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Simple Wedding

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FC: Happy 25th Anniversary | April 19th, 1986

1: Jim & Meg

3: "True love stories never have endings"

4: Jim and Meg, Thanks for all you do for us especially in all your efforts to completely do-over our house at the lake. On a funny note , Meg hearing that you would like coffee after you get married , and on meeting them for breakfast the day after they got married, Meg ordered coffee. Have a great celebration and another 25 years of enjoying your family and the possibility of Grandchildren. Love, Mom and Dad Beikirch

5: Just wanted to wish you a happy 25th Anniversary. Although you have been married only 25 years, we have known you as a couple for many more than that. Remember our trips to Myrtle Beach?? Those were the days! We also have loved our times at the lake and watching our children grow together. You have a beautiful family and we just want to wish you the happiest of times together in the future. Love, Laurie, Mike, Jessica, Rachel and Lyndsay | Grandpa E's Story

6: Common theme seems to be torturing her... * We use to bribe Meg with beer when we had parties to keep her from telling Mom &Dad. * My girlfriend MaryBeth and I pantsed her and locked her out of the house then when we went to let her in we couldn't find her----think she went and hid in the car or trailer!! HAPPY 25TH MEG & JIM, MARCIA

7: Memories?! WHICH one stands out? I can go WAYYYY back. Neither Meg/Jim, Danny/myself were married when Paul Beikirch and Mary were married. The ceremony/reception was in Binghamton. On our way back to Rochester Jim/Danny were up front leaving Meg and I were in the back. There was a cheeky driver passing us then slowing down--passing then slowing down. After tiring of this Meg and I decided to get cheeky with them and it didn't stop there. We decided to push the envelope. TWIZZLERS (licorice) was squeezed in the bums....giving a whole new version of pressed ham... If we change the subject (not the body part) and discuss GAS I would need pages cause Jim is "loaded" and SOMEONE has to fight the fires! Happy Anniversary, Marie & Danny | In honor of your anniversary , we had a tornado tonight (April 19th, 2011) which reminded me of 1995 when we were out to dinner and the destructive tornado hit Decatur 2 nights in a row, on your very first visit to see us in Illinois.... Poor Kyle had to be rescued by his parents when the goat attacked him! Was that the visit the frogs kept the kids up all night when they slept in the camper? No, I think that was a subsequent trip to Decatur! Well the tornadoes are back, the frogs are singing, I have ceiling fans that need to be hooked up (thanks D-I-Y Jim), and all that is happening on your 25th Anniversary TONIGHT reminds me of past wonderful memories of our visits with you HERE and our visits with you on your back patio. Hope you are celebrating with friends and family, a happy healthy 25 years together.....hope we grow old together and have another 25 years of memories to treasure. Hoping more are in sunny Florida together in the future!!! Happy Anniversary Meg & Jim, Maureen & Steve

8: Dear Jim and Meg, May you remember the good times, for the good times will remind you of how special your life has been. May you always feel secure and loved, and know you are the best of friends. May you find warmth in others and realize you have friends who are loyal and honest. May each new day bring a feeling of excitement, joy, and a a sense of expectation. May you have hope, for hope is our reason for living on. SOME FAVORITE MOMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BURNING OF TOM'S GRAY SHORTS THE WILLIAMS'S 23 YEAR OLD COLONIAL COUCH AND CHAIR KELSIE AND MADELINE’S SKITS GARAGE SALES AND FESTIVALS FRIDAY NIGHT DINNERS FLORIDA VACATION WE LOVE YOU, JACKIE AND TOM

9: I recall a beautiful fall day when Meg called wanting to get out and enjoy the great weather aka Indian Summer. So we packed up both families and headed south to Bristol. The ski resort had the chair lift open for free rides to the top of the mountain to enjoy the breath taking views! Up to the top we all went. We walked around enjoying the fall colors and could smell campfires in the air. It was time to head back to the bottom and Meg had this great idea that we could get some great exercise by walking down the hill. About 1/3 of the way down, everyone out of breath and serious burning in our calves the great idea wasn’t so great after all! With the chair lift overhead and a long trek ahead of us we made the best of it and continued down. The kids didn’t mind as much and decided to roll down the hill. Let’s just say that after our adventure out with Meg and Jim we didn’t need to hit the treadmill for weeks:) Meg and Jim are the type of friends that are always up for fun and adventure. When you’re looking for someone to have a few laughs and a cool beverage with they are always just a quick call or text away! We love you two. Moe and Dano

