happens. No one wants it to be 150 degrees all the time. Or it will be really cold. All of our drinks would be ice.

13: Something I want for our planet | Someday, There will be unlimited, cheap gas, that do not harm the environment. That is just what this world needs. Everyone pays so much for gas to get to their jobs, meet up with friends, or just take a drive. Gas is how much? $3.80 a gallon? Why can't it be 50c a gallon? Gas stations will still make so much money.

14: A law I wish didn't exist | Someday, I wish the law, when 2 illegals have a baby in the U.S. the baby is legal. I think the baby should be illegal because the parents were breaking the law and were not legal. Then there would be way less illegals trying to get into our country illegally.

15: Something materialistic I want | Someday, I will have a Lamborghini Murcielago and a Mansion with a soda machine and a 80inch TV in every room. I would have parties everyday at my house. I would drive my Lamborghini every where i go. Everyone would be so jealous of my car and would want it and try to steal it but my alarm would be so loud that the robber head blows up.

16: Someday, I would hope my classmates would look at me like im the sexiest man alive. They would treat me like royalty. They would do anything I want them to whenever I want them to. They would have to do whatever i say they have to do or they will get suspended for a 70 days. They would get held back if they got suspended too. | Something my classmates would admire about me

17: Activity i wish i could get better at | Someday, I wish i could get better at BMX. I like to build jumps and jump them on my bike but I wish i could get better at it. I wish i could do whips on jumps and actually land it. My friend can do it but he doesn't really know how to explain how to do it. he says it just comes to you.

18: Something I would give to others | Someday, I wish i could give $20,000,000to others in need of it. Such as hobos an Charlie Sheen. Everyone would have enough money to do whatever they want. No one would steal. Crimes would go down. Everything would be going good for everyone.

19: Something I wish I could change back to the way it used to be. | I wish that everyone would just be friends like in 1st grade. There was NO drama, no posses and no one would feel left out.Every thing would be fair no one would really be mean. It would all be fun and everyone would play games together.

20: But now its time for CHANGE | But now its time for CHANGE! I will try to change all that I have said in this book. It will be a long hard journey but I will get through it. My life will be almost perfect if iI do all of the things I said I would do. So, once again I am going to try my hardest to do all of these things I said I would do.

22: Cheers! 3.11.09

23: Keep the dice rolling!

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