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Scrapbook Wedding Theme 8.5x8.5

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FC: The Wizard of Oz | Heroic cycle

1: Archetypes | The Hero | In the Wizard of Oz, the character Dorothy is displayed as the hero. She is thrown into the unfamiliar land of Oz and is faced with many challenges and obstacles. During her journey, she must overcome many things, and each time she does so, we see heroic traits displayed. She is a perfect hero archetype, being brave and smart, caring and willing, and very determined. She also on her journey does not help only herself, but makes it a new goal in itself to help her new found friends. Being such a selfless and driven figure, Dorothy makes the perfect hero for this adventure.

2: Mentor | Archetypes | After Dorothy is thrust into the land of Oz, she is welcomed by Glinda, The Good Witch of the North. She explains to Dorothy where she is and what has happened; and, after Dorothy expresses the desire to return home, it is Glinda that tells her how she must go about it. She tells her where to go, what to do and who to see. She is the one that gives Dorothy the famous advice, "follow the yellow brick road.".She also gives Dorothy a pair of magic ruby slippers to assist her on her long journey. This is not, however, the only time we see Glinda throughout the movie. We see her periodically appear to help Dorothy when it is needed. We also, later in the movie, see a broad knowledge that Glinda possesses of Oz and of Dorothy. Glinda, being such a helpful and knowledgeable woman makes a perfect mentor for Dorothy.

3: Shadow | Constantly trying to stump Dorothy by throwing challenges her way, The Wicked Witch of the West posed as Dorothy's shadow figure in Oz. After Dorothy had accidentally killed her sister and wound up with the magic ruby slippers, The Wicked Witch developed a deep hatred towards her. We see throughout the whole movie a constant battle between Dorothy and The Wicked Witch. Opposing sides, good vs evil, Hero vs. Shadow. | Archetypes

4: Hero's Journey:Call To Adventure | After a tragic tornado sweeps Dorothy away to Oz, she is presented with two choices: Stay with the Munchkens and Glinda, where she would be safe and comfortable, or, risk danger and make the long journey home. She knows that in Munchkin land she will be well off, respected and comfortable. She also knows that if she chooses to travel home, she will be confronted with danger and face the Wicked Witch. It is at this point that she willingly accepts the journey and its possible consequences and chooses to travel home.

5: Hero's Journey: Crossing the Threshold | After Dorothy makes her choice to travel home, she is given the advice, "follow the yellow brick road.". She does so and walks for a short ways until she reaches a split of the road. It is here that she meets her threshold guardian, the scarecrow, who advices her on which way to go, and travels on into the dark woods. Oz takes on a whole new image after Dorothy enters the woods. The sun doesn't shine quite so bright, and there is a more obvious discomfort of being in this new land. I believe that the exact moment she crosses the threshold is when she takes the first step on the split in the road she has chosen.

6: Hero's Journey: Helpers | As Dorothy travels along the yellow brick road, she comes across a scarecrow. They get into conversation and the Scarecrow learns that Dorothy is on her way to see the wizard, and in need of a brain, he asks to come along. As the Scarecrow and Dorothy travel farther along on the road, they come across an almost statue like figure. It was a man made of tin, rusted solid. Dorothy and the Scarecrow oil him up and get him moving again. They find out he is in need of a heart, yet another thing the wizard could assist with. So he also joins their group to see the wizard. As the Tin Man, Dorothy and the Scarecrow walk on they are startled by a lion in the woods. At first, this encounter isn't as pleasant as the first two had been, but after some time, it is learned that the Lion is also in need. He needs courage. So he also joins Dorothy and the others on their journey. As time goes on and the four get deeper into their quest, they form a great bond and friendship. All three, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion are very dedicated to Dorothy and help her through every situation on her journey, even risking death for her.

7: Hero's Journey: Tests | All throughout Dorothy's journey, she encounters dozens of obstacles. Each one testing her determination and authenticity of her heroism. The first test Dorothy runs into is trying to gather apples from a tree. Although a small test, it is the first of many that only grow progressively worse. As Dorothy and the Scarecrow are walking, they both grow hungry and spot some trees filled with juicy red apples. When they try to pick them though, they discover the trees are alive, and most certainly are not happy that they are being "picked". Although the trees are angry, Dorothy stays fairly calm and the scarecrow finds a way to get the apples. After the trees throw some apples at the two, Dorothy and the Scarecrow pick them up and head on their way, passing their first test with no complications. The next test was not as harmless as the first however. The Wicked Witch, already angry at Dorothy, does not seem too pleased at the fact that she has help on her journey. She makes a fireball and throws it at the Scarecrow. At this point, Dorothy's journey starts getting dangerous, but instead of turning back and letting fear take hold, she pushes on hoping for the best. As Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man travel through the woods, they are startled by a roaring lion. The lion threatens them and tries to intimidate them. After the bullying went on for some time, Dorothy stepped in and stood up to the lion. She showed extreme courage by bopping the lion on his nose and telling him he was wrong. After this, the lion breaks down and after some talking, joins the three on their journey.

