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jessica's dc trip

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S: Jessica Loomis DC Trip 2012

FC: Jessica Loomis DC Trip 2012

1: Airport Departure | 1.)My friends and I enjoy a quick breakfast at Ruby's before catching our first flight to Newark, New Jersey! | 3.)My roommates, Alyssa Waite and Heather Washle, pose with me in front of the Newark, New Jersey departure sign. | 2.)My amazing chaperon, Mrs. Washle, was my adopted mother for two weeks! | Impressions of Airport Departure and Flight: We arrived at the airport safely and even a little early, too! I had fun hanging out with my friends at the airport before the flight and as we ate our breakfast. I am so excited to land and the flight is great! The Lord is with us all the way! :)

2: 4.)The best bus leader ever, Mrs. Haugen, poses with me in front of the Jefferson Memorial. | 5.)The best bus assistant, Mr. Campbell, stands with me in front of the Washington Monument. | 6.)My principal, Mr. Domico, stands with me on Ellis Island in front of the visitor center.

3: 68.) My roommates and I sit in an Indian hut, which was used as a home for Indian families throughout their village. | Jamestown | 67.)Pocahontas and I admire all the colors of the wind! | 69.) My dad and I stand in front of a recreation of an original home inside the Jamestown Fort.

4: 7.) The ship known as the “Godspeed” held citizens for up to four months on board with minimal accommodations. 8.)The Indians, who lived in homes much like these, used their shelter when sleeping or during extremely bad storms. 9.)The Jamestown Fort provided good shelter to the settlers as well as the governor. 10.)The current church of Jamestown was built on the original stones of 1607. 12.)John Smith is greatly honored by this statue of himself because he was known as the “Father of Virginia.” | 7.) | 8.) | 9.) | 10.) | 12.)

5: 11.)Pocahontas, an Indian princess, saved the life of John Smith by placing her head on top of his before he was beaten to death. | Impressions of Jamestown Fort and Indian Village: Although the fort is located on the river and provides good shelter and protection, I do not think I would enjoy living in this location due to the cold, rainy weather and high winds. It would also be difficult to stay healthy because once you became ill, it was hard to treat it correctly.

6: Williamsburg | 13.)The Capitol (House of Burgesses) held trials that determined what type of crime someone committed and whether or not they should die. | 17.)The magazine stored an allotment of military weapons in Williamsburg inside of this building. | 18.)The Bruton Parish Church's architecture helped to project the speaker's voice while preaching.

7: 14.)The Raleigh Tavern was a business that welcomed people who would discuss topics as they ate and drank. | 15.)The Governor's Palace was used as a hospital before it became the residence of Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. | 16.)Millinery shops made accessories such as bonnets, sashes, and other fabrics. | 19.)Colonial women often wore long dresses with fashionable bonnets atop their heads.

8: Ha-Zah! Our tour guide,Marlyn, made our visit to Williamsburg very enjoyable. | Williamsburg: Colonial Williamsburg was the capitol of Virginia from 1699-1780 while the ideals of a nation were being developed. Virginia was the most influential of the original colonies. Many of our founding fathers, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson crossed paths in Williamsburg. The birth of representative government in the form of a legislative assembly started in 1619 in Jamestown, but in 1699 the House of Burgesses moved to Middle Plantation, which was later named Williamsburg. Representative members of the legislature were allowed to enact legislation for the colony. While they could still be overruled by the King, this was a monumental leap for the form of government that we practice today. | 70.) The horse and buggy was a common transportation system for citizens of Colonial Williamsburg.

9: Richmond | Yorktown | 20.) Lord Cornwallis surrendered his troops at the battle of Yorktown, which is a symbol of American freedom. | 22.)This character is dressed as Patrick Henry who is an important person in history because of his famous "Give me liberty or give me death" speech. 21.)St. John's Church is known as the birthplace of America because many important decisions were made here.

10: Charlottesville & Monticello | 23.)This east entrance, the front side of Monticello, is also known as the carriage entrance. | 24.)The backside of Monticello is known as the nickel side, which is seen on the back of the five-cent coin. | 25.)Thomas Jefferson will be remembered in history as the author of the Declaration of Independence. | 26.)The dining room at Monticello was used to serve two meals a day to guests and family of the Jefferson household. | 71.) The Reflection Pool at Monticello displays the reflection of Thomas Jefferson's beautiful home.

