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Adisyn 2011

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Adisyn 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Adisyn Elyse Labbe Photo Journal 2011

BC: The End

FC: 2011 | Adisyn Elyse

1: The Best Year Yet | 2011

2: Daddy's Little Cuddle Bunny | January 5

4: My Lil' Stinker | Silly, silly Adisyn! Here are some of her mischievous moments: When I found her up on the counter top looking through the cupboards for food, with her bowl of fake food on the real stove "cooking" while listening to her ipod, drinking alcohol (I see a problem in her future!) and when I found her in the dark hall closet watching a video on my cell phone. I love all her craziness!

5: Children see magic because they look for it

6: ~ Love ~ True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach | love

8: After the speech on how to do rock climbing, the teacher asked who wanted to go first. Adisyn volunteered. Many in the class were too scared to even try it. A few boys went but Addy was by far the best. She climbed twice as high as the other boys. She was the only one who actually went twice!

9: R | O | C | K | Climbing

10: After her sports class, Addy goes to play in the KidZone at the YMCA. When I came to pick her up she was standing quietly in the corner. Something was obviously wrong! I figured out that her tooth was so loose, it was hanging there. She carried on like crazy as I tried to convince her to let me, "Just feel it". I was finally able to get a hold of it and PULL. Out came her tooth and she cried uncontrollably! Finally, I got her into the bathroom to look at her new smile. All the teachers in the KidZone clapped, congratulated, and made a big deal of her first lost tooth. Eventually, she became so proud of her big-girl accomplishment. just happened to be Valentine's Day!

11: Addy and Trina Varano

12: Ready for her first visit from the Tooth Fairy

14: One of the singers we listen to, Amy Winehouse, died this year. While the girls and I were sitting in a restaurant waiting for our food, Avery and I were talking about it. It served as a teaching moment to tell the girls about drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs. Addy was quietly playing with her placement and somehow came in at the middle of our conversation. Being silly, Addy said, "WHO died!?" Avery said, "Amy Winehouse. We listen to her song don't you know, Addy. You know, Amy Winehouse". Addy put her hands out to the sides and shook her head no and said, "I never been to her house."

16: Addy excelled in her swimming classes

18: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for three years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason | Sleeping Beauty

20: This spring we were so lucky to be able to take a vacation to Orlando, Florida with the Woodens. We were there for seven days and Addy had such a blast at Disney World, Disney's Hollywood Studios, at our resort, swimming, at Downtown Disney, and our first visit to the ocean at Daytona Beach. What wonderful adventures!

22: Adisyn's First Visit to the Ocean

24: What's in the mail? | Every single day there was excitement going through the mail pile in hopes there'd be a magazine. They didn't care if it was from Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Oriental Trading Company, Kohl's, Land's End or American Girl Dolls. They'd grab the magazine, each run to get a pen in the color of their choice, then sit down together for an hour looking through each page. Each girl would circle one thing on each page that they'd get. Sometimes there were arguments when they both wanted the same thing, but they always came to a happy conclusion with only one girl getting an item. It was adorable to watch them dream together and bond over something so simple. For us, we'd call it,"junk mail". To them, a world of dreams and adventures.

25: The Tooth Fairy spent a lot of time at our house this year! | With all the loose teeth, you'd think Addy would handle it better. She still sobs uncontrollably every time she loses a new tooth

28: We tried (very hard!) to get Addy to try a two wheeled bike. We even told her she could pick out a brand new bike if she'd learn. She would bust out crying when we'd even mention riding a 2 wheeler. She flat out refused to try. I guess she really wasn't ready. Check out these pictures. She can't even stay upright on a 3 wheeled scooter!! We're praying her coordination improves exponentially as she gets older... | A Two Wheeler This Year?

29: Addy's favorite pair of shoes | Addy pretty much wore these high heels whenever she could. She was often caught going out to get the mail in these shoes. We would tell her, "Addy, do NOT go down the stairs in those shoes". But she would never listen. She would go down the stairs in them over and over saying, "Look Mom! I can go down da stairs in dese (these) shoes and I don't neven fall!" "Look, I'm holding on to da rail". Addy never listens...

31: You are my Sunshine!

32: Learning Water Survival Skills

33: Adisyn

36: Spring is Here! | Addy is so excited for spring! She loves to rough house her daddy...or anybody for that matter! She is our little tom boy who loves to wrestle boys. It's so great to be outside again, rolling around on the green grass.

39: Soccer | Addy was easily distracted and would often rather talk with the other girl on her team than kick any ball!

40: Addy's favorite buddy was her "FurReal Friend" puppy dog. The dog barked, wagged it's tail, and moved it's mouth. The dog leash really worked. You could press a button to move the doggie all different directions. Addy was so cute out on the sidewalk taking her friend for a walk!

41: My Favorite Pal

43: The favorite part of Addy's day is when Avery FINALLY comes home from school. She often runs down the sidewalk to meet her sister getting off the bus. She can't wait until the fall when she'll be one of the big kids getting off the bus, too!

44: Addy did T-ball this spring. She did not do too well, but was not very motivated being that there was only one other kid in the class (and he was only 3 years old) It was hard to get the concept with only 2 kids in the class. It was a great learning experience for her and she got lots of one on one attention....and looked adorable on the field!

