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2011 Ehrler Family

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S: 2011 The Ehrler Family

BC: The End

FC: The Ehrler Family | 2011

1: What if? Blog entry: January 10, 2011 What if we had done the “usual” and watched TV that night? What if we hadn’t discussed why we thought we needed to find a different church home in recent conversations? What if we hadn’t taken our kids to Vacation Bible School? What if we hadn’t adopted them? What if we had tried other options instead of adoption? What if we’d decided to be a family of two? But we did decide to be a family of more than two. We did decide on adoption. We did decide to adopt these two precious boys. We did take them to VBS where they learned the ABC’s (admit, believe, & confess). We did talk about why we thought we needed to find a different church home. We didn’t do the “usual” veg in front of the television. Instead we talked about God. Again. We talked about sin. We talked about death. We talked about atonement with a sacrifice. We talked about the Sacrifice that God sent for all mankind. We talked about God’s son, Jesus. We talked about the ABC’s. Admit. Believe. Confess. And then I witnessed my husband lead my darling 8 year-old son in the Sinners Prayer, and I saw him invite Christ into his heart. Moments later, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better. My heart bursting with joy, I witnessed my husband and 8 year-old son lead my 6 year-old in the same prayer. Angels danced. I cried. What a way to start 2011! | Tanya

2: "In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." ~ Abraham Lincoln | Girls and Guns Birthday Party

3: What a way to celebrate! Birthday dinner at Fearing's The Ritz-Carlton Dallas, Texas

4: Mom & Dad's weekend trip to Galveston

6: Sunday Morning Blog Entry: January 23, 2011 Normally, we’d have gone to church this weekend but both boys have sore throats and stuffy noses. Neither of them has been eating much. Neither of them has been moving much. Believe me, that is weird. Since they won’t eat much, I just try to keep them well-hydrated. Since they didn’t want to do much yesterday, I let them watch the Boomerang channel for way too many hours. At the moment, I’m listening to their whistling noses as they sleep. I thought I’d kick the tires on this ol’ blog again. Obviously, I haven’t done much with it in the past several months. I hope to change that. I miss hopping on here and spilling my heart, my thoughts, my plans. Sharing blessings, sharing joys, ups and downs – life. Doing all of those things so that I can look back and remember them. Silly little things like how I noticed I made yesterday’s coffee incorrectly- but I didn’t notice it until I went to clean the machine. Brian was out of town last week, so I adjusted the brew strength to make a small pot just for me daily, instead of the full pot for the two of us. When I set the coffee maker up after Hubby returned, I forgot to flip the switch back. Ooops. In my defense, I thought it tasted a little odd, but I didn’t think much about it. At least I had a good excuse to make another pot yesterday afternoon! | Funny little things like how I shared a “Simple Joy of the Day” on Facebook. The joy was hearing Tigger sing the Oompa-Loompa song while he was playing in his room. It is so funny to listen to him sing “oopma loompa, doompadee doo, I’ve got another puzzle for you”. Then just a few moments later, he changed his tune. He started singing “I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy”. I laughed when I realized he was singing it while he held his Buzz Lightyear toy. Poor Sheriff Woody. Laugh-out-loud things like the events that unfolded during a road trip last week. When we stopped for lunch, Hubby bought some candy for the boys to share in the car. After being on the road for about thirty minutes, I noticed there was a frantic search occurring in the back seat. When I questioned them, David said "Troy dropped a Mike (1.5 second pause) or an Ike. I don’t know which.” I’m so glad I wasn’t driving. One, I got to see the serious expression on sweet David's face as he proclaimed their emergency. It was priceless. And two, I laughed so hard that I would have had a hard time staying on the road. Well, the noses have stopped whistling, so I better go fix breakfast. See you soon! Tanya

7: February

8: Snow day! | Can you tell which house belongs to the Canadian's? | Telling his Yankee friends how crazy Texans behave in a "dusting" of snow. | We've been visited by angels. | Snow ball fight!!!

9: David tripped and fell against a concrete step. When we made our way to the hospital, the doctor determined that David needed three stitches. We determined that scars are cool.

10: Hey Good Lookin' | What ya got cookin'? | All the testosterone in my house leapt for joy upon hearing one simple word - - - BACON!

11: Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. ~ Psalm 34:8 | I started praying and began to pour out my heart to God. I lay down and just stared up at the sky. I worried about troubling situations and started to say “But, Lord, what about?. I could only see a few stars at first. He showed me that he was there when those events happened. The longer I stared, the more stars I could see. He showed me that he is the Great I Am, who has always been and will always be. Eventually, I was able to see a few satellites streaming across the sky. He showed me that His Majesty reaches far and wide. The boys, who had joined me a bit earlier, started giggling. The pains we have on earth will all be gone one day. I hugged them close to me and we created our own constellations out of God’s handiwork. One day, we will revel in His Glory. Come, Lord Jesus. Come. | Tanya | Perspective Blog entry: September 6, 2011 The weather has finally cooled off, and we had an amazingly beautiful day. A welcome change and much-needed respite from the constant 100+ degree days we’ve had all summer. Wanting to soak up all the glorious weather I could, I grabbed a blanket and headed to the back yard last night.

