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2010 Photo Book

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S: 2010 Our Year In Pictures

FC: 2010 Our Year In Pictures

1: This year was amazing! It is always fun to look back and see all that God did in our lives over a time frame like one year. Each day is filled with wonderful memories that warm our heart to think about. Thanks to our Lord, who has provided so much more than we could have ever imagined! Have fun looking back with us over this year of our lives. We hope you have fun as we stroll down memory lane!

2: -January- Our First Wedding Anniversary! January 16th-19th St. Augustine, Fl. | We decided to spend our first anniversary at the place Matt proposed. We both love it in St. Augustine and knew that was the perfect place for us to celebrate. It is beautiful and romantic and one doesn't need to drive very far. Matt treated Jess to staying in a Bed & Breakfast which she had never done before.

3: It was a beautiful old Victorian styled house that had an amazing story of how it was left abandoned by a fire and then turned into a bed & breakfast by it's current owners. It had a Carriage house which is pictured to the left. The second floor door is where we stayed for our weekend away. The rest of the pictures are of the room and house. It was such a fun house! It had fun surprises everywhere you looked, like a bathroom under the stairs and a lovely porch to sit on and enjoy the weather, & chocolates on the table to nibble while making small talk with the other guests. The area in front of the carriage house was very nice to sit near and listen to the water flow down the fountain and into the lily pads below.

4: We walked a couple of blocks from our room to the beautiful Lightner museum home of all kinds of interesting things. Once a hotel for the ultra rich of the time, now a haven for all kinds of collections; from original record players to Tiffany glass... it has it all. Beautiful gardens and Koi ponds surround this amazing building. Made from a combination of coquina shell and terracotta, the architecture is also unique, but not to that area. Below is picture of the lobby, the floor is made of thousands of square mosaic tiles. | The Lightner Museum

5: Here is a sampling of the items at the museum. Jess's favorite was the Tiffany glass. Below are some of the early record players. One had a giant disc with little bumps that when pricked by a wand the bump makes a note. With all the bumps on the disc being pricked beautiful music was made; like a music box. There were all sorts of vases, cigar labels, & Victorian decorations that people sold to keep their houses. Also all kids of dolls and doll houses were preserved.

6: Nite Time in The City! | We spent the night out on the town, well not really... but we definitely walked all over. we walked up and down the main shopping areas of the city and stopped off at Kilwrin's and bought some chocolate candies, pretzels and cookies. They have so many options it is very difficult to decide what to buy. The smell alone in Kilwins is amazing, it would be next to impossible not to walk out with a purchase. At night time St. Augustine is just as beautiful as it is during the day. The city has it Christmas lights up till way past Christmas day so we were able to enjoy them in mid January. It is well worth it to visit during this time of year. Not to mention it is the off season so that means less tourists.

7: Potter's Wax Museum | We took some time and toured the Potter's Wax museum downtown. We had coupons and thought it would be a good idea. The price was still high but we bit the bullet. The first half was pretty pathetic. All the people were like Moses and Cleopatra who no one really knows what they look like. The second part was neat though; it had all the famous faces you see on this page and lots more. The coolest thing was a video that looped of Al Capone who was featured as a wax figure. Matt and I watched the whole video that was over an hour long. Overall we would rate this stop 3 out of 10 stars.

8: The Fountain of Youth | We rented bikes today and rode all over town. It was so fun and definitely one of the highlights of our trip. One of our stops was to the Fountain of Youth. The scenery there is gorgeous. Large oak trees filter out the sun and the gentle ocean breeze sweeps by your face. Peacocks are everywhere including some rare white ones. We watched a presentation on the Spanish and their quest to seek eternal youth. We even drank from the fountains waters but only in small paper Dixie cups. Also on the grounds were ancient Indian burial grounds which had been found during the mid 1900's.

10: Castillo de | After the fountain of youth we biked to the fort and it is a very cool fort! We saw a shooting demonstration, sliders cleaning guns, lots of Coquina shell, real cannons, a prison and last but not least a beautiful view of the ocean. Off in the distance one could spot the lighthouse where Matt proposed to Jess. This was a very fun stop for us. The weather made it difficult to want to leave. But with it being so close to the water, we are sure that hurricane weather made this place a nightmare.

11: San Marcos | To the right, a plaque shows the different types of artillery that were used at this fort. The means of destroying the enemy have changed drastically since then but when it is all said and done they still got the job accomplished. It is amazing that with all the elements that the fort is still standing, most of that is due to the Coquina shell which swallows anything thrown at it and also the width of the exterior walls which are at least a couple feet thick.

12: These are some of the other areas that we saw as we made our way around town on our bikes. The coast is just so beautiful there! The breeze, water and smell of salt was the perfect combination. | O What A Beautiful Morning!

13: The Raintree Restaurant (pictured to the right) was a romantic dinner experience. We took a shuttle van from our bed and breakfast because we had to return the bikes we rented. The meal was fabulous and the service was perfect. The building was an old house at one point but was converted into a cozy yet formal eating experience. We both want to return there for another great meal! | Thats the end of our trip to St Augustine, we will miss you!