46: Our Baby is Five!

47: "This is the best day ever!"

48: A | D | I | S | Y | N

50: At the John Ball Zoo to celebrate Addy's Birthday | With The Schmitt family

51: The Justin Bieber Movie!

53: Addy got to practice a couple times with another t-ball class. This class had more kids and Addy liked it so much better. She was the only girl and it didn't phase her...I think she liked it better that way! She ran faster than all the boys and loved playing t-ball.

55: YMCA Soccer | Addy loved playing soccer but wasn't too challenged because all the other kids were so much younger. She looks adorable kicking the ball, though!

58: Addy and Jamie enjoy an impromptu afternoon with the sprinkler

61: Adisyn in South Haven

63: Who needs a swimming suit?! | There's nothing like an impromptu night swim in Lake Michigan with the Kelley klan

65: This was Addy's first year to do Kidsplay Kamp at the Grand Rapids Civic Theater. She loved it! She loved being on stage and looking out for her Daddy. She spotted him and waved. She made sure to point out her Daddy to all her friends around her!

66: Addy's first love | Adisyn and our neighbor Ryan played together all summer. On this day they decided to be "Boyfriend and Girlfriend". They played for hours and Ryan would pick flowers for Addy. They chased each other, held hands, and Ryan even gave Addy her first kiss! I sat on the porch with my zoom lens capturing these adorable moments!

68: "Good times are even better when they are shared" | Making | Memories

69: It's always a wonderful day when we can take time to explore the field behind Grandma's house

70: Happy 4th of July

72: Addy and her buddy, Benson | Addy really bonded with Becky and Kelly's dog, Benson. This summer she loved to take Benny for walks up the street. Becky and Kelly started giving Addy money to "Pay" her for walking Benson. Poor Benson is a trooper as Addy squeezes him, pulls at his paws to get him to shake, tugs his ears, startles him and chokes him with the leash when he doesn't go the way she wants him to. On this day we laughed hysterically as Addy covered her mouth to muffle the laughter coming out as Benson stopped to make a deposit by the fire hydrant! She was so embarrassed and funny as we all watched the events from down the street.

75: Beautiful, toothless | Smile

76: eighbors | N | Addy really became friends with the neighbors this year. She was really close with Ryan Mitton and Claire Newman. We always had to laugh at Claire and Addy because they look SO much alike. They could be sisters! Alina Ballance moved into the neighborhood and immediately bonded with the girls as well. It was awesome to be surrounded by great kids to play with in the neighborhood.

77: Ryan Alexis, Mackenzie, and Alina

78: Grand Haven

79: We spent a day at the beach, just the four of us

80: F | a | m | i | l | y | F | u | n | in Lake Michigan

82: It was a week that Addy has looked forward to for months! Addy and Jamie were off to their first ever week of camp. The attended the YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin day camp. The bus came at 7:20 and dropped them back off at 6:50. That's a long day for a 5 year old! Annette and I were very worried about the girls as it was the hottest week of the summer. Temps were supposed to be 105 degrees! The girls never complained or even noticed the heat. The girls did wonderful at camp and just loved riding the bus.

84: Camp

85: It was family night at camp. This was the night we got to go see what Addy's been doing at camp all week. We arrived at camp just as Addy was finishing her day. She ran up the sidewalk and jumped into Tom's arms. We enjoyed dinner in the cafeteria then got to enjoy lots of camp activities as a family. We toured the camp and Addy pointed out all the fun things she's been doing. We went to the lake and Doug took the kids out on the paddle boat. After our activities, we went to the chapel to watch an adorable skit the kids prepared. Addy LOVED her week at camp and excitedly talks about going to camp next year.

86: We spent the day showing off the treasures of South Haven to Grandma and Papa | South Haven

91: The Greatest Love of Sisters

93: One of our favorite annual events, the South Highlands Neighborhood Block Party! As usual, the kids all had a blast. They decorated their bikes and then went on a parade. We ate tons of food. The firemen came with their trucks and sprayed the kids and they played in the water. Addy joined the donut eating contest. Addy spent much of her time in the garage putting on LOTS of tatoos and of facepaint!

94: What a great day with the Schmitt's out on their boat. The big lake was way too choppy, so we stayed on the inland lakes. We dropped the anchor in Hanky Pank and jumped off the boat. The guys chilled on a gigantic floating lounge. We hung out for a bit before heading back. We enjoyed dinner at Old Boys before heading home.

97: We spent a few days in Traverse City and stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge

99: I am always up for teaching moments. When Addy and I have time alone together sometimes we play the rhyming game. I say a word and Addy has to come up with a word that rhymes. I say, "Bee" and Addy says, "Tree". I said, "Red" and she said, "Bed". We did this a bunch of times and I finally said, "Snap". Addy had to think about this one for a minute. Finally, she enthusiastically said, "Oh crap!" I think she's got rhyming down pat.

101: SSssoooo Adisyn | Here's a few pictures which help give a picture as to what our Addy is really like...

