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Collection of Poems

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S: "Collections of Poems" by: Rufie D. Reodique ~12-25-10~

BC: "Other things may change us but we start and end with family." | Especially made for you by Noralyn Marcelino | "The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever." ~ Isaiah 40:8 ~

FC: Rufie D. Reodique ~Writer~ | Collection of Poems

1: "Collection of Poems" My gift to last a lifetime by: Rufie D. Reodique The Sagittarius Lady & the Author

2: L O V E | R - Remarkable life from God's destiny & human U - Unite and deal with different traits honestly F - Friendly,supportive, cheers in spite of sacrifices I - Insult, indifference depressed my weak emotions E - Encounter peace & joy through prayers & trust in God. D - Devoted heartily to intelligent persons with golden heart R - Revived through love & sympathy "Changes of Life". E - Emphasize the value of priceless gift to human O - Overcome the hard experience and challenges D - Demand for equality of Human Rights in Action I - Integrity of the Mass Voice to erase poverty Q - Questionnaires from People's Assembly proves Democracy U - Understanding, good service promotes Economic Progress E - Enjoy, contribute alms to the indigents for education. | Prayer For Peace, Love & Success Oh Dear Jesus of Infinite Mercy Bestow upon us the daily graces To encounter a happy & peaceful life Help us to erase fears and doubts Away from evil and inhuman forces Rescue the weak and more strength Keep us Alive & Support us the Magic Sword Be our watchful Guardian daily & timely Forgive us our sins, lead us to the right path Away from temptation forever - Amen!

3: Th | My Best Brother In The World A - Amazing, Analyst the "Great Golden Achiever" R - Remarkable service and support honesty T - Trace, solve for economic global problems U - Unite, equalize friends and family for peace R - Rejuvenate life through sacrifice and love O - Onward to continuous progress to humanity M. "Member of Filipino Model Family" "Pride of the Ilocandia" D - Distinguished, delicate in important matters A - Awarded, Alert in different universal events Y - Yearn to portray a bright and Meaningful Life O - Observe good traits for right deeds A - Aspect personality of "Gold Society" gift from God N - Nurture Life, no surrender for a worthy cause. Dedicated to my Most Beloved Brother ~ Art and Angel of My Life ~ Thanks God Almighty.....

4: The Power of Love The Power of Love depends upon men's personality Early years, past, present and the next generation The whole world goes round for the sake of love No matter how life-style differs we survive Love balances the heart and mind of every fellow. Beauty and handsomeness, intelligence combines rightly Richness and poverty are friendly qualities in life Trust, sacrifice, kindness and true understanding remains In "sacrifice, there's glory", No guts, no glory; likewise Save the Power of Love forever with honesty. Give Love to the needy voluntarily for all facts, Love concerns to all matters on earth as a whole, Men, environment, natures beauty must be preserved Nobody wish to live like a parasite with no love Learn to adjust life's necessities for a long bridge. The Power of Love will reign all over the world Smooth, peaceful and happy with enough success Dreams will come to reality at the right time Rewards and fruits of love for job everlasting "Never retreat, Dig more the Power of Love"! "God showers on the Power of Love"! | The Gift of Love Love is a fine and precious word distributed, God shares since life till death untold, Persons love each other and everyone universally, The world full of love is peaceful and happy, Love can make magics or dreams come true, Inspiration to live meaningfully defines Love and sacrifice depends upon the person's trait, Love without patience is useless and senseless, Meet your challenge and struggles with full love. You can reap enough treasure and gold, With love encircling your life plans, Be alert and honest to God and humanity, Don't lose your hope and regain more strength, Soon or later you'll win the Gifts of Love. The Gifts of Love are countless and beautiful All comes from the whole will of God, Parents, relatives and friends are important guidance, Blessed are the poor with super-talent and humble, Good personality and character are the signs of pure love (Love in All Matters) Universally

5: The Voice Of Love (From God & Men) God is wonderful and indescribable. He is the Best Creator on Earth, He is everything though invisible, Nothing can replace His real-being, In figure, power mind, providence as a whole, No human-being could imitate His portrait Superior, lovable, kind, shower bountiful blessings. Where's the Voice of Love? I'm yearning to Hear since childhood the real voice of our Almighty, It's only through dreams, illusions and My emotions that my poor life have encountered Consolation, Love that is pure and endless to the heart. Will you be here right on my side at troubles? Will you trap and shut the mouth of evils? Will you carry me to bright paths of Holiness? I long to happen in my life peace and love True Man and Women on earth with sincere hearts & mind. The sweet Voice of God and man are welcome No hypocrisy, greediness, impoliteness and disrespect Richness, high-education, beauty are only extra points Count your bad deeds, but not your treasures Love that's empty, flawless and selfish Renew and look forward for peace and happiness. | The Magic of Love God & Humanity Why do I'm here in this World? The right answer is through God's love and Parents, We are gathered together to love one another Jesus sayest: Go forth in this world and multiply. The world showered with people with a couple's origin. So Beauty and Love defined love widely & unendlessly. Love makes the smallest creature move & happy, Amazing, Alive, incomparable, beautiful & talented, Love that begins well & motivated since birth Are healthy growth foundation if a happy life Love that's true felt, deep inside the heart Means a bright future and happy events. Love are well-spread from Educated persons They are great Possessors of rich & LuxuryLife, They are the great inventors, proprietors ahead, Love of employers, employees works together Rewards successful business, Programs and all Preserve all God's gift, materialistic or spiritual. Lovable children makes beautiful Paradise on Earth, Offer them Love, so pure and tender like God, Plant in their minds good character and build-up, Guide them to the right path of education solely, Love to God above all Humanity's Right, Promote good welfare, Progress of World-wide society.

