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French Garden Guestbook

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S: Memories of Constance Ruth Cline Sivillo

BC: A Loving Tribute to Constance Ruth celebrating 50 great years so far... Born: June 29, 1961

FC: Look Who's 50!

1: On June 29th, Connie was welcomed into the world! | Contance Ruth Cline

2: With Connie our Family Grew to 6 Children

3: Memories from Mom & Dad | One thing in particular I remember about Connie is her remarkable athletic skills. In one basketball game, she scored every point for our side, never missing a basket, which erminds me of her grandfather, George E. Cline who also had a remarkable athletic skill. She undoubtedly inherited it from him. Connie also had remarkable ability to attract attention from boys in her social group. Connie was a person who was very independent and thout things out for herself. Connie was one of the most ambitious of our children. She was able to set goals and had a remarkable persistance in her classes in college. Connie, we wish you the happiest years ahead now that you've reached your 50th. Love, Dad Since Connie was born only a year and a half after her twin brother, Chris and Rick, she always felt that she was as big and tough as they were. The three of them were always together as they climbed up the ranger tower, slid down the fireman's pole or whatever else they "cooked up". On one occasion, Connie turned our backyard into a carnival with a lot of fun activities and charged the neighbor kids to come and do all the fun things---they loved it! One time Connie was where to be found. We searched frantically everywhere, including and especially the creek--wondering if she had been swept away down stream. I called the poilice, and they searched and searched. Finally one of the policemen shouted "Hurrah! Here she is!" And there she was, sound asleep on the floor of the car tucked between the front and back seats. Connie always had an adventurous and daring spirit. Her crowning conquest occurred at age 15 on a 30 day "survival" camp, which included having all of the participants hike 25 miles through the night. Unfortunately her boots were too small, creating horrible blisters on her heels. Connie never gave up, hiking at times barefoot, to ease the pain from the blisters. Connie pushed on, and came in first, ahead of the others, many who were older and had previously won athletic competitions. Hurrah for Connie! She is our champion daughter!!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday on your first 50 years with more fun advantures to come. We Love You, Mom

4: Memories from Big Sis, Janice | Being about 5 years older, I remember the day Connie was brought home from the hospital, she was laying on Mom and Dad's bed, so tiny and new. I felt in awe of her. She had dark hair and was so beautiful. I remember that when she was very young (maybe 3?) she somehow got into the bleach a swallowed some. She was rushed to the hospital and had an emergency tracheotomy. It was a scary time with her not being able to breathe. I also remember how Grandma Cline (Betty) would often talk about "Connie's Letter of Courage" that she wrote to her when she was on a 30 day survival course. Connie does have alot of Courage which I've always admired. She seems to have a good combination of Courage with Wisdom so that she takes smart risks and has had a very successful career where she is greatly respected. Along with Courage, Connie is Kind and always Generous. I've seen that she has Forgiving nature, and doesn't hold a grudge. I have to tell on at least one thing when Connie was young, her bedroom was a catastrophe! I remember someone saying they were thinking of offering Connie fifty dollars if she could keep her room clean--and now she has a beautifully decorated home. We had a wonderful visit last year with Connie and her family in N.C. Connie, I am proud to have you as my sister and wish you the best! Love, Janice

5: Ages 3 & 4

6: Memories from Chris | My memory of Connie during our childhood was that of a fun loving, crazy kind of sister. She was always able to talk someone into doing whatever she thought up that usually got her off the hook, or just for some good laughs. Like when Rick and I ran through the back yard in our sleek speedo swim suits because Connie had told Scott Workman that there would be streakers coming through the back yard. I think he paid her a quarter or something like that to see the show. She had quite the way with the boys in high school. She was cute and had the boys coming to the door. (Roger Malmrose being the one I remember). And, he certainly was handsome. Connie has always been a gracious sister over the years to welcome anyone to visit her and Pete. I stopped in Dallas overnight back in March 2003 when I was stationec in Alaska and the USAF. I had a training in San Antonio, Texas for a conference. We went and saw the John F. Kennedy exhibit there and went to lunch. Happy Birthday Connie for 50 years of fun and keeping it interesting through the years. Love, Chris P.S. I was certainly envious of her getting her own waterbed by the way...But she bought it herself and made it happen with her own initiative.

7: Some of Connie's Favorite Pasttimes,...from Dancing, Eating (Connie was a "foodie" from a young age!) and Sledding...

8: Cline Family in 1970 how Retro!

