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Avery 2011

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Avery 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Avery Leigh Labbe 2011

BC: The End

FC: very eigh | A L | 2011

1: very's dventures | A A

2: A Girl Scout Adventure

3: A girl scout outing led us to the Humane Society. The girls learned so much about animals and the services provided by the Humane Society. There were definitely some stinky areas! They met a cat who had been severely burned. The girls got to pet cats, lizards, and bunnies. Addy really enjoyed joining us on this trip, too.

4: Sweet Avery loves when I volunteer in her classroom. She took my volunteer pass and used it in a picture she made of the two of us holding hands. I just love her precious artwork!

6: very

7: Happy Valentine's Day

9: "The more you laugh the longer you live" | "Good times are even better when they are shared" | Spring Vacation to Orlando, Florida

10: The Kelley Triplet's First Communion

11: K

13: Birthday Girl!

15: It was a low-key birthday this year but it wasn't without lots of fun! Avery had her friend Avery Burger over. There was cake, ice cream, pizza, presents, and ended with an evening roller skating. At the rollerskating rink they even said "Happy Birthday" to Avery over the loud speaker. Avery sure was the queen of the day!

16: Second Grade Walking Field Trip to Downtown Rockford | It was such a pleasure to be able to accompany Avery's class on this awesome adventure! We started at the school and walked to the middle school. There we explored a cemetery and the Little Red School House. We had a picnic lunch downtown by the dam. After, we toured the Historical Museum, Police Station, Fire Station, and a few other landmarks in town. It was my favorite field trip so far!

18: All I Do Is Dream of You | Avery had another great year of dance. Her teacher was the owner of the dance studio, Ms. Laurie. Her good friend, Caitlin Peters, was in her class for the 3rd year in a row. They did their recital routine to Michael Buble's, All I Do is Dream of You. It was a tap routine and they did an awesome job! This was the first year that the girls had to wear their hair in a bun. That turned out to be very difficult with all of Avery's hair. They wanted all the girls' hair the same (with no bangs), so I decided to try Avery with no bangs. Yuck! I didn't like it at all! She looked like a totally different person! You wouldn't believe how much gel and bobby pins were needed to get those bangs out of the way! (I think next time the bangs will stay ;-) Congrats, Avery, on the fabulous performance!

22: Literary Tea | Mrs. Fowle | Learning manners, how a man should treat a woman, and reading their authored novels are just some of the things touched upon during this 2nd grade ritual

24: Field Day

27: Avery is so expressive through her artwork

28: The last day of school was one big party! The class put on a talent show where every kid was expected to perform a talent. Avery did her dance routine with Emma Korhorn. We played Octaball outside and had sno cones. Every child got a DVD photo show from the school year. We had lots of treats and gave Mrs. Fowle her classroom gift. Addy loved wrestling all the boys in the class! It was our last school day having only one child at Valley View, for Addy would start kindergarten in the fall.

30: outh Haven | S

32: Chef Labbe

33: This year, Avery started helping prepare dinners. Her specialties? Pizza, Tacos, and spaghetti!

35: Theater Camp | Avery had a great time at theater camp, as usual. This was the first year she was in the older group and camp was more than 4 hours a day. Avery was amazing on stage! She was the loudest one and I easily heard her lines while sitting up in the balcony. She is an amazing performer.

36: You can wish on a dandelion gone to seed A white, puffy dandelion's the one you'll need You think of your wish as you blow off the fluff Just one big breath is usually enough To send your wish sailing off on the breeze (I do hope that dandelions don't make you sneeze!)

37: A Wish

38: Avery is the Best big sister ever!

40: YMCA | Exploring | Camp Manitou Lin | Our first day at camp was spent exploring all the different areas. There was so much to see!

42: Camp Manitou Lin | The morning of July 5th Avery and I headed out to our first adventure at camp. What an amazing week we had! It started out with her meeting her new cabin mates and counselors. The camp played some hilarious ice-breaker games to get to know each other. Avery was ssoooo proud that I was the "Camp Nurse" and made sure to tell everyone so. She LOVED to see me in the golf cart and begged to ride along anytime she could. This was just the beginning of our camp adventure...

45: A "Beach Party" to start out the week.

46: I thought for sure Avery would not want to get into a kayak. She got in with no hesitation! It was so good for her to be in a group where everyone does everything together. They got into their kayaks and were gone for over an hour! They paddled all over the lake learning about legends, talking and having a great time. I was waiting on the beach when they came back and Avery had a huge smile on her face. She was so proud of what she'd just done and she had such a great time doing it.

48: Kayak Fun

53: Avery was so nervous going down the slide! She plugged her nose and had a death grip on the slide the whole way down! She also got to try log rolling. Our neighbors, Sterling and Dominic Reale, were at camp the same week we were!