6: The Keys of Life Life are full of wonders, bright and gloomy God keys are from God, parents and children Bad keys are derived from bad influence Select keys that fits your life style Gold keys with gold hearts makes success. Education and prayers are the keys important Silver keys for simple and early start Bronze keys for sharpening life and tender Rust keys for dormant and idle life New and recoated enamel for good development. Replenish life with undergrowth basis Represents short keys, thin and endurable People of frail minds, no strong built-up Lack of determination and waddling in poverty Remains inevitable with tight keys. Achieve the keys to peace and happiness Education, good character and industry Trust to God and right persons on time Gold keys are reserved and awaiting Pure love, honestly rewards the keys of life. | The Treasure of Life Hail, Mother Earth full of natures beauty worldwide, God created them all with countless good Christians The world becomes modernized through powerful inventions Intelligent personnel's alert to achieve excellent projects Progressive countries unite for business factors. The youth and adult of the whole mass must cooperate In matters of education, religions, amusements or on all fields Good citizens are the best assets to bountiful treasures Wherever chosen lands to excavate, explore for progress Sunshine will brighten the worlds economy convenience. The "Treasure of life" are full and amazing worldwide Materialistic matters and spiritual things combine Man made and natures creation from God's Power True miracles gifted to the intelligent persons in poverty The battle of life conquers every hindrance overcome. Lets forecast our capabilities to our best efforts Sacrifice and determination are good friends and traits Constant prayers for good luck, health and eventuating"s Makes a "Holy Life" more than gold and treasure life Bright people, God fearing, loving to the needy are the true. Gems, Paradise on Earth

7: My Inspiration In Life (The Great Philanthropist) My best inspiration in life means only one He's my super-genius Brother in the World No one can surpass his magnetic personality God gifted him more talents than me for truth He is the great pride of our family forever! He is friendly, noble, educated but humble, Understanding, kind, cheerful and practical, Every time he comes home fills our town with joy He is very special person to everybody, rich or poor He joins freely, with due respective smiles. I long to recollect our fond memories and childhood He is my best young playmates, Alert and super-star He beats everybody in songs, lessons and cooking I love to tickle, press his palms, hug and carry him Sweet are the hours of our Native land but full of homesickness. The teardrops fell on my teasing eyes and cheeks I remember our happy days were together Someone to let me laugh and smile the whole day Sing and play are but past happy years ago Time can't come back and renew our life again. Were now adults and soon to leave the world No one knows the definite date of one's destiny Good traits and deeds will always be remarked For reasonable, struggles of life endured My best wishes and gratitude will remain in you!

8: My Life's Destiny (In General) God you're my supreme creator Incredible, Kind and Provider Share good gifts of beauty Heal the sick in poverty Love, Hope, trust abides. The world is full of survivals Full of problems and complicated People must renew and repent Aware of good matters to preserve Bad deeds never last for God's will. Serve and Deal well for Dignity Aim just enough, not for the extent, Thank God for simple graces bestowed Love and sympathy for the humanity True Miracles will light on your life. Writer: Mrs. Rufie Reodique | The Purpose of Life God is the real and kind creator of human Countless people rich or poor dwells everywhere Gifted with supernatural knowledge above Men must achieve every dream to reality Life is given a golden to portray Patience and industry are the key to success Select and plan for your purpose in life Good friends and jobs for a bright future Rewards unexpected, wholesome and fabulous. We're born to live preciously with love Full of adventures and life's survivals We must bear the right inspiration and aspect Forecast our minds for positive roles Have faith in God and men for the Purpose of Life! Writer: Mrs. Rufie D. Reodique

