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Our Wedding Story

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S: Our Wedding Story

BC: The Beginning | Dedicated to my Wonderful Husband | Published 2013

FC: RASHARD & ADAEZE DUNCAN | June 29, 2007 | ,

3: It all started with our mothers. Had it not been for God having them meet, we would have never crossed paths. So to my best friend, here's to our memories and to our future! | Rashard & Adaeze

4: about us | Rashard Duncan | June 12, 1981 | Doesn't have one | Hustlin & Craigslist | Laid Back | Selfless | Risk Taker | The Bible | Lucky - Rashard Duncan | The 5 Heartbeats

5: Adaeze Wachuku | February 13, 1986 | Red and Black | Photography | Organized | Animated | Nurturing | The Bible | Lucky - Rashard Duncan | The Color Purple

6: HOW THEY MET It was our mothers who were first to meet. to them it was all by accident. Bobbiette had scheduled a hair appointment weeks earlier with a hair dresser who worked with Ruthie. When she went in to get her hair done, the hair dresser claimed that she did not schedule any appointment and refused to do Bobbiettes hair. Before the situation got bad, Ruthie stepped in and offered to do Bobbiettes hair. Apparently they had such a good time, Ruthie invited Bobbiette to her church, Cornerstone and their relationship began to grow from there. Now, I met Ruthie for the first time when I went in to get my hair done for prom. This was When Ruthie talked me into shaving my bushy eyebrows. Amongst other things, she went on bragging about her son who happened to be in a relationship with a girl she didn't like. Not to mention he was supposed to be moving to New York. I couldn't help but wonder why this random woman was telling me her all of her sons business. Especially since I never met the guy. Then she went a step further and started talking about how wonderful it would be if we (him and I) got married. You can only imagine what I was thinking... Needless to say I wasn't interested.

7: Adaeze | Rashard | f | HOW WE MET Skipping ahead... I Attended Ruthies annual celebration of life for the first time in 2004. I had no idea that that would be the night, God would show me my husband! I first saw Rashard when he was on stage. He was missing a shoe and was sitting on stool singing the song Love by Musiq Souldchild. I became hooked at first sight! As that night came to a close and my family was leaving I made it my business to let Rashard know he did a good job. My goal was to be seen by him and that was it I ran away praying that I didn't fall. I never was very smooth when it came to talkin to men. A few weeks later after seeing Rashard I received a phone call from Rashard. We had planned to go on a date and even planned out a time. But then I never recived a call back from him and we never made it on our date. I figured that he was jerk and decided to move on. After all, how are you gonna make a date and then stand your date up on the first night!!

9: It wasn't until a few months later I found out Rashard had honored my mothers wishes and stayed away from me. Apparently my mother felt that Rashard was a little too old to be dating me and told him to get lost. But after observing him from afar she gave him her blessing to see me. So we decided to pick up our date where we left off. It had been so long since I had seen Rashard that I forgot what he | looked like. I almost felt like I was going on a blind date. Especially since I didn't really know him. I remember being so nervous since I had never dated anyone before. I remember even trying to get out of going on the date because I was so nervous. But finally when that moment came when he my doorbell and I opened the door... TALK ABOUT LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! I was so elated that this fine man was | at my doorstep that I felt like he might have had the wrong address. Did I mention I was nervous... :). Of course my family invited him in and had to drill him about where we were going and even impose a curfew. (Did I also mention I was in College). I was so embarrassed. Anyhow. we went out to eat and then went to the movies which happened to ironically be Hitched with Will Smith. He dropped me back off at home by curfew time and that was our first date. | How We Met Continued

10: It was Christmas time 2006, Adaeze was invited to New York with her girlfriend Kimberly little did she know her life would be changed for ever!

11: I knew my trip to NY would be nice I didn't know it was going to be Freakin Awesome!! All I know is I had planned to go spend a little time in New York with my friend. Suddenly weeks following my departure, I began getting a lot of interest from Rashard and Ruthie. Ruthie was giving my advise on how to dress and we even went to get our nails done together. The funny thing was while we were getting our nails done Ruthie took off one of her rings and told me to try it on (I may be naive sometimes but I'm not stupid). She tried to cover it up like she was giving me the ring as a gift to keep. Rashard also began acting suspicious. He kept on explaining to me that he had some friends in New York that he wanted me to meet. I wasn't all that interested in meeting them by myself. I felt like, if these are his friends it would be better to introduce me for the first time when he is actually there, otherwise that would be just plain awkward. However he kept on insisting that I meet them. Between him and Ruthie both were driving me nuts! After all I thought this was my getaway... | So Christmas day had came and went and I had been talking to Rashard on the phone. He claimed that he hadn't been feeling well and that he would call me back. This was during the day. But then he didn't call me back, so I became worried and tried to call Ruthie to see if he was feeling ok, but then she didn't answer either...

