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Contemporary Guest Book

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S: Twenty-Five Years

BC: M | S | E

FC: Twenty-FiveYears | August 16, 1986 - August 16, 2011

1: To our parents, whose enduring and faithful love has been a model of true marital commitment, friendship, and sacrifice. Congratulations on 25 years of marriage! Rachel, Ben, & Sam "Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words" -Plautus

2: "Your mom once told me that when she was just a young girl she prayed for a good man to marry. I know God answered that prayer! Perhaps your Dad said a prayer too as they are a perfect match!! I will never forget the day Beth brought Stu to our house for supper. I was in the kitchen preparing the meal and Stu was in the livingroom visiting with the guys. Suddenly Stu came into the kitchen and asked if there was anything he could do to help!! WOW! What a guy!!! Needless to say I WAS IMPRESSED!" Tom & Viola Barnard "We are so happy for you as you celebrate your 25th Anniversary! We have many happy memories, as we have been so welcome when we come to visit. I remember the time when you were shingling the house on Red Barn. It rained and in between showers you would keep on working so hard. Also, we remember the many trips to the farm- they were so memorable! We have had so many great times." Lois & Duane Meether

4: "Our wedding was many years ago, but the celebration continues to this day"

5: "Wow Beth & Stu Meether's 25th Wedding Anniversary I feel OLD!!!! Mike and I have known Beth ever since she was in grade school, she was a joy then and still is today. She would babysit my older kids when we would go to prayer meetings with Viola. We were so poor at that time, so most of the time she would do it for free. That's almost unheard of in this day and age. I prayed for her a lot... it was truly a great help! I also remember when she started to date Stu. She was so happy. We were able to go to their wedding and had so much fun. When we got to meet Stu, we knew it was a match made in Heaven! A couple of months ago we went to their church and they were both Eucharistic Ministers. I just thought that was so awesome. They have been through a lot and are a great example of love to their children." We love you both and you will always be in our prayers. Mike and Glenda Conover "Beth & Stu- Congratulations on your 25th Wedding Anniversary! Even though we don't see you often, you have been in our thoughts. You have been through a lot together and God has blessed you along the way. Hope you have many more happy years together." Aunt Betty & Uncle Bill

6: "Denise & I have known your parents for nearly 30 years now and we have a boat load of stories about your parents, especially of your dad. Stu was my best friend from college and we stood up at each others weddings. Denise and I will be celebrating our 27th anniversary this August as well. I met your dad freshman year living in McCowen House dormitory at Iowa State University. We had similar backgrounds and interests so we hit it off and by second semester we had become pretty close friends and ended up sharing a dorm room. We had some great times taking in all that Iowa State offered ranging from taking many of the same classes, gong to football games and other sporting events, participating in several intramural sports together, working together at a large crop and swine farm "Hawkeye Hog.", on and on. Ask your dad about the field goal possum some time. About the only time your dad didn’t attract the girls was when we came back to the towers from working at the hog farm. We always had the elevator to ourselves and we had to put our dirty clothes in garbage bags in the janitors closet because they stunk so bad. Stu was one of those guys that everyone liked. He could talk to anyone, always had a story to tell and he was always wearing a grin. His personality was infectious and was typically the life of a party. He made people smile and laugh and you always had a good time when Stu was around. As soon as I got a chance, I introduced Denise to Stu when she came up to visit me at Iowa State. Soon they became good friends as well. I introduced Stu to my parents and they soon adopted him as well. Mom always made sure she sent care packages of homemade goodies with me for Stu too when I’d make a visit back home. Ask Stu about the homemade caramel corn – 2 buckets for Stu and 1 for me.

7: Stu dated several girls when I first knew him but nothing too serious while at college until this cute little bright eyed brunette by the name of Beth caught his eye. Wow, she knocked him off his feet and he couldn’t stop talking about her! We soon grew to love Beth too and had some good times hanging out together as couples. Ask your folks about the party we had at our place in University Village after classes were over our senior year right before graduation. Even after our weddings we still got together a few times over the years but not as much or as often as we would like. We met your folks for a vacation once down in Lake of the Ozarks when Rachel and our oldest son Ryan were about 1 year old. We stayed at my folks condo on the lake and enjoyed the outdoors and each other for a good long weekend. Your folks also visited us in Mendota, IL later on when Ben was about a year and a half old. It was during the summer time and we had a good time together. Since then the miles, the jobs, responsibilities, family activities, and overall bustle of life has kept us away. However, we think about them often and all the good times we’ve had. We wish your parents a blessed 25th anniversary and many more. Hopefully we can see each other soon and get to know you kids a little more as well." Take Care and God Bless you all, Kent & Denise Woods & Family