9: "Listen! Encourage. Say something. Do something. Be yourself. Love" ~Rev. Dale Turner | The Battle of Life The world is full of beauties created by God dwelled with numberless people of the different types good or bad, races and culture. We must bear in mind that our life was given only through God's blessing and power nurtured through the real sacrifices of our parents, relatives, friends or benefactors of goodwill. Everyone has each own fate and destiny we must trace a good path and pattern to follow, where we must go or reside temporarily or permanently. Life is so complicated and full of temptations and influence, bad or good so we must select by using our intelligence to detect the right measure to achieve, plan and prepare carefully, make some informations, speculations, to authorized persons before engaging any transaction, business, sales or any occasion or educated matters. Never trust strangers or unfamiliar person at once, Learn to have courage and confidence to well known friends formerly so you'll be safe in all matters. There are some opportunities and challenges in our life, from the early start since childhood and adult, rich have more strong bridges to reach their ambitions than the poor. We must conquer or battle the dark dungeon or pit of life. Money is powerful and conquer all, so it's hazardous to be tempted with money for it's the roots of evil. Educated or not, we must be humble and honest for Honesty is the best policy followed by the Golden Rule. Trust God and fellowmen to make the battle of life win. Raise your flag of Honor's High! | Life's Fulfillments Life is fully of ecstasy, enthusiasm and revolts, Human are confused with greed and dishonesty No one is born perfect but we must struggle Give concern to the needy, unselfish and willingly Life be bright and wholesome for peace, love and respect. Human endeavors are fulfilled through God's will Good determination, strong bridge, foundation raised High-intellects and right choice of career and place Challenges meet Waterloos, fight bravely ahead Enough sacrifice are gifted with sweet victory. Love for human humility to the poor and fateless, Understanding and share materialistic or spiritual matters God is watching, Eyes Power and real observant Ye, creatures bend your knees and raise your hands Knock the door of mercy and heaven and you'll be opened. Thanks to all great persons of golden hearts Love bestow on you, with God's bountiful grace Love thy brothers and sisters and all the survivors Life of any human be fulfilled through right enactment Portrayed countless treasures of alms voluntarily. (Blissful World for God's Mercy) ~ For a Worthy Cause ~

10: Life of yesterday and Today Yesterday's life is really fanatic and memorable Full of hindrance, enviable persons and detractors Good early start like plants or any specimen Robust, healthy-growing, tall for high-reach Earned benefits, help for environmental demands. Hate, discouragement, selfishness and mighty conscience Prevails loneliness, doubt, fears and excessive anguish Child that experienced this kind of life is rebellious Fine manners, language, right discipline and love Makes good foundation, straight direction (clay of youth) Today is bright, and intelligent life full of glamors Excitements, inspirations, adventures are world-wide Modern, convenient ways of living and all types of buildings Arise, fast by educated men poor or rich Good government, authorities, citizens involved happily. What a wonderful life God-gifted to us Learn to initiate love and good deeds everyday Do your share and service to humanity with trust Behold honesty, broad sense and cheerfulness Brilliant future and success are rewards from God! | Changes of life Comparison (Past & Current) People Of yesterday are superstitious and less educated They're but of the ordinary type and no dignified Some are intelligent but poor, so the rich rules They're deprived from their properties cause of ignorance Blinded from reasons and right so obliged innocently. Environments are mostly insanity and diseases spread Few medical practitioners and clinics are available Quack-doctors with herbal therapy and Spirit Healers Unsafe and worse case for sickness are in danger Poverty leads to risky lives on people on remote places. Schools, church, municipalities and hospital were not well-organized Government or private employees, unqualified causing defaults Poor management, dishonesty or graft and corruption arise Dirty politics, weapons, harassment and death threats fire out Fears of the mass, tortured life and slow progress. Suddenly through courageous youth of the country rise up Well-educated professionals on any line build-up leaders God's observance and kindness showered for peace and joy People must be grateful for these due rewards on time Convenience in life, well-distributed, notable and abundant. Life of today have many changes according to lifestyles Young and adults are free to voice out their rights and reasons Fear are sign of semi-ignorance and shamefulness Smart children becomes brilliant leaders of the future Give proper guidance, love and education for good MEANS! God and parents are sound bringers of life Trust and sacrifices in any matter are best formations Wonderful life and miracles will be friend on you Learn to labor and to wait for strong determination Love changes the whole world Bright and Happy to Dwell!