12: Eventually, He finally called me back and said that he had fell asleep. Then he continued to insist on having me meet his friends for the first time while he was still in Iowa. I still didn't feel comfortable with this idea, but I agreed to go if Kim and CJ could go with me so I wouldn't feel so awkward. Rashard had been in "communication" with his friends and they explained they wanted to meet me in downtown Manhattan at the Blue Note Jazz club. (The funny thing about the jazz club was a few days earlier, CJ had asked me | If I could go anywhere in New York, where would I go... and I told him I have always wanted to go to a jazz club). So the time was set for us to meet at 7 pm. I remember even trying to back out of meeting them. But Kims parents wouldn't allow it. I just couldn't understand why everyone seemed to be so pushy first Rashard and Ruthie and now Kim and her family...I JUST WANTED TO CHILL OUT... | So we finally make it down to the jazz club. Then I received a phone call from Dain, Rashards friend telling me that they were running late and that they would meet me at 9 at the next concert. So here we were Kim, CJ and I in downtown Manhattan killin time in a local bakery.

13: Finally 9 o'clock came and we got in line for the next showing at the Blue Note. I remember while we were standing in line some random guy came up to me and asked if I'd like to buy a rose. I had told him no and then he walked away. minutes later I saw him coming back around the corner suspiciously giving me the shhhhh (quiet) gesture. THis of course made me paranoid, So I told everyone to grab their purse and keep a look out. Soon after that, Rashards friends show up. We meet in line and start introducing each other. I thought it was kind of odd that Dains brother had a video camera out and was taping, but he played it off like he had just got it for Christmas and was excited over his new technology so of course I didn't really give it a second thought. We go inside the club and have a seat at a table close to the stage. Introductions continue on. The waitress comes and takes our order and soon after that, Dain excuses himself, saying he had to go to the bathroom. At the same time his brother Dereck also said he had to go to the bathroom, so they | leave together. At this point I wondered why these two men went to the bathroom together. Then I brushed it off as a New York thing... I remember I was talking to Kyleen, Dains wife when all of a sudden I saw this man dressed in a tuxedo that looked a lot like my Rashard who was supposed to be sick in Iowa. This man came down the isle with a bouquet of roses ( the same ones that I saw that suspicious guy selling outside). He then grabbed my hand and pulled me up on the stage with him. By this point I was delirious, I totally thought I had seen a ghost. I felt a mixture of excited/terrified. Rashard was in Iowa, I had just talked to him.... Rashard proceeded to make an announcement to the whole club for their attention and informed them that he traveled over 1000 miles to propose to me. Then he dropped to his knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I was besides myself with happiness. My reply to him was I DO

15: GETTING READY | For a night on the town!!

18: I gotta go save some innocent people... | Lets go boys, my baby needs me...! | I can't let her down......

19: I found her, now to go and revive her... | Don't worry baby, Daddys here...

20: Engaged!

21: true | Love

22: Love conquers all things

23: As soon go kindle fire with snow. As seek to quench the fire of love with words

24: a day to remember

25: a day to remember

26: Bloopers! | Sexy Beasts | Bloopers!

30: All White Party


34: Mothers and Bride


36: Cherished Moments


38: The rehearsal night and dinner

42: t h e w e d d i n g | p a r t y

43: Our wedding party consisted of 12 bridesmaids, and 12 groomsmen, 2 ushers, one flower girl and ring bearer. Needless to say, we were an army! When we first were deciding on the number of people in our wedding, Rashard made out a list and the original list had 17 men. We ended up cutting it down to 12. I was still pretty new in town and i barely new 12 women. At the end of the day the wedding turned out beautiful. Having a 28+ wedding party may make for a chaotic day but it is very photogenic :)

