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Aya's 10th grade year

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Aya's 10th grade year - Page Text Content

BC: A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending

FC: OSC | a year in

1: Boys SAISA Basketball | With gecko fans screaming their lungs out, cheering for their favorite team members, you can just tellTHIS IS SAISA!!! After a really tough bunch of matches we got second placealmost first. We swam in the pool, bought food from the gecko café and cheered for the OSC gecko team. With 10 minutes left of the game and 8 points behind, the crowd was hopeless. Then in the last minute of the game Teru suddenly shot two consecutive 3 point shots! People turned their heads and stopped having side conversations and screamed louder than they ever had before. One more basket and we would have gone into overtime. Unfortunately we didn’t get that last basket. But it was still an amazing game and an incredible weekend we wont soon forget.

2: Christmas Gathering | We were one week away from Christmas break, and although we were excited to get a break from school, we all knew we would miss each other a lot. Daisy e-mailed Jesse, Avinash, Justin and me asking if we could come over and have a little Christmas gathering at her house. We all went over with presents for each other, not knowing how serious Daisy would take this festive opportunity. I arrived at her house and walked up the stairs to her room, and I must say I was nearly blinded by the Christmas lights and decorations all around. There was even a little Christmas tree in the corner of the room, with presents stacked under it! There was a plate of Christmas cookies and drinks on the table and noise makers for everyone. Let’s just say it was more of a Christmas than any Christmas I have ever had in my life. We sat around and opened presents, of which there were many. I got a teddy bear from Daisy (going along with our joke of Woolly Bear and Sweatery Camel), perfume from Jesse, a bracelet and fairy cake from Justin, and a “God Save The Quee”, high school musical pencils, and a Hannah Montana pencil sharpener from Avinash. We sang “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz and made videos on Daisy’s computer. After a while we went for a walk through the wilderness of Daisy’s road and trudged through mud and got our slippers caught in the mud. By the end of the night we had decided we were the cutest family ever.

3: Glamour. Style. Beauty. Grace. These are some words you think of when you think of fashion shows, or at least that was what I was expecting. But unfortunately those words are only relevant when you are watching a fashion show. When you are IN a fashion show the experience is very different. We had so many rehearsals and so much choreography to learn, given to us by a professional model consultant, choreographer and recruiter. It was very unexpected because a lot of us expected that the moves would be so choreographed, we figured we would just walk up and down the catwalk and bow at the end, that was it but each song was a full on dance routine. It was nerve-wrecking and new to most of us but in 4 to 6 inch heels we took the stage by storm and ended up making the fashion show look reasonably professional. With 10 girls and 5 guys we modeled a variety of clothes, with 5 outfits per girl and 2 per guy. The most memorable clothing line that was modeled was definitely Avinash’s AXS line. With themes of hookers and imprisonment, and with the use of crop-tops, short skirts and chains, we probably shocked the audience (including my grandparents, my aunt, my parents and my little brother) quite a bit. Another thing that shocked people were the male models, it wasn’t their clothes that were surprising, it was their lack of clothes. All the male models were modeling swimsuits and no shirts. But overall I think it was a good experience for all of us and I doubt neither me nor my grandparents were forget it very soon. | Charity Chic Fashion Show

4: Fiddler On The Roof | TRADITION!!

5: Natasha's Party | We were all excited and we had each gotten a call from Natasha’s mother telling us that she wanted to plan a surprise party for her. Margi, Daisy, Wenuri, Natasha, Dylan, Ian and I were determined to keep the party a secret from Natasha even though we were sure at some point one of us would slip up and tell her. But after planning in secret for a month and a half, we happily could honestly say that she had absolutely no idea about it, which was clear from her facial expression when she saw us. Dylan, Daisy and I met at Ian’s house at 9:30 in the morning, ready to head over to Natasha’s street, where we met Wenuri and Margi. Once we met them outside on the street, we drove down the road to her house. We snuck inside her house with her mom outside to greet us and told us to come inside. We stealthily snuck through the house, hearing Natasha’s voice upstairs. We walked upstairs and on the count of three we all screamed “SURPRISE!!” She was sitting on her window sill, staring at us like we had gone mad. We laughed and asked if she was happy to see us but she stayed silent for at least 15 minutes. After she finally got back to normal she informed us that she hated surprises and that she always wanted to know what was going on, which was definitely a surprise to us. Soon after that we left to Mount Lavinia Hotel, where we ate and swam and talked about tattoos, piercings, and Dylan’s amazing brownie-making skills. Afterwards we stopped by the DVD store on the way home, bought Woman In Black and watched it when we got back to Natasha’s house, and finaly after 4 movie nights of trying to scare Ian, he was finaly scared of the Woman In Blackeven though Harry Potter was the main characterand The Woman in Black was secretly Professor Magonigal.

