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Christy and Waine's Wedding

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Christy and Waine's Wedding - Page Text Content

S: Christy & Waine

BC: Happily ever after . . .

FC: Christy & Waine | 6.11.11

1: In The Beginning

2: THIS IS THE TRUE STORY OF THE EPIC LOVE SAGA THAT IS CHRISTY AND WAINE!!!! October, 2007, pouring down rain, a hot, sultry night in Waikiki. A local band, The Sunset Jammers, was performing in the Polynesian lobby of The Royal Grove Hotel where I work, which was filled with Q-tips (a charming name we use to kindly refer to elderly people). I looked up from my desk, and noticed a man, soaked to the skin, who just happened to have walked in the door. My razor sharp instincts kick in as I quickly assume he is homeless and possibly dangerous! His hair is a matted mop of black curls, his shirt has several holes in it, and he is carrying one broken slipper in his hand. With eagle eye vision, I watch him to make sure he doesn’t attack any Q-tips. After he looks around for a bit, he exits through the front door. I breathe a sigh of relief as no harm is done; whenever I have to kick out a bum, it never goes smoothly. Perhaps 20 minutes later, he reappears. One of our more colorful guests, Gino, comes to the front to greet him. Upon closer inspection, I notice that although this dude LOOKS like a vagrant, he has an animal magnetism that stirs something deep inside me. I stealthily watch him. Gino offers him a beer and invites him to stay and watch the show. When the music comes to an end, Gino and the vagabond stranger approach the desk and Gino says, "Hey Christy, can I borrow a pen and some paper?" I finally get a good look at the mystery man, and as I gaze into his green/hazel eyes, my heart skips a beat! He smiles at me, and I say, "Hi;” he responds with, "Hi." I detect an Australian accent so I acknowledge that I am going to Australia in a couple of weeks with some chitchat for a moment while he and Gino exchange addresses, after which he walks out the door. I cannot get those green eyes out of my mind and confess this to my co-worker, Donna. I discuss him with Donna, remembering that Gino has his phone number. Donna convinces me to call him. Bravely, I do--only to get his voicemail. I proceed, leaving one of the lamest, most embarrassing messages in the history of message leaving. It went something like this:

3: "AAHHHh, uhhh... ahem... HELLO THERE!!! GOODDAY MATE! This is uh my name is Christy. I work at the Royal Grove Hotel...um... you were here the other night. I’m the chic at the front desk...I lent you a pen? Uh, you know Gino? Well, I was wondering if maybe you would like to hang out sometime. Have a beer, or throw a shrimp on the Barbie? ...ok...call me; well, if you want.” I hung up the phone and slapped myself in the forehead. I sounded like a real tool. I waited with bated breath for Waine to return my call. Days turned into a week, then several weeks, and I gave up on him. I figured that my strange and awkward message convinced him that I am a lunatic. Several months pass and I forget all about Waine and those sultry eyes of his. Six months after that ill fated phone message, I receive a letter at the hotel. I have no idea who sent it!!! I open it, slowly. Very slowly it dawns on me—IT’S A LETTER FROM WAINE IN AUSTRALIA!!! It’s a sweet letter, not too personal, written while he was at work. He told me about his job and, basically, said that maybe we could go out next time he visits Honolulu. I promptly reply the next day, writing something like, "Way to drop the ball there Waine! It only took you 6 months to touch base with me! I forgot you even existed!" Then I got a little sweeter. I don’t exactly remember all I said, but I wasn’t mean about it because I was kind of shocked, but excited that he wrote me! Off the letter went, and I waited for his speedy reply....and waited and waited. Month after month! I figured I must have ragged on him too much in my reply; that he literally wrote me off for good. “Oh well, wasn’t meant to be,” I thought. | About a month later, I was working my usual job, just cruising along. I look up and who walks in the door with a shit eating grin on his face, but Mr. Waine Aldred himself! I look at him, taking a few seconds and I’m like, "YOU!!!"

