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S: Reception

BC: HOW TO MAKE A Beautiful Life Together Reflections on Marriage For the Bride and Groom Let love be your shelter. The world is noisy and confusing at times, so make a home that is a haven, a peaceful place where you can listen to your hearts and savor the comfortable closeness you share. No matter how busy your days may be, make time for yourselves. Hold hands. Unwind. Surprise each other. Find little chances every day to show you're grateful to be partners, to be friends, to be married. Life is not perfect. You will make mistakes, but each time you meet life's challenges together, you will grow wiser, stronger, and surer of your love. Cherish your yesterdays. They are irreplaceable souvenirs of your journey through life. Make memories that will bring smiles and sighs whenever you look back. (Look back often!) Look forward, too. Dream together. Plan together. Make promises to keep. Believe in you tomorrows, because tomorrow are what forever is made or. To make love last, put each other first. That is the way to make a beautiful life together, the kind of life you both deserve so much. Best wishes for the best marriage ever! Much love Grandma Dee

FC: Pictures and advice from our guests | Reception

1: Be nice to each other and no biting! Pres. & Sis. Hawkins | Laugh, Love, and Be Happy! Love you guys, Becky & Jenny Sears and Troy Karren | Keep a smile on your heart and on your face. Vicki & Rick Austin

2: Jarom and Tayler Just be kind and serve each other- We love you! Dad | The dishes will wait until morning! -Uncle Ron Jarom and Tayler Remember earplugs and tissue. You guys will do great. Philip, Kirstin, and McKeltie Smith

3: TO my V- Keep being my V- That's the best advice I can give you!!! ILY :) xoxo | If you are both tired- it's okay to go to bed angry. Things will look better in the morning. -Marisa | Corey Hogewoning "Have tons of fun!" CJ Hogewoning, Pray every day together Christina Hogewoning, I love you guys tons & I'm so happy for you. Since I'm married & have so much experience with being married... I've got nothing! Love you!

4: Congratulations & Best wishes- We love you and you'll be missed in the branch. Love Joy Hermansen Jarom, it has been a pleasure to work with you in the branch. You have been a tremendous positive influence to many. Alan Hermansen | We sure love you both. You don't need our advice. Love ya Jim and Kay Little

5: If you look for the worst, you will find it. If you look for the best, you will find it. You will have the things in marriage that you look for! Love, Nathan & Gayle Squire and Fam. Hey! Congratulations to you guys!! How awesome. I love you so much and wish you a very happy marriage & life! <3 Alison Squire 90lbs in one hand and 90lbs in the other Riley | Hey guys, Say prayers together every night. Have lots of fun. Be happy Kay and Matt Read "Wow, what a good wife." I have to say that! -Matt

6: Jarom, Pick your battles ... but put your foot down when necessary. -Joe Travis | EAGLE HAWK this is night owl do you read: OVER!!! The rooster has captured the hen; I repeat the rooster has the hen OVER!! Hey man you guys are awesome!! Noah Miller!!

7: Jarom and Tayler- It's about time! You look so good together- Remember- patience, understanding, & of course- Love. Love, Bob and Trish LaVoire | Tayler and Jarom, Have fun! Matt LaVoire | Congratulations! We are so very happy for both of you. Your sealing was beautiful, and it is obvious that you two are a special and beautiful couple. Remember to be kind to each other, always! Love you guys! Brennon & Elizabeth Hawkins

8: Enjoy before the kids come! Janie and Bryan Breckenrigde | Keep doing what you're already doing and don't listen to anyone else!! Love, Kathy Mellor | The secret of true happiness is unconditional love. ~ Dee Smickle

9: Congratulations! See Jarom now we know pleading with the Lord really works. We love you both, and read the Book of Mormon everyday: starting tomorrow! Love Mike and Chris Adkins | Tayler and Jarom, Remember to be each other's best friend and keep dating throughout your marriage. Jeff and Sherri Smith | Tay and Jarom Love is such a wonderful thing... Love can conquer anything! Steve and Darcy Fagerwold

10: Never forget how much you love each other right now. Shannin & Dallas Jones | Always make up after a good night sleep. Say I love you! Sister Arnold | Always have a date night & keep things fun & interesting :) Love Wendy & Derek Besand | Congratulations! Be each other's best friend! Always, always, always put the other first and I know the Lord will bless you! Jane & Cesar Tacon

11: Cherish each day. Laugh when you can. Don't take yourself too seriously. Serve each other every day. RESPECT each other and remember she's always right! Dan & Carrie Collins Laugh at each other's jokes even when you don't think they're funny! | Congratulations! May you have a wonderful marriage. Jarom take good care of her. She will be a wonderful mother to your kids - she was great with Koa as a baby sitter and sunbeam teacher. | LOVE EACH OTHER ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Fred, Rebecca, and Janessa McKee