11: 27.)Mount Vernon is the home of George Washington who was the first United States president. | Mount Vernon | 28.)The Potomac River is seen from the location of George Washington's large, beautiful backyard. | 30.) GeorgeWashington is buried in the right hand casket beside his wife, Mary. | 29.)Washington and his family frequently used this hallway, known as the Central passage.

12: 31.)The Marine Corp Memorial is a statue of six soldiers raising the American flag to display American victory and unity. 32.)John F. Kennedy is honored as the thirty fifth president of the United States and greatly influenced our country. | 33.) Robert Kennedy is buried nearby his brother, John F. Kennedy, our thirty-fifth president. 34.)The guard at the tomb of the unknown solider instructs two additional guards to change positions. 35.)The Challenger Memorial is a tribute to the many astronauts who lost their lives aboard the Challenger.

13: Arlington National Cemetery | 72.) The home of Robert E. Lee sits atop this hill located inside Arlington National Cemetery. | This was an amazing experience and I had the incredible privilege of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier . It was a very serious and memorable ceremony that I will never forget. The Lord blessed me with this honor and opportunity to respect my country and the heroes who have given their lives for our freedom.

14: 36.) Abraham Lincoln served as our nation's sixteenth president, as well as saving our nation during the Civil War. 37.)The Vietnam wall displays 58,022 names of service men and women who died during the Vietnam War. 38.)These Vietnam soldiers look into the distance as they survey the horrific battle scene of the Vietnam War. 39.)These three women care for an injured solider who takes his last breaths. 40.)These Korean War soldiers stand prepared to take action and fight for our freedom, which is not free!

15: 41.)Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, is honored with this impressive monument of his life. 42.)The Washington Monument honors the life of our first U.S. president, George Washington. 43.)The Capitol building serves as a meeting place where Congress makes important decisions for our government. 44.)Two different architects with extreme talent intricately designed the Rotunda inside the Capitol building. | In honor of our great nation and those who have brought our country together. They are greatly recognized for their incredible efforts.

16: 45.)The White House has served as a home for all United States presidents, except Washington, for over 200 years and still stands proudly in Washington DC. | 47.)The World War 2 Memorial honors all service men and women who sacrificed their lives during World War 2. | 46.) The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial consists of four “rooms” that represent each term of office which president Roosevelt served.

17: 49.)The Library of Congress serves as a large library of study center for professional researchers or officials. | 50.) Martin Luther King Jr. is a significant person in our history because he fought for black and equal rights. | 48.) The Supreme Court, built in 1935, is presented with over 6,000 cases per year from October through May.

18: Washington DC As the capitol of the United States, Washington DC plays an important role in the day to day operation of our country. Washington DC lies along the Potomac River and was chosen by George Washington to be the capitol of the United States. There are many important landmarks in Washington DC. The White House is the home of the president and has been for over two hundred years. There are memorials to many Presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. There are also memorials of military conflicts such as the Vietnam War, Korean War, and World War 2. Washington DC is also home to the National Archives. The National Archives is responsible for the preservation of all of our country's most historic documents. The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution are all kept here. There is a lot of History to see in Washington DC. | 52.)This picture of Michelle Obama’s inaugural ball gown displays elegance and beauty. | 51.)Amelia Earhart flew this red Lockheed 5B Vega plane across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932. | 53.)Nastia Luiken’s pink leotard is on display along with several other medals she brought home from the 2008 Olympics.

19: 74.) This is General George Washington's uniform, which he wore during the American Revolutionary War. | 73.) The United States Air Force Memorial is dedicated to the millions of men and women who served in the United States Air Force.

20: Gettysburg | 54.)General Sickles attempted to lead his army up the hill of Little Round Top. | 55.) Gutzon Borglum sculpted the North Carolina Memorial in 1949. | 56.) The Forty- Forth New York Infantry Memorial stands on top of Little Round Top, located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. | "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that "all men are created equal". Abraham Lincoln spoke these immortal words November 19th, 1863 at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery. The battle of Gettysburg took place from July 1st to July 3rd of 1863. Union forces were commanded by Major General George Meade and the Confederate forces were led by General Robert E. Lee. The historic battle at Gettysburg is often referred to as the turning point in the Civil war. If General Lee's forces had overtaken the Union Army at Gettysburg, the South could have won the war. However, Meade and the Union forces were able to put a stop to the advancing Confederate troops and the North won the battle.

