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Gislaine & Eduardo Bueno - 1981 to 1988

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S: Gislaine & Eduardo Bueno - Together Forever Volume 2 - 1981 to 1988

FC: Gislaine & Eduardo Bueno 1981 - 1988 | Together Forever Volume 2

1: These pictures are fragments of the first years of our married life. This book is the continuation of our life from the time we got married to the time we left Brazil (except some telegrams we found from when we were dating and put on the first pages here.) From the love notes on the refrigerator door of the first apartment we lived in to a life centered in Christ as we worked in church calls, activities with the missionaries and single adults, and the arrival of our first two kids, this book is a collection of unforgettable moments that shaped who we are as a couple and individually. For two people to leave father and mother and become one flesh as the scripture says is an art and it takes years of love notes, working together, forgiving, adapting, being sad and being happy, and a million things that only reaffirm the fact that a life together is to last forever and we must make it work. This is how we made it work for us.

2: Telegrams are from a time when text messaging and emails were unheard of. That was a fast way to send a message to someone that would arrive mostly the same day depending the time of the day you sent it. We met July 19, 1980 and we started the "text messaging" in September. I was more like a caller. I liked to call her very late at night to hear her "waking up" delicious voice. Gislaine was definitely the text messenger. These love notes from the end of 1980 going through the time we married and early marriage are surely precious. | The sky who's got the sun is jealous of me who's got you who shines much brighter. Eduardo September 04, 1980 | I am happy that I know you. Gislaine September 04, 1980 | In 2 months you changed my way of life I love you "fofinho". Gislaine September 19, 1980

3: Fofinho I miss you. I love you Gislaine September 27, 1980 | I like you Fofinho Gislaine October 21, 1980 | Let love enter through the window and occupy your heart. Let happiness arrive tenderly. Let's see, allow happiness to take care of you. After all I love you. Gislaine December 19, 1980 | I love you Lindinho Gislaine January 19, 1981

4: Gislaine on my mind... | This dot matrix computer paper from the early 80's is dated 03-25-1981, less than a month before the wedding. It is probably from the IT department of a chocolate factory called Sonksen. I used to go there and practice Basic language (IBM/DOS) in their computers at night as a friend was the lead IT guy and let me practice there. But I was not very busy learning computer language as you can see. In how many different ways can you write the name of the one you love?

5: One Month Anniversary | You were a difficult fish to catch! | But I am a great fisher(girl)! | Lindinho Be sure that I am very happy that I caught a great husband. I love you very much. Lindinha | Congratulations for our first month! | For my Lindinha! | For such a sweet wife Since I am not charming Neither a genius | Little angel... my love has grown more and more this first month and if it continues like this I am not sure where it's going to fit... that is, I know... in eternity... 05/16/81 | But I am smart enough to know that I have the sweetest wife in the world! | Happy first month of marriage, dear wife!

6: Love Notes from: | This is the door of the first place we lived in when we got married: Av, Celso Garcia 4052 - Tatuapé, Sao Paulo, Brazil (can't recall the apartment number though.) The building was not too far from our workplaces but our schedules did not match. So, we would stop by to eat something and leave notes to each other as we do today with text messages. We talked about schedules, food, money, and love. We saved them over the years because it shows the language of the newlywed. We still use words as Lin, Amor, Amorzinho, etc just the way we did back when... and we think the notes built that language in us. Translating the language of love: Linda / Lindinha (Beautiful) Lindo / Lindinho (Handsome) Amor (Love) Amorzinho (Sweetheart) Fofinho (Cute) | Amor! I loved the meat pockets. You were love and even more love by doing this... A big kiss Lindo!!! | A Kiss! You are a little angel ..... lindo! | Love here is late... and will have to run. Sorry for not leaving you a surprise. A kiss Love... | Amor! I loved the sauce... it is not missing salt. Lindo has design class today, and will design as if he were designing Linda... the love... A big kiss... Eduardo blindo | From Linda To Amor I bought "pastel" (meat pockets) for Lindo to eat tonight. lf you want to eat some of them now you can. You know, I LOVE YOU. BEIJOS... | 1981

7: Linda! I had a tomato and left! Big kiss! Lindinho | Love! I stopped by to have banana and oat meal... A kiss... | From: Linda To: Lindo Love, today we celebrate 1 year and one month that we started dating. I love you very much. My love grows by every passing second. Fofinho, if you don't have a class that is very important stay with Linda. A big kiss, Linda | This is the first note of the month. I will see you in church tonight. Should we make "beijinhos" (chocolate caramel) tomorrow? I am happy to have a hubby like you. I love you very much Lindinha | Love! * The key is for the mail * Lindo did some dishes * Lindo took the magic cube * Lindo loves Linda * Money for you Love * A Kiss for you Love * Missing the love notes Love, love, love | the refrigerator door... | Love, there's beans in the refrigerator. You just have to warm it up. I took the picture. I went to Mr. Natalino and from there I will go to work. A kiss Lindo PS. I'm late | Love! Lindo went to school (finally!). I redid the budget because we forgot to consider the Nacional Health Insurance. Oh well! Think about it! Lindo will try to get a raise. A kiss.. | Amorzinho! I could not resist and came over to see our living room and remember when we used to show it to our guests!

