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Alexis at Sedalia Park Kindergarten through 5th grade

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S: Alexis Cordisco Sedalia Park 2004-2010

BC: Look Out East Cobb Middle School, Here comes Alexis Cordisco!! | Cordesign Creations 2010

FC: Alexis Cordisco's Memories at Sedalia Park Charter School | 2004-2010

1: Sedalia Park Elementary | "Let us realize that the privilege to learn is a gift, that power to learn is a blessing, that love of learning is success. | Alexis Marie Cordisco | Looking back at some good times...

2: kindergarten with MrsBernard and Ms.Danielson | 2004-2005

3: Dear Sweet Alexis, It can't be five years ago that you were in my kindergarten class. You always had a smile on your face. You had so many friends, even at five. Everyone wanted to play with you and you were so kind to everyone. I remember how you loved to read, loved to draw and color, and loved to sing songs. I remember how your face lit up when you saw your mother coming in the room to help out in class. I used to tease you mercilessly about how beautiful your hair was, how I wanted to "trade" hair with you. "Can I PLEASE have your hair, just for the weekend?" I would ask you, jokingly. I learned the hard way that five year olds are not to be teased when you came to school one day and handed me a bag. "What's this?" I asked. "My hair. I cut it off for you to put in the letter H box," you said sweetly, looking up at me with those big beautiful eyes. Yes. You cut off a huge piece of hair, just for me, your teacher. You wanted to make me happy. I have loved watching you grow into the amazing, talented, brilliant young lady that you are now. You are, and I am sure always will be, a role model to those around you, and a blessing to those who love you. I am proud of who you are. I can't wait to see who you will become. Sincerely, Lynda Bernard

4: Mrs. Lars | with Mrs Zahrndt | Alexis, I remember your charming smile, your friendly/helpful attitude, how you were friends with EVERYONE in the class and 1st grade because you were so easy to get along with. I remember bringing the meal to your family from the silent auction and getting a tour of your entire house! (which I loved, by the way) :) You’re such a wonderful girl with an easy laugh and so full of life! Mrs. Zahrndt | 2005-2006

6: 2006-2007

7: with Ms. Hall | Dear Alexis, I begged Mrs. Zahrndt to put you in my class. I was so delighted to have you. You were so sweet, helpful, and smart. We had a really good year together. Do you remember Economics Day? When I got the chance to have you another year, I was truly overjoyed because you had become like a daughter to me. I knew that third grade would bring about wonderful things. Ms. Hall

9: Alexis, Third grade was truly awesome!!! Our class was such a family. I really saw you grow. You truly showed me what you were made of. One of the things that I loved and still do love about you is that you have such heart. You work and work until you accomplish your goals. You have such potential and will always reach unsurmountable heights. Alexis, I am so proud of all that you have become, and truly look forward to the brilliant young lady that you will blossom into. Remember what I always tell you. Once you are mine, you will always be mine. I love you, and will always be around if you need me. I'm just an email or call away. Love, Mrs. Dyer | 2007-2008

10: Mrs. Craft | Alexis, You are like a mind reader. You can look at someone and know exactly what needs to be done. When you were in my class, you were always looking for a way to help and still do. You often took things out of my hand to complete it for me! It made my day at the beginning of your 5th grade year when you came running to tell me that you were in the highest math class in fifth grade. It was fun to have you as a student because you were so willing to learn and motivated to do your best. Mrs. Craft

11: 2008-2009

12: 2009-2010

13: My Sweet Alexis, I have enjoyed having you in my homeroom class this year. You are truly a kind-hearted child. You are always so helpful and nice to everyone in our class, no matter what. You have matured so much this year and turned into such a lovely and smart young lady. I know that you will achieve everything in your life that you put your whole heart into. You have made me laugh many times this year and I will never forget you. I wish you the best of luck and I know that you will come and visit me :) Love always, Emily Hurt | Ms Hurt's class

15: 5th grade Holiday Performance | DEC 2009

16: Driftwood St Simon's Island 2010

18: 5th grade Skate Party!

20: 5th grade Day at the Park

22: Field Day 2010

24: Last Day of School at " The Park"

26: 5th Grade Commencement Ceremonies 2009-2010 | Most Beautiful Inside and Out! | Alexis Marie Cordisco | Anyone who knows her!

28: extra curricular activities | Wheeler Football Game | 2009-2010 Cheerleading | Brownies | Safety Patrol | PNN

