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2011 Yearbook - LaVergne

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2011 Yearbook - LaVergne - Page Text Content

S: 2011 Yearbook - George & Donna LaVergne

FC: 2011 Yearbook | LaVergne

1: Valentine's Day Crop February 5, 2011 | Clarksdale Community Center Fort Lewis | Diana Herron, TJ Burr, Teresa, and Lena Hall | Julie and Diana | TJ hard at work

2: Winter Snow Feb 26, 2011 | Home Sweet Home | On the Bus | On the porch looking toward the street | Looking down the street | Snow-Covered Rhodie | Downtown Yelm

3: Sundae LaVergne's 70th Birthday February 27, 2011 | Sundae LaVergne | Mark LaVergne | Scott LaVergne | Diana LaVergne

4: Easter Sunday April 24, 2011 | Elaine & Karl Needham | Friends and family come to the house to help us celebrate Easter Sunday. We had sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and lots of goodies. Wonderful day! | Autumn Carlos | Donna & Debra Carlos | Jackson, Zach, Wendy, & Joey Quirk | Dan Woodward & Wendy Quirk

5: Bronson Carlos | Kim, Jeanette, & Ron | Dan & Mom | Kim, Me, and Ron | George | Dan singing his songs

6: Mother's Day | Sunday - May 8th Wendy and the boys came on Saturday, and spent the night. Dan & Eva, and Ron showed up on Sunday. We had spaghetti, garlic bread (which I burned both batches), and a green salad. We had a wonderful time. This was the best Mother's Day I've ever had.. | Zach Quirk | Ron LaVergne | Eva Galindo | Wendy Quirk & Dan Woodward "Cousins" | Jackson & Joey Quirk

7: The Kids | Homer and Cindee LaVergne | Momma's Boy | Daddy's Girl

8: Friday, June 3rd. A swarm of honey bees flew into the yard, and stopped in our cedar tree. We called a bee keeper, and he came out and gathered the bees into a hive. Fascinating to watch him carry the bees to the hive. No gloves, no real protective clothes. He cut the branch they were on, carried them to the hive, laid the bees on the box, and they went right into the hive. Amazing!

9: Graduation - Class of 2011 Yelm High School Sunday, June 12, 2011 | Bronson Carlos | Johnny, Bronson, and Debra | Johnny, Autumn, Bronson, and Debra (Great Neighbors) | George, Bronson, & Donna

10: Mr & Mrs Christopher Stewart June 19, 2011 Yakima, WA | Holly's wedding was scheduled for June 19th at the Winery in Naches. Chris had emergency appendectomy 3 days before the weeding, and then developed a severe infection. He wound up in the hospital. Tony called and told us the wedding was canceled. Found out later there was a ceremony held at the hospital. Happy for Holly.

11: Summer Time - June 30 | George & Bronson | Cindee | Autumn | Bronson | Homer

12: Graduation Pary for Ben and Jeff | Jeff, Aaron, Beth Parker, and Ben | George & Bill laVergne (Cousins) | Saturday, July 2nd Ben graduated from High School, and Jeff got his certificate to drive commercial vehicles. | Yummy! | Donna & George LaVergne

13: Charley Barron and I went to Seattle to participate in the LEP Training sessions for the Contractors. I presented in the morning to the ESL contractors, and again in the afternoon for the Employment contractors. Got back to Olympia about 4 pm. | Youdsinh Chao, ESL Program Manager | Artur, Employment Program Manager | Charley Barron, Contracts Manager | Capitol Hill CSO, DSHS Seattle, WA | Wednesday July 20, 2011 | LEP/ESL Training

14: Our 22nd Anniversary | Leavenworth, WA | We left with the trailer Thursday morning. Kim is staying at the house to take care of the dogs, and house sit. Got to our campsite about 2 pm, about 8 miles from Leavenworth. Went into Leavenworth to have our Anniversary dinner. We ate at a Mexican restaurant, Los Camperos in downtown Leavenworth. | July 28, 2011