14: Congratulations to Jennifer & David Fountain | Jennifer asked Jess to make fairy wings for the flower girls for her up coming wedding and she agreed. Jess used wire hangers, ribbon, feathers, tulle and hot glue to make each girl look like a real fairy. In the end they turned out perfect and the girls all looked adorable... actually they didn't need wings to do that! | -February- A Time to Celebrate

15: -April- Easter Sunday | Today we had Donna, Dawn, Brian and the kids over to celebrate Jesus death on the cross and his rise from the grave 3 days later. We had our symbolic lunch at Rick and Kay's house. Afterward we partook in some easter egg hunting for the kids. | Even Roxy got in on the egg hunt action! | Piper's First Easter!

16: Happy Birthday To Jess! | For the special occasion we all drove to Kobes in Altamonte and enjoyed a hibachi cooked meal. Kobe's is one of Jess's favorite places to eat. It was amazing as always! Laura had never seen anyone cook with fire on the table and it was fun to watch her expressions.

17: Roof Work! | Crazy how things happen right? Well thats how we feel about roofing Rick and Kay's house. None of us had much, if any, experience at all roofing and yet we all found ourselves joined by a common bond, we all know the Milliners. There was weeks of work, these pictures do not do it justice by any means. Trever Brice, Dylan Gilbert, Jeff Johnson, Larry Purvis, Buddy Flitter, Rick, Jess, Matt, Brian Pate and others helped bring this project to completion. Some paid to help but most volunteered! No leaks so far, knock on wood!

18: Workday at The Nutter's! | Our church came together like it does every year for Single Mom's & Widows workday. This year we worked at Valencia Nutter's home. Our Homegroup and others worked very hard to get as much as we could get done to bless Valencia and her kids. From mowing, wall repair, trash clean up, cleaning, organizing, and weed whacking we did it all. Caleb even fixed her dish washer. Tim was gracious and brought his huge trailer | Before | After

19: to put haul everything we threw away, including yard waste. Nick worked on fixing some furniture while the rest of us spread out to tackle the rest of the projects. In the midst of it, the kids and Jess found a baby Mocking bird that needed to be rescued out of a neighbors back yard. Jess took it to the animal lady in Maitland where it hopefully grew and was able to avoid pesky cats.

20: May: Trip to Tampa | Ysabel and Jess traveled to Tampa on a Saturday in May to spend some time together. Both Ysabel and Jess love art, animals and Italian food. One of Jess's favorite places to go to see animals is the Florida Aquarium right on the Tampa Bay. So they drove out early and had lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse and ate in the trolley car. Then they traveled by a real Trolley to the aquarium a few miles away. the better part of the day was spent there looking and learning about sea animals.

21: Their favorite part was getting to touch the sea life in a ice cold tank. They were also fooled by an owl in the native to Florida swamplands. He stayed so still they thought it was a statue. Then he blinked and they laughed. The River Otters were also exciting. Normally they sit in their tank but when the trainers come in they come alive. Swimming back and forth as quickly as possible, splashing and diving! They were very funny to watch as they performed tricks. They even had artwork for sale in the gift shop that the otters had made themselves.

22: June: Tadpole Craziness! | Rick and Kay's pool has always been a fun place to hang out but who would have thought it would been the birth place of so many babies? Jess had to remove all the toad couples and their babies to a more suitable location than the pool. A pond across the road served as a perfect place for them. | Black & White Day! | We all woke up one Sunday morning and apparently all thought it was a good idea to wear the same colors. Only Rick missed out so he took the picture for us.

23: Say Hello to Baby Jonathan! | Baby Jonathan was born on his terms. He came at home before anyone could stop him. Jon had to deliver him in the bathtub with help from 911. Then the ambulance came and kept mommy and baby at the hospital till everything was okay. Laura is a big sis now. Congrats to the White Family!

24: Sweet Home Alabama! | We had made a quick trip up to visit Jim, Matt's dad because things were not looking good for his health. Trever, Matt and Jess drove up to visit for a few days and then drove back home. A few weeks later Jim took a turn for the worse and the family all gathered to say good bye. Andy and his family, the Keller family, Laurie, Olivia and then Matt and Jess all came up and stayed at a hotel near the house. After the funeral we all had to go through and pack up Jim's belongings to return the house to the church that owned the home and allowed Jim to live the for free. The weather was hot, so the neighbors (the Brown's) who loved Jim very much opened up their house for swimming. It was nice to cool off and enjoy catching up with the family.

25: The puppy was at a neighbors house and we played with him to pass the time. He was a cute dog but sure could bite. The kitten pictured above had adopted Jim and his friend Joey (who had cared for Jim as his health declined). The cat eventually found a home at Sherry's dad's house in the Gainesville area. Jess really wanted her but knew that Matt didn't want a cat. Olivia rescued a pair of squirrels back home in West Palm and brought them with her to feed them and raise them till they could live on their own. They were really tiny and fun to watch.