6: At the beginning of February Natasha, Ian, Margi, Daisy, Dylan and I decided that people as awesome as the six of us should gather once a month and watch movies together. So now it is May and since February, the first Friday of every month, we would gather at one of our houses and watch movies. Usually these movies would all have the same genre in one night; also we would have a dress code and theme for each movie night. Although after a certain point the dress code for every movie night would be pajamas and we never ended up following the themes for movies we would always end up having an amazing time going to each other’s houses and spending time together. | Movie Nights and Baby

7: After a short time of having these movie nights, we were talking one time, during Chemistry class, and we were having a conversation about how we would all be such bad parents because we each had a few aspects of the ideal parents but lacked the rest of them. Therefore we realized that put together, we would make one perfect parent and that we should all have a child together. Obviously we realized this was impossible since all children have biologically only one mother and one father. So we agreed that someday in the future, when technologies allowed us to all have one child together, we would go through with it and have one baby. Then we realized that we should probably practice the experience of having a child before we all had one together. So we decided we would all have a fake baby until I moved so that we could be prepared for the future. So we flipped a coin to decide the gender, and it turned out to be a girl (it was 3 tails from 3 tosses so we were sure it had to be a girl). Then we decided on a name, which was much more difficult than it sounds, especially when you have 6 parents who need to all decide on one name. After a lot of thought we decided on Olivia/Olive. After a few months of waiting, the baby was born. And we love her very much

8: Avinash Hidramani Avi | Aya, I really don’t want to write this because it’s difficult to imagine you not being here. I love you so much. We may have our issues and problems but I think that you are far too important to me as a friend to let anything like that bother me. Aya, you and your quirky and unnecessary ways are by far the most annoying and intriguing things about you and no matter what anyone says, your creativity and idealism is unique, interesting and something that everyone needs a little of especially your imagination. We have had WAY too many ‘good times’ to even begin to list but you and I will always have that ‘extra bit’ of specialness as friends because of how easily we got a long when you first moved here. I think it’s safe to say that I was one of your first good friends and hope to remain one of your good friends even though you won’t be in this country for much longer. I am sure you are excited to go back home and be with the people whom you love and love you back, but just know, that this country will be one of those places too, because I love you too (THAT RHYMED).

9: Brooke Rojas Brookie Cookie! | Dear Miss Razzaz, You already know how much I don’t want you to leave. :( Now I’m going to be sad and sappy in this but whatever you have to deal with it. I have only known you for what, like 4 or 5 months? It hasn’t been very long I must say :( I’m kind of upset about that fact because it seems like I’ve known you for so much longer. Well I guess I have known you for this whole year but we never talked until just a few months ago. I don’t normally regret too much but I regret not ever getting to know you sooner. I remember when I first saw you and I thought you might be in grade (You looked older than you are) and I was like “Shit, that girl is so badass. She’s going to kill me”. Well, although you didn’t kill me I still think you’re pretty badass. You’re hands down one of the best people I’ve ever known and I thank you for that. I love that you’re my best friend, I couldn’t ask for a better one. You’re one of the few people that can make me genuinely happy, even just by LOOKING at you or seeing a text from or calling you, and when you give me that “face” where you make your chin disappear, you know what I’m talking about. There aren’t even words that I can use to describe how amazing you are, and how much I’ll miss you but I’ll make an attempt to show you how much.

