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Mom and Dads 50th

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Mom and Dads 50th - Page Text Content

S: Baum 5oth Anniversary

BC: "I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you."

FC: BAUM | EST. 1961 | jerry & karma | 1961 | 2011

1: 50th Anniversary October 26, 2011 | Jerry & Karma | We love you! Thank you for all you have done for us. We hope you enjoy our little gift to you. Love Your Family | B

2: & | Jerry Karma


4: LOVE | 50 years ago. . .

6: Our

7: Through the years . . . | B

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13: together

14: As we grow together, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change: we will always be family. | B

15: When Sara first asked for this letter I sat down and wrote three different pages, and then started over. It is hard to write down 48 years in just one letter. So as I have been thinking just one word comes to mind, thank you. Thank you for all of the things you have done. Thank you for all of the unconditional love, both in good times and in bad. So congratulations on 50 years and thank you for a lifetime of love. | Steve | Steven | age 48

16: Jake age 31 | When you're growing up your home is very important. It is where you feel safe, where you feel confident, and where you feel like you're special. When I was growing up I got to feel that way at two homes, mine and Grandma Karma's. Usually when you go to a relatives house you feel welcome but you still feel like a guest, but Grandma and Grandpa made me feel like that was my home and I belonged there as much as anyone did. And that was something I needed and will always cherish. You were a very big part of my childhood and I appreciate that very much. I love you both very much! Happy Anniversary - Jake

17: I am so thankful to have such wonderful grandparents. I have been without a grandma since I was 14. When Jake and I got married I inherited two new grandparents! They stepped in and took me in as one of their own. They even let me live with them for a while! They have always shown me love and acceptance into the family. Jerry would always try to get new clients my way and would ask for updates on how work was going and such. Karma has always been there giving me wonderful advice and living a great example of how to be a mother and grandmother. They were mine and Jake's escorts in the temple when we were receiving our endowments and getting married. My heart was touched so much because they did that for us. Karma helped me get garments and temple clothes as well. I remember feeling so thankful I had her there for me through this great experience in my life and also for Jerry helping Jake as well. A couple characteristics and attributes I love about Karma that I will try to put into my own life are: Her consistency; She always celebrates different holidays and birthdays without skipping a beat. No matter if people are flaky or ornery to her she is always making things happen and she chooses to be happy and make her life wonderful! She loves her family Unconditionally; this is big to me. No matter what a person has done or what kind of choice they have made, she is always there to hug you and accept you for you. Being content; She lives with simplicity. She is always calm and I don't see her get stressed to often. Things I admire about Jerry are Adventurous; he seems to always be doing something. Out to lunch with senior citizens, bike riding, water aerobics, running and keeping up with Ryan's boys, stretching, reading up on health. He finds somethings he likes and does it. Health conscious; I love how he is always finding out what is good for you. This is something we have in common. A Tease; just like the rest of the Baum's. He is always right there to tease ya and make you smile or maybe a little embarrassed. I love them so much and am truly so thankful to have them in my life. They are so wonderful in so many ways. Congratulations grandma and grandpa for 50 years of life together. May your legacy continue on and your example shine through in your families and loved ones!! Love Cassie | Cassie age 31

18: Kyler age 7 | I like that Grandma cooks for us. I remember when we went to the football park after Sunday dinner. I love that she has dinner every Sunday so I can play with my cousins and see the family. Grandpa Jerry is nice to do the dishes after dinner. He is quiet... I think it's cool they have been married for 50 years.

19: Brinley | age 4 | Grandpa & Grandma | I like to have treats at your house when I stop by to visit. I also like root beer floats after dinner. You are nice. I love you.

20: Tagger age .04

21: Nicole age 23 | Happy Anniversary to the best Grandparents ever! I love you both so much. You two have raised a pretty awesome family and I feel so very honored to be part of it. I have so many great memories over my life of being with the two of you. Ever since I was little I can always remember having our Christmas nut party! It's the best. I love when we all cuddle up downstairs to share stories, sing Christmas songs, and exchange gifts. Then I get to go upstairs and help grandma make lots of little cups of yummy pudding so that a lucky person can win the famous "nut gift". It's a Baum family classic. I also love the one on one time I have been able to spend with both of you in my life. I was so blessed to grow up living so close to my grandparents. I absolutely love going to get a coke and taking a slow drive through the cemetery. No matter how old I get I always know that your house has a cold drink and a yummy treat waiting for me. Through good times and bad our family sticks together. We are always there for each other and willing to help anytime its needed. The two of you were the start of all this. I could never imagine a more perfectly imperfect family. | Grandma & Grandpa

