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Scott & Terri's Anniversary Book

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Scott & Terri's Anniversary Book - Page Text Content

S: Scott & Terri: Celebrating 30 Years Together

FC: Happy 30th Anniversary | lots of love, Kristen, Kendra and Kelly

1: The Beginning

2: Robert Scott Carey | Thresa Marie Brezina

4: Married June 28,1980 3:30 p.m. at Holy Family Catholic Church Taft, TX Officiant: Monsgr. William Kelly

5: Maid of Honor: Annette Brezina | Best Man: Norman McNeely

6: Reception held at Moravian Hall Corpus Christi, TX

9: "Love is patient, love is kind It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." 1 Corinthians 13: 4 - 8

10: Newlyweds

11: "Bobby and I had a good laugh back when Scott & Terri were dating in high school, and Scotty came in to talk to us about his curfew time (10:30). He wanted to know if we could extend it some – it seems that Terri's was 11:30!" - Polly Carey

12: "While Scott was dating Terri we were living out on the farm and had several dogs around. We had one that was pretty aggressive to strangers who drove up to the house, and one evening Scott came over to visit Terri. As he got out of his vehicle, the dogs were around him and barking. Scott, dressed in his nice jeans and boots, just blustered at the dogs and yelled at them. He then took a showy kick at the dogs to chase them away. A few seconds later I saw him sitting on the hood of his vehicle yelling for someone to, "get the damn dogs away." We all got a kick out of it, at his expense, and we got the dogs under control. Needless to say, he never kicked at the dogs again." - Johnny Brezina

13: Do you remember the time at A&M when Scott nearly chopped his toe off working on Bonfire? Ouch! - Bob & Polly

14: Oldies... | "I remember them meeting in high school. Seems like they were always together, so I know they're celebrating more than 30 years together! They used to dance all night at the Presbyterian Church dances on the weekends. Scott was a real cowboy with the belt buckle, hat and boots. He would dance with Terri and do that cowboy yell..."woot woot!"...with his hands in the air. Terri would laugh and blush!" - Lisa Sanderlin

15: ...but goodies

16: Building Our Family

17: "Scott was in my brother's grade - and a real braniac! He has done well for himself and his family. I am proud to know him. He is a good husband, father and family man, and now Grandfather! I don't care what they say - that baby looks just like Scott!" - Lisa Sanderlin

18: Kristen Rose Carey

19: Born on May 16, 1982 9:25 a.m. 8 lbs. 6 oz. 19 1/4 in. long

20: "We always thought we were so sneaky by making breakfasts with nasty ingredients. I remember getting in trouble for this because we were wasting so much food!" - Kristen

21: "I remember Mom letting me have special days with just her. I would get to miss school to spend a girl's day shopping, just the two of us." - Kristen

22: Kendra Renee Carey

23: Born on December 31, 1985 11:39 a.m. 8 lbs. 8 oz. 21 in. long

25: "I remember Kendra throwing my pink strawberry shortcake hairbrush into the toilet. I didn't want to touch the toilet water so I decided to just flush it down. Dad really enjoyed that clogged mess!" - Kristen

26: Kelly Lee Carey

27: Born on February 21, 1991 3:15 p.m. 8 lbs. even. 20 1/2 in. long | "I remember the day Kelly was born. Kristen and I had gone to a 'Big Sister' class at the hospital. We couldn't wait for our new baby doll to get here!" - Kendra

28: "Kelly couldn't pronounce Kendra so she called me Treega. It stuck." - Kendra

29: "Looking back - the process of getting my ears pierced is funny now, but I'm sure it wasn't so funny at the time! Thank you guys for being there for me all 500 times I tried to do it... and the rest of the neighborhood too!" - Kelly

31: Through the Years | "I always helped Mom teach VBS during the summers. I loved it and always felt like I was 25 years old when I was actually barely 13!" - Kendra | "I remember Dad coaching my basketball teams. There is always a sense of pride instilled knowing that you are the coach’s favorite!" - Kristen

32: made just for you

34: "Daughters are little girls that grow up to be friends"