9: School Pictures at William Penn

10: Memories of Rick | One memory of Connie is as follows: When we were teenagers one of Connie's favorite things to do was to create a cassette tape of questions and answers. The way she did this was to record on the cassette tape a question such as "What would you like to be when you grow up?" She would then find a portion of a song to answer the question such as the Daryl & John Oates, "Rich Girl". Then another question such as "Where would you like to go right now?" A response might be John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads". Here are some other songs from the 70's that might have been used by Connie: Billy Joel- "Just the Way You Are"--Elton John-"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"--Carole King-"It's Too Late Baby"--Gordon Lightfoot-"If You Could Read My Mind"--Olivia Newton-John-"Have You Never Been Mellow"--Tony Orlando-"Knock Three Times"--Helen Reddy-"Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady"--Kenny Rogers-"She Believes in Me"--Neil Sadaka-"Breaking Up is Hard to Do"--Cat Stevens-"Wild World"--James Taylor-"You've Got a Friend". Love, Rick

11: Connie even looks like a "fox" when she's camping--this may be when she went on the famous 30 day Survival Course

13: Memories of Paul | I guess I need to clarify. I don't really have any memories of "Carolyn", only Constance Ruth. (somehow her birth certificate says Carolyn instead of what we all knew her as). I remember several snippets about Connie:----There was the girls basketball game I went to at the chapel on 39th So. and 20th East. While the glorious 5th ward did lose (I think), Connie scored 45 of the 50 points put up be the ward. Connie is a competitor! "Take no Prisoners". --There was the constant stream of young men pursuing her. Not only the boys in the ward (Brian Neff, Bill Johnson, etc.), but they went beyond Olympus boundaries. There was a very persistent guy with blond curly hair named Scott who drove a jeep. Much to mom and dad's dismay, he called on Connie frequently, and not always in the conventional way. One night about 10:30 p.m. or so, the house lit up with lights from the outside as though the sun had forgot to go down. As we went out to investigate, there were about 5 jeeps, all lined up on the opposite side of the street with their headlights illuminating the entire house. --Then there were the nights when I would get cold at night. Someone left the window open (even in Winter).. As I went to the source of cold, it turned out that Connie was using the window for a door, and would come and go at all hours. Of course, this was in no way related to how mad mom and dad would get if they found out. --And then there is the generous side of Connie. She was always willing to spend time looking at a resume or discussing career pathing and offering suggestions. Also, for the perioud of time she worked for Pepsi, she would give me coupons for product for my birthday. So very thoughtful. However, I didn't think she could part with the life size action figure of Jar Jar Binks she kept in her bedroom. I always wondered about that, but never asked.

14: Message from Russ & Melou | I have many memories of Connie growing up. One I remember in particular is Connie going to the Senior Prom. I remember how beautiful she looked that night. I remember how excited she was. I still remember the look on her face that night as she was leaving. Maybe there is a picture somewhere from that night. Happy 50th Connie! Love and Best Wishes from Russ, (Melous, Maren, Jacob, Arielle, and Isaac) Even though we don't see you alot, you need to know that you have a thriving Salt Lake City fan base. One of our favorite adventures with you wa at Kiawah Island. I personally loved the girl's day we had at the Sanctuary. I loved hanging out and treating ourselves to such a relaxing experience. It was sweet to share that time with you. Of course we all loved the playing in Charleston on the ghost tour. We will never forget the alligator adventures and water fun that we did together. You have such an easy, positive way of ineracting with everyone. We really enjoy being with you and love it when you are in town. You have special insights and a good sense of reality which is what makes it so enjoyable to talk with you. (You are a kindred spirit for me:) We hope that we can create some more memories SOON with you guys! We sure love you. Melou, (Russ, Maren, Jacob, Arielle, and Isaac)

15: Connie's Senior High Picture

16: Message from Becky | Since I'm 12 years younger than Connie, she was well into her teenage years and off to college by the time I was old enough to remember much, so I don't have any really early memories. I did, however, start a journal when I was 8 years old. and I am surprised at how many entries talk about how adorable Justin was, and detailed all of the cute baby things he was doing. As an adult, hoever, I have come to appreciate many attributes about Connie. The first, and most prominent that comes to mind is how kind she is. I think that true kindness is an extremely underrated virtue. I've met alot of people who mimic it with a more superficial and outward, "niceness", but Connie has the sort of kindness that runs deep, that quietly accepts people for who and what they are, that reaches out without fanfare, and that is gently genuine. Connie is the kind of person you always want to have around. She has a pleasant sense of humor (not overbearing and never biting or critical), she's intelligent and has interesting things to say, she's down to earth (in spite of many justified reasons to have an inflated ego, it's the furthest thing) she's just always a welcome person. On the less philosophical note, I've always admired (and sometimes even envied a little) how polished and business-savvy Connie is. I think Connie is beautiful and she always keeps herself in shape and nicely dressed. And business acumen isn't something I exactly have in spades, so I've always wondered which gene she got lucky with on that one. Love, Becky

17: Sleepy New Mom with Baby Justin born January 1, 1981 | A sleepy new mom with baby Justin

18: Life With Justin....

