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John Bazley- Memory Book

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S: Memories of Dr. John Bazley

BC: For Kit, Sarah, & Trevor Always in our Thoughts, The School of Accountancy 8.18.2011

FC: Memories of Dr. John Bazley

1: Memories & Short Stories in honor of | Dr. John Bazley

2: "An honorable man who was excellent in the practice of an honorable profession." - George Simon

3: "Dr. Bazley was my favorite professor. His combination of intelligence and humor made intermediate accounting both challenging and enjoyable. When we needed extra help, he was always very accomodating with his time outside of the classroom. I always enjoyed seeing Dr. Bazley at the various CPE classes over the years. Dr. Bazley will be greatly missed." - Leo Stegman | "Dr. Bazley was one amazing man. When I was wondering whether I had what it took become an accountant, he was able to provoke thoughts and make accounting exciting and fun. I have seen him through the years at hockey games, alumni functions, and CPE classes. He always remembered me and was so nice to catch up and chat with. This is a big loss for DU, but a bigger loss for your family. And for that, I send great sympothy and wishes for peace." - Jessica Seidlitz

4: GROOMSMEN GETTING READY | "I was blessed to have worked with John for 7 1/2 years. He welcomed me from the first day that I started in the SoA. His strength demonstrated during his illness reflected a man of character, never wanting others to worry. My prayers go out to the family. Thank you for allowing John to be a part of our lives." - Paula Martin | I had the opportunity to work with John for several years and always appreciated his love of education, his extraordinarily dry sense of humor and respect for the gift of teaching! His office door was always open for his students, he enjoyed engaging in the many challenges that his courses brought to the students. He relished in teasing me about marrying an Aussie, stating that he hoped the British influence rubbed of on me during my years living in Australia. The SoA is a different place without Dr. Bazley, he will be sadly missed but his legacy will live on. - Sue Nuttall "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge" Albert Einstein

5: PREPARING FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT IN MY LIFE...SEEING MY BRIDE FOR THE FIRST TIME | "John was totally committed to his students and to the Daniels College. He was an exceptional teacher, mentor, and advisor. He also was exemplary in his service to the College and School of Accountancy." - Glyn Hanbery

6: "The best profressor I have ever had: wise, passionate, demanding, generous." - David Barnhill

7: "In a world of compromises, Dr. Bazley represented a standard that was not easily attainable, but when you finished his class you knew you earned every ounce of your grade." - Matt Antush

8: "Dr. Bazley was a great mentor. He brought a dry sense of humor and would often catch you offguard with his levity when you least expected it. Of all the professors, you knew that Dr. Bazley was 'in it for the right reasons.' - Matt Antush

9: "Dr. Bazley was a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. He challenged me in the classroom, guided me professionally, and cared about me. He asked me for feedback about his class and what he could do to help students to succeed--he truly cared about the success of each of his students. He shaped my academic experience at DU and guided me into a challenging, rewarding career. He will be missed." - Crystal Carver

10: "The first time I met John he asked where I was from and I said Utah. Next he asked if I was Mormon and I said I was. He got a twinkle in his eye and I thought it was because he was interested in the church. At the next social function we were at, John came up to me with the same twinkle in his eye I then realized it was because he wanted my drink ticket and not to learn more about my church. Mormons don’t drink and that’s one thing John was interested in. This is why I loved him!" - Jill Whelan

11: "John Bazley had a strong and very positive influence on thousands of students in his 36 years in the School of Accountancy. He was a master teacher and counsellor, and he was a valued and respected professional colleague. He will be sorely missed." - Peter Firmin

12: I was honored to have had him as a professor, but also as a genuine role model and greatful for the way he touched my life. Thank you Dr. B, you will not be forgotten. - Stephen Chambers

13: Really, I think he stood as the symbol of what I wanted to be -- a person of kindness, honour, and professionalism. -Barbara Livingston

14: "What amazed me the most about Dr. Bazley was his heart and his ability to teach students life lessons with just a sentence." - Marina Mungova