35: "Whether it was the Dallas Stars or the Fightin' Texas Aggies, I always had so much fun going to sporting events with you guys. Even when the Aggies lost 77-0 in the freezing rain, we still had a great time!" - Kelly

36: growing up

37: "We always had a good time when we went to Taft and Corpus to see the family. I remember when I was little I would always wonder what happened during Mom's mysterious 'secret meetings' - I WILL find out one day!" - Kelly

38: "Children will not remember you for the material things

39: you've provided them, but for the feeling that you cherished them" | "I always loved how Dad pretended to dislike all of our pets, when actually he was quite the kitty-lover behind closed doors!" - Kendra

40: "I remember our many trips to Corpus Christi. I remember Dad always stopping at McDonald’s and getting a ton of chicken nuggets for the whole family. I also remember Mom sitting in the backseat playing games and eating candy to entertain us.." - Kristen

41: "We have so many wonderful memories of our years on Round Valley when we were neighbors – 8 years! Ryan and Brittany were best friends with Kendra and Kristen, and they spent countless hours playing together. One of our favorite things to do with Terri and Scott was sitting out on the driveway in our lawn chairs in the evenings, just visiting and watching the kids play. The kids would ride their bikes (or tricycles) up and down the sidewalks, collect frogs in buckets, and just generally do what kids do! Fun times!" – Tammy and David Neil

43: "I love all the costumes Mom made us!" - Kendra

44: "Children are born. Traditions are passed. Love continues on." | "I loved it when we would visit Grandma's and she would scratch our backs - I still beg her to tickle my back 20 years later!" - Kendra

45: grandparents

46: "I remember going to see Grandpa Farm and Josie in Corpus - he would always pull out his teeth and give us M&Ms!" - Kendra

47: "We couldn't have been more lucky to have Terri as our daughter-in law. She has been a real joy!" - Bob & Polly

48: Where you were... | ...and where you are now! | "I remember the move to Plano. I was so excited to have two-story house! I remember pulling up for the first time and seeing how huge and pretty our house was. Dad told me that Mom had happy tears when she first saw it!" - Kendra

49: Some pets you've acquired along the way | "I remember bringing home Patches! We found him walking home from the pool and visited him until Mom and Dad said we could bring him home!" - Kristen

50: Vacations

51: "Remember Disneyland? Even though we weren't together all the time - Dad went with Kendra and Kristen to do the fun things, Mom stayed with me when I chickened out - we still had so much fun." - Kelly | “I loved our annual trips to the Mayan Princess. We would visit the beach during summer stays at Grandma's house, and we always had to wash ourselves off with jugs of water before we could get in the car!” - Kristen

52: Fun times away from home

53: "Floating the river with the family was something we did every time we were in Leakey. Then we'd paint rocks, drive the little red truck and check for scorpions before sitting anywhere! Us Plano girls always felt like we were roughing it, ha!" - Kendra

55: How our family was back then

57: How our family has expanded

58: Beckett Scott Capener | How our family continues to grow

59: Born on April 6, 2010 4:44 p.m.. 8 lbs. 7 oz. 21 in. long | Pawpaw | Gigi | "We have been blessed with 3 beautiful granddaughters that love us and a brand new great grandson! Good job both of you!! We love you!" - Bob & Polly

60: 1980 - Ronald Reagan is elected - Dallas draws more viewers than any other show - Post Its are introduced - Mt. St. Helen erupts - John Lennon assassinated | 1981 - Prince Charles marries Princess Diana - Pac-Man game is introduced -First launch of a space shuttle (Columbia) -The first IBM PC is sold | 1982 - M. Jackson's Thriller sets record - Ozzy Osborn bites the head off of a bat - John Belushi dies of drug overdose -Prince William is born -Liposuction is introduced -Tylenol scare spreads through U.S. | Events from the last 30 years

61: 1983 -Cabbage Patch Kids are released -Star Wars is introduced -CDs are introduced -Camcorders are introduced -HIV is discovered and studied | 1984 -Ronald Reagan is re-elected -Mary Lou Retton wins six Olympic medals for U.S. -Infomercials make their debut -M. Jackson's hair catches fire in Pepsi shoot -Apple releases first Macintosh PC | 1985 -Billy Joel marries Christie Brinkley -Titanic wreckage found by robotic camera -The Nintendo is introduced -Leaded gas is officially banned in the U.S.