22: Mom and Dad- I want to start by saying thank you for the last 46 years. Like I have said to you before, you two are the glue that holds this family together. My family and I love coming each Sunday to eat and I know it is a lot of work for you every week. As you know, I’ve gone through a few challenges over the years. I’ve been so blessed to have you as my parents to talk to and to hear sound advice. You have made it easy for me to want to share my troubles with you. I have never not felt welcomed at your home. Now that I have kids I want the same unconditional love that I received from you for them. That is why we moved close to home. So they can walk over anytime they need someone to talk to and to be comforted. I love and appreciate you both so much. Happy 50th Anniversary. Love Always, Todd | Todd | age 46

23: Dear Jerry and Karma- I am so grateful to be part of your family. Over the years I have come to love you both so much and I am so thankful for all the love and support you offer not only me, but also for my family. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that if ever I need advice, comfort, or just a quiet place to sit and drink a soda your home is always open and I am always welcome. Thank you for loving my kids. I can’t say that enough – thank you! They are not perfect, they may even drive you nuts at times, but you love them and they have no doubts about that. My kids know each of you in a way that I never knew my grandparents – what a blessing that is. Karlee told me just the other day that when she grows up she is going to be a Grandma just like you – what a compliment. I too strive to be the kind of parent and grandparent that we have seen from both of you – it is a lot to live up to but that is what I hope to pass on to my kids. Thank you for being the calm in our stormy life. My family has never needed the love of our family like we have these past months. Of all the people I have around me, your love and support has meant so much to me. Thank you for standing beside me and supporting me when I needed it the most. For being the warm arms wrapped around me when I felt alone and for making me laugh when I wanted to cry. I love you both so much and am truly blessed to have you in my life. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! You two have raised an incredible family and should be so proud. Love- Heather | Heather | age 39

24: Grandma & Grandpa, Happy 50! Ha ha well I was asked to write down a few thoughts/memories etc. and as I have been thinking, I have laughed, cried, and really realized how much you two have influenced my life. I will always remember girl’s night chick flicks in the basement, watching conference (usually watching= sleeping) on the most comfortable couch ever, sleepovers in the basement, and of course walks to grandpa’s house. When I think of you, grandpa, I think of support. You always ask how I am, what I’m doing (which is a lot to remember sometimes I’m sure), and I always know you genuinely care. You have influenced me more over the last few weeks then you know. Whenever I reach for something fast and not so healthy to eat, I think of you, and go for something healthier. Although dad doesn’t always follow your health advice, he always passes it on to me and it has helped me make better diet choices. I am healthier because of it. So my thighs thank you for keeping the freshman fifteen off of them. When I think of grandma, I think of love. Unconditional. You are always there when I am struggling. Sometimes I do a really bad job of covering it up, but you always make me feel better. I think (wow I’m crying already) of the love and support you have shown me when my family life has been, well “shitty”. The night before dad left to Idaho when we were all in the family room, I couldn’t say what I wanted to. And whenever I felt so heart broken, you would put your arm around me. You showed me that even though my immediate family was crumbling around me, I would always find help from the rest of my family, in particular my amazing grandparents. You not only show loving and caring, but how laughter can make everything feel so much better! I LOVE coming to Sunday dinner because whether I am in a good mood or a bad one, it will always improve how I feel. Our laughing and joking is the best expression of love and I always leave feeling I have all the support in the world. I think the greatest lesson I have learned from you two is the joy in simplicity. Everyone will always remember my infamous “ordinary, ordinary” house episode, and trust me when I hear the stories it scares me too. I have lived in two different realms of the world my whole life, and it has been the greatest of blessings. I could have been such a snood! I would love to say I would have grown out of it, but I think I need to contribute much of it, if not all of that to you guys. You have shown me that happiness is NOT bought with money, as many of those close to me seem to believe so strongly, and that instead family and love is what happiness is all about. It doesn’t take millions to find what really matters, and in actuality millions will only take you farther from it. I love you guys so much, and I would not be who I am today without your amazing influence in my life. I am SO blessed to have two such amazing people to look up to as role models and help guide and comfort me in this confusing life. You have always been such great examples of going to church and making great decisions and the very greatest is unconditional love. I only hope that I can be as wonderful for my future family as you have been for me. Much love and gratitude, Berklee

25: Berklee | age 18

26: Dear Grandma and Grandpa- I really enjoy and love you both. I wanted to share with you something I really like about both of you. Grandpa, I liked going swimming with you this summer. It was funny to look down and see your bottom half was walking when your top half looked like you were swimming. I know I got the wrong impression, but it is something that makes me happy when I think of it. Grandma, I love that I can come to your house and talk with you – about anything. I love that you always have the time and are always willing to listen. I love you both so much and am so thankful for all you do. Love, Austin | Austin | age 12