15: " He was always able to brighten my day when I spoke with him." ~Rhonda Willert | "Dr. Bazley was full of wisdom. Conversations with him had always been in the Socratic way, i.e. using critical questions to encourage me to think and see. I will always remember his smile when he knew that I was on the right track of thinking his question. Besides, he showed me good examples of paying attentions to details. I remember his edits on my financial accounting cases, very helpful for me, as a foreign student to improve English writing skills. Outside accounting classes, I also received his advice and encouragement when I was searching for career opportunities. I am very grateful for everything he taught me and I feel very lucky to be a student of him. My sincere condolences to the family." - Maria Yuhua Hao

16: "Dr. Bazley was a great instructor who excelled at keeping his class relevant and truly made Accounting interesting during my MBA. Being a Sales Manager meant that I wasn't the top scoring student in the class - however I know that no one benefitted more from his patient and fun loving teaching style. His passion for his students and his specialty created a unique experience for us all and helped me to gain a greater understanding of how Accounting should work to clarify rather than obfuscate. He will be missed and I know his legacy will continue to stretch on." - Chuck Harper | "Dr. Bazley was truly an amazing teacher both inside and outside of the classroom. He was an amazing teacher in the classroom and I think DU students know financial reporting better than probably any other university. Bazley ensured we truly knew the information. Just memorizing the information wasn’t an option and he continuously challenged you until you were truly knowledgeable. I know I often think of him and his classes when approached with accounting questions. I am so thankful he taught us the information so well. He truly enhanced so many individuals on a professional level. But what perhaps was even more amazing about Dr. Bazley was his teaching outside the classroom. Dr. Bazley didn’t just teach us accounting, but he was truly a mentor to all his students both through school and after." - Devon Unkeless

17: Not too long ago, I told John that there wasn’t a day that goes by that I didn’t think of him. And looking forward, a day won’t exist that I’ll be working with students in the classroom and fail to recall his memory. John had a great influence on his students through both his teaching and advising, students he never met through his textbook work, and students who have yet to study accounting through his influence on current and future instructors. In my very first encounter with him, John demonstrated a level of warmth that I felt was unmatched in recruiting visits to other campuses. That warmth persisted throughout the time I knew him. He was always helpful and never too busy to respond to a request for advice. And whether in the classroom or in private conversation, it was clear that his care for his students motivated and guided him in his work. He and I had different teaching styles, but we discussed them candidly and respected the fact that each person teaches best in a style that fits their own personality. He never tried to use his seniority to pressure me into doing things “his” way, even though I taught the prerequisite for his class; at times, each of us made policy changes based on something the other person did, and at other times we listened thoughtfully to each other’s philosophy and absorbed it in our own way. Our conversations about the proper accounting treatment for unclear situations were particularly enjoyable – especially when we disagreed! We would have engaging discussions when looking at a problem from different angles, or looking at a financial report and asking “what would you have done here?” Again, sometimes we changed each other’s minds, sometimes we didn’t, but it didn’t really matter. We were just having fun. But what I will treasure the most were the personal conversations. It was here that his depth as a caring person especially came through, and here where I developed my fondest memories from my time with him. John was a great teacher for all of us, a helpful colleague, and a wonderful person. In my heart and in my memory, he will continue to be all of those things for me. - Darius Fatemi | COLLEAGUE | MENTOR

18: TRULY AN EDUCATOR | "He expected the best of his students and never -- not for a minute -- did he give less than that himself. Thanks to his family for sharing him with all of us." -Barbara Livingston | "Not only did he teach students complex accounting concepts, but also, and more importantly, he taught students to think critically in order to learn and understand the impact of those concepts on financial reporting." - Emily Montgomery | "A man of a few words, but those few words speak volume. Dr. Bazley challenged all of us to reach our potential." - Leo Jiang | "He taught me about accounting; he taught me about vintage port wine. Most importantly, he taught me to use my head, trust my ability to reason, and temper my idealism with wisdom." - Kathleen Davisson