62: 1986 -On January 28, the Challenger explodes -Fox News airs in America -The Statue of Liberty gets a face lift after 100 years -Arnold Schwarzenegger marries Maria Shriver -The Oprah Show airs its first episode | 1987 -Baby Jessica falls into a well and is later rescued -October 19 (Black Monday): the stock market drops 22 percent -Bruce Willis marries Demi Moore -World population reaches 5 billion | 1988 -George Bush is elected -CDs outsell vinyl for the first time -Iran & Iraq War ends -Fires in Yellowstone National Park -Human Genome Project begins

63: 1989 -Exxon-Valdez oil disaster in Alaska -Montreal Massacre -Pan Am files Chapter 11 -Earthquake disrupts 3rd game of World Series -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles introduced | 1990 -Smoking on domestic flights is banned -Hubble Space Telescope launched into space -Bush vetoes Civil Rights Bill which would have established racial quotas in employment | 1991 -Soviet Union ends -Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested and sentenced to 15 years -World Wide Web is available -Pablo Escobar surrenders

64: 1992 -Bill Clinton is elected -Mall of America is constructed -First anti-smoking patch introduced -Hurricane Andrew hits Florida -Jay Leno replaces Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show | 1993 -Czechoslovakia splits into Czech and Slovak Republics -Michael Jordan retires -October 3, Black Hawk Down -Cheers airs its final episode -Nancy Drew books are published | 1994 -Nancy Kerrigan attacked by Tonya Harding before Olympics -Comet hits Jupiter -Whitewater Scandal investigated -Jackie Kennedy Onassis dies -Nixon dies of a stroke

65: 1995 -First planet outside the solar system is found: Pegasi-51 -Dotcom boom begins -Dallas Cowboys become the first team to win 3 Superbowls in 4 years -Cbristopher Reeve suffers tragic accident leaving him paralyzed | 1996 -Bill Clinton is re-elected -California recognizes Ebonics as its own language -Rapper Tupac Shakur is killed -Olympics in Atlanta are bombed -JonBenet Ramsey is murdered | 1997 -Princess Diana is killed in tragic car crash -O.J. Simpson is found innocent -Dolly the sheep is cloned - Titanic is released in box offices -Mother Theresa dies -Pokemon is introduced in U.S.

66: 1998 -President Clinton admits to affair with White House intern -The Price is Right airs its 5,000th episode -The Harry Potter books are published -Dale Earnhardt wins the Daytona 500 | -Shooting occurs at Columbine -Bonfire Collapse at Texas ATM University: Nov. 18 - 12 were killed, and 27 injured after thousands of logs collapsed during an annual bonfire build. The ceremony, which has not been held since, has a 90=year history. | -JFK Jr. is killed in a plane crash -The Y2K scare spreads -Attack of the boy bands: Backstreet Boys, NSync, O-Town, 98 Degrees... -Texas Governor George W. Bush announces his candidacy for President | 1999

67: 2000 -George W. Bush is elected -Mad Cow disease alarms Europe -The Dotcom bubble bursts, thousands go bankrupt -Yankees win World Series -Brad Pitt marries Jennifer Aniston | 2001 -Bush signs the largest tax cut in 20 years -World Trade Center is attacked, the War on Iraq is initiated -Wikipedia is introduced -Apple releases iPod -Stem-Cell Research is introduced, controversy ensues | 2002 -Enron investigation begins -Queen Elizabeth dies at 101 -Kelly Clarkson is the first American Idol -U2 becomes U.S. sensation -Spider Man creates box-office frenzy, grosses more than $406 million

68: 2003 -Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected Governor of California -Elizabeth Smart is found alive and reunited with her family -Apple launches iTunes -White Tiger attacks Siegfried & Roy -J.Lo and Ben Affleck get engaged | 2004 -George W. Bush is re-elected -MySpace gains popularity -Martha Stewart goes to prison -Mel Gibson creates Passion of the Christ -Janet Jackson and Timberlake spark scandal at Superbowl -J.Lo marries Marc Anthony | 2005 -Pope John Paul II dies -Katrina hits the Gulf Coast -YouTube is introduced -Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorce -Brangelina is born -Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' relationship stirs after Oprah Show