12: Congratulations!! Remember to Always Be Nice. Love each other every day like you do today! Tay- I LOVE you and am so happy for you. You are one of my favorite people Love you to pieces, Gina Starkey Ya, well I guess were not sis-in-laws after all. But whatever! Congrats!! We'll miss you Love Lexie | 2 words for a lifetime of happiness "Yes Dear" < (Jarom) Much love, Peggy and Fred Anderson (Sugar) | Laugh Laugh Laugh and do sweet things for each other. Pray together - it really does make a difference! We are so happy for you. Tayler- you are one of the sweetest girls we know- always story sweet! We love you and knowing your family is a great and wonderful blessing in our lives! <3 The Mendoza's

13: Congrats U 2. Best wishes in everything you do. Keep the Lord in your marriage. Troy and Yessica Gess | Brian and Wilma Gess- Always love each other. | Congratulations Jarom and Tayler. ~ Dusty & Caprice

14: Tayler and Jarom Congratulations! Blessings and Best wishes always! With much love, Meerana Lim Tayler and Jarom -YES SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! -Sam and Karin Villa Wishing you both God's blessings always -Barbara Dean Tayler and Jarom, never forget why you fell in love and don't forget to have date nights"! Love Jaquie Dutchover

15: Tayler and Jarom, Live, Love, and laugh often! The roses, Richard and Susan Brianna and Killian | Beautiful Bride!! Beautiful Spirit!! Beautiful Life!! Neal has advice but it’s not appropriate, something about fighting naked- Sheesh LOVE YOU TWO- WOW Holly and Neal Brown

16: You guys are awesome together. Just remember to write down everything that you remember during the temple ceremony. Every word. Do it together. This is the most important part of this whole day and something you won’t want to forget! Cavan & Andrea Rogers | Hey Guys! Love you both! :) Wish you both the best! The Landy's

17: We never go to bed angry. One time we stayed up for 5 days! Just kidding- go to bed & in the morning you won't even remember what made you mad. May the best days of your past be the worst days of your future. Love Chuck and Kathy Browning | Tayler & Jarom Go big or go home! Love Jillian & Evan | Best Advice: Ignore all of it and enjoy yourselves. Ed Jones

18: Taylerrrrrr! Congrats! I love you so so so much! :) xoxo -Erica Rogers Congratulations!! We love you! Janneen, Morgan and Brian (These are Marla and Erica's parents) | Tay, I love you to death. You're the best friend in the whole world and I'm so happy for you. :) Jarom, I'm pretty positive by now you're going to take good care of her, so... after lots of consideration, I'm officially giving you my permission to date her. ;) You two are really cute, I love you! Love Marla Don't take each other's love for granted. I hope you guys have a wonderful happily ever after. -Ilhan

19: Hey baby girl! The best of luck to you. Have tons of fun and keep smiling <3 Kayla and Shawn | I'm so happy for you! I don't really have any advice, just love each other unconditionally! I know you'll have a happy life. I love you Tay! Janessa Peterson | Jarom and Tayler! I can't even hold onto a girlfriend for 5 minutes, so I have no really good advice besides, have fun!! Your friend from Maryland Jeffery Dundus | Hey you said you would marry me -Brent P.S I still love you

20: Remember: Men are just like that. Women are just like that. Jarom: Feel better just TALKING ABOUT IT! SO LISTEN & REASSURE! Tayler- Don't read minds-- SO TELL HIM ;) Happy forever! We hope we see you around & you stay local! Love Eric & Amy Jesperson & family | Remember these 3 little words, “You’re probably right!" <3 McDermott "5" | Good Luck! I wish you the best always. Ralph & Danielle Nawacki. | We wish you two a long and happy life together. May it be filled with love and wonderful memories. ~ The Keilty/Rau family

21: Tayler and Jarom, We wish nothing but happiness, peace, fun, & laughter! God Bless! Jim Carkagis & Kelly Hernandez | You will become a wonderful couple- full of love, life, & example of Christ like living. Nancy Logan P.S TALK, TALK, TALK- Always! | Kiss her every night, even if you don't mean it! ~ Bob & Jan Wisley | BE TRUE TO YOURSELVES ALWAYS! Joe Lucero (Domino's) | Tayler, I have been more then blessed to meet you. Thank-you so much for being a wonderful love person in Rhonda's life! It means the world to me & her. Kacy & Josiah | Never go to bed angry and laugh often! Also, always work at staying in love! Love the Beaches