47: Invitations and Programs

48: Not only does the bridal veil show the modesty and purity of the bride and her reverence for God, it reminds us of the Temple veil which was torn in two when Christ died on the cross. The removing of the veil took away the separation between God and man, giving believers access into the very presence of God. Since Christian marriage is a picture of the union between Christ and the church, we see another reflection of this relationship in the removal of the bridal veil. Through marriage, the couple now has full access to one another. (1 Corinthians 7:4)

49: Getting Ready

50: The white wedding dress has a two-fold significance. It is a symbol of the wife's purity in heart and life, and in reverence to God. It's also a picture of the righteousness of Christ described in Revelation 19:7-8. Christ clothes his bride, the church, in his own righteousness as a garment of "fine linen, bright and clean."


54: Here, guests are arriving. All here for us on our special day. The knot will be tied at 4:00 pm

55: Easton's Bible Dictionary explains that the Hebrew word for covenant is berith, which comes from the root meaning "to cut." A blood covenant was a formal, solemn, and binding agreement—a vow or pledge—between two parties made by "cutting" or dividing of animals into two parts. As we look further into the details of a covenant, we'll consider the significance of various wedding traditions. In Genesis 15:9-10, the blood covenant began with the sacrifice of animals. After splitting them precisely in half, the animal halves were arranged opposite each other on the ground, leaving a pathway between them. The two parties making the covenant would walk from either end of the path, meeting in the middle. The meeting ground between the animal pieces was regarded as holy ground. There the two individuals would cut the palms of their right hands and then join these hands together as they mutually pledged a vow, promising all of their rights, possessions, and benefits to the other. Next, the two would exchange their belt and outer coat, and in so doing, take some part of the other person's name.

56: Getting Ready | Ephesians 5:23-32 reveals that earthly marriages are a picture of the church's union with Christ. God initiated the relationship through Christ, who called and came for his bride, the church. Christ is the Groom, who established the blood covenant first initiated by God. For this reason, the groom enters the church auditorium first. | Food For Thought

58: Here I stand Looking in the mirror Saying goodbye to my old friend Preparing to embrace the new. Here I stand In a fantastic daze For the days that stood in my way Now have come down to the day That I will marry my friend, My companion for life I will become someones wife. Here I stand embracing the new gift Celibacy aside and a new head as my guide. Here I stand ready to begin, this new chapter with my friend and third strand that will carry us to the end. --Adaeze Duncan | Food For Thought --

59: "A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you." | In Bible times, the parents of the bride and groom were ultimately responsible for discerning God's will concerning the choice of a spouse for their children. The wedding tradition of seating the parents in a place of prominence is meant to recognize their responsibility for the couple's union.

60: F O R E V E R

61: THE Happiest DAY OF OUR LIVES!

62: The center aisle represents the meeting ground, or the pathway between the animal pieces where the blood covenant is established. The white runner symbolizes holy ground where two lives are joined as one by God. (Exodus 3:5, Matthew 19:6) | Food For Thought

63: Here Comes the Bride

64: Now usually the groom walks in the room and awaits his bride to come down the isle happiness and hope in his heart. Usually the bride walks down the isle and is presented to her husband to be and the two become one. However Rashard had something different planned. Not only was I going to walk down the isle to music but he surprised me and serenaded me with a beautiful song that he wrote just for me. He titled the sung Lucky. There wasn't a dry eye during the service

65: What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility. - - Leo Tolstoy | Who Gives This Woman | In Jewish tradition, it was the father's duty to present his daughter in marriage as a pure virgin bride. As parents, the father and his wife also took responsibility for endorsing their daughter's choice in a husband. By escorting her down the aisle, a father says, "I have done my very best to present you, my daughter, as a pure bride. I approve of this man as your choice for a husband, and now I bring you to him." When the ministers asks, "Who gives this woman?," the father responds, "Her mother and I." This giving away of the bride, demonstrates the parent's blessing on the union and the transfer of care and responsibility to the husband.