11: A - Amazing, alert the great golden achiever L - Law-abiding concerned citizen professional B - Brain and handsome, honest service in job E - Enthusiastic, friendly with fantastic adventures R - Responsible, efficient for the right goals T - Trace and activate important matters ahead. D. - Dynamic, distinguished, excellent outstanding rates R - Regenerate bright light to all areas even palaces E - Enhance people to convey a meaningful life O - Overwhelm ordinary structures for best currency D - Develop and maintain the nation world-wide progress I - Intelligent decisions for urgent matters Q - Quote and make suggestions for any good plans U - Unite with the role of majority for balance result E - Emphasize rare skills for wealth and success. Message and Request "More Powers for you and keep up the good work" Never forget to share true Love to Parents and Family, Close relatives and friends, most especially God, our Loving Creator with super natural powers And make miracles for a wonderful world. ~ Dedicated to my Most Beloved Son "Prince Charming Albert The GReat" | Universal Highlights Builders of the Nation

12: Universal People's Highlights People dwells everywhere, poor or rich Happy and lonely meets together with friends What's life if we don't rise and work? Good people are rewarded with gifts of love Law-abiding citizens provide good and happy life. God is our kind Creator and Father Eye- watcher, Provider of enough riches Intellectual people rejoice and adventure Remarks goodwill and progress universally Unended treasures achieved by patience. Love makes the whole world round People all types beauty and fair withstand Intelligent and low, frail or broad-minded Each has good shares and skills to develop Preserve those natural gifts from God Almighty! People of good traits are useful and memorable Dignity, riches are bright colors for everyone Honesty and kindness, clean hearts and conscience Beats every warriors power to erase mankind Hail, Christians where beauty and purity lies on! | Universal Success Success is a gold term for countless achievements Life are full of enchantments, educational and spiritual Amazing, incredible, dynamic, torturing the world's dynasty Determination, intelligence and love could battle all Prevent illegal ways and promote peace for good welfare. People of golden-hearts live preciously happy eventually, Good portraits of our society remain distinguished personalities. Alert, honest leaders defends law and erase poverty Healthy environment brightens the path to good future Good deeds last forever for God's generous reward. Time is gold, don't waste your life jobs, There's an age limit to all human fulfillments So arise, be honest, well dedicated on live Strong bridge beyond well-built till life Highlights of tomorrow will steadfast widely. Success are well-distributed through God's gift, A waiting for Christians of kind and willing hearts Remember "Patience, sacrifice and industry are the key to success. Intelligent Humanity are the Living Heroes and Angels Watchful-guardians to protect true "Democracy"!

13: People's life is not simple but complicated, confusable and not confusable to educated persons who have knowledge. Not all educated persons have knowledge, cause average persons of low education are more knowledgeable for certain reasons and situation, take for example and the real truth, the rich and educated person hires person to solve problems to the poor and low education. Who's better for real and actual matters? The highly educated person uses his money to finish his job activities or hire persons to do things out of his true skills on line, he signs or proves he can tackle but for dishonesty's sake, he was found later on illicit or illegal ways, so he's not only an educated man but even lost dignity and respect to others. Poor people looks ignorant and social outcast for the way he approach higher authorities. Don't judge anything like the cover of the book. Some old books or old persons have valuable contents, old persons for conservation but moral values, understanding must arise on every human to learn the natural being of the person, according to one's facial expression or attempt, purpose for the case slight or full consideration to the ones concerned for. Sometimes rich people try to condemn poor people as beggars, insane or robbers when they are not familiar to them, no proper identity (I.D.) on entering offices or private business buildings, they're pushed and closed (mocked) to guards premises. How cruel is life's changes, they are good and bad effects, How comes if they're only representatives or messengers for emergency cases for illness, transportation to take the last and rush time on the day with far and distant home. Can they save lives or ruin the destiny of Men? All High - headed Leaders or Not must be Humble, Vow their heads to God and Humanity for God is the King and Ruler of the Universe. No Man is Above the Law! Equality Before the Law! | ~ Universal Life ~ (Debates and Derogation) | Commentary Essay Logics and Philosophy:

14: According to my little knowledge from God, I've keen observations that human's life sounds good and bad, joy, peace and sorrow surmounted every person wherever he or she resides. Persons are qualified and belong to higher class of level in life if he is well-stabled. educated, rich rather realistic owners of dominant lands, homes for rent or all kinds of business implements. Fast progress could open offices all branches, and even different types of cars of the latest and best model imported or local brand new. Average people must learn to labor and to wait or if he is alert and has strong personality, he can't be discouraged or refuse by higher authorities, especially if he has finish an special course, vocational or technical skills most selected and priority in accepting jobs are graduates in college and board passers in any line. Children can surpass older students if they are super-talented or genius, they might be accelerated, promoted or ranks on the top list of honor rolls. They must be given awards for incentiveness, best in any achievements for good achievements preferable for higher education chosen on the future. In any manners, all has each own talent and capability that will be a turning point and good guidance for his good future to face the World either Bright or Gloomy. Improvements lies upon the life's situation of anybody poor or rich it depends upon the determination or interest to finish any course applicable to his personality. Love of God and Parents, combines together for Progress! | Human's Category (Universal)