10: The Church of DD - We are a devoted group led into faithful fellowship each Sunday morning. Our pastor Meg keeps us on task, with her able assistant Jim at her side. Our little church group may drink coffee and eat donuts while gathered - but we are faithful just the same. Congratulations Meg and Jim on 25 years of marriage! Cheers to many, many more! - Jan and Dave DiCaro

11: Looking back over the past 25+ years ...Dan and Jim went to the same high school and worked together, Meg was just a youngster back then and Maureen grew up on the East side. Moments to remember: * I remember Jim and Meg in the early years when Jim worked for me. In Jim’s car he was quite concerned about installing an extra button on the passenger side of the dash. When I asked why it was so important that this button be there and what it did, he explained it was for when Meg was in the car so she could blow the horn from the passenger side. Apparently, Jim was not quick enough with the horn on demand!! * On the day of the blessed event while driving to the reception, an unfortunate occurrence happened to Meg’s favorite Uncle of all time, Donald Francis Wrayno. Don had a flat tire going into the reception. Knowing that he was her favorite Uncle, I decided to change the tire in the parking lot. This all worked out well, except my hands were dirty and I needed to hustle back to the reception, where I almost missed them taking the wedding photo. Luckily, I was able to keep my hands behind my back! Cleaned up, I enjoyed the reception but had to leave early to meet my wife Maureen who was in another wedding the same day. Oh, what a glorious day! * Twenty-Five years later, we still get together to share laughs and talk about old times. Our children grew up together and Kelsie and Daniel are still the best of friends since kindergarten. Unfortunately, our Sunday schedules conflict with the hours of the “Church of Meg”, so we aren’t able to attend on a regular basis, but still consider ourselves devoted followers!! Jim and Meg, Congratulations on your 25th Wedding Anniversary! Blessings to both of you for a future filled with continued love, happiness, laughter and good health!! Love, Dan and Maureen Piehler

12: We all know how Meg likes to pull pranks on people. Well, we (Todd) got her back on one of our trips to Saratoga. When we got up in the morning, her turquoise bra was hanging on the flag pole in front of the cottage. Of course you could barely see it because the cups were so small! Happy 25th Meg & Jim, Michele and Jim | YOU'VE BEEN GOOD FRIENDS FOR AGES, YOUR LOVE FOR FUN'S CONTAGIOUS. GOOD TIMES HAVE BEEN OUTRAGEOUS, TO TELL ALL WOULD TAKE PAGES. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! HAPPY 25TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Bob and Sue

13: "I recall a little getaway with the girls. A quick stop at a local grocery store found us waiting in the car while one of us went in. This proved a little boring and mundane for Meg. Sooooo, she popped up through the sun roof and raised her shirt to flash her voluptuousness for all to see. Okay, so what if a padded bra was all that was seen." "The deck on our pool heaves out of the ground every winter. I asked Jim to assess a quick, cheap fix to level it. With a cold one in hand, he walked round and round the deck and eventually climbed the steps. A few quick jumps in the corner of the deck easily pushed the beam back in to the ground. Voila! For the cost of pizza and a couple of beers, Jim solved my cockeyed problem!!!" -- Happy Anniversary, Gemma & Marty | Sorry I'm missing your party, Got something else to do. But I'm making a toast and thought on the West Coast, I'll still be in bed before you! Here's to the King and Queen of parties, Meg & Jim. Happy Anniversary from Cheryl and Craig

14: My memory is not so clear Perhaps it was from too much beer The weather was amazingly fine It wasnt the beer....it must have been the wine A Happy hour we did go Then off to the boat With friends not foe Down the river we soared Hooting and hollering, never bored We hit the bridge and I hit "THE WALL" Your father I did have to call " Jim, please, the boat you must drive, For I am barely alive! I can not stand, talk or see A good friend to all of us you must be. Those Beikirchs are always dear and great friends A helping hand they will always lend So thank you for that fateful night When docking the boat was such a fright! Happy Anniversary, JeanneAnn & Mark

