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2010 - Page Text Content

S: The Meyrahn Adventures of 2010

FC: a year of adventure

1: Adventures of Bob & Sheila Meyrahn

2: We house-sat for the Verkaik's while they went to St. Lucia. While they were gone we got a record amount of rain! We spent many hours figuring out how to drain the pool. But after the storm had passed, the mountains were so beautiful! We took Roxy on a drive to see them. She loved sticking her head out the window! Both of our vehicles hit new milestones! The Saturn hit 100,000 miles and the Toyota hit 200,000 miles this spring. We’ve had a great time house-sitting different homes and such but we had a great time with Tuggers this spring. It was also raining during this experience, but we spent a lot of time in their front room with the fireplace going. Tuggers really enjoyed the warmth, he took many naps. But after his naps he would head straight to Bob and they would wrestle together. They may say Sheila is Tuggers’ girlfriend but Bob is really Tuggers’ best friend! We celebrated our one year anniversary with gifts and a meal at our first fancy place together - Roy's. Bob got a shirt to wear on our trip to NASA that we left for that night.

3: We hosted multiple parties this year and Sheila had a great time decorating fro each of them! The left pictures is of the New Years' Eve Party and the right is of our Halloween Mask Party. We had a great time at each of them. We also had a Baseball Party in April but it didn't end so well. Always next time! For Mother's Day Sheila had the opportunity to surprise her mom with a signed book by Joyce Meyer. Sheila's first book signing! We got to spoil many different family and friends with a Niko Niko sushi experience. We made lovers out the Tink clan! In November, we spent a day at the Magic Kingdom in Florida and treated ourselves with the first Christmas after hours Party of the season. The park was beautifully decorated in all Christmas. We even bought clothes for that night since it got cold and we didn't think we would be out that late. It was our favorite memory of that trip together and so spontaneous! And we are still kissing and loving our way through life together.

4: Emma | Haley | Jessie | Julia | Chandler | Christina | Chloe

5: January 1, 2010 The small group girls came over and played games, watched movies and spent the night. Sheila stayed awake until 3 am but the rest of the girls were determined to stay awake ALL NIGHT! When Sheila woke up at 7 am, Emma & Chandler were still awake but looked like zombies. They fell asleep right away, but they stayed up all night! We had a fun time hanging out. Sheila thought that if we had a slumber party the day after New Year's Eve that the girls would be tired and fall asleep, that back-fired. :) Super fun!

6: Small Group | these are just a few of the fun moments together | making cupcakes | back to school shopping | making fruit salad | using knives | being afraid of people using knives

7: Bob flew to see Pappaw and Granny at their home in Sun City, Florida, January 29 through February 1. He stayed at their home and enjoyed spending time showing Pappaw and Granny our wedding video and photos from the ceremony. Visiting Sun City was not complete without a trip to the Strawberry Patch and a lap around the lake in the boat. It was great to see both of them again and it was the last time Bob saw them both alive. This trip was irreplaceable. I remember telling Pappaw on the phone that I couldn’t make it to Florida in December, but I was coming for a visit in January and he said, “We’d just do Christmas then!” I will always remember Pappaw having a positive attitude and he was always glad to spend time with those he loved. I hope to live up to that legacy. | Pappaw & Granny

8: Day After Wedding Photos | on Valentine's Day

9: Sheila's Birthday Parties | I felt really spoiled on my birthday. On the day Bob and I went out for sushi with Haley & Cass at Niko Niko, our favorite place. I was also spoiled a couple weeks later on a youth group night. They threw a Tinkerbell party for me. There were yummy Special K Bars and punch with a fun game of Apples to Apples. I felt really loved turning 27!

10: Easter Lunch of Sushi & Sequence in Sylvan Park

12: Easter Sunday

13: 6 MONTHS! | 6 month Anniversary at the Hilton on Huntington Beach. We enjoyed a meal there & doughnuts at sunset - they were amazing! The next day was a great walk on the beach with wine-tasting at California Adventure's Food & Wine