67: I just want you to know That you’re my angel And I feel like I’m the luckiest man (luckiest man alive) To share this moment with you Because I knew that from the first day I laid eyes on you That you were heaven sent This is my wedding song and I want you to know.. I've been sitting here Just thinking about our life And how far we’ve come, yes Just wondering, if this whole life is a dream Between you and me, no Because ever since that day I first laid eyes one you That’s when God whispered in my ears and told me dreams come true. Chorus 2x And I’m telling you Angel I I’m the luckiest man alive God sent you from heaven Now you’re here so we could share this life | And I promise I'll cherish every moment you bring As long as God gives me the ability to meet your needs And I promise I know I'll never leave your side (never leave your side) Oh no no no no no no no I promise to love you until you turn gray Work hard and keep a smile on your face I know that this love is for real Thats why I gotta be the luckiest man Chorus 2x 4x I do I do I do Wanna marry you Chorus 2x | Lucky | By Rashard Duncan for his lovely wife!

68: As we saw in the blood covenant, the two individuals would join together the bleeding palms of their right hands. As their blood mixed, they would exchange a vow, forever promising all of their rights and resources to the other. In a wedding, as the bride and groom face one another to say their vows, they join right hands and publicly commit everything they are, and everything they possess, in a covenant relationship. They leave their families, forsake all others, and become one with their spouse.

69: Praise | Dancers

70: Two Paths Under God, One Destiny We humbly come together to glorify God Celebrating our victory of beating all odds. Through the Lords strength we yielded His plans. And now He has handed us the promised lands. Each traveled a path of uncertainty. In each others field of view, saw things differently. But God Almighty with His foresight to see . Has now joined us in one spirit of unity. God has laid out our steps before us. He marked this day in the stars. Now we must fulfill our season, Where two become one, no longer mine but ours. The hour has come to lay aside selfish ways. To fervently serve the other all of our days. We look past ourselves and see only the others needs, And understand our commitment to fulfill each and every deed. No man can break this bond, As the devil wishes he could. We are His masterpiece, And on this day God said this is good. Anyone can come together, But only Go can make them one. Mind, body and soul, Only God can make them whole. We saw two paths cross, two paths were we. But God saw more he saw our destiny. Adaeze Wachuku Duncan

72: F O R E V E R | Unity Candles | The two outside candles have been lighted to represent both your lives in this moment. They are two distinct lights, each capable of going their separate ways. As you join now in marriage, there is a merging of these two lights into one light. This is what the Lord meant when He said, "On this account a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall be one flesh." From now on your thoughts shall be for each other rather than your individual selves. Your plans shall be mutual, your joys and sorrows shall be shared alike. As you each take a candle and together light the center one, you will extinguish your own candles, thus letting the center candle represent the union of your lives into one flesh. As this one light cannot be divided, neither shall your lives be divided but a united testimony in a Christian home. May the radiance of this one light be a testimony of your unity in the Lord Jesus Christ.

73: While the wedding ring is an outward symbol of the couple's inward bond, illustrating with an unending circle the eternal quality of love, it signifies so much more in light of the blood covenant. A ring was used as a seal of authority. When pressed into hot wax, the impression of the ring left an official seal on legal documents. Therefore, when the couple wears a wedding ring, they demonstrate their submission to God's authority over their marriage. The couple recognizes that God brought them together and that he is intricately involved in every part of their covenant relationship. A ring also represents resources. When the couple exchanges wedding rings, it symbolizes the giving of all their resources—their wealth, possessions, talents, and emotions—to the other in marriage. Remember, in the blood covenant, the two parties exchanged belts, which form a circle when worn. Thus, the exchanging of the rings is another sign of their covenant relationship. Similarly, God chose a rainbow, which forms a circle, as a sign of his covenant with Noah. (Genesis 9:12-16)

75: You May Now Kiss the Bride | Not only does the bridal veil show the modesty and purity of the bride and her reverence for God, it reminds us of the Temple veil which was torn in two when Christ died on the cross. The removing of the veil took away the separation between God and man, giving believers access into the very presence of God. Since Christian marriage is a picture of the union between Christ and the church, we see another reflection of this relationship in the removal of the bridal veil. Through marriage, the couple now has full access to one another. (1 Corinthians 7:4)

76: Ladies and Gentlemen I Now Pronounce to You for the First Time Mr. and Mrs. Duncan | The pronouncement officially declares that the bride and groom are now husband and wife. This moment establishes the exact beginning of their covenant. The two are now one in the eyes of God.