8: As the four approach the Emerald City, the Wicked Witch steps up her game to take down Dorothy. She puts a curse on a field of poppies that they are traveling through and it puts them to sleep. Although the Tin Man and the Scarecrow try, they cannot wake Dorothy and the Lion. This is another point in which we see Dorothy's mentor, GLinda, step in. She magically makes it snow over the poppy field, waking Dorothy and the Lion. After they awake, they continue on to the Emerald City. When the four get to the gates of the city, the door man laughs in their face at their request to see the Wizard. So Dorothy shows him the ruby slippers and his view seems to shift and he opens the door for them. After they get through one door man, the door man that keeps the door leading to the Wizard will not let them in. But, after he sees how upset Dorothy is about not getting home, he gets emotional as well and lets them in.

9: Hero's Journey: Supreme Test | Dorothy's biggest test begins when she actually speaks with the Wizard. He tells the four that if he is to grant their wishes, they must first bring him the broom stick of the Wicked Witch. An almost impossible task certain to end in disaster. Dorothy, however, determined to get home to Aunty Em, accepts the challenge. The group sets out towards theWitch's castle and are intercepted by the Witch's flying monkeys. The monkeys attack the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion and leave them in the woods; they take Dorothy and Toto to the Witch. At the castle, Toto is lucky enough to escape through a window and goes to find the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion to help Dorothy. Meanwhile, the Wicked Witch is trying to take back Dorothy's magic ruby slippers, but finds she can't separate them from her feet. This angers her and causes her to flip an hour glass that she says is timed with the remaining minutes of Dorothy's life. After she's dead, she can take the slippers back. Just in time, Toto shows up at Dorothy's door with help. The Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man are able to break down the door and get Dorothy free.

10: Even with Dorothy free,however, the four are still not out of the castle. They must find their way out. Which is made difficult when the Witch and her flying monkeys begin to chase them. After some time of running about, the Witch corners Dorothy and her friends and threatens to kill them. She starts with the Scarecrow and lights him on fire. To his advantage, there is a water bucket close by. Dorothy takes the bucket and throws it on him to put out the fire. Conveniently, some of the water from the bucket splashes onto the Wicked Witch, and to everyone's surprise, she melts to the ground! Why? We do not know. But luckily, Dorothy was able to defeat the Wicked Witch of the West.

11: Hero's Journey: Boon | After Dorothy and her friends had killed the Wicked Witch, they were able to take her broom stick and bring it to the Wizard to receive their requests. When they got back and presented the Wizard with the broom, he followed through with his word and gave them each what they had asked. The Scarecrow is told he has a brain after all! And is given a diploma to represent it. The Wizard tells the Lion he has, his whole life, confused courage for wisdom! He says it is not cowardly to run from danger when necessary, only wise. He gives him a metal to show he is brave when it counts. The Tin Man is told he has a heart and is given a testimonial to prove it. Dorothy's request however, was a bit more challenging for the Wizard to accomplish, so he offers to take Dorothy home personally. Sadly, while starting home in a hot air balloon, Toto jumps from the basket and Dorothy follows to retrieve him. They are unfortunately left behind.

12: Fortunately, this didn't mean Dorothy was stuck. Glinda thankfully came to Dorothy's rescue once more. She appeared by Dorothy's side and told her she had had the power to travel home the whole time, but she had to learn it for herself. Glinda asked Dorothy what she had learned, Dorothy replied, "Well, I think that it wasn't enough to just want to see Uncle Henry and Aunty Em. And, it's that, if I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own backyard, because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with." After Glinda knows that Dorothy had learned a valuable lesson, she tells her to click her heals and she will travel home.

13: Hero's Journey: Return Home | After Dorothy travels back home (truly just awaking from her dream) she finds all of her loved one's gathered by her bed side. Aunty Em, Uncle Henry, Zeke, Hunk, Hickory, and Toto are all there. She tells them about her adventure in Oz and tells Aunty Em how much she had missed home and how happy she is to see everyone again. She closed her adventure with the final statement, "Oh, Aunty Em, there's no place like home!"

14: Movie Overview | The Wizard of Oz is a well known classic movie. The main character, Dorothy, runs away from home after a local "witch" tries to take her dog, Toto. While Dorothy is away from home, she meets a fortune teller by the name of Professor Marvel. He advices her, more or less, to return home. Dorothy follows his advice but finds herself traveling home during a tornado. A piece of wood kicked up from the wind knocks Dorothy right on the head and she passes out. At this point, we do not know Dorothy is sleeping, but we see her get swept away by the cyclone and travel to Oz. It is in Oz that the true adventure takes place. Dorothy desperately wants to get back home, and takes the directions of her mentor, Glinda, to follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, where she will find the Wizard of Oz; he will be able to get her home once again. On her way there, she meets 3 helpers: The Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man. They help her on her way and also help her to defeat the Wicked Witch of the West, Dorothy's enemy on her journey. After many trials and obstacles, Dorothy and her friends reach the Emerald City and in the end, each on gets what they were after. Creating a happy ending for Dorothy and Toto.

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