27: Dear Grandma and Grandpa- I love you so much! I love when you take care of us – you do a good job. I love when you cook dinner on Sunday – I think your food is really good. Thank you for being so nice to me. I am glad I live close to your house and I get to see you all the time! Love- Jackson | Jackson | age 9

28: Karlee | age 6 | Dear Grandpa- I love you so much – I even love you when you get mad at me. Thank you for letting me come to your house and spend time with you. I love your house – it is really nice. Thank you for sharing your zucchini with my mom so she can make zucchini bread. I love you! Karlee

29: Dear Grandma, When I first met you, I was kind of shy, but you looked very nice. I love when you babysit me because you are always so nice. I love when you tickle my back. I also love when you make me root beer floats and give me bbq chips in the morning. I love you so much – I will always keep you in my heart. Love, Karlee

30: Jason | age 41

31: Nicole | age 39

32: McKay | age 16

33: Payton | age 13

34: Oakley | age 10

35: age 7 | Nic

36: Ryan | age 29 | Mom & Dad Congratulations on reaching such a milestone. I want to thank you for all of the love and support. I always knew I could rely on having unconditional love from both of you. The support that you give my boys is so appreciated, from providing jobs so that they can learn how to work, to just being up the street for whatever they need, to encouraging all of our athletic endeavor's, I truly appreciate all of it. Thank you so much for all that you do for all of us. Thank you for the example you set. And for the best Sunday tradition of any family anywhere. Love - Ryan

37: Amy | age 38 | Dear Jerry & Karma Wow, congratulations! 50 years of marriage is something to celebrate, something you both should be very proud of! I found a little quote .... Newlyweds "soon" turn to Oldyweds, and Oldyweds are what, what truly, makes a "family forever." On October 26, 1961, the two of you created a forever family. A family that I am very grateful to be a part of! Through your love, you gave me my family - and after reading their letters - how could I not be grateful! I have the most wonderful husband and children and for that I thank you both! I love you both very much & I am so happy that I have this opportunity to tell you how great you both are! I am impressed with your love, your strength, your wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations - Love truly! Amy

38: Dear Grandma & Grandpa, You are the best grandparents a grandson (like me) could hope and dream for. You're always there to support me. Whether I'm playing football, attempting cross-country, running a marathon, or even if I just need a place to relax for a while. I know that I'll always have your love and support in anything I do. 50 years . . . thats a long time. I hope that someday I can share my life with someone that I love and hopefully become as good of examples to my kids and grandkids as you are to me. I love you grandma and grandpa. (even if I'm not the right size) Love - Lafe | Lafe | age 17

39: age 16 | Silas | Dear Grandma & Grandpa, I love you! You two are great examples to me and my brothers. Thank you. You help me to understand the importance of eternal marriage! I love you & I'm very thankful for the wonderful family you have created for me to be a part of! You two are amazing! Happy 50th Anniversery! Love - Silas

40: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, I love you so much. It must be pretty awesome to look over and say "Wow, 50 years" Whether that is a good thing or a great thing. I have never had the feeling of love but I have seen movies and I have talked to my parents about it. I hope that this day that you will be able to look over and feel that, but this time 50 TIMES STRONGER. Love, Wyatt p.s. I love your guts. | Wyatt | age 12

41: Dear Grandma & Grandpa I love everything about you! Love, Kaleb P.S. I love you most | Kaleb | age 9

42: -Mom & Dad- I am so grateful for the two of you. I love spending time with you. If it's going to Joe Vera's or just hanging at your house with a coke. I love that you make the effort of Sunday dinner. I know that our family is closer because of it. I love that I can always depend on you. Mom you have always been my best friend. I love that we can talk about everything and nothing. I love that I am as stubborn as you are. I have learned how to love unconditionally from you. I have learned how to put family first, and that family is the only thing we need to be truly happy in this life. Dad I have always adored you. I have learned to be honest in everything I do from you. Because of you, I have learned how to work hard (even if I wouldn't drive the farm truck). I love seeing you two with Kade, and the love that you have for him. I love that he gets to spend so much time with you, he always wants to see you. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me and my family. I am eternally grateful. Much love, Sara | Sara | age 33

43: Dear Karma & Jerry Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! I want you both to know how much I appreciate you and love you. I am thankful to have you both in my life and I am grateful for all that you have done for my family and I. You are so great with Kade and he loves you both dearly. You are a blessing to the family and I am happy to be a part of it. Happy 50th, I love you both! Love, Kevin | Kevin | age 34

44: Grandma & Grandpa I love that you watch me. I love to go to Joe's with you. I love that Grandma takes naps with me and that Grandpa goes on walks with me and Zeus. I love you! Love - Kade | Kade | age 2

45: You have touched our lives in so many ways. | We can not say it enough, Thank You!

49: 2011 | Be true to who you are and the family name you bear | Baum

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