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Lane and Rob (Coffee Table Size)

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FC: Fontenot


2: In April of 2005, it was the beginning of the height of friendship and networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. One day while Rob was searching for friends from high school, browsing results for "McNeese" and "Lake Charles," he noticed that my name and picture kept coming up in his searches. Out of curiosity, he viewed my page and after noticing we shared many similar interests, he sent me a message asking to be friends. I had never exchanged messages online with someone that lived in my area that I didn't know, and I was reluctant at first. But for some reason, that day, I replied. Over the next several days, we had great conversations back and forth through online messaging and Rob decided to ask me for my phone number. Soon our conversations extended to the phone. During this time, we found out that we actually had a mutual friend. Rob had known Megan Domingue for a few years and she had been my lab partner in my college anatomy class. Later, after Rob and I were in a serious relationship, Megan actually became one of my roommates. After a few weeks of talking on the phone, and asking Megan about the kind of guy Rob was, I agreed to meet him in person. But only under my conditions. I was so paranoid, I made sure several people knew where I was going. I wanted to pick a location I would not likely run in to anyone I knew (so I wouldn't have to explain the situation), and I wanted to arrive first so I didn't have to walk up to him. Now it sounds crazy, but at the time, it seems perfectly legit. Rob and I met on June 17, 2005 at IHOP for a late dinner. He was very shy and could barely look me in the eyes. (Later he told me it was because they were so beautiful). Besides the kitchen messing up his order 3 times, everything else went fine. At the end of the evening, it was time to say goodbye and Rob, not wanting to come off too strong, asked if he could have a hug. I told him "No, but you can have a kiss," to which he replied "Where?" I said "Where?! On the lips! Where do you kiss?!" and we both started laughing. This broke the awkward tension leading up to the moment, and that night we had our first kiss. And the rest is history. | How We Met

6: The Proposal June 17, 2011 | Will you marry me?

7: The week we got engaged was one of the best weeks of my life. We had been waiting to get engaged until after I finished my Master's degree in teaching. I graduated that May. On Wednesday, I got my first job offer to teach at Rayne High. On Thursday, I signed my first teaching contract and Friday was our 5th anniversary together. To celebrate, Rob took me to dinner at Fezzo's in Crowley. After dinner, we went back to my parents house. I went in to talk to my parents and Rob went outside to the deck. After about 20 minutes, my parents were like "Where's Rob? Go see where he is." I kept putting it off thinking he'd be back inside in a minute. Finally, I went to get him. When I walked outside, there were rose petals from the back door leading across the deck to the table. He was standing there with canopy lights and lit candles and a ring box. I thought my heart was was going to explode out of my chest. To be completely honest, neither one of us remember exactly what was said. I just remember crying and feeling overwhelmed with happiness and love. It was a great moment.

8: Planning the Wedding | Unlike most women, all the details of the wedding were not very important to me. It was more important to me that this day center around the love in our hearts and the commitment we were making. Originally, we thought that we were going to have a very small wedding with just immediate family and our closest friends. It wasn't long before I realized that this day was not just about us, and I didn't want to leave out anyone who wanted to share in our special day. However, I was very worried that we could not afford a larger wedding. Thankfully, my dad assured me that there were ways around my fears. Within two days, he had arranged a beautiful location and had several people lined up to help in anyway they could. We all worked very hard to stick to a very small budget (by wedding standards) while at the same time, having the ceremony still appear very elegant and classy. I have to say, our wedding turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. To us, every detail was perfect.

9: After looking at the prices of wedding dresses, I saved a ton by purchasing my wedding dress online - actually, I bought a bridesmaid dress in white and had it altered, adding straps. | I took apart premade calla-lily bouquets I found on sale and used Rebecca’s glassware for table arrangements. Mom made my bouquet and Dad made the boutonnieres.

