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1975-1980 Memories (Copy)

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1975-1980 Memories (Copy) - Page Text Content


FC: Memories of Nu Chapter 1975-1980 | by Milton J Garlin

1: PREFACE O NOBLE KAPPA ALPHA PSI, THE PRIDE OF ALL OUR HEARTS... This book details a portion of the long and distinguished history of Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi that I was lucky enough to document. While a student at Purdue University, I was beginning to enjoy photography and often had my camera available. Fortunately, as an initiate at Nu Chapter, I had the unexpected opportunity to focus my lenses on my Kappa brothers as we were involved in one activity or another. Many of my pictures were lost over time, but after finding and organizing those that remained, I decided to complete this photographic history. - Milton Garlin February 2010 | MEMORIES OF NU CHAPTER 1975-1980

2: DEDICATION This book of photographic history is dedicated to my Kappa Sweetheart and to the Nu Chapter brothers who lifted me when I was discouraged, advised me when I was headed the wrong way, encouraged me to realize my gifts and to use them, and helped me to get where I am today. SPECIAL THANKS BERNITA EUBANK for your Slater Hill photos and creativity, SHAWN TAYLOR for your support of Brother TK and his family, CHARLTON WOOLARD for encouraging me to publish this book, and my daughter APRIL GARLIN for teaching me how to publish this photo history. | 2

3: CHAPTER 4 Sweethearts............50 Cheerleader Tryouts......................58 CHAPTER 5 KAPsi on Campus....59 CHAPTER 6 Chapter Invisible....62 ADDENDUM About The Author.........................68 Scroller Notes................................70 | CONTENTS PREFACE........................................1 Dedication and Special Thanks......2 CHAPTER 1 Plush Kappa Plaza.....4 CHAPTER 2 Achievement............18 Leadership Conference.................20 Academic Focus............................25 CHAPTER 3 Social Events..........26 Formal & Informal Dances...........28 Spring Picnics...............................32 Halloween Costume Party............36 Road Trip......................................38 Magnum Force takes Slater Hill...39 Magnum Force @ 10....................40 Nu Millenium Reunion.............45 | 3

4: CHAPTER ONE - PLUSH KAPPA PLAZA WE SHALL BE REMEMBERED, WE FEW, WE HAPPY FEW, WE BAND OF BROTHERS... The Nu Chapter, the 13th chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, was established October 5, 1920, and was moved to Purdue University on Oct 5, 1969. Since the summer of 1973, the Kappa House, located at 117 West State Street, served primarily to provide housing to the chapter members. In addition, it provided a meeting place for us to conduct our business, as well as a safe zone for us to store our archives and to conduct our rituals. There was free parking available in the chapter house parking lot for members who lived in the house and off campus. We were proud to have a fraternity house, and it provided a social outlet for the entire chapter. In it, we hosted parties for the entire campus, held birthday parties, played card games, hosted visiting alumni - both Kappa and not - and also visiting fraternity members from other colleges nearby. Our chapter advisor, Brother James J Foster (#7 of The Sinful Ten) and our senior Kappas guided us to be the chapter that we could be. As a Scroller, the Kappa House was feared, because the weekly pledge meetings were often held there, and woe to the Scroller that did not study his pledge material sufficiently! Many dreams of being a Kappa man were dashed there during one of those meetings. Many careers were launched here as well. I met Brother Ed Barnette, a founding member of the Society of Black Engineers at the house, and he encouraged me to pursue my dreams of being an engineer by offering me a summer intern position. Many others were similarly encouraged in the Plush Kappa Plaza and began fruitful careers. | 4


6: The State Street KAPsi sign greeted all who came to Purdue's campus. It welcomed many visiting Nupes to the Kappa House, and returning students back to the campus. The small 'Nu Chapter' sign near the front entrance was also a classy touch. | 6

7: 7

8: Many of the private social activities took place in our living room, including dances, card games, and brothers relaxing after classes. Who can forget the deep red curtains and the numerous Kappa plaques lining the walls? | 8