69: 2006 -Saddam Hussein is tried, convicted and hanged -Twitter is introduced -The hypoallergenic cat is created -Facebook is introduced -Pluto gets kicked out of the solar system | 2007 -U.S. troop surge begins -Lady Bird Johnson dies -U.S . housing bubble bursts -The Kindle and iPhone are introduced -Lewis Scooter Libby leaks name of CIA agent -Britney Spears goes crazy, shaves head | 2008 -Barack Obama is elected, the world cries -Peanut butter is recalled - Hollywood writer's strike begins, lasts 3 months -GM reports loss of $38.7 billion -The Snuggie infiltrates into the U.S.

70: -U.S. suffers worst financial crisis since the Great Depression -Swine Flu declared a global pandemic -3G networks introduced -John & Kate get divorced -Octomom makes headlines | -Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean defends her conservative and Christian comment about gay marriage to the public -The Snuggie phenomenom explodes -North Korea conducts nuclear testing, killing 100 | 2010 -Earthquake disrupts Chile -Volcanic ash disrupts Europe -B.P. oil spill devastates U.S. coastlines | 2009

71: People Who Love You | "It gives me a warm fuzzy to know that they are celebrating their 30th anniversary now! Happy Anniversary to one of the most loving couples that I have ever known. I am proud to have known you two and wish you many more anniversaries!" xxoo Lisa Scully Sanderlin | "Over the years Scott and I often discussed our wives and families at work and on hunting trips. Scott was always offering tips and advice on being married based on his own experiences and lessons learned with his wonderful wife, Terri. Years ago Scott once told me that the first 20 years of marriage are the toughest. I asked Scott, “How many years have you been married?” He said 20 years. Hummm. Scott also warned me on what not to say to your wife, things like,“You're just like your mother, except bigger,” and when your wife complains about something, tell her, “it's just your imagination, don't worry about it,” and then ignore her. Or if your wife asks how she looks in a dress, never say “chunky monkey,” or if she asks, "Does this dress make me look fat?" never say, “Oh, it's not the dress.” You might say Scott helped my marriage by sharing the wisdom he has gained over his 30 years of marriage. Scott often told me how great it was to have a wife to share your life with, and how she is always there to take care of you when you're sick, she is always there providing a clean home and laundry, she is there to raise the kids and cook meals, she is always willing to clean and cook the birds you bring home from a hunting trip, and most importantly - you always have a date when your girlfriend is sick. Yes, thanks to Scott my marriage is safe and secure. Congratulations on 30 years. Terri must be a Saint!" - Barry Black | "We couldn't be any more proud of Scott and Terri, their girls, and the Christian standard they live by! Here's to a lifetime of happiness!" – Bob & Polly

72: people you've both touched: | "I remember "Brezina" from 2nd grade to the present. She was always in my life. For the most part, she is the same country girl that she started out as in that small town of Taft. She has always been genuine and true to her friends. If we don't talk for 5 years or 5 months, we can always pick up where we left off without skipping a beat. She is one of the best wives, mothers, and friends I have ever known." - Lisa Sanderlin | “I met Scott and Terri through our daughters at Jasper. Kelly and Erin were on Jasper Jazz together and Scott was the photo dad. Terri and I worked the program for the Jazz show and also sold candy for the PTA. We continued our friendship through Planoettes, working on the program, spring show and through our alumni group SPAM! Scott and Terri have always been so nice to me and my family and have graciously used their talents to take pictures of my family. I wish them the best on their 30th wedding anniversary and hope that they are together for 30 more.” – Beth Kirkman

73: Francoise and I visited Terri and Scott one evening when they lived in Katy just a few streets over from where we lived. We were greeted at the door by the newest member of the Carey family - Max their Dachshund puppy. Being the dog lover that I am I could not resist picking him up. Max then proceeded to pee all over me. Whenever we visited after this episode, I would ask Terri if she had drained Max because of his tendency to pee when he got excited. Otherwise Max was very special. At meal times he would sit at the table on a bench beside Scott who fed him throughout. Francoise and I were truly saddened by the news of Max’s passing. We have many fond memories of Max and our visits with Terri and Scott. We love you all dearly and wish you a very happy 30th anniversary. Love, Francoise and Bob | “Congratulations on 30 years of marriage, you have done a fine job of raising 3 beautiful girls. I hope the best for both of you for years to come!” – Pat Brezina

