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Adisyn Kindergarten

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S: Adisyn Elyse Labbe Valley View Kindergarten

BC: Now a big first grader!

FC: indergarten | K | 2011-2012

1: Kindergarten

2: Sssooo Ready To Start School! | August 2011

4: Kindergarten Orientation | Addy was so excited to put on her new backpack and go to school! She loved her new teachers, Ms. Zuidema and Mrs. Horpolsheimer.

5: "When I grow up I want to be a preschool teacher. I want to read books and watch out for them and help them with letters" Look at the drawing at the bottom of her teaching all the little kids....so adorable!

6: Kindergarten | First Day of

7: Addy bounded out of bed just thrilled that her first day of school was "finally" here! She took a shower and Momma braided and curled her hair. She looked just perfect for her first day of school.

9: " "Whose child is this?" I asked one day Seeing a little one out at play. "Mine", said the parent with a tender smile "Mine to keep a little while. To bathe her hands and comb her hair, To tell her what she is to wear. To prepare her that she may always be good And each day do the things she should." "Whose child is this?" I asked again As the door opened and someone came in. "Mine", said the teacher with the same tender smile "Mine, to keep just for a little while. To teach her how to be gentle and kind. To train and direct her dear little mind. To help her live by every rule And get the best she can from school." "Whose child is this?" I ask once more Just as the little one entered the door. "Ours", said the parent and the teacher as they smiled And each took the hand of the little child "Ours to love and train together, Ours this blessed task forever." | Adisyn and Ms. Zuidema

10: With hugs and kisses we swapped goodbyes, I turned my head and wiped my eyes; Then off to school, her first big day, I couldn't wait, I used to say. She turned and flung one final wave, Then off she marched, so big and brave. Her new world called, she couldn't stay; She looked too small to go away.

12: The Story

13: It is required for the kindergarten class to all have an extra outfit in a ziplock bag in their backpacks. This morning I prepared Addy's backpack for her first day of school. She saw me stuffing clothes into a baggie and asked what I was doing. I told her I had to pack an extra pair of clothes in case of an accident or something spills, etc. I thought nothing more of it and she continued to squeal in excitement over her first day and packing a lunch. I dressed the girls in their special first day of school clothes, took tons of pictures and sent them off for their new adventures. Avery took Addy's hand as they walked down the path to school together. I thought I might cry when my baby lined up outside in front of her teacher, turned and waved to me, then disappeared into her new classroom without me. Other friend's were there talking to us, so I never had the chance to dwell on it. Surely, I was sad that my baby was old enough to go to school, but she had been so ready for school for the last year that I was happy for her that she could begin this phase of her life. At the end of the day, I sat in a crowded lobby full of parents waiting for my little one to emerge from her first day. Here comes Addy in DIFFERENT clothes. "What happened?!" I asked. "I had a accident" she stated matter of factly. I couldn't believe it! How embarrassing! My baby hadn't had an accident in 3 years and now she peed her pants on the first day of kindergarten!? We got home and I pulled out her good school clothes...completely DRY! Turns out she lied to the teacher. She didn't pee in her pants, she just wanted to change into the clothes that she saw me put into her backpack that morning! What a STINKER!

14: Dance Class

15: Addy took her first year of dance class with her friend, Camille Dahlke

16: Valley View | V | o | y | a | g | e

18: uffins with Moms | M

19: What a special time for us! This was a special morning with our precious young ones. We enjoyed special songs sang by the class. We had some muffins and juice. After, I got to read and do art projects with Addy. She's growing so fast!

20: Country Basket | Our first field trip was in October to Schwallier's Country Basket Apple Orchard. Addy was giddy with excitement on the bus the whole way there. Of course, Mom wouldn't miss this first field trip. Addy hung by her best friend, Ashley most of the day. The weather was perfect for this adventure and we even ate lunch outside on the picnic tables. It was the perfect fall field trip!

22: Addy takes her pumpkin search very seriously!

23: Aidan Soda | Kalynn Manyen | Ashley Palmer

24: Aidan | Sam | Trina | Addy LOVED the bunnies! Many kids were nervous to pick up the bunnies but Addy knew how to corner the bunny and pick it right up. All the other kindergarten kids went to Addy for her to hand them a bunny because they knew she could get one!