9: 9

10: 10

11: Kappas during this time frame (1975-1980) all remember the many conversations that took place in our parking lot, which we shared with a Methodist church, located next door. | 11

12: As documented here, when not in class or studying, we had lots of fun in the Kappa House. In the process, a bond of brotherhood was securely established. | 12

13: 13

14: 14

16: 16

17: The Kappa House Annex, better known as the back room, was where we hosted parties, large meetings, and other Kappa related gatherings. Painted on the walls were fraternity shields, mottos and slogans. In later years, there was even a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

18: CHAPTER TWO - ACHIEVEMENT ...WE SHALL REACH THESE HEIGHTS TOGETHER Kappas of Nu Chapter consistently led the campus in scholarship and leadership. We had a cross section of brothers that were studying many of the fields offered at Purdue University, including business, the arts, engineering, science, medicine, law, the humanities, environmental science, manufacturing and sports. Many - too many to list - are leaders today in their chosen professions. Some of the achievements and honors received through these years include: Highest Chapter Scholarship Award (1978-79), Provincial Song Contest Winners (1977, 78), Most Outstanding Undergraduate in North Central Province (1977-P. Bearden, 1978-E. Shaw). Nu Chapter hosted the NC Province meeting (1974), hosted the CR Wilson Leadership Conference, and attended other Leadership Conferences as a group (Ball State University - 1979). More recently, a Nu Chapter initiate was recognized as a recipient of the Elder Watson Diggs award (2003 - Myron Hardiman), the fraternity's second highest honor, which is offered for meritorious achievement. In addition, during the 1975-1980 time period, the Nupes of Nu completed a successful 'Food for the Needy' Drive at Thanksgiving, and annually sponsored a Halloween Party for the youth of Lafayette, Indiana. One invaluable skill my Nu Chapter experience taught me was the science of organizational leadership; how to lead and work within organizations, and how to function effectively as a team...what to do, and what not to be successful as a group. | 18

19: Nu Chapter hosted the C RODGER WILSON Leadership Conference. Our special guest was FOUNDER EDWIN G IRVIN, who shared with us his experiences as a Founder of Kappa Alpha Psi. | Kappas made the daily trek to the campus for classes, group projects and studying. | ELDER WATSON DIGGS AWARDEE MYRON L HARDIMAN ('The Six That Rode The Hurricane', Fall 1966) | 19

20: NU CHAPTER HOSTED A LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE The guest speaker for the C Rodger Wilson Undergraduate Leadership Conference was FOUNDER EDWIN G IRVIN, who lovingly described the other founders and the first social events. How many fraternity or sorority members can boast of meeting and learning from a Founder! | 20

21: 21

22: 22

24: 24

25: Nu Chapter was consistently among the top fraternities on campus based on a GPA comparison. Scrollers maintained strict 'study hall' hours, and Kappa brothers were often captured by my lenses while studying. | 25

26: CHAPTER THREE - SOCIAL EVENTS PASS THE LOVING CUP AROUND, DON'T PASS A BROTHER BY... KAPPA ALPHA PSI is a social fraternity, and the Nu Chapter hosted many social activities, which kept the brotherhood strong and the Sweethearts entertained. This section provides a glimpse of our informal dances and formal events, our picnics, our private parties and reunions, and even a road trip to the famed Kappa Karnival. | 26

27: ABOVE - 1980 Sweetheart's Ball LEFT, top to bottom: Annual Picnic, Halloween Costume Party, M.A.G.N.U.M. F.O.R.C.E. 10 Year Anniversary, Nu Millenium Reunion | 27

28: A KAPPA DANCE was always a popular gathering. Many of our Kappa parties were held on campus at the Black Cultural Center, but we always hosted the after set at the Kappa House. | 28

29: 29

30: 30

31: KAPPA ALPHA PSI SWEETHEART'S BALL 1980 | The group photo includes our Province Polemarch William Roach, and the entire Nu Chapter at our 1980 Sweetheart's Ball 'You're Something Special'. This was an annual affair where we celebrated our successes as a chapter, and treated ourselves to a night of fun and frolic. | 31