14: Portland & Eugene, Oregon We had a fabulous time in Oregon in May. We spent the weekend with Jeff and Hollie Tirrell in Beaverton. They picked us up from the airport and brought us straight to a couple waterfalls, they were absolutely beautiful but Sheila had a hard time with the fact that all the water in the air was making her straight hair turn curly and frizzy. We just couldn’t believe how GREEN everything was, it was fluorescent green compared to SoCal. We had a great time visiting fantastic food places – the 1st Spaghetti Factory, an amazing hole-in-the-wall pizza joint and the Tillamook Cheese Factory near the coast. Jeff & Hollie also “volunteered” us to help them clean up coffee time after their evening service. Sheila wasn’t too excited about this at first but we both were taken aback about just how awesome this church was, they really have their own culture and embrace it, coffee and all. Monday we had the chance to drive down to Eugene and spend time with Michelle Christensen and her boyfriend Chad, on Michelle’s birthday. We had a great time visiting downtown Eugene, where Michelle works. She showed us her favorite spots to eat, a fantastic rustic/modern Italian bistro, and her favorite coffee shops. Everyone drinks coffee there and we got to experience the wet-cold that drives them to these warm and comforting beverages. Both of us really took to this amazing cup of heaven that combines coffee, chocolate ganche and the zest of an orange. Amazing, we had to have it twice. Michelle gets what makes both of us tick, amazing food! Her and Chad took us to King’s Winery about 10 miles from Eugene. It was beautiful! Set up on a hill surrounded by vineyards. This is their favorite place to escape and they shared it with us. We spent the evening there eating fantastic food, drinking amazing wine and surrounded in a great company of people and stories. This is one of Sheila’s favorite memories to date! That is what a great meal is about! Bob and Sheila also had a chance to visit a bird sanctuary during the day while Michelle worked. It was an educational time and just fascinating how beautiful and majestic these birds are. After a great time there our GPS decided to take a holiday and not work going back to Michelle’s. Luckily, through frustration and communication, we figured our way back without our GPS or a map. Note: that GPS was returned for a new one! The last part of the vacation was two days in Portland just the two of us. We stayed downtown and walked along the river, saw many Naval boats and the Rose Festival was going on, lots of street vendors. We also did an item on Sheila’s Bucket List, a yacht ride on the Columbia River. Bob sure did spoil Sheila that night, it was a 6 month anniversary gift. We also tried out VooDoo Doughnuts and visited the largest bookstore in the US. It was really a nice time together and we stayed within budget! We definitely want to go back here again, it was just perfect!

17: Oregon Coast

18: Nate's Summer Vacation

19: We really enjoyed having Nathan stay with us! | Nathan came out for his Spring Break in March. We had a great timehanging out at the Koning's with Tuggers, spent a day at Disnyeland Nathan also spent some time camping at Carlsbad with the Verkaiks. | California

21: SERVE in Grand Rapids, MI with 18 youth from The River. We ended the trip with a tour of Calvin College & a bonfire at the In't Hout's home.

22: At Nick In't Hout's parents' farm we swam at the local watering hole, played with farm animals & even had our own fireworks show

23: Dave & Debbie came down from the Lake to see us too!

24: Paul Roberts Neal went to be with the Lord on Saturday, July 24. We both flew to Ohio to be there for the funeral. There was a private graveside service which Gale led and then we went to the church for the funeral. Paul, Beth, and Nick Lux surprised us by driving from Michigan to attend the service. Andy asked Bob to read the remarks he wrote and then Bob spoke as well. It was hard to put my feelings and emotions into words for someone I loved so much. Knowing this was not a final goodbye to Pappaw made this trip bearable. This trip was not all sad; Sheila discovered her love for pretzel ice cream cones. We also got to see the place where Pappaw and Granny were living and got to help furnish Granny’s apartment.

25: Sheila, Bob, Debbie, Dave, Granny, Tricia & Gale after breakfast Us after the memorial service Childhood Friend Nick Lux & Bob | Neal Family

26: Kennedy Space Center

27: November 1st at the Cape

28: Touring Kennedy Space Center was amazing! We were able to see many artifacts of manned spaceflight. We toured the Astronaut Hall of Fame and dad bought me a shuttle pin set for my birthday. We almost missed the bus because of this purchase. The line for the cashier was so long that we were the last 2 people to get on the bus. I was so amazed with the collection all the manned spaceflight items. Each artifact seemed to tell a story.

35: in celebration of Bob's 30th Birthday we took a trip to the Cape and Disney World

36: Here is the crawler that took Discovery to Launch Pad 39A. Above is the Launch Complex 39 Observation Gantry. We went to Kennedy Space Center to view the launch of STS-133. I had NASA Causeway viewing tickets from Gator Tours. The launch was ultimately delayed due to leaks in the OMS Engines and we ended up touring Kennedy Space Center on November 1. Discovery eventually had a successful launch on February 24, 2011.

43: This is the Apollo Treasures Gallery. It opened July 16, 2009. It contains treasures from Apollo missions. The spacesuit on the left page was worn by Alan Shepard. The Command Module "Kittyhawk" flew them back to Earth on Apollo XIV The hands are casts of Apollo XI crew. From front to back: Neil Armstong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.

47: Lunar Rover replica | Shuttle Astronaut James F. Reilly II

50: The Many Looks of Bob at Kennedy Space Center

52: EPCOT | November 2nd

53: featuring the Food & Wine Festival

54: Our first ride at EPCOT was Mission: SPACE. It was so much fun. Sheila and I rode the extreme version while dad rode the non motion part. Bob was the engineer and Sheila had the role of navigator. It was so much fun and enjoyable to share this attraction together. After this ride we rode Test Track and dad sure enjoyed it. He was scared and felt it was truly uncontrollable. He felt it went much faster than it did. During the part where the car goes outside on a racetrack style course, he closed his eyes and and tightened up. Bob told him that it's just like riding in a convertible on the freeway. He didn't believe that. We got fastpasses and rode Test Track again immediately afterwards without dad


56: Britain | Everything was so luscious and green. We had a great time exploring this area while playing the game of Kim Possible. They even had a red phone booth to pose in. During our time here we got photo-happy and took many artistic shots. The next page is some of our finer work.