15: Saturday, July 30, We went to Lake Chelan, and took the 50-mile boat cruise up the lake. We were on the "Lady of the Lake II". Very long trip, not much exciting to look at. At the end of the lake, we stopped in Stehekin. Had lunch at the restaurant. We didn't get back to our campsite until after 7:30 pm. We stopped on the way back and bought some cherries & peaches. OMG! Talk about heaven. The cherries are so good and juicy. Sunday, July 31, We went into Leavenworth for a while. Traffic was terrible, and it was hot. We had some ice cream, and then went back to our campsite. | Monday, Aug 1 Left for home early morning, and arrived home before Noon. We had a great time, but good to be home. | The river behind our campsite. | Lady of the Lake II | One of the little kittys that kept visiting us. | relaxing at the campsite.

16: Wendy's Visit - Aug 5-7, 2011 | Zach getting ready to go fishing | Ron & Wendy | Jackson, Wendy, & Joey | Wendy & Ron rode their bikes to the house, Zach drove the car with the twins. Everyone stayed all weekend. Ron slept in the trailer, Wendy in the dining room, and the boys in their tent in the backyard. | George & Wendy | Wendy on her Crotch Rocket..

17: Our canopy in the backyard. We had BBQ steaks and brats. Later in the evening we had a campfire & roasted marshmallows. | George with Zach | Set up our new canopy and brought out our new fire pit. | Ron | Ron & Wendy | Make mine well-done please!

18: 35 Years and Counting..... Sep 4, 2011 | Tony & Diane Jensen | Opening cards & gifts | Happy 35th Anniversary A beautiful warm day. Tony BBQ'd salmon, chicken, and turkey. We had salad, fruit, veggies, and I brought some deviled eggs. Good dinner, and fun to be with family. We had a really good time. | BBQ | Food | Love

19: Matt & Bridget Nelson | Bill LaVergne | Erin Jensen | Maggie & Molly (Bri's Sweet Girls) | Chris & Holly Stewart (Newlyweds) | Russell (Bri's Little Buddy) | Holly & Chris | Donna & George LaVergne | George & Tony (having a great time) | Family

20: Thursday, September 8, 2011 We left home at 4 am, and arrived in Monterey at 9 pm. Very long day, and very tired. Our motel room isn't fancy, by any means, but there is a bed. The room also has a refrigerator and a microwave. This motel has free coffee and breakfast items each morning from 8-10. The Bayside Inn is located on Fremont Ave near the entrance to Hwy 1 South.

21: Friday, September 9, 2011 We drove down to Fisherman's Wharf, but the parking lot was closed due to a car show. So we went to Cannery Row instead. We walked around some, but were quite disappointed and bored. We decided not to go to the Aquarium after all. We went to Safeway, and picked up some tv dinners and some fresh fruit for dinner. | Cannery Row, Monterey, CA | George telling his life story to a homeless man.

22: Santa Cruz, CA | Saturday, September 10 Drove to Santa Cruz for the day. This was such a fun day. Finally rode the "Giant Dipper" Roller Coaster. That is one fast ride, but fun. We also went on the Carousel, and the log ride. Had a great day.

23: Wheeeeeee! | Logger's Revenge

24: Sunday, September 11 Spent the day at the Monterey Fisherman's Wharf. Ate lunch on the wharf. There was an Italian Festival, and some wonderful singers. Had a great afternoon listening to the music. Weather was absolutely beautiful all day...warm and sunny. | Monterey, Fisherman's Wharf

25: Guest Appearance Incredible Singer | Pelicans roosting near the restaurant | We ate lunch at a restaurant on the Wharf. A couple was eating on the deck. When they got up and left their table, 2 seconds later, a seagull landed on the table to partake of the food left. He didn't waste any time. | Ah-Oh.....George found another listener!!