4: We start talking and I realize it’s been exactly a year since the first time he walked into the lobby! After about an hour (and a couple of glasses of wine), Waine asks me where my favorite place to eat is; I tell him, "The Yard House," (their Halibut with truffle mash is insane!) and he says, "Let’s go this weekend!" But, I had to decline because I already had a date with another guy, and thought, “Ha!!! Well, what does he expect? For me to just be sitting here, waiting after a year to go out with him at the drop of a hat?” We say our goodbyes, he gives me his hotel number, and out the door he goes... again! As the weekend rolls around, I can’t get Waine off my mind! I realize that I would MUCH rather spend my Friday night with Waine (who makes me laugh out loud) instead of the other guy (who, unfortunately, seems to have no lips). So, I make a game time decision and break it off with the lipless fellow and call Waine. Of course, he’s not there, and I have to leave a message on his voicemail.again. I tried to play it cool, and not dork out again. I left my number, and said something came up and I’m free on Friday night. Well, this time it didn’t take long for him to call saying he was glad my plans had changed. We had a fantastic dinner that lasted for hours, then some cold coronas on Waikiki beach. It was a date to remember. I was a goner from that night on. We spent the next 3 weeks together exploring the island and getting to know each other. After he left, it wasn’t long until I was in Australia again, cutting short my New Zealand trip so I could spend 4 days with Waine in Sydney. About 5 months later, I was there to see him again! Long Distance relationships suck and they’re VERY EXPENSIVE! In October, 2009, Waine was back in Hawaii for a month and I took him on the rounds which included my favorite campground. He was also able to meet my parents who had made a visit to see me and my brother. I was getting serious! Waine had to leave again, but returned in December to spend Christmas with me. New Years, too! the perfect time, magical time.stroke of midnight, proper kissthe first time! Finally! Before Waine left again, we made plans to go visit my family in Texas in May, 2010. Since he loves Texas anyway, we toured The ALAMO!!! We also spent two days in New Orleans.

5: The highlight, of course, was when Waine proposed to me on my dad’s boat on Carey’s Bayou which runs along my folk’s backyard! It was very romantic, and I could not have imagined a sweeter moment! I was NOT expecting it, and it turns out everyone in my family already knew, as Waine actually asked my dad for my hand in marriage! When my dad saw the ring he said, “That’s not big enough!" Ha ha. He’s a funny guy, my pops. | Cruising on the water, having the bright Texas sun shine down on all those diamonds, I was in shock... speechless!!! Waine finally said, “Hey, if you don’t say yes, I’m gonna crash the boat!" | Waine still has that first letter I sent him. He even kept and listened to that lame voicemail I left him about the shrimp on the Barbie, over and over for weeks, pondering the strange chick at the front desk.

6: A couple of weeks later, Waine returned to Sydney and we began our long journey through the legal system to have Waine legalized to marry me and live in the USA. We are still waiting, hoping he will be here (Oahu) in mid February, 2011. I just returned from a two week visit (Nov.19-Dec.3, 2010); our love is still very intact, and there are no second thoughts; I am more in love with him than ever before! We will never have to spend months apart ever again, and this long,painful separation/ journey to be together will finally be over forever! And there was the whole visa process! So much paper, so much time! We applied for the visa soon after our return from Texas and after working our way through the beurocracy of it all Waine finally had his final interview on February 22, 2011 and his visa was approved soon after that. On Mar ch 22 I found out that Waine would arrive in Hawaii, visa in hand, on April 3, 2011. Finally!!!

7: And we lived happily in our home in beautiful Hawaii Kai.

8: Pre Wedding

9: After Waine prosed the planning for the wedding began. The logistics were incredible since we would get married at a beach house on the North Shore - a one hour drive from home and from Honolulu. This mean that everything - including the guests - had to be moved there and back. By the end of May plans were finalized and everything was falling into place. It also meant that friends and family began to arrive. Most meeting for the first time.

10: On June 5 lil Don and Jackie had our families and some friends over for a bbq. They couldn't get enough of the amazing view. Christy was at work.

11: On June 6 friends and family got to experience 'Music Night' at the Royal Grove Hotel. The Wailiki Jammers performed and Caroline and Yuko taught the hula.

12: Everyone had a great time.

13: And . . . It was also Christy's last night at work before the wedding! So, of course, she made the best of it.

14: On June 9 there was a meet and greet at the hotel. This was a chance for wedding guests staying there to get to know each other and a chance for Christy to reunite with friends.

16: On June 7 our families made the move to Mokuleia. We rented four houses along this beautiful beach.

17: The main beach house is where the hub of gatherings and activities took place. Mom, dad, Aunt Mimi and Janet stayed here.

18: Mom, Denise and Shirley stayed in the 'loft house'. After they left we moved in.

19: We stayed at another house with Geoff and Charmaine just a few minutes walk down the beach from the main 'compound'.