8: April 1982 | These are the cards we sent to each other on our First wedding Anniversary. The amazing things was that there was one card that year with the very exact picture of our wedding invitation. But then this is the story of Gislaine and Eduardo: things like that are bound to happen. | To someone who inspires all of my dreams | and brings to the reality of my life all the poetry that only love can inspire, with the greatest tenderness from Eduardo (Lin) | Someone who one day made my path shine with the light of her gaze and projected gold reflexes in my existence. | I will leave our love alone... I love you OK? (vertical wording) Lindinho, Leaving love alone is only in the card, because because actually my love is everywhere (even in my womb - she was pregnant). Wish you happiness for this first year and for many others that will come. A kiss from Linda | April 1982

9: First Wedding Anniversary | Amorzinho... This corner I reserved for myself. The card reminds us of our wedding invitation, and I hope it is the invitation of our second wedding. That today is the second beginning of our love notes, our honey moon, and so on... the card is not as exaggerated as it seems.... I love you Lin | Someone who became everything to me. Incentive to strive, strength in difficult moments, assurance in the present, hope in the future... the whole meaning of my life | Someone that I like to have always next to me in all that I do, in all that I am. | Someone who took over my days and hours, my words and thoughts, my today and my tomorrow. | Someone whose presence transports me to the world of mystery and fantasy. | Someone that I love: You! | For today's day dear wife... and for all the days that you offered me tenderness, a love kiss. To my Lindinha... Love! On our 1st Wedding Anniversary... a big kiss... SP 06/16/82 | First Wedding Anniversary

10: The first ward we attended as a married couple: Ala XVIII Belem with Grandma Olga and our nephew Fabio Marcelo. | Picture taken in front of the Chapel of Vila Maria where Vila Ede used to meet and when "we were pregnant" | 1982 | Our First Baby was born | Edilaine, our first baby was born. Her unique name was created in a train ride to school as Eduardo put both names together: EDuardo and GisLAINE. Months later the guys at work were making fun of the new daddy because her name was not unique after all: that was the name of Playboy's Bunny of the Year of 1982. Hmmmm.... But the train story is true. | Here is proof that daddy had nothing to do with the gossips about Edilaine's name: We took her to church from the very start and that church dress Edilaine is wearing was made by her great grandma Dinorah Bonavolonta.

11: Our Baby's 1st Birthday | Edilaine's party and dress was themed after this character of Sarah Kay that was very popular in Brazil in the early 1980's. Even the shoes were made to match the character. Aunt Lourdes Caramico made that dress, and Grandma Loreta made the cake and decorations. | 1983 | The party was huge with over 120 guests among family and friends who came from all over town. She looked like a doll and we looked like kids playing house with a very cute Sarah Kay doll. : ) | June is a very cold time in Brazil and we went out with our baby now walking tall, a few months after her birthday. We did not know we were practicing for colder winters in Utah.

12: At a Church activity as leaders of the single adults in our ward: a boat trip in Sao Paulo, Brazil | Edilaine's 1st Birthday | Eduardo's 24th Birthday | 1982

13: At a Church dance: she was not biting her lips because she thought I was so hot... I think I actually had stepped on her toes! | Festa Junina: a Brazilian tradition that we celebrate every June with square dancing, fireworks, paper balloons, camp fires and typical foods of the season! | 1983

14: Dang Paparazzi!!! | We used to go out on dates in downtown Sao Paulo and there were photographers in the street taking pictures of good looking couples like us. On the way back from the movies they would try to sell the pictures... well, we could not resist them! | 1984 | This was one of the trips we used to make to Atibaia, a beautiful city not too far from Sao Paulo where grandma Olga used to live.