15: One of our funniest moments: Meg decided to play co-pilot on our trip to Saratoga. We wanted to stop and get something to eat. She wanted to go to Wendy's so we pulled off the thruway. As we look for the Wendy's that she claims is not far away, we pass about four other fast food places and travel 30 minutes out of the way to ind the Wendy's in the middle of no where! Happy 25th Anniversary, Todd

17: Our favorite funny story is when we were on our cruise in 2010. We were sitting on a warm, sunny beach in Cozumel, Mexico. Our journey started at the beach by paying one fabulous price to sit in the sun, snorkel, drink cocktails and enjoy the company. I believe with a combination of the sun, heat and the number of drinks involved, the drinks seemed to hit Meg & Jim a little harder than Tom and I. (Either that or we have a higher tolerance for alcohol, which I'm positive that is not the case!!!!). First of all I must say before the cocktails started to flow as we were setting up our chairs getting ready to sit in the sun, a bird flew over Meg’s head and pooped on her. We laughed so hard about that, that I am still laughing as I write this. Luckily for Meg there was an outside shower so she could go wash the bird poop from her hair instead of having to go into the ocean! At this point and time we all had several drinks by then and we lost count of how many Margarita's Jim had consumed. Then as we proceeded to head back to the ship we stopped in some shops. First of all Jim had his arm stuck on something he was carrying and then tried to put his shirt on over the items. It was like watching a bird with a hurt wing and the wing did absolutely nothing. Jim could not figure out what was going on. When we witnessed this funny, funny scene, Meg peed in her bathing suit right where she was standing and we laughed even harder. Once we composed ourselves again Meg, in her school teacher voice, made Jim sit on a bench and told him NOT TO MOVE!! He sat there like a little kid in a time out, it was like watching a teacher disciplining one of her students. There were a lot more funny things that happened along the way but I will spare all the minor details. Last but not least it was time to board the ship! We all had to walk through a monitor screening area. As Jim went through the monitoring area he walked with the upper half of his body in a tilted direction rubbing along the monitor. Just as he got to the end of the monitor we heard a loud thump as we turned and looked low and behold it was Jim laying on the ground with his feet up in the air like a turtle that had been put on the backside of its shell. The security staff came over to see what had happened, they wanted to see his boarding pass which he pulled out with no problem and then they asked if he needed to go to the medical dept. Meg, Tom and I rushed to his aide laughing of course and took him to his cabin as quickly as possible. Thank goodness he did not get hurt. Of course we were concerned for his safety first, outside of our uncontrollable laughter! We had a great time and look forward to the next cruise. Happy 25th Meg & Jim, –Ann & Tom

19: WE WON KNUCKLE'S TRIVIA NIGHT ON KYLE'S BIRTHDAY! Love you Meg and Jim, thank you so much for welcoming me into your family and being there for me and having an amazing son for me to date! lol HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY! – Stephanie

20: I am certain that we have too many memorable moments; especially to put to print...enough said...If the children had any idea the things that we had done while they were sleeping! I can say that the "fun" started when we would have "Survivor nights". We would watch the show and then play games, all on a Thursday night when half of the group had to work the next day! Of course the ladies of Lettington were able to take it easy! -Jolene & Michael | We have known Jim & Meg well over 20 years when they hung out with Sheree & Dave. Janice and I were going out or had just gotten married then years later I was coaching soccer and Kelsie joined my team. In time our buddy Paul Barcelo joined us and one night in Robach's Tent Meg went up behind him and started grinding and then she realizes it was Paul and not Jim. Talk about priceless looks! She was wearing one! Happy 25th Jim & Meg, Gary, Janice & Brittany

21: I don’t have any unique stories about Meg & Jim involving yours truly and Colleen but here's something: Meg tends to be compelled to tell people the story of me starting the driveway on fire (when we were teenagers) on the night before Halloween...almost 40 years later...and she likes to tell everybody!!! Consider this another time she can tell the story Mike & Colleen

22: I will love you forever

23: true | Love

24: "A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you."

25: Our journey begins...

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