20: Don, Jackie and a group of their friends stayed in a house a few minutes down the beach in the opposite direction.

21: Enjoying, yet another, beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

22: Mokuleia beach.

24: Last Days Before The Wedding

25: It took a lot of organization, planning and people power to get everything we needed to Mokuleia and then get it set all set up.

30: There was, of course, time for some relaxation, fun and lots of great food.

34: Final Preparations

35: Rehearsing and making the final preparations was all part of the fun.

37: Whether it was quiet contemplation, a hearty breakfast, finalizing the vows or just doing last minute checks, this was going to be a perfect day. The rainbow first thing in the morning guaranteed it.

39: And then the moment . . . Our guests arrived and settled in.

42: Time to get ready for the main event.

44: The Ceremony

45: And now . . . our time had come. Everyone waited in anticipation for the guys to walk down the beach.

46: Once the guys were in place, it was time for the girls to join everyone and for dad to make his appearance and take his place too.

47: Hawaiian Wedding Song (sung by Gainer) This is the moment I've waited for I can hear my heart singing Soon bells will be ringing This is the moment Of sweet Aloha I will love you longer than forever Promise me that you will leave me never Here and now dear, All my love, I vow dear Promise me that you will leave me never I will love you longer than forever U-a, si-la Pa-a ia me o-e Ko a-lo-ha ma-ka-mea e i-po Ka-'u ia e le-i a-e ne-i la Now that we are one Clouds won't hide the sun Blue skies of Hawaii smile On this, our wedding day I do love you with all my heart

48: Aloha, Howdee, Gooday, Konichiwa! On behalf of the Hulens and Aldreds we would like to thank you all for coming here today to witness the joining of these two awesome people . . . We know that many of you have travelled from really far away to be a part of this special day . . . Before we get started . . . If there is anyone here that opposes the union of these two super cool individuals . . . Please speak now . . . Anyone? . . . Well, if you change your mind . . . We can have lil don here . . . Take care of your concerns . . . | Attention everyone. We are about to get started. Please move in closer. Who gives this bride to be wed?

49: When Christy asked me to marry her and Waine I was honored to be given this duty . . . Then I was really scared . . . I’m pretty new to this pastor thing . . . And the thought of standing in front of 200 people and talking is a frightful one . . . But this girl right here did it for me so now I am returning the favor . . . I consider her my sister . . . And I am happy to be marrying Waine into our family . . . Marriage is the union of two people committed to helping each other become better people . . . Always thinking of the other person first . . . It’s not easy . . . It’s hard work . . . But I love being married . . . It is so great to find that one special person that you want to annoy for the rest of your life . . . Guys, I don’t have a long sermon about love . . . And how wondferful it is . . . I just have some advice for you on the joys of marriage . . .

50: Marriage is not just a spiritual communion . . . It is also remembering to take out the trash . . . Waine you are marrying Mrs. right Just remember her real first name is always . . . Christy a good wife always forgives her husband . . . Even when she’s wrong . . . Waine, when Christy says she needs more space . . . You're allowed to lock her outside . . . There’s plenty of space out doors. Christy when you need a job to be done around the house . . . Don’t ask Waine to do it . . . Instead . . . Attempt the job yourself . . . And if you do it badly enough . . . Hell step in ane do it right . . . He gets to be the hero . . . And you get to go and relax . . . May you both share everything . . . Including the housework . . . May all of your ups and downs . . . Be in between your sheets . . . . | And most of all . . . When you fight . . Cause you will . . . Fight naked . . . And the argument will be sure to fade away fast and you will always go to bed happy in each others arms . . .

51: Please present the rings . . . rings, rings, . .. . ??? Don, do you have the rings? Yuko, Jackie, Geoff??? Here they are Charmaine . . . I've got them! Jake (Tater) to the rescue!

52: Before the vows, I will read a short poem that Christy has written for Waine: For many years now . . . Christy has cavorted . . . Trying to get her life sorted . . . So when she laid her eyes on you . . . She knew . . . She would have you imported . . . And now that you're here and you're never to part . . . It doesn’t matter where y'all go . . . Because you live in her heart . . .

53: Christy, please present Waine his ring . . . Waine . . . Do you swear . . . To leave any and all chocolate that you find in the freezer . . . Exactly as you found it . . . Untouched . . . And in its hiding spot . . . Do you promise to love her and will you and abide by her rules and regulations . . . To not disturb her and keep the blinds down . . . Not to wake her before 10 in her slumbering den . . . Will you rub sunscreen on her back and always cut her some slack . . . And please let her roam because Christy will always come home . . . Do you accept the terms? I do! Please place the ring on Waine’s finger.