32: KAPPA SPRING PICNIC Good food, good company, relaxing, sports and wrestling? | 32

33: 33

34: SPRING PICNIC 1977 | 34

35: 35

36: A HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY was one of the parties held at the Kappa House. What a crazy and fun night of socializing and dancing! | 36

37: 37

38: ROAD TRIP Several Nu Chapter Kappas journeyed to the Kappa Karnival, which was held annually at Southern Illinois University. | 38

39: WE'RE WORKING SO HARD TO BE A KAPPA... On a snowy afternoon on Slater Hill, student photographer Bernita Eubank took pictures of the new Kappa Line on campus, M.A.G.N.U.M. F.O.R.C.E. Absent from the photo session were Al LaBroi and Bill Langford. | 39

40: M.A.G.N.U.M. F.O.R.C.E. celebrated the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Chicago's lake front. Many Kappas, spouses, relatives and friends celebrated with 'THE FORCE'. | M.A.G.N.U.M. F.O.R.C.E. CELEBRATED 10 YEARS | 40

41: 41 | (ABOVE, right) My sister Ellen and friends join in the celebration.

42: 42

43: 43

44: 44

45: The NU MILLENIUM REUNION was held during Purdue's Homecoming Weekend celebration in the Fall of 2000. Close to 100 brothers traveled from near and far to attend. | NU MILLENIUM REUNION | 45

46: BROTHERS OF NU enjoy fraternizing after passing The Loving Cup, my favorite ritual. | 46

47: James 'Kaptain' Bly, organizer of the Nu Millenium Reunion. | 47

48: 48

49: 49

50: CHAPTER FOUR - KAPPA SWEETHEARTS YOU'RE AS PRETTY AS A PICTURE, AND AS SWEET AS YOU CAN BE... In the alumni chapters, the designation Kappa Sweetheart is generally reserved for a spouse or partner, but as an undergraduate, the Sweethearts were our little sisters, our card partners, our co-conspirators and our dance partners. The Kappas were proud and protective of the Kappa Kittens and Sweethearts, and they supported our social activities, our fundraising efforts, and our campus initiatives. One Sweetheart, Katie Agee, became Purdue's first African American Homecoming Queen. | 50

52: 52

53: 53

54: Nu Chapter brothers Bates, Brown, Dodson and Kennard helped organize this Sweetheart photo shoot.

55: 55

56: 56

57: 57

58: CHEERLEADER TRYOUTS Kappa Sweethearts Jeanine Russell and Sherrie Shade try out for the Purdue Cheering squad. | 58

59: CHAPTER FIVE - KAPPAS ON CAMPUS EVERY MAN HAS HIS DREAM, OURS IS THE CRIMSON AND CREME | During this time period, Nu Chapter was a large group in number and spirit, and Nupes could be spotted in the dormitories, classrooms, and athletic fields. Kappas excelled in campus intramural play, and teams were formed in the basketball and softball leagues. | 59

60: 60

61: 61

62: CHAPTER SIX - CHAPTER INVISIBLE WE'LL LONG FOR THEE AND TOIL UNTIL WE REACH THAT GOLDEN SHORE This slice of Kappa Alpha Psi history at Purdue University would not be complete if I didn't provide a space for those who have reached the Golden Shore. These pages are meant as my humble way of expressing thanks for the life which was theirs and the service which they gave to Nu Chapter. Once, in a dream, I saw these men again at a big meeting of the Chapter Invisible of Kappa Alpha Psi. Included are two North Central Province Polemarchs that contributed greatly to the success of the Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. | 62

63: BROTHER JOSEPH 'JAY' CLARK was initiated with the line 'PERILS OF POWER' on December 8, 1977. Brother Clark is best remembered as a tough Dean of Probates. | BROTHER ANTHONY 'TK' KENNARD was initiated with the line 'DELEGATION' on November 16, 1979. A Kappa once asked Scroller TK to knock down the wall. The Nupe ended up with a large hole in his bedroom wall! | 63

