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5th Grade Memories

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5th Grade Memories - Page Text Content

S: Clear Creek Elementary

BC: Clear Creek Elementary School Clear Lake, Iowa 2011-2012

FC: 5th Grade Memories | 2011-2012 | Mrs. Feuerbach's class

1: All that you do Do with your might, Things done by halves, Are never done right

2: 5th | My 5th Grade memory is sitting in math when out of nowhere, Braxton fell out of his chair, and plummeted to the ground. The impact looked most painful and was very amusing. After a second of silence,the whole class laughed louder than I had ever heard them! It was so funny even Mrs. Feuerbach let out a small giggle! When the laughs died down, Braxton flung himself back onto the seat of his chair, and tried to make it look like nothing ever happened. It was hysterical!

3: Limerick Poem My Sister and the Wart My sister has a wart the kind that makes her snort the wart is brown it makes one frown The wart has built a fort List Poem flag stars stripes red white blue respect | 1st Day | Last Day

4: 5th Grade Memory One of my marvelous 5th grade memory is when tech. club decided to display live video announcements. On the first day of live video announcements, they messed up, and they just started blabbering about the fun they had over the weekend, and about hilarious jokes they herd. Almost everyone in the classroom started to giggle or chuckle, because after the video announcements tech. club realized they had been on air that they simply started over again.I on the other hand thought I was going to laugh my guts out. Thats my marvelous 5th grade memory about the time tech. club wanted to start live video announcements. | By: Kyli | Beginning of year picture. | End of year picture

5: Couplets:Cake I want to see a baker make a peaceful colored rainbow cake. Shape:Flower I like to bloom in the garden while bee's buzz all day so more flowers bloom and sprout so this world can be full of color and beautiful fragrance. [supposed to be in the share of a flower].

6: Smile faces smile only when they're happy! | Shape: smile face | I like stars because they remind me of fire works because they are bright and shiny. | Stars | POEMS | Sharrell Lee

7: r | One of my favorite 5th Grade Memories was on the math.Katie , Erin ,and I were all talking about our fabulous summers.when Mr. Weigmann came to our table group and questioned us, what is your last name? Lee I politely said. Carew said Erin. Tofte said Katie. Umm, I don't think Tofte is in this class. He came back and said, Tofte is in Mrs. Feuerbach"s class! | 5th Grade Memory

8: Limerick My Mom's Voice my mom likes to sing it is not a pleasant ring, she sounds so scary it makes me wary, so please stop that thing | Quatrain My Mom's New Van my mom got a new van, she says i can't drive but I think I can one day I drove to my game then the cops came

9: Big Smiles | Games | Fun Times! | Early in the fabulous school year, we had art. We were designing our project when Will tumbled and drilled his head into the garbage can. Everyone thought it was hilarious. I was on the ground laughing so hard my smiling muscles started feeling like they were going to break. Carter started crying like a little girl. Jared's stomach hurt he said he thought it was going to fall out. it was such an exciting class.

10: 5th Grade Memory One of my fantastic memories is when I was competing agains Ashely in tader ball . I smacked the ball so hard that you could hear it across town . Just then the ball flew of the string it looked like it was going to glide to Mexico. Everyone who saw the ball fly of the rope were astonished. The next we knew a teacher came and picked up the ball and tied it to the string. After that we began playing our game until recess was over., | 2011

11: The Dog (Limerick ) I met a dog His name was frog He was fat He ate a rat And smelled like a hog. | Tree (list poem) Green Brown Awesome Fun Tall Big | Poems | Beginning of the year | End of the year

12: A Friend NameBut - limerick My friend is so mean He don't like to eat beans.his name is Chad he smells so bad. he doesn't like my blue jean. A Couplet I have a very big head so I need a big bed.

13: My 5th Grade Memory by Jacob Sandell My favorite 5th grade memory was when we had the most awsome, most sugary, most yummiest, most coldest thing in your freezer. It was so good it took my tast buds up to heaven. I wish we could have it every day but if we did we would be so fat we wouldn’t be able to move. But it is a good thing to have on a hot day so can you guess what I am? I’ll be waiting for you in your freezer Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

14: POEMS Couplet: Summer fun playing in the shiny sun, happy,awesome, summer fun | Quatrian Writing a poem I need a rhyme, before I run out of time Then I'll fill with glee. because i made a Quatrain poem you see. | Aug.2011 | May 2012 | Emily Majerczyk <3

15: My Fifth Grade Memory "NIKKI! A BABYBIRD!"I feverishly ran to Nikki and pointed to the pampered bird. Before all the franticness, I was just trotting in the field by some green,spiky,evergreens, when I saw this cream-colored infant bird. It had a hint of brown and yellow feathers. It was nestled down in the lucid greenish-yellow grass. I then informed Nikki. We started wailing for everyone to come observe the petite bird. Soon there was a cluster of people with their eyes pierced on the meager animal. I was pretty sure it was an abandoned fledgling. Mrs.Furleigh strolled up to see the creature. She cautiously hoisted the bird, and nestled the bird down on the snarled dark brown nest.The nest was cramped down in between two evergreen leaves. She did that only for the bird to return to the ground, trying to fly. So we put the bird in a narrow place right next to the tree's trunk. Kyli protectively layed grass next to the fledgling. That was my favorite fifth grade memory.