77: I Did

78: Parents of Bride | Johnetta & Mike | Kim Wayne & C.J | Chi & Marand aka Maid of Honor & Best Man | Tiffany & K.G | Damien & Taylor

79: Taffini & Kenny | David & Kima | Kylene & Corey | Dane & Malika | Shardie | Melissa & Ben

80: When the minister introduces the couple to the wedding guests, he is drawing attention to their new identity and the name change brought about through the marriage. Similarly, in the blood covenant, the two parties would exchange some part of their names. In Genesis 15, God gave Abram a new name, Abraham, by adding letters from his own name, Yahweh.


82: Just Married

83: Bride & Groom

88: Rashard DUNCAN | Adaeze DUNCAN

89: The Bride and Flower Girl | The Bride and Flower Girl

91: Thank you for marrying us Pastor Dan Berry of Cornerstone Family Church

92: Parents of the GROOM | Parents of the BRIDE

94: Flower Girl | Ring Bearer

95: Maids of Honor | (Left) Bobbiette Wachuku (Right) Kimberly Witherspoon

96: Father of the Bride Anaba G. Wachuku

97: Uncle Oke | Thank you for making the trip for lil ol me!

98: The | Weddin

99: Party

102: We went to Greenwoods Park to take some pictures in the rose gardens before the reception.

103: Tuxes Row (left to right) Kenny Smith, Tim Morrison, CJ Withersopoon, Mike Hillson, Kyle Graw, Marand Thomas, Corey Smith, Dain Murray Dwane Fuller, Damien Drapper, Marshall Pass, David Lane Gowns Row (Left to right) Taffini Smith, Kylene Murray, Kimberly Wayne, Johnetta Grey, Tiffany Hayden, Bobbiette Wachuku, Kimberly Withersopoon, Melissa Spivey, Letisha McGruder, Taylor Smith, Malika Jefferies-El, Kima | Listing of Wedding Party

105: G r e e n w o o d s P a r k

107: Our Wedding Story

111: I love this man. We have made a vow to love one another until the end. This means even in the hard times I will love you and respect you.

112: The Reception | Holiday Inn, 6th Ave | Downtown, Des Moines

113: Downtown, Des Moines | Downtown Des Moines

114: The Decor

115: The Toast!

117: c u t t h e c a k e

118: First Dance

121: M o t h e r | & S o n

122: Rashard crawled up my dress like a bull to get the guarder. He even kicked his legs like he was about to charge. It was so funny and embarrassing.

123: Guarder Toss | He got it

124: Moment of Thanks | To my friend Kimberly. I want to thank you for taking me in in my time of need. I know that God has a special gift for the good that you did in my life when I needed it the most. I give you this flower because I want you to know how grateful I am, and that I know that God will be true to his word and send you the husband that you deserve.

125: Bouquet | Toss

126: Party Time Doin the ChaCha Slide! | Dang I'm Gettin It!


130: My three favorite people. | Maids of Honor!! | Favorite Sister

131: You won't know what it meant for me to see my family together in one place for one of the first of the last times. I will cherish these memories. Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me away to such a honorable man. Thank you Chi and Ben for being a part of the family meeting for considering Rashard as your newest family member.

132: Thank You Mom and Dad!!

133: We had so much fun that night, but our night had finally come to its long anticipated end. Guest began leaving. Clean up crew began cleaning. Rashard had disappeared out of sight. But not Me I was busy running around at the end of her wedding trying to help clean up directions. Talk to any remaining guest and help give directions. People continued to look at me with this confused look as if they were saying, "now why is she still up here...?" It wasn't until my grandmother came over to me and asked me if I was stalling that I finally admitted that I was so nervous and scared to go to my room where my husband was waiting on me like a spider waiting for a bug to fly into its web. I had waited all my life for this moment. We had worked so hard our entire relationship to make this union greatly anticipated and pure. Why now was I so scared to face the fact that everyone was going to know the next night that I was no longer a virgin. Once everyone found out I was stalling I had all these freaky church women giving me pointers and tips on how to prowl on my husband like a lioness. Meanwhile my sister and Kim rescued me and assured me I had nothing to worry about. Let things happen naturally and stay relaxed. They walked me down to my room, knocked on the door, Rashard answers and they bid me goodnight, releasing me as if I was their little girl starting their first day of school. (You might say that). To my pleasant surprise the entire hotel room was filled with candle lights and rose petals leading to the bed, the shower, it was truly a night to remember.The rest is all history!

134: __ | 6 | __ | 29 | 07 | KISSAMI, FL


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