54: Waine, please present the ring. Chirsty . . . Do you proimise to love and abide by the rules and conditions of tootball and baseball season . . . To never interrupt Waine and Geoff while they are on the couch with talk of housework or laundry . . . To always be supportive and understanding . . . When he sings in the morning . . . To cherish and hold and always keep the beer cold . . . To smile and remember he’s always by your side . . . No matter what his mood or what you say . . . Just remember . . . He’s here to stay . . . | Do you accept the terms? I DIGERIDO! Please place the ring on Chirsty’s finger.

55: By the powers vested to me by the state of Hawaii . . . I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride! And kiss . . . and kiss . . . and kiss . . .

56: May I be the first to introduce . . . Mr. and Mrs. Aldred!

57: Waine had a beautiful wedding band custom made to match my engagement ring. I also got to wear diamond rings that belonged to my grandmothers (Johnny Hulen and Amida Spear) and was given a ring by the daughter of Elaine Stewart who was a regular guest at the Grove. Waine's ring, it is said, is a ring with bands that physically spin around the actual ring. They are said to bring good luck, fortune, a sense of serenity and peace and rid the wearer of anxiety and worry.

58: Congratulations To The Newlyweds

62: Let's Celebrate!

69: There's a first time for everything . . . Jacky, Denise and Shirley got lessons in making s'mores. They LOVED them. We predict - s'mores are now being prepared in Australia . . .

70: Beach Pictures With Friends

74: Beach Pictures With Family & Wedding Party

79: Christy, please present Waine his ring . . . Waine . . . Do you swear . . . To leave any and all chocolate that you find in the freezer . . . Exactly as you found it . . . Untouched . . . And in its hiding spot . . . Do you promise to love her and will you and abide by her rules and regulations . . . To not disturb her and keep the blinds down . . . Not to wake her before 10 in her slumbering den . . . Will you rub sunscreen on her back and always cut her some slack . . . And please let her roam because Christy will always come home . . . Do you accept the terms? I do! Please place the ring on Waine’s finger.

84: Bouquet, Speeches, Mahalo & Aloha

85: We were having so much fun the time just got away on us. Before we knew it our wonderful day was coming to an end . . . We barely had time to squeeze in speeches and mahalo before it was time to say aloha . . . | My bouquet was made with daisies. How fitting that Leah Daisy caught it.

86: I've known Christy for almost 14 years. We first met at RG summer 1997. At that time, I was not able to speak any English at all. Can you believe that??? Anyway she taught me how to speak American English every night during my visit. Then we became good friends as you know!! Remember, you made me to say slang in front of your friends in the old days..... | First of all,congratulations Christy and Waine!! I'm so happy for you the newest married couple in the world at this moment.

87: After I met Christy,my life changed, cuz she brought so many cool things and people to my life, like camping, happy hour, meeting cool people here tonight. And we traveled to Australia, New Zealand and the Big island together. We've done lots of fun stuff,right!? | Waine, you got married to the coolest one. You are the luckiest guy in the world. Don't forget it!! | Cheers, kan-pai!!!!!

88: Over to you Geoff! What a great day to get married. Marriage carries new responsibilities. Christy from now on you should never argue or disagree with Waine because he is now the head of the family and the king of his castle. You will be expected to keep your hair and makeup perfect at all times and to dress in a way that pleases Waine. You should cook his favorite meals every night and encourage him to watch rugby with his friends on a regular basis. Do these simple things and your marriage will be blessed with many years of happiness. Christy I know that Waine loves you very much... because he spent a long time writing this speech for me. Congratulations to you both!

90: Mahalo and Aloha everyone!

92: To have and to hold . . . And, to keep your beer cold . . .

94: Cake Cutting, The Toast & Gift Opening

95: We didn't exactly do things in the traditional way . . . The buses arrived and took us by surprise. We were having so much fun we didn't get to all the usual wedding activities . . . So, we just went with the flow . . .

96: Since Waine and I did not do the official toast ourselves, mom and dad did it on our behalf. It took them a few minutes to remember how to intertwine their arms but the did it.

98: We Did It!

99: And then it was done! We changed, ate and relaxed. Over the next days, we said aloha to friends and family and packed up to leave our beautiful beach wedding space.

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