19: Memories from Julie | Connie, You are the Best! | Here are some favorite memories of Connie: She would play a game with me when it was her turn to do dishes: she would be the "Tigers" and I would be the "Lions" and we would each get points for our team by putting away clean dishes out of the dishwasher or filling the dishwasher up with dirty dishes or clearing things off the table, etc. It was always really fun and I loved playing it--the dishes would get done (mostly anyway) in record time. One glitch, however, is that as I got older and it was my turn to do the dishes, she was never in the mood to play the game with me. Connie was always very creative at finding ways to get what she wanted. I remember she would buy candy to sell to the neighbors so that they could fund her candy stash (which was a treasure in our house!) Once, when I was visiting Grandma Cline ((Betty) in El Monte, Connie was also in California. I think she came with Peggy (her friend) and was staying with some of Peggy's relatives. She came over and got me from grandma's house and I remember how happy I was to see her. I was very homesick and I was so grateful that she took me along with her and her friends to go do a few things. She didn't treat me as a tag-along even though I was significantly younger than her and her friends and I was so thrilled to be included. I also remember going down and visiting her at BYU and staying with her in the dorms. It was always very exciting and fun to do things with Connie. Love, Julie

20: Wedding Bells are Ringing! | Connie and Pete Tie the Knot | Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kenneth Sivillo

21: Message from Pete | Connie is an amazing Woman. She is an incredibly hard worker and is constantly reading and finding ways to improve herself. It is a never ending pursuit. Sonoco is very lucky to have her. As a family, we are even more fortunate to have a woman like her. Connie is a very generous and caring person. For someone who just turned the big %), she is in great shape. She goes jogging almost daily and exercises constantly. She looks amazing. We are lucky to have a woman like Connie. She is a wonderful mother and wife. We love her lots. Love, Pete

22: Connie & Newborn Ben

23: Brothers Justin and Baby Ben in 1999

24: Family is Everything! | Connie's Other Pride & Joy

25: Messages from Justin & Ben | Mom--You're fantastic! You've sacrified alot to raise me and I look up to your hard work and dedication that you've always had, all the while being there to take care of me. I remember when I was young and you were working and going to school and didn't have any time and you'd make me my favorite grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner. For some reason they always tasted so much better than when I tried to make them. (And to this day I still can't get them right :) I also remember the microwaved marshmallow and chocolate chip bowls you made - that is a heavenly dish that definitely needs to come back! You've always supported me but have always given me good advice and I think of you not only as a great mom but as a great friend as well. Thanks again for everything and I hope the grilled cheese sandwiches continue to live on! Love, Justin I Love my mom. She goes to work everyday for us. She is a really hard worker. My mom is so thoughtful that she is going to help me redecorate my room. She is always asking what designs I would like in my bedroom. Last night we made an ice cream drink with peaches and blueberries. It was really good. She is the best mom a kid could have. I love her lots. Ben

26: The Cline Sisters | Front: Robyn Janice Julie Back: Connie Becky

27: We Love Your Infectious Smile

28: Memories from Kim | I have many good memories of Connie. When I think of Connie, the first word that comes to my mind is "Generosity". When Connie lived in Utah, it seemed like every time I went to her house to visit, I would come away with a treasure that she would give me. She shared everything she had, from food to clothing and even furniture When Rick and I were just married and had little furnishings for our apartment, she gave us a bedside table that we still have to this day. She has often treated us at restaurants and shared goodies with us from her work. She has a very giving nature. Connie has a fun personality. I remember going on the cruise with her and visiting the beach with all the sisters: Cathy, Julie, Shirley, Becky, Lois, etc. and how Connie thought it would be fun if we bought matching swim suit wrap arounds from a beach side vendor. We did and all put them on and did an impromptu dance on the beach. She is usually the life of the party and has a fun spirit about her that keeps me laughing. Happy Birthday Connie! You are a great sister and friend. Love, Kim

29: The Sivillo Family in 2011

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