25: "Bunnies are brown. Bunnies are white. Bunnies are always A kindergarten delight. Bunnies are cuddly The large and the small. But I like the chocolate one Best of them all." | Victoria | Kalynn and Aidan | Emma, Sophie and Sam

26: I'm not sure if I can really tell you how much Addy loved the goats. She was obsessed! She was so good at getting a hold of them and picking them up. She carried them around like babies and spent all of her free time with the goats. I figured the pictures would help you see how much she loved them...

28: Halloween Party! | Mom's first party as the "Room Mom" went off without a hitch! It was great to have Grandma there to help and be able to go down to Avery's party when I couldn't be there. Addy looked gorgeous as Mulan!

30: That precious moment when you see the bus pull up, your oldest daughter helps your youngest off the bus, then they see you and run full speed with arms outstretched because they are so ecstatic to greet you.

32: Best Kindergarten Picture Ever!

33: Fall | Spring

37: Halen | Jonah | Aidan | Gabe | Bailey | Sophie | Ashley | Cadence | Emma | Julia | Victoria | Hudson | Kalynn | Feast with Friends

38: Celebrating winter by making gingerbread houses with our 3rd grade reading buddies

40: Pajama Day and Secret Santa Shop!

41: What a fun day! It was Addy's favorite....Pajama Day! The kids got to do their secret santa shopping, bake gingerbread cookies, learn about the newest addition to the class, the Elf on the Shelf, and go to Mr. Siegel's production of the Polar Express. What a blessed season!

42: Holiday Party! | Ashley Kalynn

43: Grandma got to come for Addy's Christmas party. The kids had fun doing a winter craft and playing a holiday game. The class loved watching the Elf on the Shelf movie and making their own fruit kabobs!

44: 2011 | Addy's school performance for

45: Addy stood right in the front so we could see her performance. She did a great job singing some adorable songs. She got to stand next to her best friend, Ashley Palmer. Camille's parents couldn't make the show so we got to have an extra family member for the night. Addy had her first friend sleep over as Camille even spent the night. She was the star of the night!

47: Excited to ride the | B | U | S | Addy went to school every Tuesday, Thursday, and a half day Friday afternoon. Addy loved to take the bus on Friday afternoons. We'd walk to the corner together at about 11:40 am and watch for the bus. This was the last day of this kindergarten format, for next year DK and Kindergarten classes would go to school all day, every day. This was a good way for us to ease into the school years.

48: Donuts | with Dads

49: Addy had literally been counting the days until this special day at school with her dad. It was so amazing to see how happy she was to have her Daddy come spend the morning with her at school. The class did their morning routine. They then sang a special song, Dad-O, to the dads. After that, they just spent the morning together. They enjoyed juice, donuts, did art projects, played games, read books, and just sat and held each other. I was so lucky to be there to witness this special event and catch some special moments with great photographs.

50: Bonding

51: Kalynn | Cadence | Christian | Aidan | Halen | Gabe | Will | Hudson | Jonah | Ashley | Sam | Sophie | Julia | Bailey | Noah

55: I met with Addy's teacher for conferences. She talked about how Addy is the life of the party. She said she is such a "Cheerleader". Whenever she finishes reading a book Addy will sit up straight, say, "Woo Hoo" and loudly start clapping. She says she does that all the time! She said Addy is "..definitely a leader". She also told a funny story that she was in the class and several of the kids were down the hall using the bathroom. From down the hall she heard all this screaming. She took off to the bathroom to see what was going on and she walked into darkness and Addy with her hands on the light switch. Addy was turning the lights on and off while kids were in the bathroom! She said Addy looked at her and she scolded her and Addy just had tears in her eyes. She knew she was caught red handed. What a silly, silly girl!

56: The kids returned to school to a MESS Monday morning! St. Patrick's Day was over the weekend and that naughty Leprechaun destroyed their classroom. The toilets and sinks were full of green, chairs and tables were overturned, toys were pulled off the shelves, and crayons and markers were thrown everywhere! The Leprechaun left golden chocolate coins from his pot of gold all around the room. The kids were in awe!

58: A break from the rigors of kindergarten to take | One Last Field Trip

60: B | u | b | b | l | e | s | Addy and her best friend Ashley have a blast playing with bubbles!

63: Mirror | Mirror

64: Welcome Miriam and Frankie | Just after Easter break, Miriam and Frankie Vogt joined the class. These two precious cuties were adopted from Africa. It was a great learning experience for the class. The entire class took these two under their wings and helped them feel at home right away. Addy and Miriam became instant friends! It turns out, they are our neighbors and the kids got to play together all spring/summer long!