102: There's nothing like time spent at | Grandma's House

104: of Kindergarten | First Day | It's finally here! Addy has been ready for school for a couple of years now! There were no tears shed by any of us. Addy was so happy to be going to school and I had a whole 7 hours by myself to go home and scrapbook this momentous occasion!

105: Ms. Zuidema

106: L A U G H | Adisyn's first day of class at Rockford School of Dance

107: "In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

109: I just love capturing these eyes in photographs

110: Our "Pot of Gold" at the end of a beautiful double rainbow!

111: Addy and Camille before dance class

112: These silly sisters can have fun even while eating dinner at the counter

114: It was bed time and I was laying with Avery and Addy was in my bed laying with Tom. Addy was crying, crying, and crying some more. She cried for nearly 20 minutes when I finally said good night to Avery and went into my room to see what was the matter. I pulled into bed beside her and said, "What is the matter in here!" When Addy didn't reply, Tom said plainly, "She wants a bigger bed and a puppy."

116: Dance

119: ddy having fun at the "Apple Chore-cherd" as she so adorably calls it. We don't dare correct her! | A

121: The girls spent the afternoon raking all the leaves into a big pile. They played in the leaf piles using their imaginations. They brought out a big umbrella and made a "House". How great it is to be young...

123: We spent the day with Grandma and Papa at Klackle's Apple Orchard

124: Nature gives to every season, a beauty all its own. - Charles Dickens

126: Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~Elizabeth Lawrence

127: Me and my sissy at the pumpkin patch

129: It was a boring fall day that Addy didn't have school so we went to the library. Usually, Addy finds a friend to play with and she doesn't want to leave. I was looking through the movies and Addy repeatedly came to me whining that she, "Can't find a friend to play wiff". I would tell her to go back and try to play with some of the other kids. Eventually I found myself over at the little kids' area and Addy was clinging to me, still whining that she had no one to play with. I asked her why she wasn't playing with any of the kids there and she replied, "Mommy! I'm trying to be silly but no one will laugh at me" and then burst out crying. Through conversation I found out that this is the way Addy makes "friends". She tries to be silly and the kids that laugh become her new friends to play with! It's amazing that I'm still learning how this little girl works. And, as we usually say, "Addy, you are such a ham!!" | Silly Addy

130: We loved to play around and climb the trees in Robinette's apple orchard. One time there was a black cat that followed us around. Avery was terrified and Addy kept trying to get it come closer! She tried to friend the cat and feed it leaves or sticks. Addy's not afraid of a lil' black cat!

132: Happy Halloween | Groovy | _____

135: I love that Addy loves to sleep in. One morning she woke up and came adorably sleepy eyed towards me. I said, "Well, good morning sleepy head. Do you know what time it is?" She looked at the clock and read the numbers to me, "Ten fifty one." I said, "Geez oh pete's baby. You slept in really late!" She looked happily at me and said with enthusiasm, "I know! I was getting energy."

136: "Thanksgiving Day is finally here. It comes around but once a year. If I could only have my way, We'd have Thanksgiving every day." | Happy Turkey Day!

138: Adisyn lost a tooth on another holiday!

141: Papa and Addy make music

142: "I Like Going to Art" | Addy's best friend in kindergarten was Ashley Palmer | Addy loved riding the bus!

143: Addy is doing well in school. Here we are waiting for the bus to take her to school Friday afternoon at 11:45am. I absolutely LOVE her artwork! Here is a great picture she made of her and I under a rainbow. Also, here is her class's the best kindergarten picture ever!

145: Addy ran out after her conversation with Santa. Excitedly she said, "I told Santa I want an Easy Bake Oven and he said he would bring me one!" Thanks, Santa.

146: Baking Day | ~

147: We got to spend an entire week at Grandma's house at Christmas time. We spent a whole day baking goodies. Addy's specialty was putting sprinkles on top of the chocolate covered pretzels. We tried to teach Addy the value of "Less is more" in regards to the sprinkles. She disagreed. Grandma laughed as Addy exploded the eggs into the bowl making sugar cookies. Grandma got to fish out all the shells from the recipes!

148: Twas the Night | Before Christmas

150: Good Tidings

151: With all these amazing pictures, how could I pick just one?!

152: Addy couldn't help jumping for joy when she saw that Santa came! She must've squealed out every single item that she got. "It's a Barbie book!" We had a fantastic morning with the family. We opened presents one by one so everyone could see who was opening what. Addy did a wide mouthed gasp every time she opened a gift. It was so cute! An entire day full of excitement apparently took a toll on Addy, for she developed a fever in the afternoon. She fell asleep on the couch and slept for a couple hours. She had a couple doses of Tylenol but miraculously, she was fine the next day. I guess there really was too much excitement! | Joy to the World

154: Another lost tooth! At the end of the year Addy had lost a grand total of seven teeth. That's one poor Tooth Fairy! Now that Addy's learning to write, she's leaving adorable notes for the Tooth Fairy. She also had a habit of losing teeth on big days...she lost a tooth on Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve.

155: Addy's note to Daddy: "No Football and No (I can't figure that part out) and No Being Lazy". Too cute!

156: Happy New Year

157: 2012

159: I Love Everything About You

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