19: "A mentor in the true sense of the term." - Shruti Rastogi

20: "There are few teachers that inspire and encourage greatness among students. " - Jack Hechinger | Every student has a select handful of teachers and professors that fundamentally affect them as he progresses through his education. Dr. Bazley was one of those special educators, and more than that, special people, who touched many lives. May he know that he is loved and respected. - Scott Rathbun

21: "Dr. Bazley was a man full of intelligence and humor." - Marina Liu | "Dr. Bazley was a great professor who really challenged me as a graduate student. His exam questions forced you to think complex problems through, and it was in his class where after great study and effort that I had one of the best I can do it! experiences as a student in a classroom." -Kyle Cascioli

22: Two words describe John Bazley: simply unique. John Bazley changed our School of Accountancy (SOA) financial accounting curriculum and our SOA financial accounting curriculum changed our students. It is no accident that over the years of John’s tenure, seven (7) SOA graduates became interns with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). John and his close ally Joyce Frakes developed what all of our SOA graduates needed—rock solid financial accounting skills. You might ask: what kind of rock--sandstone or granite? If you ask his students the uniform response is: “A polished igneous rock made up of feldspar, mica and at least 20% quartz!” The amount of quartz determines the size of the flecks in the granite. As you add more quartz, the flecks get larger. Now, John’s courses had varying amounts of quartz so the size of the financial accounting flecks varied. If the course was intermediate accounting it was 30% quartz with noticeable financial flecks; if the course was financial accounting cases, it was 40% quartz with even bigger flecks and if the course was the Executive MBA, it was 50% quartz—and the financial flecks were gigantic! Polished granite is massive, hard and tough. John was not too massive, but he was pretty tall. There is absolutely no question he was hard and tough. The word granite comes from the Latin granum, a grain. John loved to grow academic grains. In his classes his students knew the small academic seed was going to grow. He would wait until a brave student ventured a granular answer and through his Socratic method he would turn the rough response into scholarly knowledge. If you were looking for a direction, John’s financial accounting was true north. Those who could not go true north went south. If you asked John if he was a noun or a verb, I believe he would respond, “A verb.” And I believe his choice of the verb would be “think.” As his students were heading north, he taught them how to think.

23: - Jim Sorensen | We had offices next to each other. All the senior faculty got to pick their offices in our new Daniels College of Business building when it was built so it is no accident that John, Hugh Grove and myself were next to each other on the west side of the building with the best view of the mountains! When John and I discussed our office locations, we agreed this choice has been the only real advantage we have found for seniority. A few years ago I shared with John that I had become number three in our household. We had acquired a small Chihuahua-mix dog name Romero. There was Maria, Romero and then me, number three. John said I should stop complaining because he was number five: There was Kit, Sara, Trevor, the dog and him; one, two, three, four and five! I felt a lot better! John knew what it meant to serve. He served his family, his students, the SOA, the DCB, the University and the profession. His willingness to serve was without equal. John wanted the SOA curriculum to be world class, but he knew curriculum building was a team sport. He worked hard to make his own classroom top-notch and he worked tirelessly with his colleagues to make the entire SOA curriculum first-rate. While he saw his responsibility to make financial reporting unsurpassed, he expected management accounting, taxation, systems, and auditing to be unrivaled as well. In 2011 our undergraduate accounting program was ranked by Business Week as number 15 in the United States. In 2010, our Master of Accountancy (MAcc) was ranked number 14 in the nation (for mid-sized programs) by the Public Accounting Report. In no small measure we owe our national reputation to John’s high standards. How do you end a tribute to an outstanding colleague? There is no easy way, but we can say, “John, in the audit eternal, your accounts are in balance.”

24: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Guests

25: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Gue | Guests

26: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Guests

27: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Gue | Guests

28: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Guests

29: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Gue | Guests

30: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Guests

31: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Gue | Guests

32: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Guests

33: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Gue | Guests

34: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Guests

35: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Gue | Guests

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