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ACE Yearbook

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S: ACE Yearbook 2011-2012

FC: Academy for Character Education | Year 2011-2012 | Learning to | Soar

1: Greetings, ACE students, family, and friends. This year has been another great year for our school and we have created a yearbook so you can remember all the great times we have had together. This year was our fifth year since we began the school and the first year in our four year cycle. The school has split the world's history into four sections, starting with the Ancient Year. This year included everything from the earliest dated archeological finds through the collapse of the Greek and Roman empires. As we began as far back as possible, we started with the Mesopotamians, the first people group to leave their mark on history. They invented writing and from them sprang most of the other civilizations. Mesopotamia is famous for the legendary king Gilgamesh (2600BC), the union of its city-states under Sargon I (2300BC), and the Code of Hammurabi (1700BC), which was the first record of laws written down in stone and made public. Soon after them, came the civilizations of the Egyptians, Hebrews, Phoenicians, Assyrians, and Persians. Egypt became one most famous cultures ever, whose art forms are still reproduced in modern times. They created the world-renown pyramids, the greatest being the one at Giza (2550BC). These great constructions were meant to contain the mummified corpses of their Pharaohs, who were descendants of the gods. A few of the chambers with these mummies have been discovered in recent years, along with room-fulls of treasure and precious artifacts. At the end of the Egyptian empire, another rose up: the Hebrews, lead by Moses and the Ten Commandments (1400BC). These people claimed to be the chosen people of a single God and founded the country of Israel. Countless attempts were made to enslave this realm over a period of years. A famous failure was the conquest of the Assyrian king Sennacherib (701BC), whose entire army was decimated in a single night while he was besieging Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Only about 100 years later (597BC), the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II conquered Judah (a part of Israel). Not long after, the Persian king Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon (539BC). It became a repeating cycle: one country would rise up, retain power for a period of time, but eventually fall to another rising empire. Around the same time as Israel, another civilization was growing across the Mediterranean Sea. This was Greece, whose practices created the base of the modern classical education. The first democracy ever was formed in Athens, Greece in 508 BC. This democracy broke new ground in the realm of governments. Some of the greatest philosophers of all time lived there, including Socrates (469-399BC). There was a massive transformation in the world of art at this time, as well. Sculptures became much more “dramatic” and simply more advanced, inspiring much of the later civilizations. The next great people was the Roman empire, which at its greatest extent, covered almost all of the known world. Founded in 753 BC by Romulus – the legendary son of Mars – Rome became a monarchy. However, in 509 BC, there was a overthrowing of the government, and Rome became a Republic. Through all this time, Rome kept growing, seeming to be unstoppable. In 44 BC, Julius Caesar, who had assumed the place of dictator for life, was assassinated, and a great civil war began. When it finally ended, the government became ruled by emperors (27BC). This practice continued until the end. The Romans grew too big and the empire was split in half (286AD), but a decline was inevitable, as had already been proven by the previous civilizations. Thus, our year of Ancient History ended, to begin next year where we left off. Throughout the year, we had a number of field-trips, which were often connected with the history which we were studying. The first trip was when we went river rafting up the Willamette River in September. This was to try and understand the importance of water travel and its affect on the civilizations. The second special event we had was a Hanukkah Party in November, where we learned about the the Jewish festivals, specifically Hanukkah. This Festival of Lights was celebrated over eight days, as a re-dedication ceremony for the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, during the Maccabean Revolt in the 2nd century BC. Soon after this, we attended a rendition of the Christmas Carol at local dinner theater. In the spring, there was also an OMSI field trip, to see the “body exhibit” for Biology. Near the end of the year, there was a Portland Zoo trip and ride on a Ferry boat, the Portland Spirit. There, we have our yearbook. But this was only the boring writing part. Continue on to all the pictures on the following pages. And enjoy! | Yearbook Forward | By Grant Pearson

3: Character Class | Academic Dean: Mrs. Pearson

4: Staff | Curl, Ranell School Director and Curriculum Consultant | Kidder, Emily Elementary Music Instructor | Lambert, Angela Office Manager | LeCompte, Marci Craft Instructor | Wolowicz, Karen Character Chore Coordinator and Copyist | Board Members | Aaron Earlywine: Member-at-Large Cheryl Hitson: Treasurer , Angela and Victor Pearson,: Co-Chairpersons Lynn Winter: Member-at-Large Karen Wolowicz: Secretary