16: Haiku Geese Canadian geese migrating south for winter flying all day long | Shape;Flag Flag, blowing in the breeze stars and stripes on a long pole | Aug. 2011 | May 2012

17: Fifth grade memory One of my prized fifth grade memories came about in social studies when we impersonated the early English settlers. Jon and I stood in front of the Promethean board. Jon portrayed Squanto and I was a pilgrim. Jon chatted in a strange accent. The room erupted in humorous mirth. Everyone laughed until their stomach hurt.That is my favorite fifth grade memory.

18: Cinquian Basketball exciting intense pass shoot score always fun to play win | Limerick Ohhh... Nooo... I slapped my brother across the face and sprayed him with some mace I know it's bad but he made me mad I better run just incase | 2012 | 2011

19: 5th grade memory One of my most hilarious 5th grade memories was when Erin and I were strolling down the sidewalk. We were treking our way to get picked up after school. I was so annoyed by the irritating mayflies that I swung my sack that I was hauling at them. Instead of hitting the mayflies, I ended up smacking myself in the forehead. Erin and I started laughing so hard that it felt like a bomb exploded in our stomachs. I'm just relieved that I didn't use my saxophone case to swing at the pesky mayflies.

20: One of my fifth grade memories was when I toppled rearward on to the hard ground. I collapsed during Language Arts. I collapsed because I was tipping my chair sideways and I slipped backward. Everyone chuckled, I found myself laughing. That was my amusing memory. | 5th Grade

21: Sick(Limerick) I was writing my limerick and suddenly i just got sick my mom took me home i washed my hands with foam she took me to the doctor and they gave me a prick. | Dog(Quatrain) I found a dog that lives in a bog He likes to swim with his owner Tim.

22: Fifth Grade Memories | It was the first intriguing day of science. Mr. Wiegmann fished his dark gray pen out of the pockets of his dress pants. Next the pen was allocated in the flinging position. Somehow the pen was thrust toward Jared. Mr. Wiegmann interrogated Jared to see if he needed to go to the hospital. We chuckled like crazy hyenas. This was a dynamite fifth grade remembrance.

23: Freeverse School School, School I have a love/hate relationship with you. You are fun when we play. You are boring when we work. | Cinquain Puppy Stubby, Short running, jumping, sitting It is very funny. Interesting

24: My favorite 5th grade memory was the first day of science. Mr. Wiegmann was playing with his pen and it flung out of his pocket. The pen hit Jared in the head and Mr. Wiegmann ask if he needed to go to the hospital.. | 5th | 2011 | 2012 | 2011 | 2012 | 2011

25: I like to climb trees do you I like to see bees birds squirrels rabbits and its fun to sit up there | Football fun exciting awesome shaken oval bumpy brown | shape poem | list poem

26: Cinquain Volleyball fun exciting bump set spike always excited to play concentration | List Poem The Night Sky mysterious starry shiny beautiful | Beginning of the year | 2011-12 | End of the year

27: 5th Grade Memory One of my unbelievable 5th grade memories was when Mr. Wiegmann's Promethean board exploded. I was in math and we were using the Promethean board for an activity. It was working terrifically and all of a sudden BOOM! The light bulb burns out and makes a deafening sound. Smoke comes out and everyone starts to make a commotion. Mr.Wiegmann ordered a new light bulb and got it two days later.

28: The Clown - Couplet There is a clown that had a big frown and went to town.

29: 5th Grade Memory One Friday, we were doing our SS plays. I was making my classmates laugh by doing my British accent. My skit was about to harvest corn and grow stuff. HA! HA! HA! HA! All of the kids were laughing in the classroom!

30: My fantastic 5th grade memories is. When Ben and I had a great time with food.we had a food battle with bread. Carter got frust

31: In the desert west I found a turkey nest with polka doted eggs On a sunny day at noonI saw legs | Rose are red violets are blue and turkeys aren't as smart as you.