26: Hollister CA | Monday,Sep 12, 2011 Went to Hollister to see my cousin, Ron Reynolds and his wife, Bonnie. Had lunch together, and a nice visit. Very warm day. | Monday evening....we went to Me-N-Ed's for dinner. I was very excited, but we were both really disappointed. Pizza was very spicy and not that good. Oh well. | Tuesday, Sep 13, 2011 Got a good night's sleep, and headed out for Yuba City to see Mom. Had lunch at Applebee's before we went to Mom's house. Weather is hot. | Donna Jean, Ronnie, and Bonnie | Ron & Bonnie Reynolds

27: Yuba City | Wednesday, Sep 14 We stayed at Richard & Mary's. They had a new queen bed, very comfortable. After work we took Mom to Richard's, and we had pizza. Good visit. Richard gave me a box of old photos which I'm going take home and scan into the computer. | Mom & George | Mary | My little brother, Richie Wayne | Yum! Chicago Style Pizza

28: Kathy O'Brien, Kay Velmire, Anne Mills, Todd Harry, and Alberta Stamp | Donna LaVergne and Anne Mills | Clog Dance | Silverdale Grange Hall | Long-Time Friends

29: 4 Generations | George LaVergne, Ron LaVergne, Shaylee and Stephanie Peters | Great-Grandpa George with Shaylee | George, Shaylee, & Ron | Ron | October 15, 2011 Shaylee riding her horse, Stormy at Pony Club in Rainier. George got to see his granddaughter and great-granddaughter.

30: Donna Whitehead & Vickie VFW Hall, Sumner, WA Thursday, Oct 27, 2011 | Best Halloween Costumes | Country Cloggers

31: Denise Livingston's Retirement Party | Mayan Mexican Restaurant, Lacey, WA | Ginger Stewart, Wendy Armstrong, & Judy Fitzgerald | Molly Ellliot & Ginger Stewart | Mickie Coates & Denise | Mickie & Denise | Molly | Oct 31, 2011 After Work 4:30 - 6:00 pm

32: Kim LaVergne & Suzanne Garant | Nov 13, 2011 | Ron LaVergne & Wendy Quirk

33: Holiday Open House Creative Memories | Held at Gloria Krehbiel's house in Tacoma, WA George went with me and had a great time entertaining the ladies at the crop. | Saturday, Nov 19th | Diana Herron | Gloria Krehbiel & Diana Herron helping a couple of young scrapbookers | Lynn

34: November 24, 2011 | A very quiet and peaceful Thanksgiving Day this year. Just the two of us. I made a ham, candied yams, potatoes, gravy, and dressing. I have a cold so not too energetic. In the evening, we watched "Super 8" on-demand. I loved it.

35: Tanglefoot Cloggers | Monday, Dec 12 Dance Night with Tanglefoot Cloggers in Tumwater, Brighton Park Grange. We all brought finger food, and had an ornament exchange. We will be dark through Christmas and New Year's until January 9th. | Back Row: Mary Dart, Gene, Ilene Perfrement, Donna LaVergne L to R: Sharon Ruhl, Carolyn Burtner, Adele Roberts, Marla Chastain, Sue Jensen, Helen Buta, Front: Laurel Busse-Johnston

36: Ginger Stewart & Wendy Armstrong | Loan Tran's Home | Wanda Owen & Loan Tran | Melissa Mirous & Roy Paulson | Ed Mandeville & Rejane | Judy Fitzgerald | Wendy & Julia | Beautifully decorated Christmas Tree | Fiscal Office Holiday Party | Wednesday, Dec 13 2:00 - 5:00

37: Loan Tran | Yours Truly | Julia & Wanda Owen | Wendy | Craig Rinas & Thu | Roy Paulson | Our new director, Sue Breen | Kathy Payne | Judy & Ed

38: Friday, Dec 16 | George, Suzanne, Kim, Shorty, & Donna | Kim & Suzanne have moved to Yakima. They came back to pick up a few more things, and dropped by to see us. George gave Kim a copy of his Memory Book. Had a good visit. | ORIA Holiday Party O'Blarney's in Lacey, WA Tuesday, Dec 20 | Enjoying a game of billiards

