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Shabby Chic

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S: * Love Hoops & Yoyo Live Zahra & Sabby <3 Love Ziggy & Sibzy One life *

FC: Sabby * & . - * Zahra | Its just you & me girl | With every step -with every move -take a breath | I t s j u s t . . y o u & m e < 3

1: Lifetime bestfriends and sisters since birth Every day includes a tear of laughter & a day of joy, & with every hard moment, i dont know who else I would LOVE to share that with.. Other than my sister, my left arm MY HEART

3: A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back when you have forgotten the lyrics. but you my sister, you created the song in my heart in such, there is no way you or the song will be forgotten &The song goes somewhat like this.. | Love , our friendship is just the biggining

4: First, life created this chick. The one who thinks shes sexy, yes too sexy.. Pose after pose, picture after picture. Shes just in love with herself. Who wouldn't be. Look at that smile, look at that shiny beautiful nose. who wouldnt love that. My best friend Is obsessed with herself day and night, she takes pictures smiling with her good side, the left then she saves every single one oh how fun to sit there and watch the same shit my baby girl, your so hit But i been waiting for something so special for a long long time .. To bad i havent gotten that yet But im ok with you in my life thats good enough<3 btw.. thats the same day, lmfao theres more, but ay man I can't put every.. single.. picture.. lol =)

5: We got sabby sexy and happy never better gettin chedder day and night smilin&Laughin zahra hatin Keep debating im awsome 4EVER i will be i take diff pics not conceded yeah zahra Better believe IT kilish hilwa mithil khowla UR sweden aunti yallah hate me I love you too forever boo <3 =D

6: we met an early age, both ugly, deformed mentally unstable. We became friends, then got closer becoming sisters. Who would have known we would be so damn ugly as younger girls. Oh wow

7: BODAR VILLE | lmfao, do you remember the time you had the red van. Khilood was driving on schaefer you, dua and zee were in the back.... i was in the front.. We reached the red light we started laughing i hit the top of the checkmucha and then boom! the car went off LMFAO<3 how embarrising !!

8: There came times, where we were so sad, bad days, no one to turn to, not knowing what to do at all.. and zahra you call my house phone a gizzilion times and i never answer.. but at the end..... | Were always there for each other no matter what

9: Who would have thought zahra,you the sweet nice kind zahra that every one loves and adores that cant hurt a fly,l becomes best friends with.. | Sobbieeeee the rude crazy pychotic bettch that is too manly.. I do look like a guy man, Lol but you look good

10: SLEEPOVERS & CANADA | Omg, lets play spin the bottle, even better! lets play WUD U RATHER.. | always start the day with fun <3 | but always end it with terror!

12: Chilling in ur computer room days.. thats where it all began. Everything | we would take chances on the computer, then you would go get food and place it we ate and ate and khilood would interfer and then, after that, we all put the blankets on the floor squeezing ourselves to sleep | THANK GOD THOSE DAYS ARE OVER

13: Nothing beats the days where we would spend christmas at your house so excited about boxing day! | We would get no sleep at all, stay up all night laughing and joking and yet we thought, we would be strong enough to shop.. but we were | And when we come back from the mall with basically nothing, we drop fall asleep all day

14: The days we would beat the shit out of each other to fight and see who sleeps by the wall, and you always win, and you would be so damn annoying until you fall asleep, those were the best.. & the day we decided to have a sleepover in your backyard so we bought a tent from shoppers for 37 dollars.. went home, had a bonfire with your dads kabab equipment and danced and laughed in the backyard, and the next morning.. returned that shit to shoppers.. so damn expensive man :(

15: I remember the day we had a fashion competition, back then i was huge, so i had to use khiloods closet. and we used your kitchen as our runway and we became fiesty as hell man... ALWAYS NEW WE HAD STYLE

16: I remember the day it was me rajaa you and your sister.. we got pizza and were eating it in the middle of the night, than fatass khilood ate my slice.. wallah still hurt till this day :( All the days we would do eggs and bathenjaan in the middle of the night and then make cream chop and chill in your room eating at 3 in the morning, then falling asleep right after.. thats so nastty

17: we once went to a paki restaurant for iftar.. they gave us something as mie warid 3od.. the food was spicy and terrabile i kinda liked it but they shot it with the price and me and you started dancing and acting weird..