8: "Happy 25th Anniversary! Now that we are married, we are so thankful to have your positive example of marriage to emulate. Your love and dedication to one another has given us a priceless advantage in our marriage by showing us what it takes to not only stay together, but to continually grow closer to one another. Anyone who spends any time around you can see the deep connection you two share. Whether you are laughing/telling jokes, or just sharing the silence, it is clear that you both are always on the same page. Your marriage will continue to be a model to guide us through the challenges and joys that the future holds for us. Congratulations!" Love, Ryan & Rachel Lies "Dear Mom and Dad, Happy 25th Anniversary! You guys are a great example of what a marriage is and should be. We have all been through a lot in the past few years and you guys are stronger than ever! Love you guys and have fun in Alaska!" Love, Sam Meether

10: "There is no more lovely, friendly, or charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage"

11: "We have many fond memories of spending time with Beth & Stu during our college years at Iowa State. We feel blessed to have shared some similar milestones in our lives over the years, such as getting married within a week of one another (those were some interesting and challenging memories for sure, right??) and having Lauren and Joe born around the same time as Ben and Sam. The times we’ve spent with our extended Barnard/Meether family have resulted in many wonderful memories, and being related to Beth and Stu (and their wonderful children, our precious niece and nephews) has been a real privilege. We are looking forward to making some beautiful new memories as we travel together to Alaska to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversaries! Stu often said back in the day, “Shalom Shaleikhem” (which is really supposed to be “aleikhem” but Stu added the “Sh”), translated to mean “peace be upon you.” So, peace be upon both of you as you continue to celebrate your love for one another and the wonderful family you’ve created after 25 years of marriage. Here’s looking forward to celebrating with you when we hit our Golden anniversary in 2036!" Love you both, Mike & Mel Barnard

12: "The main thing I remember about Beth and Stu dating in college was how much Stu made Beth laugh. Whether I was with them at a tailgate, football game, or just hanging out in Beth's college dorm, Stu was constantly joking and Beth was constantly giggling. It was a lot of fun to be around them, and you could easily see that Beth was "Stuck on Stu" (this is what she used to sing, instead of "Stuck on You", the Lionel Richie song from the 1980's). I remember at Beth and Stu's wedding, and even afterwards, they often used the phrase, "stop and smell the roses". Looking back now, I would say that's pretty much how they have lived their married lives. They have appreciated the "little things" about each other all along, and it's very apparent that this has enriched their marriage. I fondly remember staying with Beth and Stu the summer after I graduated from high school, when Beth was pregnant with Rachel. They gave me great advice, as we sat often and talked about my upcoming college years. Beth and Stu were newly married, yet they welcomed me with open arms, and I have lots of great memories from that summer!" Anne Posegate

13: M

14: "Stu and Beth are very special to us. They were some of our first friends at St. Francis and it was because of Rachel and Sarah being friends in kindergarten. Beth, Patty and myself shared many talks around the breakfast table as our children grew up. We enjoyed the adult conversation as our children were playing in the other room. Then Stu and Don were nominated to coach Ben and Ryan's BB team together for their kindergarten year, but ended up coaching through 5th grade year. They enjoyed it so much that they just couldn't quit- haha! We also enjoyed picnics in the park, and family softball games together through the years. Stu and Beth are the kind of friends that we know we will have forever. It doesn't matter if we haven't seen them for awhile, because when we do get together it is as if time has stood still. We are very blessed to have them in our lives! Happy 25th Anniversary! We love you!!" Don and Laurie Koci

15: "Dear Beth and Stu, Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! You are a really great couple and also wonderful parents. When we were children I didn't get to see my Barnard cousins very often but I always enjoyed playing with you when we did get together. I was so happy to have a female cousin, Beth! Once you and Dan got to visit up in northern Minnesota and we sewed a top for you. I remember your wedding and noticing that Stu was an awesome dancer! That occasion was the first time Jeff had met most of the extended family and there were a lot of relatives to keep straight. We have had such nice visits with you at your home and your cabin. You have created a lovely family and I hope you have a really happy celebration together!" Love, Nancy Ramsey | photo submitted by John Barnard