15: Church Trip | As we were putting this page together, Gislaine remembered how in those days we would rent an old bus to take us to remote places to have fun. This particular rainy day our bus got stuck in the mud. For fun! You can see me and the other guys trying to get it going again. I love this picture of Gislaine in the swimming pool: beautiful, peaceful, and happy! | 1984

16: 1985 | Our second baby was born | Danny was born with curly hair and he was so big people saw him when he was one month old and thought he was three. The curly hair went away only after his first birthday. | The beard came with the new baby but soon went away. Mom was always alert but the same cannot be said about Daddy over there. Who made who sleep that day?

17: 1986 | Danny's First Birthday | Danny's First Birthday was themed after Lost in Space. His cake was made by his grandma Loreta, sliced and frozen in aluminum foil then placed inside of the flying saucer that is seen in the picture. We also had more than 100 guests and each child had candle to blow. The decoration was of planets and stars and his outfit had rocket patterns. | Both father and son were always very ticklish. Their favorite game was "the snake" where daddy's hand would turn into a snake that wanted to bite Danny who would fight for his life. They played that game many times over the years. | 1987 | While daddy was goofy enough to shamelessly wear the Michael Jackson Thriller Blanket Jacket, Danny became very serious at times and was probably completely immerse in some movie with mom on this picture.

18: Filming Danny's 1st Birthday with our 8mm camera | Eduardo's 27th birthday | 1986 | 1987 | Gislaine's Birthday | 1985 | That 8mm camera deserve special mention here because it recorded unforgettable moments as birthdays, Christmas, and our special movies we used to make with the kids like Super Caco (Ricardo) and The Kiss of the Spider Woman (Edilaine)

19: 1986 | Carnaval at the Buenos | 1987 | Two to tango at church dance in Vila Ede | 1987 | OK, I confess I was being a little rebellious as shirtless Nero on this one, but lucky me I had the beautiful Gypsy next to me to divert the attention. This was a costume party at our house and the young adults and other people from our ward came over in costumes for some fun during Carnaval. | The Buenos Family Home Evening | 1985

20: 1986 | At our favorite Chinese restaurant in Vila Maria | 1986 | There was a Chinese restaurant at a park called Santo Eduardo (true) in Vila Maria, Sao Paulo, that we loved to go. The kids were little and would stay with Gislaine's mom while we went on our married dates. This particular day we brought along the missionaries who would not leave our house. Sometimes they would spend their P-Days there even if we had nothing to do but stay talking in the living room. Here is Elder Bowen trying to tell us to behave in front of them...

21: Eduardo's Thriller Jacket | A guy who worked with me as a designer showed up to work one day wearing a Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket. I asked him to let me borrow the jacket and traced the pattern in newspaper. Then I bought a very thick blanket and cut it in pieces (being looked down in horror by Gislaine's grandmother Dinorah). I sewed the jacket above by hand during free time and sometimes in priesthood leadership meetings making people laugh but it was serious business mind you all. This jacket is still around in some closet in our house in the 21st century. Good thing Gislaine would see me being crazy and would not mind it (or not show if she did.) The picture above shows her proudly embracing me in the jacket on a bus as we were going to some cold place with the youth of the church. We were young adult advisers and this was probably a trip to Campos do Jordao, a place for retirement, very pretty, but very cold in the winter... thus the Michael Jackson Thriller Blanket Jacket. | 1987

22: 10-26-1986 | Gislaine and I used to issue these newsletters for the Single Adults (PAS - Programa de Adultos Solteiros). They got updates on friends serving in the field, upcoming events, addresses to write to the missionaries, thoughts, and summaries of what happened in the previous Fireside. They knew the missionaries serving in our area as if they belonged to our ward. That helped with missionary work, attendance to church and firesides, etc. | 11-09-1986 | 11-23-1986 | 12-07-1986 | 12-21-1986 | 01-04-1987 | 01-18-1987 | The Single Adults Newsletter

23: Firesides on Fire | Firesides on Fire | We came up with a new model for our firesides that was a great success. The chapel was next door and we would move our furniture to the cultural hall so our guest speakers were in a living room setting. We would play LDS contemporary music that we would borrow from the missionaries. The chairs were set as in an auditorium and we did the fireside in a Talk Show format. Each fireside attracted hundreds of single adults from the whole stake and beyond - even non members. It was a lot of fun. | Fireside that we organized with the family of President Day of the Sao Paulo North Mission. His wife and children were present because we asked questions as in how they met, and what calls they had in the church. If they or the kids had a talent they would also present a number to the youth.

24: We used to go to the MTC often. President and Sister Morris would invite us often and Eduardo would sing "In the Hallow of Thy Hand" translated to Portuguese while playing his guitar. That helped many missionaries go off to their missions very inspired, specially seeing a young returned missionary married and still very active in missionary work...