64: BROTHER STANLEY 'HOOK' KIRTLEY was initiated with the line 'DEVIL'S DECA' on 4/26/72. Brother Kirtley (ABOVE, 3rd from left) was honored as a FOUNDER of The Society of Black Engineers. | BROTHER HENRI 'FRANK NITTY' NEUMAN was initiated with the line 'LA COSA NOSTRA' on 4/11/75. While a Scroller, I remember thinking 'Oh no' every time I heard Nitty shout out "Turn up the heat"! | 64

65: BROTHER RAYMOND ERIC 'OLD E' RUSSELL was initiated into KAPsi at Depauw University and transferred to Purdue in 1976. 'Old E' fit right in with Nu Chapter when he arrived on Purdue's campus. | BROTHER ROGER 'SHASTA' TURNER was initiated with the 'MAGNUM FORCE' line on 4/8/1977. After graduation, Roger danced professionally with the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble in Denver, CO and also in Chicago, IL. | 65


67: DARRYL 'BIGGIE SMALLS' EVANS | BERNARD NIXON | EDWARD BARNETTE | BROTHER DARRYL 'BIGGIE SMALLS' EVANS was initiated with the line 'LA COSA NOSTRA' on 4/11/75. | BROTHER BERNARD NIXON was initiated with the line 'THE DISCIPLES OF BROTHERHOOD' on 4/17/80. | BROTHER EDWARD BARNETTE was initiated with the line 'TRIPLE THREAT' in the spring of 1970. Brother Barnette was a visionary leader and FOUNDER of The Society of Black Engineers. | 67

68: 68

69: ABOUT THE AUTHOR MILTON J GARLIN was initiated into the Nu Chapter of KAPsi with the MAGNUM FORCE line in the Fall of 1977. He is a Life Member of KAPPA ALPHA PSI and is now affiliated with the Denver Alumni Chapter. Milton served as the Nu Chapter photographer during his years on campus. He graduated in Industrial Engineering and worked in the areas of Manufacturing and Quality Engineering, Software Development project management and currently works in Healthcare Management Engineering. Originally from Gary, Indiana, Milton is married to Monica, and is the father of daughters Melanie and April. He now lives near Denver, Colorado. To contact Milton regarding this photo history or other projects, he can be reached at 303-596-8714 or | 69

70: 5 demerits for not knowing my name. BB ???? 1 merit for coming to see me 5 merits for tightening up the room. BB Nitty 1/2 merit for finding my rug. BB Nitty 3 merits for coming with a very good idea about publicity. BB Holliday 2 merits for thinking about my glass. BB Sitting Bull 10 merits for coming to visit me at my present home. Good Hit! BB Rod J 2 merits for looking sharp at lunch. BB Shotgun 5 merits for getting off this morning. YO! Show me some more initiative. 5 merits for holding up for Gamma Beta. BB D.O.P. | 5 merits for looking sharp on the yard. YO! BB Bobby J 3 merits for a job well done concerning my sand's business. BB Jasper 5 merits for scoring 10 out of 10 on a stat 213 quiz. BB Patton 5 merits for being an alright spec. BB Patton 5 merits for a job well done and for not losing your scroll. BB Tommy 1 merit for coming to see me. BB Ron King 3 merits for not condemning your Scroller brother. YO! you MF. BB Tim 5 merits for being a positive minded Scroller. BB Holliday | 3 merits for writing a letter for me. 3 merits for finding the address. BB Holliday 3 merits for having some initiative. 3 merits for knowing the Rock of the 'Leven 10 demerits for not knowing how to greet BBs. BB Darnay 3 merits for coming to see me and trying to get in order. BB Jazz 4 merits for trying to be in order. BB Elliott 10 demerits for not telling me first about problems in your math class. BB D.O.P. 3 merits for knowing pledge material YO! BB Nitty 2 merits for finally doing that Kappa thang. A good pledge - I'll see you in Hell Week! BB Bly | SCROLLER | NOTES | 70

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