10: I’ll miss watching messed up sexual movies with you like Miss March and Bucky Larson ;) “She’s a beautiful egg, painted gold, and laid by a diamond goose!” amongst the many other quotations I could write. “Suck my dick, while I fuck dat ass!” or “Ima fuck a white bitch, Ima fuck a white bitch!” Horsedick.mpeg. I’ll miss being able to be a complete idiot around you and not give a damn because I know you don’t really care. I’ll miss your crazy hairstyles and colors. I’ll miss your attack hugs and making you laugh until you reach the point where you can’t even laugh anymore and you just kick and flail around, and you trying to get me to carry you even though you know I can’t. I’ll miss staying after with you and not doing anything at all, sitting in the pouring rain with you until it thunders, and freaking out BECAUSE of the thunder, oh yes and your rain dance and how it ALMOST worked but someone was just throwing out water onto us.

11: . I’ll miss watching you dance seductively while you play “Fuck You” and “Seven Nation Army” on the ukulele, and most of all I’ll miss “VAGINAS AND BALLS!, VAGINAS AND BALLS! EVERYBODY LOVES VAGINAS AND BALLS!......but don’t forget about the PAYYYNUUUUSSSSS”. In short, I’ll basically miss everything about you. You’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever known and I mean it when I say I love you so so much, you have no idea. THERE IS A VEIN IN MY FOREHEAD THAT’S ABOUT TO POP! I love you woman and don’t you forget it. You better come back to Sri Lanka and visit me sometime and maybe by the time you come back you can see my baby bro or sis. I can’t believe I still don’t know the sex yet. :P Anyways I hope you have fun in Jordan and PLEASE keep in touch. I already talk to you all the time when you’re here so I don’t think I could last one moment without you. I hope to see you sometime soon. Adios mi nena and have the time of your life in Jordan. :) T-rex hugoh yeah. right they don’t have long arms. :( I love you like a people with Alzheimer’s love CHEESE ON TOAST! xxx -Brooke

12: Daisy Danziger Woolly Bear Mark | Hello Phil/ Sweatery Camel, First of all I would just like to say that I hate you for leaving. Seriously. Because now no one will read Jew with me or sing on the kitchen floor. We've had so much fun. Like in the bathroom at my house with liz in the bathtub, or when we were writing songs in the bathroom on the roof. And I tell you everything. There is nothing you don't know about me, legit. No body is going to be with me to have conversations about certain people that may not be loved very much by us... You know who I mean. The one who is trying to be a replica of us. AHEM. I'll miss Tarek too. I'll miss his laugh and I'll never forget the way he said hi to me when I came to your house it sounded like a creepy old man, but it was so cute. I'll miss his qusetions and his magic tricks. I'll miss talking to your dad for like two hours about random stuff at the dinner table, and laughing with you mom when you guys make random faces and noises. I just remembered when we were washing dishes at my house with Liz on the day of Justin Bieber's apple crumble. Haha, and the time that we were on the plane going to Jordan and tere were so many nifty things! And Habibi in the car with Aymen! Oh my God, remembering this stuff is killing me! Remember in self taught when we found the magazine with the naked chicks and they all looked like men and one looked like Michae Jackson! Hahahaha. Oh and when we went to the beach with my parents and my aunt and we stayed outside with the lanters and we thought we were gonna die. And we were dancing to songs from Fiddler cause we had nothing better to do because the pool was mouldy. And we planned an amazing trip remember? It was meant to me you, me, Justin, Jesse, Avinash and Sam! But as soon as we came back to Colombo we forgot about it. And I don't know who I'm going to look at in when youknowwho goes up and starts doing the voice. Remember when I was learning my monologue and I was speaking in a British accent and I ended up sounded like her? That was scary. Don't forget my speech impedimenthsntnt. I hope you have fun in Jordan. I know you want to stay here, but once you're back you'll love it, and hopefully you'll come back to see us all the time anyway! Don't forget me please. And if you ever get sad just look at the owners manual for the teenage body. It will help you to deal with your emotions. It also has very funy pictures. Keep my sheep underwear, I know you love it. Baaaaad Girl, Baaaad Girl, Baaaaad Girl, Baaaaaarl.