25: Our home was always a place to have the missionaries over and we are glad they loved to come to our home too. For a while we took care of missionary work in the ward and to this day we still see some of these Elders on Facebook and in person.

26: Jantar do Pijama | Pajama Dinner | As single adults counselors for the church we had many ideas to have those brave young men and women have clean fun and this was one of the best: go to a fancy restaurant in pajamas. Everyone who participated remembers this day very well. I remember the shock on people's faces as we entered the restaurant. Ah... nothing like being young and doing crazy things! | Rainy Hiking | For this activity we just watched the weather forecast to find a perfect rainy Saturday to go hiking the highest peak in Sao Paulo: Pico do Jaragua. At the end we were drenched in mud and had to take buses and walk downtown like perfect bums. I guess that is why they loved us so much!

27: Karaoke Competition at Panasonic | Now, the supporting part was not the fact that Gislaine went to the event with some of our friends from the Single Adults in the ward but surviving the task of listening to My Way over and over for months. | Gislaine was always supportive of one of my favorite hobbies: singing. This was a competition sponsored by Panasonic (its name in Brazil was National do BrasIl) and that was their annual party. So, with about 1,200 in the audience I performed "My Way" and took first place from the guy looking at me at the bottom picture after him winning 3 years in a row. | The picture on the right shows me singing My Way again (check the hand as I say My Way... hehe) at a Church talent show not too long after the competition. | I bet people listening to me singing that song loudly in the streets at 1 a.m. coming back to school were not so happy either... but I did it my way!!!

28: But I don't see anything!!! My dad is crazy! :) | We used to take the kids to go see the Temple and this was one of those days back in 1987. The picture was perfect until I had this idea to make that "innocent face" and look at the sky. I am pretty sure that Edilaine is not thinking that I was crazy and that it was actually the sunlight. But again, why is it that no one else in the picture is frowning? Hehe... nice memories though. :) | Temple Days The Buenos | Holiness to the Lord

29: Industrial Engineering - Universidade Braz Cubas | 1969 | 1988

30: Always remember, you have within you the strength the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. - Harriet Tubman | You don't have to be an engineer to do the math: it was Gislaine who paid the highest fees having to wait patiently until that diploma was handed out. Times were difficult but we made it. Together. The four of us.

31: Universidade Braz Cubas - Mogi das Cruzes - Sao Paulo | Graduation Day | the Dance

32: Luciane Grosa (Gislaine's sister) | Angelo Caramico, Dinorah Bonavolonta Caramico (Gislaine's gradmother), Marcio and Marcia Lopes (her cousins) | Eduardo and friends from church (single adults) at the graduation

33: Universidade Braz Cubas - Mogi das Cruzes - Sao Paulo | Mauro, Lucelia (Gislaine's sister), Ricardo and Mileny Goncalves and Edilaine Bueno | Marcia Caramico Lopes (Gislaine's aunt) | Lucelia and Mauro Goncalves | Luciane and Loreta Grosa (Gislaine's mom)

34: This plaque was given to Gislaine for her effort collecting the money from all the graduating engineers and getting us the auditorium, the flowers, the place and band for the dance, and so on. She deserved the honor and the applause from all attending the event that night. Gislaine's support on every event has always been amazing! | Olga Iar Bueno - a very happy mother | Anevio and Denise (Eduardo's brother and sister) with Anevio's wife Teresa and Denise's son Marcelo Costa

35: Universidade Braz Cubas - Mogi das Cruzes - Sao Paulo | Olga and Anevio Moraes Bueno (Eduardo's parents) | The only picture of Eduardo's family together (with mom and dad): Anevio, Olga, Anevio Filho, Denise, Joceli and Eduardo; with Fabio Marcelo (Denise's son), Gislaine with Danilo, Edilaine, Luiz Fernando, Luiz Henrique, and Luiz Augusto Publisi (Joceli's three sons.) | Joceli (Eduardo's sister) and her husband Luiz Augusto L Puglisi | Anevio Bueno congratulating his son Eduardo. They only saw each other other two times in their lifetime besides this day: 1969 and 1986

36: Bye Bye Brazil | Bye Bye Brazil | 1988

37: When the time came for the family to leave Brazil for the USA the Vila Ede ward offered a farewell party for us. Gislaine and the kids would stay yet 3 months in Brazil but they had a lot of fun with the special shirt and pants for the "product being exported." The Single Adults did what Eduardo used to do all the time for all sorts of fun time: they changed the lyrics of some famous songs and adapted to say all they wanted to their beloved "Bocaberta" (Open-mouth - because I said stupid things all the time - well, I still do.)

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