55: Another activity that Avery would never try if it weren't for being with all her new friends at camp. Wall climbing....what a great experience for her!

56: Camp Manitou Lin Scenery

58: Horseback | Riding

61: Out on the Pontoon

62: Campfire | Zuni Cabin | Infirmary | It was the last night at camp and time for the farewell campfire ceremonies. The counselors led off the march starting with the Zuni cabin. They stopped at every cabin picking up the campers. The counselors played drums and held tiki torches while leading the silent parade to the campsite. The campsite at dusk was gorgeous with an opening to the lake where the setting sun reflected off the water and through the trees brilliantly. | Avery

65: The farewell campfire ceremony was very serious! They did lots of tricks with fire and gave some serious speeches. Each cabin got up in front of the fire and everyone gathered a stick. At each turn, one would say what they were thankful for about camp, then threw their stick into the fire. Everyone then chanted something together. They explained some awards that were to be handed out. There was an award handed out to one camper in each cabin that represented one of the core values. Guess who won for the Zuni cabin? AVERY! I couldn't have been more proud! Avery was so happy! She won the award for inclusion. Miss Amanda had fabulous things to say about Avery to the entire camp. They tied a bandana around her head and she was given a spirit stick to keep with her until the end of camp. The campers all chanted something after she was "Crowned" and she got to sit on a specially painted tree stump "Throne".

66: Camp

68: Girl Scouts Day Camp

69: Avery joined her friends Ella McKanna and Anna Hill for a week of Girl Scouts day camp. It was a super hot week but Avery never complained about the heat. They did lots of crafts every day. They had lunch, played in the river, made up skits, and shared lots of adventures together.

70: Beach Beauty

72: Create

73: Beach Fun

74: A fabulous day in Grand Haven, playing in the waves with Grandma and Addy

77: A for the sunset | Kiss

79: Avery LOVES the yearly neighborhood block party. Her claim to fame is always winning the donut eating contest! She wins for her age group every year. Congrats Av, you have the biggest mouth! Alina was new to the neighborhood this summer and the girls immediately bonded with her. Other favorite activities this year were decorating bikes and going on a bike parade, three legged race and sack races, tug of rope, potluck, pizza party, getting hosed down by the firetruck, and watching Rio after dark on the big screen. | Block Party

80: Traverse City

84: Home Piano Recital | The recital was held at Naomi's house on Lake Bella Vista. After the recital we enjoyed some snacks then the kids put on their bathing suits and went into the lake!

87: I really don't enjoy pulling the kids' teeth out! When the tooth is literally hanging by a thread, I have to get a hold of it and pull it out so they don't bite it, choke on it, or lose it. The Tooth Fairy is so magical to Avery. She always leaves a note for her. The Tooth Fairy comes in the night and leaves sparkly fairy dust where ever she's been.

91: Recess | Third Grade Open House

92: South Haven Friends

93: Beach Day

94: Labor Day Party

95: The party was at Shayne's house. Avery got to go on her first jet ski ride! After Lynn "Crashed" the jet ski, I thought Avery would never get back on it, but it didn't phase her. Avery loved to kayak! It was a great end to a great summer.

96: Third | Grade | First day of

97: Ms. Nyeholt

98: This year was the 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11. The media coverage was pretty intense and persistent. It really had an effect on Avery. In true Avery fashion, she portrayed her feelings through her artwork. She cut a piece out of the newspaper and made this amazing picture. She did this totally on her own during the weekend when Mom was working. What an amazing piece of artwork...

102: Avery and Addy were having a typical conversation which entailed, "When I am ____, how old will you be?" Addy led off, "Avery, when I am 8 how old will you be?" Avery says, "11". Addy asks, "When I am 15 how old will you be?" Avery answers, "18". Again Addy asks, "When I am 20 how old will you be?" Avery patiently answers, "23". Addy, trying to exaggerate, asks, "When I am like one hundred how old will you be?" Avery replies, "Dead". | ctober 23 | O

104: Valley View Voyage

105: The first event of the school year was the Valley View Voyage. Essentially, it was just an event to get people to donate money. The school walks through the neighborhood with their class. Afterward, each kid gets a popsicle. I guess it's worth it for all the cute pictures!!

106: Gymnastics | Avery did gymnastics all year. She started out in "Girls 1/2" and moved up to "Girls 3/4". She started out with the basics and at the end of the year was able to do a round-off back handspring with a spot. Avery LOVED doing gymnastics! Every time she learned a new trick she practiced that trick over and over again until she could get it right. She worked so hard in gymnastics. She started doing gymnastics at home in the living room, outside, at school and everywhere she could. I love watching Avery work so hard at practice.