13: I could write more, but I don't know how much space you have on this page. I have a mosquito bite on my knee and you know what my knee just said? "Darn (I had to clean up the language) you Daisy. Why couldn't you wear lederhosen!!" Also, if you're sad remember my shake dat... behind... dance. Ugh, I'm remembering so much stuff like when we have our hatred of boyfriend days. It's nice to be able to share that with you! And now I just remembered when I put my whole body into my pants and I ooked like a chicken and you and Joshua were laughing so much - JOSHUAT AND DAIGEE! You know something you will never forget? What I gave you for your 15th birthday. I know it wasn't a materialistic present, but I am 100% sure you liked it. Don't deny it. Oh, and I remember ANNA HER MUSTACHE SNEEN. I said it. Her mustache. BAM! In a few years when Maisoon and I have our island in Maldives, you can come live on it with Yonah or whoever you want. Unless it's someone I really don't like. Like the chick with the "messed up knee" who had "so many lines to remember" and nearly "fell off Adam and Manuel's shoulders". I will definitely miss the times we had mocking her. I am actually smiling right now! I must look like a crazy person who "feeeeeeed(s) the biiiiirds, tuppence a baaaaaag. tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a baaaag" I'll come see you in the Middle East which is not at the top because it is in the Middle. Duh. Hahaha, remember when we made coffee because we wanted to stay up all night and then we slept anyway? Because we refused to drink the coffee that tasted like mud? Or when you slept over and I had to make you sleep on a towel because you had just puked in KFC and I didn't want you puking in my bed. Or when we were all puking in my garden and we sat in the cupboard for some reason and went in the shower and the water was so damn cold! And we had fiddler rehearsals the next day. That was not fun... When you come back to visit, which you will, we can go to Park Street and get..... CARBONAAAARAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

14: Yum. I'm going to miss the Arabic food at your house. Oh and I'm going to miss eating pizza with ketchup. Or mayonaise. Or both. Hannnnngggggdoooooowwwwwn. Ew. Sorry. I wish I hadn't said that. EW. I'm going to miss your smell of watermellon and that other stuff that smells ilke heaven. I want to make perfume out of you!! Just like the hot guy. Without the beard. Remember on the plane back from Jordan when we were watching Saw on the laptop and we were both just like "This is so stupid"? And then we watched the barbie movie and the laptop ran out of battery and we were like "NO! THAT WAS LIKE THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!" Oh and I dont know if I ever told you this, but when we were in Jordan I thought that your driver was your uncle. Sorry. I'm sorry to say that I am NOT going to miss your dog. He is evil. And his nails are really long. Well assume you want to read someone else's letter now, so I'll let you go. Have fun in the middle. Come back as fast as you can please, and remember you are helping us with grad party at Natasha's house. I miss you already, and you're sitting right in the other room. In fact I can see you. Love from Mark/ Wooly Bear. Oh and Aya, Where does the King keep his armies? I'll tell you the answer when you come back to visit me. I love you!

15: Dylan Schuler Mommy | My goodness Aya what a year it has been! I don’t even know where to start. Well, I guess I’ll start from the first time we met. It was at Margi’s party, I was being super awkward, and then you sat on me. From there, our beautiful friendship blossomed as I was dubbed as your mother and you, my crazy fried chicken crack baby. We got close really fast, and I really appreciated that, you know; I kind of needed it. I liked how I was able to ask you all sorts of things about this new place, and how you kind of caught me up on everything, so I wouldn’t feel more out of place than I already was. I think we’ve been through a ton together (not necessarily meaning a lot of bad events, but just a lot in general), such as: our (okay, honestly) failed talent show, Fiddler on the Roof, the fashion show, and so much more. Now that I look back on it, I swear we spend more time hanging out in the green room then outside of school. Haha, okay, maybe not, but I think that maybe that room is special or something? Okay, no, never mind, that’s weird. But we were able to hang out a lot, and I think just about every time I went to an outing somewhere, or hung out with somebody, you were always there. I think that’s really cool. I think I’m approaching a writer’s block, so I guess I’ll just talk about some random event. OHMYGOSH, remember the “Christmas tree” man? Oh god, that was just majorly awkward. And it continued to be, and I predict it will forever be awkward. You lucky child, not having to experience it anymore. So we went out to Mt. Lavinia yesterday, for Natasha’s party, and that was a blast. I think that group of people that we hang out with is really cool, and we get along great, and movie nights will honestly not be the same without you. You know, you have this really upbeat energy and charisma about yourself, and that’s something we’ll miss, for sure. So right now, you’re on my case for not turning this in, and I feel like a bad person or a rebel, I’m not sure. But anyway, what was I saying? Oh right, how we’ll miss you. Yeah, there really is no one like you, and you’re one of a kind. I really trust you with just about everything, and I really respect that in a friend, and I think I can truly call you my best friend. Yup, and guess what? Writers’ block! Gotta love em. Well, my fried chicken-iesha, you better be good in Jordan, and you can’t forget about our child: a love child between you, me, Daisy, Margi, Ian, and Natasha. A girl named Olivia, with wild hair, piercing eyes, and the brains and talents of all these wonderful people. I must say, that is one damn lucky kid, I mean, to have such wonderful parents, and places all around the world to live in whenever she gets bored of one. It’s a great idea, and do believe you were the one who planted this creative seed of scientific ingenuity in our minds, and thank you for it. Maybe we can be famous, and our kid will have rich parents or something. That would be super cool.