10: After talking to Rebecca about the price of Wedding cakes, I knew there was no way I was spending that much for flour and sugar. After a little research, I realized much of the cost comes in stacking the tiers. So instead of a traditional wedding cake, I ordered three separate round cakes and found a cake stand online. | Rebecca's younger sisters, Rachel and Rachelle took a picture of a hairstyle I found online and did my hair. I used Rebecca's veil from her wedding as my "something borrowed."

11: Attempting to cut even more costs, we printed our own invitations. Hobby Lobby had a great sale where I was able to get 150 blank invitations with envelopes for less than $30. Their website had many different customizable templates to choose from. Then, instead of hiring a DJ or band, we made a list of songs and played them off of an iPod over the loud speakers at Putt's.

12: DRESSING THE PART | Finding bridesmaid dresses was a nightmare. I didn't really have "wedding colors". I knew I wanted green accents but I wanted the wedding to seem classic, and because Putt's house had such beautiful landscaping, I didn't want a color that would clash. I also wanted the calla lily bouquets to stand out. So for attire I chose black and white. I wanted something simple that coordinated and everything at bridal stores seemed too formal, was too expensive, and took 8 weeks or longer to come in. I was hoping to find coordinating dresses at a department store, and so Rebecca, Lauren and I set off on a day of shopping. After browsing through several stores and finding nothing, I was feeling very discouraged. Finally, at the last store, we found their dresses... for less than $15.00 each at Ross'. Lauren's had ruffles on the bust while Rebecca had ruffles going diagonally across the front. They each bought a simple cover up and looked very elegant. Mom tried on several different outfits before finally finding what would end up being the top she wore at our wedding.

13: Dad texted me a picture of him in his tux as soon as it came in. | Choosing the tuxes was easy. We again went with simple black and white. Dad was extremely concerned with Bob picking up his tux on time. So Rebecca texted a picture of Bob ready to go to assure him Bob had it under control. Rob trying out different looks, with a jacket... and without....

14: THE REHEARSAL DINNER | Part of the reason the wedding went so smoothly is because of all the help I received from others, especially my Aunt Lynette and my Uncle Do and Aunt Dawn, who the summer before had opened Green's Cafe in Jennings. They helped us purchase the food at wholesale cost and cooked some amazing dishes for us. They were also gracious enough to allow us to have our rehearsal dinner at the cafe. We had planned to serve Chicken and Sausage Gumbo and potato salad. The day before, it occured to me that Rob's family and much of the wedding party was Catholic and couldn't eat meat on Friday. Luckily, Do and Dawn saved the day with also cooking a delicious Shrimp and Okra Gumbo. Rebecca gave a very moving Maid of Honor speech. She brought an assignment we had from the third grade about the best gift she had received. She wrote about her best friend Lane. Getting engaged and married only months apart from each other was an amazing experience. I am so lucky to have shared this special time with my best friend. | THE REHEARSAL DINNER

15: Everyone got emotional as they spoke. Rob acknowledged how much he loved me and my family and Mom and Dad shared with us how proud they are of us. Rob's family welcomed me to their family and thanked me for being such a positive influence on the happiness of their son. A few days before the wedding, I got a special fortune.


18: SAYING "I DO. . . "

21: "Accept this ring as a continuing pledge of my love and faithfulness to you."

23: Mr. & Mrs. Robert James Fontenot


27: THE WEDDING PARTY | Lauren Green, Bridesmaid - Sister of the Bride Rebecca Edwards Purcell, Maid of Honor - Friend of the Bride Patrick Guillory, Best Man - Cousin of the Groom Bob Purcell, Groomsman - Friend of the Groom

28: Making It Official

30: "So lay here beside me, just hold me, and don't let go... This feeling I'm feeling is something I've never known... and I just can't take my eyes off you." -Lady Antebellum | First Dance AS HUSBAND AND WIFE

31: "You want all the dreams they dream of to come true, then they do." -Trace Adkins | "Memories light the corner of my mind..." -Barbara Streisand | Father/Daughter Dance | Mother/Son Dance

34: "What God has made one, let no one separate."