110: We pulled Avery out of school so we could spend the day with Grandma and Papa at ArtPrize, Downtown, Grand Rapids. We were there for over 11 hours! Avery loved it. There was so much to see and explore. We had lunch at One Trick Pony and dinner at the B.O.B. Here are some pictures of some of our favorite pieces. There was so much to explore, we didn't see half of it! We hope to make this a yearly adventure.

111: ArtPrize

112: We had so much fun at ArtPrize with Grandma and Papa, we had to take Daddy and show him what it's all about. We spent the afternoon downtown GR with our family exploring the art phenomenon. It was a gorgeous fall day to explore the city.

114: What a beautiful fall day at Klackle's Apple Orchard with the family! Grandma and Avery got to climb their trees to get the best apples, we got to swing on horsie tire swings, ride bikes, pick out pumpkins, take a hayride and so much more!

116: More great pictures from this perfect day

118: Dance Class

120: With Anna Hill | With Lili Schneider | Grandma came !

121: Cleopatra | Third Grade Party | With Hannah Prost

124: hanksgiving | T

126: December 10 | Piano Recital

127: Avery had her Christmas piano recital. She was one of only 2 people who performed twice. She was the third to play and then she was the grand finale! She sure loves performing. After the performance there were treats in the lobby that we all enjoyed. Avery went back into the church, sat at the piano, smiled and started playing. She played for twenty minutes while everyone gathered in the lobby. She didn't care if anyone saw or heard her playing. Actually, I think she'd hoped they would! When we got home she went right to the piano and played some more. We were so proud of our pianist!

128: Mystery Reader | It was the first week of December and I got to surprise Avery by being the "Mystery Reader" for her class. I chose a winter theme and read, "My Penguin Osbert" and then led the class with a winter craft. While I read the story, I looked down at Avery who was looking up at me with tears in her eyes. She was so happy and proud that she was overcome with emotion and became tearful. I want to remember that moment forever. Everyone had a blast and it meant the world to Avery.

130: Dance Rehearsal | Tap

131: Ballet | Jazz

132: Each class got a "Golden Ticket" to board the Polar Express. After giving the ticket we are allowed to board the train. The music started and the ladies danced down the aisles giving each child some hot chocolate. Mr. Siegel was the conductor and led the story The story was brought to life with amazing sound effects, train whistles, lights, the projection screen, even smells! It was an awesome experience aboard the | Polar Express

133: The Polar Express

134: Some of Avery's friends at Christmastime. Mommy took some beautiful pictures of each kid in the class for their Christmas presents for their parents.

137: nticipation | A | Avery read her sister books by the Christmas tree. They were so excited and would often look out the windows awaiting their friends for our PJ Christmas party!

138: The girls had a blast at our Christmas party. They started out with a play date. We then ordered pizza and made our own gingerbread houses. Later, we danced, played board games, then snuggled up together with hot chocolate to watch The Santa Claus.

139: Brooke Dahlke | Camille Dahlke | Hannah Prost

140: We started by having a huge family style lunch at the Bavarian Inn. After lunch, we went shopping in the basement, drove through town, shopped at Bronner's, went shopping at Birch Run, and had a late dinner before returning home.

141: Frankenmuth

142: Christmas | 2011 | Merry Christmas Eve

145: Who needs Santa when you have Grandma!

147: Somehow, Avery and I got on the topic of lunch time at school. Avery mentioned she wanted cold lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She said she wanted cold lunch because there's more food in the lunch and she can sit and eat longer. She mentioned how she eats "Really slow" on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ultimately, I found out that on Tuesdays and Thursdays Avery waits in the lunch room until the next lunch group comes in....Addy's group. She waits in the lunch room until her sister comes in so she can see her! What a great big sister! | See our brand new door we got this fall!

148: The ribbons of your love are woven around my heart | Every Friday and Saturday night Avery and Mommy go to sleep together. We spend time together reading, talking, laughing, watching a movie, or praying. Those nights are so special to Avery and she never wants to miss them. Avery had an offer to spend the night at a friend's house and she was sssooo torn! She really wanted to go but was so worried about missing one of our nights together. We stood in the kitchen and she had her arms around my waist, struggling to make her decision. After my telling her multiple times that it was okay to go, that I wouldn't be sad or lonely, she decided to go to Ella's house for a sleepover. She hugged me tighter, looked up into my eyes and said so sweetly, "I feel like I'm fading away from you."

149: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

151: Happy New Year my sweet Avery! This was the first year ever that we had no plans for New Year's Eve. Mom had to work until 7:30pm and be back to work at 6:30 the next morning, so it put a damper on the festivities. Avery didn't seem to mind one bit.! That's our girl...sweet as pie!

152: A year, from start to finish, of my favorite, beautiful face

153: very eigh | A L

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