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Larkin 1st year book!

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S: Larkin LeNeta Kroeze the first year

BC: I can't believe you are one year old! You are independent, silly, outgoing, & energetic. You make us laugh, and smile every day. We can't imagine life without you in it. God blessed our lives beyond our wildest dreams when he gave us you! We love you so much Larkin LeNeta!

FC: Larkin | LeNeta

1: arkin | LeNeta Kroeze | 06.01.2011

2: {wishing you a happy birthday... }

3: These were all the "happy birthday" comments on Mommy's blog the day you were born!

10: 6 pounds. 13 ounces. 20 inches.

11: happy birthday.

13: I didn't give you the gift of life; life gave me the gift of you.


18: leaving the hospital | placement day

19: 06.03.11

20: Family of | 3 | our first week together... After 2 days in the hospital, we spent 2 nights in the hotel in Minneapolis. When you were 4 days old we went to stay with Uncle Nathan & Aunt Heather in Marhsall, MN until paperwork was finished for us to take you home.

22: 1 WEEK

23: At 1 week old, you were drinking 2 to 2 1/2 ounces every 3 hours. You would sleep 3 to 5 hours at a time, and wake up only to eat. When you were 10 days old we switched to sensitive formula because you had a tummy ache after you would eat. It only took one bottle for us to know that was better for you. You started to fight falling asleep unless you were swaddled. When you were swaddled tight you could hardly stay awake. You would smile in your sleep all the time. When you were 9 days old you weighted 7 pounds and 3 ounces. We learned in the first week that you were either very calm and quiet, or very worked up and crying hard. You would sleep when you were in your car seat in the car, or in the stroller.

24: W e l c o m e

25: H o m e

27: {your first bath} | 3 weeks old

28: weeks | three

30: one month | -You would eat 3 to 3 1/2 ounces every 3 hours -You would sleep 5 to 6 hours at a time at night, sleeping in your crib. You fought sleeping during the day, and only took short cat naps -You smiled for the 1st time at 3 weeks -You rolled from your tummy to your back for the first time at 1 month. You would be mad because you didn't like your tummy, and kick your legs until you flipped over. -at 5 weeks, you weighted 8 pounds and 12 ounces

31: 5 weeks old

32: Daddy's birthday in Worthington

33: fourth of July

34: {our first day at the pool} | 5 weeks old | Larkin & Amayah

35: 2 months | -at 7 weeks, you slept through the night from 10:30pm to 8:30am -you weigh 9 pounds 15 ounces, and are 22 inches long -you started to like your car seat, and would fall asleep more easily in the car -you eat 4 ounces every 3 hours during the day -you smile so easily when we talk to you (at about 10 weeks old) You smiled constantly from that time on -You found your voice, and would say "ohh" all the time

37: three months | -you weigh 11 pounds and 10 ounces -you talk and giggle -you are so content and happy to lie on the floor -you are never still, and love to kick your legs anytime you are lying down -you eat 4 1/2 to 5 ounces at a time -you sleep 9-11 hours every night -you can roll from your tummy to your back both directions

38: b e a c h h o u s e | l a b o r d a y


40: Baptism | Mommy and Daddy were so excited for this day! You are such a gift, and we couldn't wait to dedicate your precious life to God. We had a party after church with all of our family and friends.

41: 9.25.11 | Your dress was made out of Grandma Sheryl's wedding dress

42: 4 months | -you have started to grab for toys. This was the beginning of your love for necklaces! -you drool almost constantly -you giggle when we tickle your neck, or make funny noises. You also giggle when we do "pat-a-cake" with you -you weigh 12 lbs & 12oz, and are 23 1/2 inches long -you roll to your tummy as soon we lay you down, and you are so content to play with toys on the floor -you fight sleeping for naps, but started to sleep better when we lay you in our bed -everyone comments that you are the most content, happiest baby they have ever seen!

43: happy halloween | our little ladybug

44: 5 MONTHS | -you weight 14 pounds 5 ounces -you roll easily from tummy to back, and lift yourself up on your arms -you started to put your hands together -you drool constantly!... and have started to suck on your fingers -you use a pacifier for naps during the day, but not at night -you consistently sleep through the night from 9-10pm until 7:30-8:30am -You eat 5 1/2 to 6 oz at a time every 3 to 4 hours -you started to get less content to lie on the floor, and want to know what is going on all the time

45: Thanksgiving | FIRST | give thanks in all circumstance; for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. -1 Thessalonians 5:18

46: orphan Sunday

47: Christmas Tree Farm | our annual tradition... cutting down a tree with Corey & Jenny

48: you loved the pool from the first minute we put you in! you would kick and splash constantly. you have no fear, Larky

49: MONTHS | You started sitting up on your own, reaching for things. Saying "da da", and doing "so big". You would pick up small objects, and always put them straight into your mouth. Loud noises (sneezes/yelling) would scare you... the tears and pouty lip would come out. You were content and happy all the time. Sleeping 10-12 hours at night, swaddled up tight (except your arms were out). You would nap 2-3 times a day, usually 30-60 minutes at a time. We tried to feed you veggies, but you hated them! You would have 4 6oz bottles a day. | six | 14 pounds 9 ounces 25 inches long

52: Adoption Day | happy | December 19, 2011 | officially a Kroeze!