22: Best wishes to you both! Love from Candi and Kristin Long | Congrats! Much love and happiness! -Chris and Margaret Jesperson | Congratulations! Keep your friendship, and always talk to each other, keep secrets from other people, not each other! Kari and David Slade | Don't sweat the small stuff! Ruth and Byron Halling | Jarom and Tayler Laugh a lot together Betsy and Eric Schultz | Jarom and Tayler, Be kind to each other, we wish you happiness always! Uncle Bob & Aunt Chris | Dear Tayler & Jarom, Marriage is more than a wedding. It is ordained of God for eternal joy with the one you love. It is two lives, two hearts united in love forever. Best wishes, for an eternal journey of happiness together. | Never go to bed angry and don't be afraid to say, "I'm sorry." Love Diane & David Barker | God bless you both Giovanni & Maryanne

23: Laugh like you are in my seminary class and learn the Rubik’s cube. Curt Connors :) | Just remember you’re on the same side, your each other’s best friend. Love, Taralyn Dene (Matt too!) | Laugh a lot! Sarah Connors | Have fun and be happy! Love Ron and Helen Read | Laugh and play and love deeply ~Mcnearney family | Congratulations to you both. Communication is the #1 thing. Never go to bed angry! Best wishes, Suzanne Mollenhauer | Congrats! Have lots and lots and lots of patience with each other. Always do more for your spouse than they do for you. Lots of love to you! Guy & Cathy Mendez

24: Best wishes always! Brother and Sister Hemingway | Always have "pillow talk" every night. Bro and Sis Ruthner | Congratulations! My first YW to get married! Have a 'happily ever after!' Love Ricky, Troy, & Hayden Hartpence | Lots of love to you both! You are both super people. Remember never go to bed without saying I love you! The Jenks | Keep loving each other, and always keep smiling | Just take good care of each other! Lots of love, Bear and Denise Rand | "Just say yes!" Bernie and Connie Higgins | Keep saying I love you and keep meaning it forever! ~Craig Bullock | Be the best of friends forever, and as happy as you are on this special day. Remember your spouse comes first. Wendell & Lanice Montaque | We just wish lots of time to experience love and companionship together. Pat and Bob Squire

25: Don't Forget Opp! Randy and Caitlin Logan | Best advice ever... DON'T FORGET ME :) Lauralee Smith | Norm and Nancy Weber: Just love one another!! | Congratulations! Make each other laugh every day :) Love, Jason, Heidi, & Emily Robbins | You are now "one". Support each other totally. Make each other your best friend. Love Laurie Touchet | Jarom and Tayler Have a wonderful life together. Mark and Barbara Jacobson | Laugh a lot, pray together and enjoy each moment- even the hard ones! Love to you both! Derrick, Julie, Clint, Blake, Dallin, Morgan, Whitney, and Riley Harper | My "Dearest Tay" & Jarom, Unfortunately I won't be able to attend your celebration. I'm so very sorry but given my recent "state of health" won't allow it. I wish you both all good things filled with love! I love you and wish you both "all the love that you deserve!" Love, Randy Rosa

26: Congratulations! We are so happy you get to have this day. Stay happy with each other. Love Mark and Linda Franc | Hey buddy! Welcome to the club. And hurry back there's lots of work to do in the ward! Eric Jesperson | Dear Tayler and Jarom, Have fun and go on lots of date nights! | Never go to bed mad at each other | "Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! I love you! Love, Markie Franc | Jarom and Tayler, Never forget weekly dates Rocky Ricks | Congrats you two- we're so thrilled for you! Advice for Tayler: don't be afraid to compliment your honey. Guys need it just as much as women do. :) And have fun! Love Andrea and Ben Christenson | Thanks for the chicken wings~ congratulations! Nate Miller

27: Be kind- Love each other. Make each day the BEST DAY EVER! Love you! ~The Schimpfs | I <3 you! ~ Ryan Hartzell + Josh Davies (858) 568-1365 For marriage counseling :) | Tayler and Jarom, Best wishes to you both. We wish you much happiness in your life together. ~Derek and Lucinda Rasmussen | Tayler and Jarom- I'll tell you Tayler, what my mom told me. When Jarom wants you to go someplace with him- Go! Then you'll always be together! Love Becky Davies | T&J that’s what we'll call you when you start your rap gig. (We'll talk...) You two are the best! That’s a fact and I can prove it! On behalf of myself and Brandon (our beloved Elder Reas), I wish you continual happiness, sunshine, & love. WE LOVE YOU!! Mary Lindquist Wait I forgot advice! Here's one of my favorites: PRAY ALWAYS, PRAY TOGETHER into the eternities

28: Gina and Tim Glover | Shelby and Clint Holliday | Rob Lena & ALina Leholm | Susan Bodily | John and Claudia Clinger

29: Other Guests: Hughston, Letticia, and Amber Hagues Adam Mellor Billy & April Josen Sue, Mike, & Sarah Quigly Roxanne & Courtney Rohner Art & Anna May Bassett Joan Luke Kent & Diana Holliday Rusty & Vivki Coombs Chris & Dawn Allred

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