21: Impressions of Gettysburg: This battle site displays the conditions of the war during the late 1800s. I could not imagine how hard it would be to carry around ammunition while sweaty and exhausted. These soldiers were extremely brave and fought their hardest for our country as well as what they believed in. I wish I would have that same courage to endure any hardships, just as those soldiers did.

22: 57.)The Liberty Bell helped to preserve our nation throughout the struggle of American freedom. | 58.)Independence Hall was the meeting place in which the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. | 60.)Carpenters Hall was the meeting place where the assembly met for several events such as the First Continental Congress. | 59.)The Assembly Room was the location where one delegate from each colony came to discuss the Declaration of Independence.

23: Philadelphia | Impressions of Philadelphia: I thought this was an interesting and very significant area for our country. I enjoyed learning about how our nation gained its independence. Also, I enjoyed eating a delicious Philly cheese steak from a street vendor. :) | Philadelphia: Philadelphia is home to Independence Hall, which is considered by many to be the birthplace of the United States. It was in this building on July 4th, 1776 that the Declaration of Independence was written and approved. The Declaration of Independence declared the thirteen colonies free from British rule. As the main author of this declaration, Thomas Jefferson adopted the ideas of individual liberty from John Locke. Eleven years later, representatives gathered to design and debate the United States Constitution in the same building. The founding fathers decided that it was time to create a strong national government. Some important features of the United States Constitution are checks and balances, separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, and the idea that it is a living document that can be amended.

24: 61.)The Statue of Liberty stands as a welcoming symbol to the new country for all immigrants. | 63.) Ellis Island provided a warm welcome to all immigrants who traveled to New York in search of a new future. | 62.)The city of New York is located next to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. | New York | The Statue of Liberty represented liberty and freedom for all immigrants who traveled to this new country. It was a gift from France and is 355 feet and one inch tall, made of copper.The lady's torch is known to "lead the way to the future".

25: 64.)The immigrants brought items such as linens, house wares, and plates overseas. 65.)The Wall of Names on Ellis Island documents most of the immigrants who traveled to the new country. | Ellis Island | Ellis Island Visitors Center

26: Ground Zero: September 11th, 2001 changed the course of history as we know it. Not only would our way of life be changed, but the entire world would feel the effects of what happened on this day. On this day, four jetliners were hijacked by Islamic terrorists. Two jets were flown into the World Trade Center, which subsequently collapsed. One jet was flown into the west end of the Pentagon. The fourth jet crashed in a field in Pennsylvania thanks to some brave American citizens. Many things in our country have changed since 2001. Airport security is much tighter, we have engaged into overseas conflicts ( Iraq and Afghanistan), we waged the War on Terrorism, and terrorism has become a focal point in American politics. Ground Zero is one area that represents a truly tragic day in American history. | Impressions of 9/11 Memorial: This event is so incredibly tragic and poses many questions in my mind as to why God allowed this to happen and why the terrorists did this. It makes me sad and depressed to be standing where thousands of people met their death and sacrificed their lives. I pray that the Lord will continue to be with the families of those who were killed during this tragic event and that He will continue to build us up as "one nation under God". | 75.) This “Survivor Tree” survived during the 9/11 attack and was replanted on the World Trade Center site. | 9/11 Memorial~ Never Forgotten | 66.) The 9/11 Memorial honors all who were lost or killed during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

27: Times Square, New York

29: Impressions of Flight Home: I had a great flight and it was actually very smooth and went by quickly! Although I was ready to go home and spend time with my family, I will miss my red bus family. I have many special memories of the great times we had on this amazing trip! I continue to thank the Lord for blessing me with the opportunity for my dad to come on this trip with me! It was such a blessing to have him there and I really appreciate his dedication and the dedication of the staff for making it possible for both of us to go on this memorable trip!

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