15: Human's Role in Life What's life going on? I love to glance everyday The beautiful and wonderful creations of God's gift. The lovely green meadows, flowering plants, that gives Color to life, fragrance refreshing and so sweet, The most beautiful Mayon Volcano on near distance Tourist actually have vistas, photographs for souvenirs. People are all types, rich or poor, happy and lonely Professionals, ordinary, job-workers, jobless or indigents Some are teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, & businessman All are important members and included for universal benefits Intelligent reporters, writers, and press people do the least. Wherever we go and wander for pleasure or service Convenient transportation, food snacks of variety and delicacy Rain or sunshine or well-sheded and concrete styles Some are wood or bamboo huts for beauty and attractions Most people prefer to live simply upon their style of life, Freedom is a sign of peace and love to every Free-Moves. Educated persons makes more adventures all over, Visits wonderful places, Islands, caves, supernatural-beings, Directors, camera man, singers, dancers, and host rated high. Makes World's Entertainment Amusing and true delights Good characters, erase problems, bad people remarks death So beware of the "Vanguards & Cancer Society" God is our Kind & Powerful Guardian! (Universal Events)

16: God supreme and magic light overflows, Human abuses love and kindness endlessly Remark stalwart people of greedy hearts Unbelievable, but obvious, enduring acts Relentless, deep inside, blood-stained forever. Intelligent persons, suffers instantly a flame Love, sacrifice, countless devoted untold, Voice of conscience departs and mentally block Demon reigns, their idol-king survives What a fateless choice temporarily for perjury. Honest persons rich or poor achieves indulgence Sympathizers, enough consolations enhance beauty Line words, acts and deeds melts powerful-beings Enjoy the goods works art the early start, "All is well that begins well and ends well"! Terrific person's with python, venomous bloody hearts Beware of entering peaceful homes that God Reigns on. Refrain friends of fainted colors devouring your life, Never restrain personal rights, with genuine values Resume good traits that brightens your respectable. "Gold Personality" "Lovable Brother Art-idol Forever" | ~ Humans Magnet ~ (Lifestyle) | Knowledge is Power Hail. people of the Philippines and all nations God created all men, wise and wonderful Men of integrity, with super-knowledge renowned Born in any race to battle among the world Conquer the endless problems now rampant. Knowledge is the prime source of education Inborn and acquired are well developed portrayed Inventions, countless business buildings. Modernized Skyscraper, high-tech appliance well-organized God's will to mankind remain widely-reign. Rich persons are the "Gems of the Country" High excellence over powering the poor Poor creatures, open your eyes and rise up Don't surrender for any "Cancer of the Society" Think, do and conquer, for the Nations Progress! The youth are the "Pillars of the Nation"! Rescue the lives of the dying people timely Give enough strength, solution for problems Let no evil defeat the good plans ahead Knowledge are extra powers for achievements! (Prayer for Universal Peace and Unity) "God is Powerful & Generous"!

17: The Brilliant World And Population It sounds to hear and glance at the beauties around People are alert, rise up early to earn good livelihood, Children are happy, well-nurtured, and educated, Learn more of the importance of a good & meaningful life, Different talents & skills arise for strong-built-up Intelligent people are inventors, possessors of Dynamic Wealth. God gave us the whole freedom to search for treasures, We're lucky for being gifted with good place on Earth, We must rehabilitate & preserve each Natural Resources Look forward for more good benefits and liabilities, Work hard, endeavor, with enough patience for right life Serve God and praise everybody for our great inspiration. People of Today are great Builders of the Nation, They are noted concerned citizens, handsome, beauty & brain, Nobody wants to live with inconvenience right now modernly, All are aware of beautiful measures with creative minds Help erase ignorance, indolence and bad influence anywhere Rise up for good welfare leading to a bright future. Remember "Patience & True Knowledge" are the keys to success, Cooperate well on Good Society of Educated Persons daily, Inculcate in mind good traits, discipline and strong personality, Choose professions in the demand all over the world, Be humble, loyal, good service for deserving promotions Wait patiently the right time and place to work willingly. The World becomes really Bright & Wonderful as a gem, Shining the whole universe for intelligent & good people, God's touch and powerful light reign all over, To make more treasures useful for everyone's life, What a happy world, God gifted kindly to us, Enchantments, Pleasure, Divine Life concludes | People Image (Mirror of Life) People are created by God historically based on the Bible with the highest intelligence of human power in general, animals has secondarily class. By all means, persons must portray themselves as true persons for dignity leading for a good personality and records. People has different race and customs that effects or shows the ways he deal and speak with others. We must bear in mind that we are a member of the society we are thriving in, so must have good discipline to conform on the demands of location for protection. Sometimes, we must look ourselves on the mirror where do we really belong on these Society, ask or question ourselves if we are deserving citizens of the country, such questionnaires are preferable to everyone looking forward for a New and Bright Future based on the past and present events of my experience. First am I the person wanted or important to everybody's life? Am I participating good matters for the improvement of my family and our localities? Do I use my intelligence in the right procedure or way of life? Do, think and act positively at your best capability. Remember that "Experience is the best teacher in Life." Time is Gold! "Repentance comes always last." Meet your challenge and put enough efforts, full determination to achieve the goals and climax of your life. Don't let opportunities to drive away from you for these have age limits in any matter. Not all people are ready to help you, so paddle your own canoe, like carve your own fate and ask, humbly "Gods' Mercy & Will" "While there's Life, there's Hope" / In Reality:

18: The Portrait of a Model Teacher Teachers are important personnel in our society, Bright futures of children rich or poor are managed, They are the great inspiration of our young educators Great knowledge begin in the home and school Practiced with enough efforts, understanding and adjustment. Early good start of the learner makes good impression Cheerful, kind, words and good personality of the teacher Inspire the pupils or students good motives and attitude Teachers are the secondary parents trusted and cared for, Love must be imparted to everyone for due respect. Good teachers must be always loyal to parents, Parents, right of children and enough freedom, Good discipline remarks, good character Never beat the child for simple faults, but Show examples, read stories for moral lessons and values. Teachers that are knowledgeable and educated Are in demand around the World currently They can impart knowledge in private or any sector Practical jobs are available to prove their ability Rain or shine, on field or in far Island must be accepted. TEACHERS: "Be the Brave Living Heroes of Today" Report and work on time (observe punctuality) "Duty first before pleasure," Be Loyal and Courteous, Be cooperative and resourceful, Be alert and cheerful to all. "Good achievements deserves fast promotions" Thanks to God and Good Society! | The Essence of Dreams Dreams are like wonderful flowers on the night, Sometimes fresh or wilted, fragrant or odorous, Flowers of good colors red, pink and violet Attracts the heart of every human being and refresh Butterflies smell sweet and tender fondly sips. Minds are trapped and correlated to dreams Dead spirits and mysterical dreams arise Alive and healthy people moves fast and happy No hazzle on trips, occasions and jobs everywhere No day-dreaming, but fine, normal life. Dreams of happiness are sometimes reversed, Loneliness clings and follows a tread of measures Try to overcome and meet your challenge Bright fortunes will beckon on your way So God behold on dreams of beauty for reality. Dreams may bring you to Wonderful lands, Dwell on places throne, and crowned kings and queens, Beggars surrounding and begging alms unseen, Melts greedy-hearts or torture self-hearted ones, So wake up from your dreams, set and renew!

19: Call for God's Vision I wish I was born with special eyes with brilliance To see God's image every hour of the day and night Cool is the night, soft breezes refrain and refresh my mind Can't you see and hear my poor voice of pity? I'm thirst of pure love and blessed water for life Anew! I beg your Pathetic figure to show Miracles on me Speak or whisper the Voice of Love to Humanity Where's the true love for me when I was need? Crying and sobbing silently for the tortures of my life Am I created to sacrifice and seek in vain? God forgive me if I speak the truth of events I just wonder why other peoples happy and restful They swear and crown themselves with promises I don't mean to judge of comment others for envy Thy will be done, I humbly commit myself on you. What's life it's not really deserving for me I'll perform simple life and deal with right people I'll sing, pray and talk with peace and cheerfulness Give honor and respect to higher and Noble ones I'll call for your kind Providence timely! (Personal call for God) | Children of Today (My Great Inspiration) Happy and bright world comes from children Love beholds on them and gifted by God Parents must show enough love and guidance Shelter, clothe and nourish them well Give education at the right time and age Happy are the children of today They're gold and gems of parents all over Lucky are the homes with children They impart extra happiness to refresh the minds Love and generosity provides everyone's heart together. Sweet are the hours and days spent Waiting for lovable children to kiss and touch Touch therapy and smiles are priceless Parents and friends wish and enjoy timely Say fine and kind words for reply with love. Nobody wish to be born unlucky on poverty Poor environment indulge poor mentality Share them unselfishly the right motivation Discipline them for love not for torturements Born Alive, give them more life and strength. ("Children are the Great Hopes & Pillars of Today and the Wold's Future").