36: Rob and I boarded the plane in Lafayette and flew to Las Vegas. Rob hadn't flown since he was a baby and this was my first time. The trip started off ok... until we got to the airport. When we checked our luggage, I didn't get our boarding passes so when we got to the line at security, I began to panic. Lauren had coached me on what paperwork to have out at what time, how to dress, what to expect from the flight, and when I didn't have those boarding passes I almost had a panic attack. After going back down stairs to get them, we were on our way. Or so we thought. After boarding our plane, it was announced there were computer issues. Lovely. We sat on the runway for over two hours before we finally took off. The only thing that kept Rob preoccupied during this time was sitting next to former Saints player Mike McKenzie on the plane. Because of the delay, we missed our connecting flight in Houston and arrived in Vegas over 3 hours later than we had planned. When we finally landed, we grabbed our bags and headed to our hotel: NYNY. | It was really cool to watch the land change outside of the plane window.

37: The really cool thing about our hotel was that it was really like a mini New York City. There were replicas of the Brooklyn bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and inside, it was like there were various neighborhoods like Greenwich Village. There were many restaurants around and above them, it was designed to look like apartments, just like in NY.

38: We tried to visit as many of the hotels as possible. Not only was it free, but each one had such a unique theme.

39: During our time in Vegas, we were able to see two magnificent Cirque Du Soleil shows. On our first night, we got to see Beatles Love. Because of our delayed flight out of Lafayette, we thought we were going to miss the show. As soon as we got to our hotel, we checked in as fast as possible, brought our things to the room, hailed a cab and made it to the Mirage just in time. And it was well worth it. Because of a special NYNY was running when we made our reservations, we got free tickets to another Cirque show, Zumanity, which was inside NYNY. Though we were reluctant at first, it was one of our favorite things we did while we were in Vegas.

40: After we got out of the Beatles Love show our first night, we decided to gamble a little at the Mirage while we were there. After losing enough money, we strolled into our room at 3 am. To our surprise, Katherine and Ms. Donna had a lovely wedding gift waiting for us - room service, complete with wine, cheese and crackers and chocolate dipped strawberries. The next day, Rob and I explored the strip, going to M&M world, the Coke store and watched the entertainment out on the streets of Vegas.

41: Being so close to historical tourist spots and realizing this could be a once in a lifetime experience, we decided to rent a car to do some sightseeing. Rob initially wanted to rent a convertible, but after seeing the prices, we realized we could get a Corolla for two days for the same price as a convertible for one day. So we took the Corolla (red, ironic!!) and hit the desert road to see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

42: THE GRAND CANYON | My entire life I have heard my mom talk about her desire to see the Grand Canyon ever since she saw the Brady Bunch go on TV. The summer before our wedding, Lauren went to Las Vegas (on my mom's birthday) and took a bus trip to the canyon. As excited as I was to finally see it, I really can't explain in words what it felt like to be there. I was literally in awe. I had tears in my eyes. It was so large, so magnificent, such a natural beauty. I am so glad we made the decision to go.

43: Once we arrived at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, we signed up for a bus tour with me Hualapai Tribe. They took us to two look out points: Eagle Point, which has the famous Skywalk, and Guano Point, where you can actually get a 360 degree view of the canyon. The wait for the skywalk was over 3 hours so Rob and I did not go on it... plus, we were a little scared.

46: Cameron Diaz, Oprah, The Kennedys, Tim McGraw, Jennifer Lopez, Snoop Dogg, The Beatles, Barack Obama, Chuck Liddell, Halle Berry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Depp, Wayne Newton, Michael Jackson, Bette Middler, Stevie Wonder

48: Jessica Simpson, Bradley Cooper, Prince, The Rock, George W. Bush, Elvis, Joe Montana

49: TITANIC and BODIES | On our last full day in Las Vegas, we spent the day at the Luxor at the Titanic Artifacts Exhibit and the Bodies Exhibit. The titanic had replicas of the different class rooms and of the main staircase. They also had on display the largest in tact recovered piece of the ship wreck. The Bodies exhibit was a really unique experience to see real human anatomy. My favorite part was the fetal development display.

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