18: For hearing my thoughts, understanding my dreams and being my best friend, for filling my life with joy and loving me without end

19: From summer to summer, we got closer, and even though we had issues and so much problems, we grew closer and closer. We shared every laugh, every tear, and if not.. i let that tear keep falling till you came along and helped continue it with me =) It might of started out at your house, but it lead to something we do every year.. come on zahra say it..

20: ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!! | F U N | crazy | <3 | A W S O M E

21: its MY birthday!!

22: With tim hortans, we never seemed to be normal. We either looked high or acted high.. Once going to tim hortans at 6 in the morning sneaking out your house, me tired as hell, we drive get muffin and milk and i go back to sleep and leave you | The sleepover at my house when we took five hour energy shots and couldnt sleep got too high and excied went to tim hortans and we wouldnt even stand straight everyones looking at us like we were mentally challanged.. though we were | when we went to timmies and lana asked if they sell ferrarris at tim hortans . Now thats a memory

23: Who could forget the time, icing had 1 dollar bags and we kind of lost it.. we bought bag after bag and we run to the cafeteria open, see whats inside and run back to get more.. then the lady told us it was actually for two dollars.. so we stopped buying lmfaooooo

24: the mall days <3 | ALWAYS LOOKIN FOR SOMETHING HOTT ;)

25: Who could forget the H&M 2 dollar scandel! wilich they had the shoes for two dollars! we spend 73 dollars idk on what and the cashier went and put final sale all over the reciet just in case we would want to return anything! how could anyone forget zahra getting hungry and dying for Mr.Subs but being too embarrised because a cutie worked there.

26: Who could forget the time we went with walaa and he went and shoved all the fries and all the chocoloate milk and everything in front of him in his face and we started laughing so damn loud.. and almost fell out the chair.. | The first time we went to it in canada we got out the car while your in drive through and started dancing outside.. all because zahra had a coupon | the second time we went there, afte we left the drive through, i got out and ran across huron church road and you fallowed me in walaas car to the mall parking lot and my pants fell down, it felt too good to run across that road, i have always wanted to do that : | MICDONALDS DAYS

27: Man all the hallal mc'chickens that we ate, and all the damn ice cream we got.. and how about the time we picked up a fat long haired boy and drove off with him

28: Riverside | smiles laughter joy happiness friendship love | not even going to descrive those days, because from downtown, to the water, to the festival and the fireworks. its always perfect down there. that was our getaway for every problem that we had, and every moment we had there was so.. Damn.. Beautiful

29: Bling bling Downtown | Subway | wyndotte | Seven Elleven | pizza plus

30: F

34: Its the simple days when you cross, we just want to chill. But we always somehow someway end up doing something completly crazy

35: A M E R I C A

36: From the early days, we would have the sleepovers at my house where we walk down the block and just walk for hours and talk and just keep talking. Always come back to some weird shit off course :0 your friends with me.. you have to go through hell nights where we viewed pictures on my bed, go downstairs for food come back and they dissapeared.. We literally flipped my whole bed apart and yet they weren't there. We still laughed and had one of the best nights ever.. I mean howcould i not have the best night ever with my POKA DOTTED STRIPPER

37: How can we forget the best memory in the world. When you used to sleep over always end up having some crazy shit happen to us, like the one time we were sleeping on my bed looking at our pictures.. then went downstairs to make some food.. and when we came they werent there, we flipped the whole bed inside out, and still couldn't find them! lmfaooooo <3

38: man the dumb days we would get so damn bored, and always do dumb shit at my house. If we werent up all damn night talking and laughing then we would be doing something damn stupid in the morning. The dummest is when we bought a pool and we went swimming in the backyard, you and your bathing suit. Even better you trying to dive in and then sticking your ass out and popping it!!