74: “Terri, you have always been such a nice person. I will never forget how much you helped me when Linette was so sick as a baby. You stayed with us at the hospital in Galveston - you were such a good little trooper. I thought it was special because you were a young teenager & I'm sure you would have rather been with your friends. You helped out so much and never complained! I will never forget how tenderhearted you have always been. Larry says he wants to come back as one of your animals! Larry will never get over the thousands of dollars you spent on Snickers - he says your Dad never spent a penny on a dog or cat, and Lord knows what you would spend on Maddie if she ever happens to get sick with a cold! Larry still laughs about how you cried for the first year of school. He laughs at Pat & Annette having to deal with you every day! I remember when you started dating Scott, and it seems like you always knew you two would get married someday. I remember Scott taking you to the Aggie Ring Dance. You told me once neither of you like to go to bed without the other going to bed also - I thought that was so sweet. Both of you were so kind to let Linette live with you after college. You treated her as if she were your very own daughter. We will never forget you both for that. Terri & Scott - Larry & I wish you many more happy years of marriage. Looks like you will stay together forever - you have made it through two big weddings!” We love you both, Larry & Sandy Brezina | friends and family

75: “Thirty years ago I was a flower girl in their wedding, and today I still love, admire and adore them more than they know. Uncle Scott saved me from a pesky owl on a hunting trip when I was a wee little girl, and Terri is an aunt like no other - not to mention an amazing friend. They let me live with them when I graduated from A&M (whoop!) and treated me like a daughter (and you know how well they treat their daughters)! They are both phenomenal parents and grandparents! And they know good wine - Aaron will testify to that. They love my boys like crazy and they have no idea how that makes me feel. I love my Aunt Terri and Uncle Scott, and I am lucky to be their niece. It doesn't surprise me that they're celebrating 30 years of marriage...here's to the next 30! Happy Anniversary!” – Linette Littrell | “The most special thing for me regarding Scott & Terri is that they invited us to be in their small group. I had been involved at Church with different women's Bible studies, but Steve had not. So, because he already knew Terri and Scott from Kelly, he didn't hesitate to join. It was an answer to prayers and a very kind thing for them to do. Terri and I had fun on the cruise too. The situation with “the guy” was one we will probably never forget! He was quite a strange dude! It was fun trying to hunt him down on that ship to make sure he wasn't bothering our girls, etc. Two tough mommas to the rescue! Steve and I both cherish our friendship with the Careys. We look forward to lots and lots more fun with them!” – Jan Ibarguen

76: Scott & Terri, Congratulations to both of you on the milestone of being married to the same person for 30 years. What a blessing that is. That is a great accomplishment, but I think your greatest is the three wonderful daughters you brought into this world and raised together. I know you are proud of each of them. I think you are both super people. Now, having said that let’s back up a few years, actually many. Scott, we go way back. Our parents went to school together, our mothers were pregnant with us at the same time and they have many good memories. Well, we made a few also. Remember making rubber band guns and shooting dragonflies out of the air? Remember me putting a red ant down your shirt while we were walking home from East Elementary? Boy did I get in trouble for that. Spending holidays in Freer at Grandparents and shooting BB guns. Yeah, I shot you in the arm. We went fishing off of the Copano Bay Causeway in Rockport. Going to the sewer ditch in Taft to find something to look at under our microscopes - how healthy was that? Finding an aircraft bomb behind your house in (I think) Alice. We really thought that was something. Didn’t we stay with your cousin in the Corps dorm one night? Most recently – you coming to College Station to dove hunt and your dog going missing overnight. That incident told me some positive things about my old friend. You are a very caring, compassionate and determined person. Terri and everyone that has you in their life are better off for it. Congratulations, Scott Sigle

77: from annette:

78: what thirty years means to us:

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