20: Love of Humanity The world is so bright and wonderful citadel, God our Supreme creator, shared to all christians, Christmas or everyday life defines love and must reign Provide enough peace and happiness through efforts Enjoy life by good friends and relatives of golden hearts. We are all created equally of the same rights, Given inborn talents to motivate and acknowledge, Let no one prevail the good aims of humanity Those with sincere hearts, right service and love Inspire the poor to revive though weak and dying! In joy and hardship we struggle fast enough, We must join together and unchain our plans Share willingly till the last drop of our blood Let the dust wash away and rinse forever more clear Sunshine will finally fall divinely the whole universe. Rich and poor are the natural fortress for good unity, Melodious songs arise on our hearts lovely daily, Fervent prayers offered to God be praised and honored Rejoice ye! human every corner proclaimed Knock the door of realizations and you'll be opened! (God and Humanity) In General: Mass Events: | Voice of Democracy Democracy sounds good and special gift to our country, Meaningful life came true and wonderful fast progressive Business widely-spread and patronized, good leaders Unite and share alms to the poor, God rewards The honest deeds of the Universal Humanity. Concerned citizens and Christian bind together efficiently Alert, aware of the present events, involved enough Rise up and contribute unselfishly the right task Learn to endeavor, sacrifice for a worthy-cause We the "Living Heroes" must march again bravely. Will we be happy and peaceful if we remain silent? All educated persons, poor or rich must motivate Show good significance and firm reasoning Power love and sacrifice, reward for a brighter future Flags raised up for Banner and Fame colorful! Maintain the good works and change inevitable deeds Make sure of the next clean a steps and plans trust And deal with honest personnel ahead Enjoy while you earn right means of livelihood The world will shower and shine Gold, ultimately! "In God We Trust" Truth will come to light!

21: The Youth Builders (Pride of Ilocano Race) Hail! Youth of the Nation Noted World-Wide God showered enough graces and gifts to MEN, Love and sacrifices combined for bright success True Paradise and Human-lovers of Sinaitenians Amazing, incredible gold moments wise in reality. No more dreams, impossible for God's power and blessings All is well and wisely-put, achieved with effort Intelligent personalities cooperate unanimously for good How bright is the world destined in Hawaii and Abroad! Priceless moments and joyous celebrity highlighted. Friends and powerful brothers like you are the King and Queens Lovable humans really important to life vicinities In times of crisis and good matters to perform Ever ready to motivate and reward the poor Deep in your hearts still fresh are charm chains The Youth and Old-folks regenerates all over Heredity plays an important role in life universally Everyone has each on capability, shares in life "Talents differ, all is well and wisely put; by God; So, I conclude, powerful inventions from the "Youth Builders." "Mabuhay! Long life and God Bless you all" Especially you my Best Brother the "King of Celebrity"!

22: Christian Prayer Lord, Almighty so merciful We praise you, everyday Keep us well healthy and right Good sense and sight Away from evil aside Protect us from dangerous matters. Reward the good and teach MEN No evil deeds to manpower the innocent Make the world peaceful with unity Happy, bright and wonderful Give chance to the poor to arise wholly. Let wisdom and brotherhood remain Encircling the world's divinity reign fast Economy, progressive and beneficial life We give thee thanks, forever daily Provide and guide us to prosperity,Amen! | My Daily Prayer Oh Lord of infinite glory full of kindness Shower us the daily graces we need To strengthen our life for good works Fine dealings with humility and love Teach us to be honest everyday To speak right to help others and share Good deeds to humanity heartfully Respect for others eventually We praise you and Love you Dear God, Almighty and forgive us Hopefully, make the world peaceful Happy, pours us bountiful graces Give powers, good health to the needy Forever with unity and Love above all! "Aleluah! Amen! "Peace and joy be with us daily"! (Universal Wish)

23: Marriage Life Counsel (In general-universally) Left was originated through God's spiritual blessing with a couple named Adam and Eve. They lived in the garden of Paradise but was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit. That was the first sin of man and woman tempted by Lucifer, the king of the Devil. The punishment bears hardships and sacrifice to live though everyone's sweat of labor. The world became complicated surrounded by ocean, sea, lakes and rivers, immeasurable depths with vast islands. Weather changes wet and dry seasonally for plantation and harvest. Ordinary persons are on these lines but they are the important habitant of livelihood. They help promote education for their children to achieve careers for a bright future. Time is gold, there is age limit concerning to education and job, like me I'm adjusting my life only to different traits of people rich and poor, we have all the equal rights to exercise democracy. Professional or non-professional combines together, cooperate with the plans commodities in demand, for efficient supplies. God is my best mentor, to detect the right and wrong. Marital life is a happy and meaningful once you have a strong foundation, firm roots and seeds to grow. Heredity also plays an important role to possess intelligent and healthy personalities. God is our incredible, superior creator to guide us to the right path of life through our fervent prayers. trust, love, patience, and industry to reap true gold and treasures overwhelming the world's natural resources. Respect, honesty and good traits are the winning qualities to maintain a meaningful life in reality. Dreams and miracles come true universally. "God is Love and Powerful"

24: Voice of Democracy The Universe is full and wonderful Different people, colors, traits and tradition God created us all for equality's right Intelligent or lower capability be honored Rich or poor be raised for peace and unity. How comes the rich reign mostly, unbeatable Poor people kneeled with fear humbly Where do goes merciful creature unheard? Rich and intelligent personalities must open wide heart Meet with smiles, share good deeds and sacrifice. Democracy is the best gift and Heritage to Mankind We must continue and support the good start untold Bloody wars from our noblest heroes all over the world Brave, trustful and enough struggles for defense We owe them all to pursue Independence & Rights. Educated persons are the "Bulwaks of the Society" The world is bright and full of magic phenomenas Endless inventors defines Dynamic Wold's Pleasure Convenient life-style, well distributed anywhere God is so generous and worth-giving to all Christians. We must help defend wars through tolerance For Democracy is wasted is once abused Individual problems or the whole mass Suffers when no love, understanding and fears Arised with cold heart and lack of cooperation! "Tolerance and love are the true essence of Democracy in Action"!