32: Art day is my favorite! | August 2011

33: I've got but talents! | Talent Show 2012 | May 2012

34: 5th Grade Memory Flinging Pen One day when we got to Science Mr. W. was writing on his gigantic promethean board with his whale. The whale is what Mr. W. calls his pen. When he was done he placed his pen in his flinging pocket. When he put it in his special pocket it flung out and hit Jared solid on the head. Mr. Weigmann said do you need to go to the hospital kiddingly. Finally the next day Jared had a bruise it was Quite a funny scene but not to Jared.

35: Free Verse Rain Drip Drop here comes rain Clear, blue dots, Soft , wet, against my skin Plip, Plop it's going to rain. | Cinquain School Boring,fun Play, Learn, Enjoy I'm going to explode Knowledge

36: Cathy Asher | Adler Benjamin | Emilee Harris | poems - Cinquain baseball fun exciting crack run strike fun exciting couragous heroagous bat | Free Verse - BaseballI like baseball you run and hit its a fun day

37: A YEAR TO REMEMBER | One of my fantastic 5th Grade memories was when Jon questioned his peers. He peformed role in the S.S. play with a British accent, and then some of his friends started laughing. It looked like a trickle of tears was going to come out of our pupils. I bawled so much it felt like my laughing box blew up. Im glad canceled or stopped speeching or I thought I would blow up. That is one of my favorite 5th Grade memories

38: Small & Tall Deer - Haiku the deer i saw was tall The other one was small | A Shocked Deer - Limerick I saw a brave deer Who looked in shocked fear But when i took aim at his head He was no longer my friend Fred Maybe in heaven god will have a good head on cure

39: 5th Grade Memory We were at NIACC for everyones field-trip.Later in the sunny day,we were all having a tour of the enormous collage.When I was walking among Bridger. Unsuspectingly I trip over Bridger's foot or leg, I don't know.All the sudden I clumsily run into the pop machine.Then I giggled over running into the pop machine.That was my exciting day at NIACC.

40: I Kick! I am a chick That will sometimes kick My brothers when they make me mad I know that may be bad But I am just that slick! | Katie Tofte 2011-2012 | August 2011 | March 2012

41: Favorite 5th grade memory One my most cherished 5th grade memories was when Mrs. Feuerbach misplaced her microphone. Someone in our classroom sprung out of their chair and exclaimed that she had her mic. on her neck. It was hysterical!Even a couple of days later people were still bringing it up. | Couplet Poem my cat Sometimes my eyesight is very blurry it seems like my cat isn't furry

42: Art Fail My favorite year was 5th grade because of the amusing memories our class had. One memory was when I was joyfully skipping in art I stumbled and drilled the trash can. It felt like a big car going out of control.It is my favorite memory because it came out of nowhere and everyone started laughing. | FIRST DAY

43: Haiku Nature The trees make me sneeze The ocean makes a cool breeze I think I like trees. | Couplet Park I went to the park to eat some good bark | LAST DAY

44: Quatrain- I am in a tree The wind blows softly It blows through my hair Like I am not there | Haiku- The bird sings softly Its an astonishing sight Its a melody | 2011 | 2012

45: My fifth grade memory By Kara Reineke Whoa! I said as I am inhaling the blind of the window. Today was the day of our bonus party for music. During our party someone randomly came up to me and said "smell the fragrence of the blind." "It smells exactly like maple syrup!" At first I didn't believe them. I thought they were trying to be humorous. But eventually I plodded over to the window and sniffed. I was flabbergasted! The aroma was maple syrup! That moment was very odd. We never did find out how the blind in the music room smelled like maple syrup.

46: HOLIDAY CONCERT! | Pirates


48: The Surf when We went to the surf we saw some cool things that they had where they had little eating space,and a big spot of booths.If they can face a light to the roof and there would be 3 stars.They had a dance floor,a disco ball,and they have nights were not just famous people could sing but regular people can.

50: 5th Grade Band

51: Fun Memories

52: By Katie | Second Grade Buddies | Outdoor Classroom

53: Preschool Buddies Making Cookies

54: Making our items

55: Our class working hard

56: During our party, We had candy and everybody had a Valentine for everyone. We had the coolest time ever. XOXOXOXOXOX

57: V- Day Party byJacob

58: Frank Loyd Write House | Art Center | Stockman House | Music Man Square | Having fun playing at Music Man Square. | Living History Farms | Field | Trips

59: PBIS | We had a PBIS assembly where all the teachers dressed like characters from "Toy Story". It was very funny to watch all the teachers go up there and act like cartoon characters. We collected 800 tokens and earned electronic day. That was even more fun. Our class didn't only earn electronic day, we earned several PBIS token awards.

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