26: LION Country Safari! | As part of a West Palm trip to escape life for a few days, we drove to Lion County Safari. There you can experience all kinds of animals that are native to Africa. Matt had gone as a child and knew that Jess would love it because of her love for animals. Unfortunately we only have part of this amazing trip recorded. The camera battery died on route to the zebra enclosure. It was very disappointing! We also saw monkeys, giraffes, lory birds, alligators, lions and many other amazing animals! Jess actually got to feed a giraffe and pet its muzzle. She also got to feed the lory birds some nectar out of cups. It was fun until Matt got pooped on by one of the friendly birds.

27: This was so much fun! As you can see the animals get very close. In fact we were afraid that the Asiatic Water Buffaloone was going to hit our car as he they passed beside our car.

28: August: Swimming In The Pool | Look at Laura in the pool! she is learning to swim like a big girl. Grandpa and Grandma opened up their pool for Laura to enjoy. Laura loves the pool so much, she can't wait to go swimming again soon!

29: For Rick's birthday we all met up at The Elephant Bar at the Altamonte mall. We all enjoyed hanging out and spending time to celebrate Ricks "happy return". | Happy BIRTHDAY RICK! | Even JJ was looking at the camera!

30: The Giant house was made out of cardboard, duct tape, paint and lots of staples. | Kevin was made by Becca and she did an amazing job building him!

31: PNO: UP! | This years Parents Night Out was themed after the Disney movie "UP". It was a great time and lots of fun. The decorations looked great especially the house that Dereck and Kyle built with the help from others. Rocco even surprised everyone by not only dressing up as Carl Fredrickson but also researching the role and remained in character as the children were dropped off for the night. It was so much fun for the kids!

32: October: Epcot With Family! | Jon worked at Epcot and got us all in for free so we could see the Food and Wine Festival again. It was so much fun and was the perfect day. We took some time at the beginning and took Christmas pictures for the Whites. | Matt loves to wear pretty flowers

33: Right before we left, we stopped off and waited in line to have Laura's picture taken with the Disney characters. She loves them from a distance it seems but gets scared up close. She did a really good job because she made it through a few characters and even kissed Minie Mouses nose.

34: Making Cookies! | Main Street Marketing has now entered into manufacturing its own cookies! Jess drove to the commissary to take pictures of the new event. Kay and Heather were hard at work measuring out the ingredients. | Kay and Rick excited about the new business!

35: These aren't your grandma's cookie measurement's, we are talking bags of shortening and sugar! | The mixer is a large Kitchen Aide style mixer. You can walk away while it does the work. Below is our cookie dough dispenser.

36: November: Gainesville With Friends! | For a few days in November we were invited up to Gainesville to spend the weekend with the Switzer's and with Matt Fowler Unfortunately Matt F got sick beforehand and couldn't make the trip from Atlanta, Georgia. We missed him very much but still decided to go up anyway. We spent lots of time running around inside and outside. The weather was amazing! The girls played soccer on Sat morning. Then we walked around UF's campus and met up with Michael Keller real quick. | ZIP-LINE!

37: We took turns on the zip-line Kevin made in their yard and that was fun. We also played ping-pong and chased the kittens around the house. Overall it was so much fun. On Sunday we all went to the Church in Gainesville which is the same one Metro is related to. The Switzer's are very hospitable! We can't wait to go back. | GO GATORS! | GATORS at the SWAMP | Real gators in the prairie lands!

38: December: | We Got Harley! | Our Christmas Card | This month we adopted our little stray kitty, Harley. She had been separated from her mother and trapped in a storage warehouse that MSM used for overstock. Jess and Matt trapped her in an area and caught her. At first she was mad but after a few days she cautiously warmed up. Now she is our little Harley who we love! | This is our first picture of her. She hid under the tree and laid so still that Jess couldn't find her. | This is our 2010 picture. It was taken at the SWAMP in Gainesville Fl.

39: These are pictures that we took at Metro to hand out for Rick and Kay's Christmas picture. Kay ended up using the bottom one because we were all in it. Everyone is so short next to Matt. | The Milliner's Christmas Card!

40: Nick and Paige Black were very hospitable and opened up their house for a "couples" Christmas party at their house. Matt and Jess attended and had lots of fun. The people were split up into groups to play wacky games. There was also food to nibble on while enjoying fellowship. Those who attended: Matt & Jess Brice Tim & Tammy Griffith Will Simms and his friend Bobby Jonathan and Medana Cox Erin Sedliecki, Caleb had to work : (

41: Work Party! | A group of us got together to eat at Kobe's Steak House. It was really fun, it was just too bad that more people couldn't make it.

42: MSM | Rick and Kay blessed all the employees this year by throwing the first ever company Christmas party. It was at the Longwood community center. There was food, games and dancing!

43: PARTY! | Everyone seemed to have a good time. Merry Christmas to all of the MSM employees!

44: First Christmas In Our House! | We went all out for our first Christmas! We had around 30 people over to celebrate. It was so much fun, we love having parties. We had family and friends over to eat lots of food, play games and watch Christmas movies. | Napping Barry! | Ben and Joey | Piper, Rich & Mary lou

45: Later that night those who wanted to drove to the Winter Park Village and watched the first Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downy Jr. and Jude law. We had lots of fun there too and it was a great movie. | The Graham Family! | The Schmitt Family | The Walker Family! | Allison, Amanda & Jess

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