39: Carmel Sullivan, Tom Medina, & Teresa Fiorini | Artur Arakeyan, Charley Barron, & YoudSinh Chao | Karen Brown, Donna, & Vickie Gregoire | Christine Simmonds & Ramona Bushnell | Carmel & Teresa | Sherrill Hilliard & Jackie Sledge | Steven Vincent & Gretel Quitadamo

40: Christmas Eve | Mom & Dan | What would we do without those ever-present cell phones?? | Dan Woodward & Eva Galindo

41: Dan & Eva | Eva and George | Our 23rd Christmas together | Dan & Eva got here about 6:30. We had Lil' Smokies, Baked Beans, Chips & Dip,Veggies & Dip, Potato Skins, Cookies, & Fudge. We exchanged gifts, visited, and had a good time. Weather is mild this year so travel was easier. What a great Christmas Eve!!!

42: Jackie & Tim Our next-door neighbors Tim is the one that put the new roof on our house this year. Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors & friends. | Christmas Morning with Cindee & Homer, our babies | Breakfast - Christmas Morning Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, & Biscuits | Christmas Day Sunday, Dec 25th

43: Monday, Dec 26 This year was comical. When we exchanged cards, turned out we gave each other the same card. Figures! As usual, we are thinking alike! | Falls Terrace Restaurant Tumwater, WA | Our Annual Christmas Dinner | Donna LaVergne & Loretta Clark | Me & Loretta with our matching cards.

44: Linda & George McIvor 50 Years Together | Dan & Melody Johnson Friends from Missoula, Montana with their new little dog, Scooter Bug | KW & Bailey Engaged this Christmas | Kim & Suzanne | Kim, KW, and Shorty

45: A new Do for the New Year | Ron & George spent the day looking for a van for Ron. They went all the way to Kent, but wound up back in Yelm. He bought a 2003 Ford Van for $1,500 less than what he sold his pickup. | Dec 31 (New Year's Eve) | Ron's new home in Onalaska | His living quarters inside the garage.

46: Gone, but not forgotten.... | Ralph Hayes | Marie (LaVergne) Vachon | Liewellyn (Lew) W LaPlante | Dennis Warren LaPlante B: Mar 26, 1947 D: Jun 13, 2011 Lew & Donna LaPlante's Son McKenna WA | Wesley Earl Drake | B: Apr 1, 1945 D: Jan 22, 2011 | B: Oct 8, 1943 D: Nov 27, 2011 | George's Cousin Tacoma, WA | Kitterman Family Grants Pass, OR | B: Nov 11, 1923 D: Dec 20, 2011 George's Cousin Tacoma, WA | Eleanor, Leona, Frank, & Merle Nimick's Step-Brother | B: May 12, 1931 D: June 10, 2011 Lakewood, WA

47: Our Year in Review | A major event for us this year is that we had our roof replaced on half the house. Our young neighbor, Tim, works with his dad who is a roofer. Tim offered to do the roof for us at cost. He saved us a fortune. And, we no longer have leaks in our bedroom. George had eye surgery, and is thrilled with his new clear eyesight. Ron and my niece, Wendy, made a connection and began dating after a BBQ at our house in August. Ron moved to his new living quarter at his property in Onalaska soon after. Wendy & the boys live in Vancouver, WA. Kim moved out of Sandy's apartment, and moved to Yakima with Suzanne, his new friend. We will miss having Kim close. Our grandson, KW, proposed to his girlfriend, Bailey. They will be married sometime in the upcoming year. I basically quit scrapbooking with traditional paper, and switched to digital scrapbooking, and am loving it. That was a huge change. We connected with family this year more than normal. Danny & Eva came out to see us 3 times this year, and that was wonderful!!! And, Wendy and her boys were here a couple times also. This was a great year, and we are looking forward to 2012.

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