12: Resurrection Party

13: Dallas Blooms @ The Arboretum

15: May 1, 2011 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. ~ 3 John 1:4

16: Praying Mantises! We checked the praying mantis egg case as it rested in the pagoda for weeks wondering if they would ever hatch. After four weeks, we saw hundreds of nymphs. At their release, we counted 212!

18: Home Sweet Home school | Can we call this "creative" writing? | Using a magnifying glass to melt chocolate! School that is fun and tasty! | One morning, Troy showed up ready to work wearing these ear muffs. I wonder if I was supposed to be offended. :) | Delivering Meals on Wheels! | Simple Joy of the Day: The giggles of little boys. | Making Lego pyramids (notice the clip-on tie)

19: Finally, an accurate US map! | Solar power! We made a solar oven then cooked hot dogs and s'mores for lunch! | Silly boys at the planetarium. | Thanksgiving feast with our homeschool friends! | The whole bowling alley to ourselves. We call it PE - homeschool style. | Starting our days with Mom reading aloud from the Bible | Today, David read about a spider being indigenous to Alabama - and then broke out singing the chorus to "Sweet Home Alabama." Oh, I love this kid!

20: Park days! | Krispy Kreme to see the doughnut machine! | Picasso Exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum | Barnum & Bailey and the Ringling Brothers Circus | Visiting the Mansfield blacksmith | Young Author's Club | Boys Book Club | Drawing cartoons

21: Visiting the Meyerson Symphony Center | Experimenting with rocks and flour to see how craters were made on the surface of Mercury | Painting pumpkins and self-portraits. | Just a short trip to the moon | Honoring a fallen hometown hero

22: Fort Worth Zoo Homeschool Day

23: I headed out to water the front flowerbed this evening and somehow lost control of the garden hose when watering the flowers turned into "watering the boys." I ended up soaking wet, but I sure had fun with my kiddos.

24: ~ Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. | I think it's funny that the boys' giddy reaction to going through the car wash hasn't changed in 5 years.. | Today, I was deemed the best cook ever when I made Spinach Quesadillas for the boys. | I love library days. Afternoons of silence punctuated by page turns and giggles. | Did several batches of laundry today. Lots of shirts, shorts, pajamas, & socks. But for each boy, there was only ONE pair of underwear. Eeeuuuwwww!

25: It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~ | Today is National Coffee Day and the anniversary of our adoption. Coincidence? I think not. | Successfully parallel parked on Main St. this morning. Felt just as proud as when I was in high school. | Eight years ago, it was the day of "shock & awe" and the day I married my best friend in a little white chapel in the woods. | New K'nex Set + 8 year old boy = Bliss

26: Albuquerque, or as Troy said, Alva-turkey.

28: On the way to camp!

29: On the way home from camp!

31: Cub Scouts Rule!

32: Howdy, y'all! Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!

34: Baby wipe?! YUCK. That old man bean-boozled me, too! | Dog food!?! Bleh! I've definitely been bean-boozled. | Your chances are 50/50 son. Dog food or chocolate pudding. Baby wipe or coconut.

35: Our Thankful chain said: I am thankful for: Sunshine, immediate communication devices, hot showers, my pets, the forgiveness of my Savior, the love of my family, the beautiful change of seasons, Jesus, my family, God’s forgiveness, today, that we can freely worship God, serving our community, my husband, ordinary days, toys, friends, this wonderful season, people who fought for my freedom, Jesus, the Bible, my mom, my dad, that I can vote, friends, freedom, bacon, a great paying job, Christian women who tolerate me, the library and the quiet afternoons filled with page turns and giggles, my brother, food, pets, Murray and Macie, my brother, the men and women who fight to keep our country free, my mom, my state, God, coffee, TV, bacon, family, David my pensive and analytical problem-solver – his tough armor protects his tender heart – he is my little warrior, my home, Troy my snuggle bug who adores his older brother – he is conscientious and encourages others - he wants to tell all about the love of Jesus – he is my little missionary, bacon, my dream job – I couldn’t love another job any more, Jesus, the Bible, school, my mom, God, animals, books, maps, math, God’s Holy Word, dogs, my mom, my crazy kids, my dad, my crazy dogs, Rocky, bananas, pumpkin pie, turkey, God, my mom, bacon, my dogs, candies, Thanksgiving, bugs, pigs, dinosaurs, books, family, eggs, cows, ham, turkey, soft pillows, rain, laughter, cellphones, milk and cookies, my turkeys named Troy and David, and all of our abundant blessings.

36: Kimbell Art Museum Children's Workshop

37: Merry Christmas!

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