55: have yourself a merry little christmas

56: it's the most wonderful

57: time of the year | 2011 | ________ | ________

58: Happy New Year!

59: You drink 6-7 ounces of formula every 4 hours. We feed you baby food ( that Mommy made) at supper time. We try 1 fruit and 1 veggie. You love pears, and orange vegetables. Right before you turned 7 months your first tooth popped through on the bottom! A few days later the one next to it came through as well. You do "so big" and wave bye bye. You try to pat-a-cake but you couldn't get your hands together quite yet. You would scoot around on your tummy, but didn't want to bend your knees. You loved to stand, but have no balance. | months

60: Bridges Bay Okoboji, IA

61: Let me see | {your new favorite trick} | your silly face...

62: eight months | We put you to bed somewhere between 8:30-10. We lay you on your tummy, wrapped in your swaddle blanket with your arms out. You eat a 4oz. bottle every 4 hours, and baby food 2 times a day. You are starting to eat baby food much better, and aren't so messy. You take a morning nap between 10-11am, an afternoon nap, and sometimes a short nap in the evening. Naps are in your crib now. You switched to your upright car seat. You would rock back and forth on your hands and knees, and loved to stand by things. You would say da-da & Daisee We would rock you to sleep for naps, but just lay you down at night in your crib. You could do pat-a-cake, so big, silly face, & wave hi & bye

63: first valentine's day

65: rubba dub dub

67: first time playing in the snow | SNOW BABY

68: months | 15 pounds 12 ounces, and 27 inches tall You crawl SO fast! You started that a few weeks ago... and now you pull yourself up by the toy box, bathtub, laundry baskets or anything you can reach You wear 3-6mo or 6-12 month clothes You wear size 2 diapers You nap around 10am every morning, and again sometime in the afternoon You eat 1 container of fruit & 1 of veggies every day You have a 6oz bottle every 4 hours during the day You can do : "so big", "patty cake" If You're Happy and You know It, and do your silly face. You say "da da" & "mum" You imitate us when we laugh or cough, and think it's funny You sleep on your tummy, and are starting to go to sleep without being rocked at nap time. (night time you always go to sleep on your own)

70: ten months | You are on the go! Standing by yourself, pushing thing around, going up the steps, and crawling everywhere. You drink a 6oz bottle every 4 hours (4 a day) and have baby food 2 or 3 times a day. You love yogurt, and are getting much better at eating from a spoon... although you still prefer the bottle! (ba-ba you call it) You say: mom, da da, dai-say, drew, ba ba, row row (when you want Row Row Row your Boat),whoa, yea/yes, jump, book, & no-no. You love when we sing to you! You are so independent! You never want to be held, except for when we have a bottle for you. You want to be down, crawling... no matter where we are. You have no fear! You nap in the morning around 10:30am, and then again in the afternoon. You wear mostly 6-12 month tops, and 3-6 month bottoms (and the waist of those are too big!) Size 2 diapers fit you perfectly. You finally fit in size 2 shoes.

72: -Easter-

73: eleven months | You eat a mixture of "our food" and baby food 2 or 3 times a day, and have 3 or 4 6oz bottles a day. You are still usually taking 2 naps a day, but are starting to go down to 1 nap. It can last anywhere from 30 minutes or 2 1/2 hours. We still rock you to sleep during the day, but lie you on your tummy, in your crib at night, and you go right to sleep. You are almost walking! You are still afraid when we let go of your hands. You love to play in Daisee's dog food, and say "no no" when you take the food out of the dish... you know it's naughty! You have 2 teeth on the bottom, and are working on the top 2. You have an obsession with your (and our) toes... you want to suck on them all the time. You say: Mom, Da Da, yea, yes, no no, Daisee, Drew, baby, a couple of animal sounds, and "one, two" You are starting to love attention, and realizing when people think you are funny. You do sometimes get shy around strangers and want mom or dad to hold you.

74: our little | flower girl | You were almost 1 when aunt Kelsi got married to Drew. You and Paelyn were the flower girls in their wedding! We hoped you would be able to walk down the aisle, but Daddy had to help you. It was such a fun day, and you looked SO cute in your dress Grandma Sheryl made you.

75: Drew and Kelsi Ebel {wedding day} | May 19, 2012

76: weekend at the beach house: Memorial Day

77: ...even though it wasn't very warm, we couldn't keep you out of the water. You hardly slept the whole weekend, but loved playing with all of the kids & attention from everyone

79: 12 | months | 17 pounds 2 ounces 29 inches You take 1 nap around 1:30pm After lunch we would give you a bottle with 1/2 whole milk & 1/2 formula... and then lay you down in your crib You would eat 3 meals a day (in your high chair) and 3 bottles of milk in between meals You love to eat yogurt, toast, hotdogs, and french fries... veggies, not so much You are so close to walking! and have become such a climber You copy so many things we say! You know tons of animal sounds, answer "yes" & "no" when we ask you something, and are starting to remember people's names

80: birthday | Larkin, for your first birthday we had a backyard garden party themed party. It was a 75 degree, sunny afternoon. Over 30 of our friends and family were there! You ate your cake, but only with a fork of course. We opened presents, and all of the kids played on your new swing set. (Your gift from mommy & daddy) Happy Birthday baby girl! | st | party

83: one year old

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