29: Park Ambassadors | Panther Chorus | Robotics | Girlscouts | The Park

30: To my sweetest sugar pop pop, I remember talking to other moms the first day of kindergarten and hearing about all the fears they had regarding their children and school. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that not only would you fit right in, but I knew you would truly enjoy it! From the second you were born, you have loved being around people. Your big smile shined so bright and your sweetness always caught everyone’s attention. Almost instantly, everywhere we went in Sedalia Park, YOU were recognized and people would come up and talk to you as if they had known you for years. We have also been very blessed to have had so many WONDERFUL teachers! Mrs. Bernard and Ms. Danielson not only taught you many great things but taught mommy too. By example, they taught us both how to respect others and speak kindly but firmly, with LOVE. Their tenderness with you made me melt!! I knew you would never miss me while you were at school because the love you received daily from them both was enough to keep you more than happy! Now don’t think it was all sweetness, you came home smarter everyday and loved to tell me all about what you did while you were at school. You had so much fun with all of the wonderful activities that Sedalia Park had to offer that your first year of school was nothing but a BLAST! Mrs. Zahrndt taught us both how to have patience!!! She had such an awesome way of pushing hard without getting frustrated and never giving up on what she knew you could accomplish. She spoke so sweetly to you while at the same time teaching you boundaries that would ensure your success in years to come. She knew just how to keep you focused enough to get your school work done without crushing that happy little spirit of yours. Her simple, common sense approach to teaching and calm demeanor gave you a great foundation to grow on. Ms. Hall taught us how to have fun even while work had to be done. Though she has a million wonderful qualities, her ability to really understand you was my favorite above all! As if having one year with her wasn’t enough, I remember how overjoyed we ALL were when she decided to loop up with your class. How lucky were you to have a second year of exposure to everything she had to offer. Your second year wasn’t only different because you were now calling her Mrs. Dyer, but you, along with all of your friends, were starting to mature. My eyes are starting to tear up as I remember how great she was with you. You could tell she truly LOVED YOU!!! Like me, she wanted the absolute best for you and made sure to talk to you about life and your role in this world CONSTANTLY! She was there to help you navigate through challenges with friends and school and helped me keep things in perspective. The bond that was made between the three of us that year was special. Alexis, I hope you know how lucky you are to have a genuine woman like that in your life, she has promised me that when life gets you down, she will be there for you and I believe her!

31: Then it was time to leave the comfort of our good friend and move on to 4th grade. I remember every time I told people that Mrs. Craft was your teacher, they smiled and said “You will LOVE her!” they were all SOOOOO right! She is an amazing teacher and that year I saw you become a student, not just a little girl who enjoyed the “social” part of school, fought homework and didn’t like tests, but a girl who now saw challenges as something to overcome. I watched you strive to be better EVERYDAY and for me there is no better gift she could have given you. When things got difficult, you never gave up, even when you didn’t reach the goals you had set for yourself. You always continued to push and with Mrs. Craft’s help, you found innovative ways to learn. I don’t believe that you can teach someone to love learning. I do however believe that by example, people have the ability to create an environment that makes you WANT to LOVE to LEARN and that is what she did for you!!! Your final year at Sedalia Park, 5th grade. Though I am so happy and excited for you to go on to the next step of your life, I am sad to see you leave such a great place. Let me tell you though, you could not have asked for a better team of teachers to finish out your years here. Ms. Hurt has so many qualities that just make me smile She doesn’t put up with much and keeps you guys in line, but has kept life fun. I think what you have learned the most from her this year is how to just let stuff roll off your shoulders. When you get to middle school you will see how needed that is. She has a competitive spirit that I LOVE and doesn’t get bogged down with the craziness of life, even when the unexpected happens. What can I say about Ms. Hanna, could you do anything but LOVE that crazy woman??? Her high voltage teaching style paired with her strength in discipline and “let it roll” way of thinking too, was just the thing you all needed while Ms. Hurt was gone taking care of sweet Lina! This also was the year that Math started to make sense to you. Mrs. Coss, along with so many other things that she exposed you to, taught you how to figure math out and follow logical steps and sometimes think a little differently to get the answer you needed. She too has become a close friend that we have made at The Park and her love for teaching has helped you to see the possibilities of what your school experience can be like if you just put your heart into it. Alexis, your happiness and love of life is contagious. It has brought you many, many good friends throughout your years at Sedalia Park and their friendship will be something you will always remember. How you treat everyone around you and the fact that you are honest with yourself in times of turmoil is something I have always been so proud of. Your kindness and ability to make friends with ANYONE makes you special and the variety of close friends you still have, is a testament to your sweet spirit. Your heart for friendship truly has no boundaries and you are always willing to forgive and move on, that is a trait I hope you never lose! Continue to stand up for what you believe in, even if it’s not popular. Continue to make good choices in friends and politely back away from friendships that may not be best for you. Continue to challenge yourself in school and in life. Most of all, continue to be you, a girl who has a heart for God that allows you to love people the way you do. Don’t let anyone change you, but be open to constructive criticism, stay close to your family and in your relationship with God and always be honest with yourself. I LOVE YOU my sweet Alexis, I could not have asked for a better daughter. I am TRULY PROUD of who you are and cannot wait to see the amazing woman you will become! I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! Mommy

32: Alexis Marie, where do I start, She is the little girl who stole my heart, From the day she was born, I fell in love, God has blessed me from the heavens above, The looks we would get when we went anywhere, At the flowing golden locks of thick, thick, hair, Not only is she pretty, but she has a great big heart, Everything about her just sets her apart, She is adored by all who get the chance to know her, If you’re not with her right now you’d wish you were, We always have a blast on the vacations we go on, The beach, the mountains, the city’s, and so on, We love to shop & find foods we adore, Starting at Starbucks, then lunch, then store to store, Its great to watch her as she finds a good deal Daddy, Daddy, can I have this she’ll let out a squeal Because she knows its hard for me to resist To find some thing dear she has had on her list, One of the best things of all she likes to do Is play games with the family like Clue or Kadoo Ride bikes, do crafts, watch movies, & hang out Good Times with my daughter is what its all about, As she continues to grow, I will try my best, To give her my love, my support, and all the rest, From elementary to middle school she is on her way, To a life filled with promise, living each wonderful day, So Alexis Marie we have only just begun To experience this world while having so much fun I feel like you’ve made me the most forever gateful dad And its thanks to you the wonderful daughter I had! love, Daddy

33: Congratulations Sugar! We are so proud of You!!!!

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