25: Marriage Life Counsel Basis - Life's Experience (In general - universally) Life is originated through God's spiritual blessing which consist of birth, childhood, teens and adult stage. The destiny of man can be controlled by you or true parents, relatives or friends. Discipline begins early at home and parents are the first teachers to instruct their children for a good livelihood. It's the best heredity to mankind bringing to bright personality, convenient anywhere he wish to dwell all over the world. "Knowledge is Power"! In any matter, job or any transaction, you can determine the right choice preferable for you. (Trial and Error Theory). Time is gold! Plan well when you have the true decision to marry, for anything that is not planned fails. Marriage doesn't work well for the wrong choice of both sexes. Professional or non-professional show some differences in life for a successful combination. Remember, every couple is not a pair. First impression sometimes isn't a good basis, lots of changes undergoes, when trials, crisis comes, for love goes out from the window when hunger comes. Patience, trust, honesty and fervent prayers to God are the best weapon and key to success. Industriousness, respectfulness and good dealings are the wining qualities to achieve a meaningful life. Good motivation of children makes a strong foundation of a good and model family of any race, Filipino or foreigners may form together for a brilliant world reigned by Jesus our best Mentor and "King of Heaven and Earth"! God is Love and Incredible! We trust in you! | Voice of Democracy (Self-concept) Democracy as approved by all knowledgeable persons is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, exercised collectively. We have all the rights to live freely in our own life-style provided it. Conforms on the legal ways and laws of our higher authorities presiding the nation were residing on. People are notorious, turbulent and agitator momentarily if not given due attention and proper guidance enough protection by our military organization that are well connected and mandated by our government President and Cabinet members or as a whole Nation from different provinces, local officers too. Democracy means completely if we truly have (HONESTY) the right to voice, freedom from fear, freedom from want and freedom for choice of religion, most important to life is to have free education so as to attain jobs and promote progress of the nation in or outside our country preferably for abroad. We owe originally our freedom or Democracy from our late heroes who fought bravely and sacrifice their lives for a worthy cause like Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, (Plaridel Gomburza) Gabriela Silang etc. The most supreme protection of the Philippines until now is the United States of America(USA), our Mother country who gave alms for the right education for us the poor. Education completes the bright life of every intelligent creature with the right conscience, character, God-fearing Christian, concerned citizen ready to serve, alert for the sake of Humanity's peace and progress, volunteers, poor or rich are the "Bulwarks of the Society Educators."

26: Christmas Wish Christmas is the happiest season celebration tragedy Universal highlights everywhere reign for the Lord Jesus People rejoice and hope for the best mission in life Love defines all matters rich and poor unites freely Let's cherish one another forever humbly with honesty. I wish peace, understanding, love and happiness universally Good luck, good health, God's bountiful grace daily Preserve the winning qualities of life virtues properly Ever ready to help the needy for brighter future True services offered will always be rewarded with honors. In joy or in pain we experienced in our life's struggle God is generous and powerful to bestow our needs Thanks for all the balance of nature and enough support The world will shine again with true progress We all wish love and unity universally forever more!

27: Merry Christmas And a Prosperous New Year! Christmas Survival God is our great universal survivor No matter how complicated crisis demand Trust in God and unending effort Love of humanity the world reigns Chance to gain more meaningful life. Christmas season is bright and wonderful Rich or poor join happy celebrity Hope for peace, understanding and fortune Fervent prayers over-flows enough miracles Wide-spread success reassure anew! Let freedom proclaim, govern and shine Unity, right power and good achievements Arise, cooperate and march to progress Preserve moral values forever for dignity The Youth are the future leaders and survivors! ~Thanks God~

28: "To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there." ~Barbara Bush~

29: "The love of a family is life's greatest blessing."

32: Our Family consists of many talents; the artists, the writers, the singers and successful in their chosen careers. I feel truly blessed and thankful that my influence has touched others to pursue their dreams beyond their expectations. I wish to continue the best I can, to inspire the younger members of our family which is the only legacy and the lasting gift I can leave behind. Words come out beautifully and pleasing to hear when we feel them and come from the bottom of our hearts. I would like to be remembered as the loving and generous person with rich heart. | A message from: Arturo M. Dayoan

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