16: Family

17: "Congratulations, Beth and Stu! Brian and I celebrate with you and your children the blessing of 25 years of marriage! We hold in our hearts so many memories from the years past. Some we share with other family members – Thanksgiving and Easter holidays together or graduations and wedding gatherings. Some we have special to our family, like a day in canoes on the river and a hike around Elephant Rock Park. Or the time your family came for a week when St. Louis was experiencing a stretch of summer weather with triple digit temps. We had nothing but outdoor events planned that we all literally “sweated” thru! The zoo, the Cardinals game, the Muny, Six Flagsand you (and the kids) let us drag you to them all! And did so with smiles and continued good company! Beth – memories closest to my heart include our “girl weekends” with our daughters in Kansas City. Just a day or two in the middle of the late winter/early spring months with laughter, talks, movies, and shopping with women whose love you could count on... a welcome break I looked forward too! And Stu – the times you took time with Brian and did some hunting. Top of his list of a good time! We thank God for all occasions we have had with you because we leave your company with smiles and the knowledge that we are not only spending time with family, but with people we count as friends. Thank you for being a wonderful example of devoted and committed marriage partners and parents. What a joy Rachel, Ben, and Sam are to our family as well! May God be with you as He continues to bless you with many, many more years together." Love, Brian and Kathy Barnard

18: "For the past seven years we have lived next door to Stu and Beth. We could not have asked for better neighbors or friends. There were so many wonderful evenings on the driveway talking, K-State football games, Cul-de-sac BBQ's, and nights around the fire pit (which Stu did such a great job on). We have always thought the Meethers were more like family than just friends. We miss them terribly. Stu and Beth are wonderful people and have raised amazing children. We would like to wish them 25 more years of happiness." God Bless, The Wirebaugh's David, Debbie, Erin, Jillian, Libby and Maggie "Mom & Dad, Congratulations! Every marriage has its good times and its bad times (I'm sure everything got a lot better around July 5th, 1990 time frame), but you two have loved each other for 25 years now, and thats amazing. You've been the best parents that I could ask for, and have molded me into who I am today. You two exemplify a holy and loving relationship; an example that all of us kids have used in our own relationships. I'm excited for the next 25 years with you both. Have fun in Alaska!" Ben Meether

19: Twenty-FiveYears

20: "Stu & Beth, May your love grow more beautiful with every passing year. Happy 25th Anniversary!" Michael & Marilyn Moreland "Stu & Beth, Congratulations to two very special friends on 25 years of marriage. You have endured so much these past two years and have been so strong and kept your faith in God. You are truly what love and marriage is all about. You have certainly inspired Doren and I in showing how we must not take each day or each other for granted and to be thankful for each and every day God gives us. Your children must be so proud and blessed to have you both to look up to and to see the commitment and love you've given to one another and to your family. Again, Doren and I would like to congratulate you on 25 years of marriage and to wish you many more years of love and happiness. God Bless You." Love and Friendship, Doren & Becky Rhoades

21: "The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family" -Thomas Jefferson

22: Love

23: "Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Stu & Beth!! First of all, we are honored to help celebrate this very special occasion. Wow...25 years. Where has time gone?? When Rachel and the kids asked us to recall some of our fun times together, we couldn't remember how long we have known you guys! However, I think it was when we first met Nancy and Bob Kocour, who then introduced us. Our kids were very young (maybe 1 or 2 years old?), so I guess we have known you for at least 20 years! So hard to believe. Early memories (that we can recall), are of us hauling our kids out for coffee or lunch, or brunch at Nancy's, etc. We also have a lot of memories of baseball games at the Goddard fields watching Ben, Austin and Kyle play (as we "relaxed" in our lawn chairs eating sunflower seeds and visiting! There are also memories of 6th-8th grade basketball games (SEAS vs. St. Francis) watching Kyle and Ben compete against each other. We also have great memories of our boys hanging out together, as well as fun dinners with you guys. I also cherish when Rachel asked me to be her confirmation sponsor. (Such a special time!) Recently, what your family has been through with Stu's illness has really touched our hearts. As you know, we have had a similar walk with Gary's illness, and we can relate to all that you have been through. God is so good, and it's a wonderful "miracle" to see both men healthy and well! Finally, we have been so blessed to call you "friends" throughout the years. We look forward to sharing many more happy times with all of you. God Bless you on this very special occasion!! Have a great time on your Alaskan cruise!!" Much love, Gary, Shauna, Austin & Kyle Long

24: "Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century" -Mark Twain

25: _____________________________________________________________________________ | _____________________________________________________________________________ | _____________________________________________________________________________ | _____________________________________________________________________________ | _____________________________________________________________________________ | _____________________________________________________________________________ | _____________________________________________________________________________ | _____________________________________________________________________________ | _____________________________________________________________________________ | _____________________________________________________________________________ | _____________________________________________________________________________ | 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration August 13, 2011 - Wichita, Kamsas

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