5: Burton, Janice | Chase, Dorothy | Gilbert, Alberta | Hopper-Moore, Shelli | Koppermann, Herb | Leach, Jayme | Math Tutors | Fay-Backen, Marilyn | Lloyd, Sarah | Wisley, Brett | Luther, Sarah

6: Pre-Reader | Academic Dean: Mrs. Pearson | Krobatsch, David | Sebaske, Isaac | Teague, Wyatt | Tornell, Vienna

8: Bendele, Tylie | Earlywine, Abigail | Francis, Hadassa | Heard, Levi | Academic Dean: Mrs. Carmack | Lambert, Ellette | Lynn, Sophia | Payne, Ethan | Grammar A | Poetzel, Kassidy | Shivley, Mark | Case, Holden

10: Grammar B | Academic Dean: Mrs. Lloyd | Burgess, Vallie | Carmack, Flynn | Crouse, Emma-Kate | Crouse, William | Krobatsch, James | McGregor, Cooper | Sebaske, Emma | Waddell, Isla | Winter, Avi

12: Grammar C | Academic Dean: Mrs. Sahnow | Crouse, Eden | Earlywine, AJ | Heard, Isaiah | Kalkowski, Lauren | Krobatsch, Michael | Pearson, Samuel | Plummer, Faith | Sahnow, Austin | Sahnow, Avery | Sathianathan, Jasher | McGregor, Megan | Pavlosek, Daniel

14: Bendele, Jaymen | Matteo, Grace | Tornell, Sicily | Grammar D | Academic Dean: Mrs. Pearson

15: Grammar D

16: Dialectic 1 | Academic Dean: Mrs. Hopper-Moore | Bendele, Sareigh | Carmack, Eve | Earlywine, Cedar | Krobatsch, Mark | Pannu, Kirin | Payne, Jacob | Payne, Shelby | Neves, Ariel | Sathianathan, Jonah | Sebaske, Michael | Waddell, Iain | Winters, Gabe

18: Dialectic 2 | Academic Dean: Mrs. Burton | Campbell, Shelby | Debysingh, Bradyn | Heard, Micah | Matteo, Emma | McGregor, Eiley | Pannu, Jasmine | Pearson, Alayna | Pearson, Kathryn | Roman, Carissa | WalkerHill, Madison | Winter, Pooja

19: Matteo, Emma | Pearson, Kathryn

20: Rhetoric | Academic Deans: Mr. Wisley Mrs. Earlywine Mrs. Zeller | Carmack, Grace | Michaels, Taylor | Miller, Matthew | Miller, Sabryna | Payne, Bailey | Pearson, Grant | Pfaender, Ashlee | Roman, Dalton | Young, Tesla

22: Latin 1 | Academic Dean: Mrs. Waddel

23: Latin 2 & 3 | Academic Dean: Mrs. Carmack

24: ACE's Graduating Class of.... | 2030! | August Lynn, Elliot Earlywine, Hudson Sahnow

25: Congratulations, Ashlee! | "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." | ~ Henry David Thoreau | ACE's Graduating Student of 2012

26: Field Trip: River Rafting | "My favorite part was the big hole!" | --Madison WalkerHill Dialectic 2

28: Field Trip: Christmas Carol

29: --Avery Sahnow Grammar C | "The singing and the costumes were beautiful."

30: Field Trip: OMSI

31: "OMSI was amazing! It is almost always one of the best places to learn about new and interesting things." | --Kathryn Pearson Dialectic 2

32: Field Trip: Newport | "I got to touch a sea cucumber!" | --Alayna Pearson Dialectic 2 | Part One: Hatfield Marine Science Center

33: --Sareigh Bendele Dialectic 1 | "I got to see a real octopus."

34: Field Trip: Newport | Part Two: Oregon Coast Aquarium | "It was really fun to touch all the sea stars." | --Eden Crouse Grammar C

35: "I liked seeing the sharks." | --Holden Case Grammar A

36: Field Trip: Portland Cruise

37: "I enjoyed spraying the hose over the fishing boats as they sped by!" | --Austin Sahnow Grammar C

38: Spring Recital

39: Great job to all who participated! | Mark Krobatsch, Alayna Pearson, Madison WalkerHill, Kathryn Pearson, James Krobatsch | Back Row (from left to right): | Front Row (from left to right) | Avery Sahnow, Austin Sahnow, Ellette Lambert, AJ Earlywine, Cedar Earlywine, Abigal Earlywine, Sophia Lynn

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