59: One Shop Shots

60: India

62: Had a great time wandering around in and out of corridors and little shops. We had a great time taking photos of these great details. It even smelled like incense when we were there.

64: Italy was such a fun area. They had these ladies in big red outfits singing and pulling guests in for skits and such. They had the whole crowd laughing. There were little sidewalk cafes and stairs that lead to who-knows-where and fountains and flowers! It was so much fun to take these photos. We did see the storm coming in during this time. You can see the storm in the photo of the gondola. | Italy

66: These red ladies were a hoot. These are the shots we got as they were walking to the area behind closed doors at Disney. They were loud and boisterous, they kind of reminded me of some family reunions we’ve been to. These photos remind me how much I want to go back!

70: We went to seek shelter in the country of China, a Florida downpour occurred just as we were walking in and lasted about 20 minutes. Bob took several photos of these terracotta imperial soldiers while Sheila braved the elements to find Disney ponchos for us. We didn’t know where Dad was during this time but we had the China preshow memorized as we waited for him. It turned out that Dad sat through 2 shows in the China Theater and was waiting for us there. We were waiting for him in the lobby. Without cell phones, we might still be separated.

72: Norway was quite an interesting land. We rode the backwards and forwards long flume ride, saw many trolls (which are Norwegian I guess) and fell in love with their Nordic churches, amazing pieces of art! The food here didn’t seem amazing but the bakery did have quite an assortment of fantastic finds! In the large loop that portrays the different countries, Norway was the last of our favorites. The next country was Mexico and after traveling from SoCal, Mexico does not seem too foreign anymore. We made our way back to China for dinner and then camped out for the amazing fireworks and pyrotechnic show in the middle of the lagoon. We did have to sit through some more rain but the show was worth it!

73: These would work at a Vikings game! | NORWAY

74: Alton Brown's favorite Holiday dinner: BBQ Pork Sandwich and | it was ever delicious!

75: November 3, 2011 in St. Simeon Island, Georgia

76: St. Simeon Island, GA 1st touch of the Atlantic

78: Savannah, Georgia

86: Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

89: We spent November 3-5th in Savannah doing a ghost tour, eating at Paula Deen’s Lady & Sons restaurant, walking and shopping and just loving the time spent the two of us. A must visit city!

90: this little guy is as big as your pinkie | On our day in Atlanta with Uncle Dave and Aunt Debbie, we went to Georgia's Aquarium. They had a fascinating array of fish and other aquatica. They house the largest mammal, the shark whale and they had four. We had a great time watching them get fed. The manta rays were another favorite there, they are beautiful swimmers! They would do loop-de-loops during the feeding, they really like their food. | The aquarium was set up perfectly, there were areas to walk through, areas to sit and watch and areas to touch and feel. Sheila had her first experience touching a sting ray. She was quite surprised at the feeling and how much they flap. Bob caught the moment of excitement on the right. We were spoiled after this with a fantastic meal at an up-scale diner and a theatre show of "White Christmas" it was such a fun time!.

93: We went to Sacramento in September for Phil & Jen’s wedding. We were able to fly in early in the day and stay downtown near the capital. We were walking distance and had a great time exploring the capital and its grounds. Bob had a hard time getting rid of the tour lady that desperately wanted to give us a tour – no thanks. Sheila enjoyed learning more about the state and the gorgeous architecture with a bear in every little niche. They even put a ginormous bear in front of Arnold’s office.

94: Phil & Jen Wade September 18th in Sacramento | Ben & Kimberly Lee August 1st in Redlands

95: Tony & Lili Teran November 13th in Long Beach | Ben & Melissa Miller November 20th in Tucson

96: Christmas Morning | We had a great time opening gifts. Bob got clothes & space goodies. Sheila got china & her favorite spatula.

97: We spent the Christmas Eve at Disneyland eating at the Wine Garden, grabbing hot chocolate and waiting for the fireworks over Small World – Sheila’s favorite! It was worth the hour wait. Christmas morning was filled with gifts to each other, Skyping with the extended Tinklenberg family and making chocolate cake – Bob’s favorite! We spent the afternoon with the Tirrells playing games, a small nap and almost missed their dinner because someone forgot to turn on the oven, still makes me laugh. The evening was spent with Andy & Stacie Meyrahn eating, playing a game or two and just having a nice time together while they were out visiting from North Dakota. It was really a lovely time spent with family and friends. | Christmas Eve at Disneyland

99: a few memories from 2010

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