66: Superstar! | Addy is the

67: Addy got to be someone special at school this week...the Superstar! On Friday, we had tickets to see Pinkalicious at the Civic Theater in Grand Rapids, so we chose that theme for Addy's special day. Momma came to school and read Pinkalicious to the class. We also brought pink cakes to eat. Addy got to wear her special crown and bring something to show and tell. She sure got lots of attention and shined like the star that she is!

68: Everyone in Addy's class drew a portrait of what they thought she looked like on her special day. They also did an interview to find out more about her. These are some of the adorable pictures!

70: What a great girls night out! The play was based on one of our favorite books by the same name. It was adorable and Addy was over the moon that she got to pick out something special. She picked out these adorable play cupcakes! She played with them for years to come. | inkalicious | P

74: 24 Minute Relay | This is an annual school fundraiser held the week of Relay for Life. The money raised goes to the American Cancer Society. There's a DJ and the kids have a blast dancing, running and walking around the front yard of the school. raising money for a good cause.

76: Dance Recital

77: "Oh! You Beautiful Doll"

79: Addy was the best dancer in her class! During the performance she even told other girls what to do, where to go and when!

81: A Picture Perfect Birthday | Addy got to go to school on her birthday. She felt so special! Before we went to school, she got to pick out the cupcake cake she wanted and they put her name on it. The class gathered around her and sang a special song, she got to pick a prize out of the birthday bucket, and LOVED going all the way down the hallway to sissy's class to take her a cupcake. That night, Avery had a surprise birthday party planned for her little sister!

82: A Walking Field Trip to Downtown Rockford | What a wonderful adventure we had! We walked from school to downtown. We played in the park, had pizza in the park, learned about the library, then had ice cream. It's hard to believe this was our last kindergarten adventure!

85: Pure Excitement | This picture is the perfect example of Addy's "Cheerleader" personality! The librarian was telling them about all the stuff they could do in the library and Addy gasped and made this face after every item! They read a story using puppets and danced and sang songs with colorful scarves. It was the best day ever! | The Library

86: Sweet Treats for Sweet Kids! | Will | Addy | Ashley

87: The highlight of our downtown adventure was getting ice cream at Custard by the Dam | Frankie | Aidan

88: Love this Kindergarten Art! | I love how Ms. Zuidema has them do a self portrait every month. They work all year on adding details. As you see, Addy really improved on her self portrait!

89: I asked Addy what was in her hair and she said it was her braid

90: This is Addy's story. She was so disappointed! They didn't sing Pick, Pick, Pick Your Nose at Graduation and she was upset about that for a long time! She even wrote her story about it. See all her classmates happily singing... Look at her sad face in the last picture! | A drawing Addy made while in church...Jesus and the sheep!

91: "This summer I get to go to the rock climbing" | "I wish everybody will get better who's sick" | "Yesterday, I went to the dentist and after I got to go to the mall and I got ice cream" | "My (dance) rehearsal. The stage. I've been waiting for this big day. I was the second person to go. My Mom got me flowers. I felt so happy."

92: Adisyn and her best friend, Ashley Palmer | They played together all year!

94: K is for Kindergarten---hip, hip, hooray. I is for imagination we use everyday. N is for numbers—we know one, two, three. D is for drawing, the best you can see! E is for exercise to keep our bodies strong. R is for reading books all day long. G is for good friends. We made more each day. A is for the alphabet we know how to say. R is for remembering everything we learned. T is for treats every Friday we earned. E is for excitement. This year we've had some. N is for next year. First grade here we come!

96: a great kindergarten | Finale

97: The year flew by. I can't believe my baby's graduating kindergarten already! This day was all about celebrating the accomplishments of the kindergarten class. As usual, Ms. Zuidema put on a tear jerker slide show with pictures from their year set to the usual songs that make us cry like, "Forever Young" and "Let Them Be Little". I wasn't ready for this year to end!

99: Graduate | Kindergarten

100: When I started kindergarten I was very, very small I have grown so much bigger now Can't you see how tall? I've learned to read and write and to try my best with all my might. Like a seed that was planted with a gentle hand and spade I've bloomed and I'm ready to move on to first grade!!

103: The last day of kindergarten. Addy was so excited because they were going to watch Toy Story 3...as you see in her poster! | Walking down the path to school for the last time as a kindergartner...

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