39: No one can forget this day. We shall call it, the FIVE HOUR ENERGY DAY : ) we spent all day in my basement trying to talk serious and you guys laughing and ripping on me because i never get taken serious, getting bored and finding a box of five hour energy drinks in my cabnit and we tried drinking it down like it was beer! lmfao we never felt anything then zee, kicked in. she kind of got retarded then you, off course become manly on us and start getting hard, we spend the whole day laughing and giggling for no reason, than in the morning going to tim hortans so high we couldnt even stand straight and when we came back we went to sleep in my room and you killed the day off course by putting some nasty ass slow song and starting to cry lmfao Wallah i absolutly love that memory

40: I love the days we get so bored, we make up shit, days we would go to my bathroom and color your hair black, and i got your ears black too and the hot water ran out on you.. lmfao! Some days we would spend it at da3awees house watching movies or sleeping in hassunies room getting high and not sleeping until the sunrise.. waking up and watching rayouna puke all over zeinab.. Even better days, Getting up really early and going to tim hortans or grabbing some nasty breakfast that we always end up never eating Now thats the best..

42: We had some of the most unforgettable days when it comes to us, driving around.. we raced hassans, abeed, to old girls and guys, we have screamed from the windows and talked to people across the street, got down ford road yelling and screaming and dancing in the street, we have went out at 3 in the morning during ramadon, and just did confedential stuff | Driving in the car singing IN MY HEAD, I SEE YOU ALL OVER ME, and running into some people ;) We have gotten lost and we have filled up gas with three dollars, we have drivin down the highway getting high on the way and most importantly we have gotten our CAR BLOWN UP on ford road while driving home from walmart, we deserve it.. for dancing =(

43: With every cruise, we chose to choose, to leave a bruise.. all cuz of walmart our car blew.. BOO WHOO

44: The fordson days | Who could forget thier high school days<3

45: During high school we had so much fun. The days you would come here, wake up at 6 in the morning i would pick you up, we would get tim hortans and you would go to fordson with me. I remember i skipped my final because me and you decided to sit outside instead. The days we walk in and just start yelling and being really loud. The day you sat outside my class and slipped notes umder the door because you got so bored. The girls that you hated, so much.. high school was so much fun we were so immature but still we never gave up on school after that we decided to hit up.

46: ECH EFF SEE SEE | Who lets go of hfcc!!!

47: we have had the best moments in the world there! going there being cocky and rude, meeting moody and guys with hair. hating the girls with a passion, seeing someone hot and screaming OH DAMN all day long ... | Getting hit on by a white guy in the computer lab, meeting some weird ass people. ripping on BIG BOY and our favorite 6'inched STRIPPER. always having people come up to us and asking us if were sisters, dressing up and looking completely alike.. We got so much haters. All cuz of ECH EFF SEE SEE

48: man how can we skip the rams horn and leo days YOU JUST CANT! | Every single time you came here you wanted rams horn chocolate cake or mashed potatoes from leos! EVERY SINGLE.. TIME | we have been there so many times in the morning in the afternoon at night, and every single time we have done something stupid, funny and memorable.

49: You guys man his tatoos are sick! those are some hott cops where is that one waiter! omg seriously the gravys haram sabbyy, i want mashed potatos i need a cup, i have to pee you guys i want cakeeeeeee

50: oh so sexy


53: LOVE

59: C

60: We so Crazy

64: PLAY something you forgot - lil wayne Excuse me (tonight)- pitbull ONE NATION- Rick ross Carry out - timbaland how to love - lil wayne Feels so good being bad ( S+m) - Rhianna Love the way you lie- eminem ALO HA YA HABEBI - mohammed salim Balla balla - mohammed salim bartender -t pain ice box - omarian Its five in the morning - pretty ricky 21 questions - 50 cent black and yellow- Wiz beautiful - akon just didded on em- nikki minaj super bass - nikki minaj bottoms up- trey songz be easy - massari real love- massari How low can you go?- ludacris make me better- neyo closer neyo

65: LIST : This place about to blow! - kesha cant be friends - trey cant help but wait - trey Like its my last - big sean IN MY HEAD !!! - Jason derulo club cant handle me - flo rida cry - rihanna dilemma - nelly do you remember - jay sean im sorry, i just dont love you - craig david PUT IT DOWN ON ME - Jeremiah its your birthday, and i know you want to.. - jeremiah Motivation- kelly moving mountains - usher My boo - alisha + usher Im over - drake hello.. good morning- diddy i want this shit forever- drake IM DANCING - Tpain down - jay sean - - & THE LIST KEEPS GOING

66: Inshallah, this right here.. | Hoops & YoYo

67: is just the biggining, with never ending friendship, laughter, joy & happiness To my whole.. I love you so much, forever

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