16: Now, I think I’ll end it here. Before I go, I’ll end with some lyrics: “Shake it out shake it out, shake it out shake it out. It’s hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off. And I am done with my graceless heart. Tonight I am going to cut it out, and then restart. Because I like to keep my issues strong, It’s always darkest before the dawn.” “Shake it Out” Florence and the Machine And on a much less related note, “In sleep he sang to me in dreams he came That voice which calls to me and speaks to me And do I dream again? For now I find The phantom of the opera is there inside my mind” “The Phantom of the Opera” The Phantom of the Opera Whatever you do, whatever you are faced with, I know you can power through; don’t let it drag you down. You are strong, and amazing, and truly wonderful. So on a final note: goodbye Aya, you have been (and I know you will continue to be) an amazing friend who provided and amazing friendship, one that I will cherish for forever, and we better keep in touch. With much love, your mother, Dylan Schuler

17: So... i have no idea what to say for this sooooooo. I will start by saying that you have been one of my best friends for the past 2 years and i will miss all the times that you made me laugh till i was on the floor, Just to list a few (to make this seem longer;) - THE CHICKEN IN THE EGG - MYTHBUSTERS VS. FAT PEOPLE - ASSING SMALLCHILDREN (I THINK THAT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE IN SOME COUNTRIES) - MY NAME IN SHEELA SHILLALI - AND MANY OTHERS I CAN"T REMEMBER (unfortunatlly) I am almost posative that i will never laugh as hard as i will when you where here and even if you never made me laugh again i would still want you to stay. YOU'RE FREAKING AMAZING AYA AND AND PLAY ALL THE GUITAR HERO YOU CAN AT THE abandoned house place?? I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH. P.S - if you don't visit then i swear i will fly over there and and either drag you back or have fun at your school and creep out all you friends (especially Dunya's BF :) P.S.S- I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH :( | Ian Martin Oprah

18: Jesse Doidge Fernando | Hey Aya fo shizzle ma nizzle razazzle :) Hmm a private message, ok i think i will start off with one of my favorite memories :P I guess it would be "harry potter!!!". i just want to thank you in this message for always being here for me whenever I needed a friend in need you were always a friend indeed... i hope you remember me after you leave us at OSC because I will always remember you :). even though i haven’t been in OSC for very long, you made me feel welcomed and you are a true friend. i wish you a safe journey to Jordan. you'll always in my thoughts and prayers :) See you in Jordan ;P Jesse Doidge

19: Justin Furkhan Bustin Jeiber | Hey AYA!! so this if for ur tech project time capsule thing :P I remember the first day u came to school and i was like "wow how lucky re we...A WHITE GIRL!!" haha jks jks but no honestly i though that u seemed like a really cool person. I know that at oone point i used to think that u were loud and annoying but honestly if u weren't the way u r a lot of my days at school would have been boring as crap :P U bring lot of energy and fun to our grade and also to me and it helps left me up when im feeling down i guess.I know that i can talk to u bout anything, we share a lot of things about our lives and i can tell u about the thick and the thin, and everything in between. remember those days when we used to call eachother every night and talk about the most random things?? like the mosters raping u from under the bed!! haha and all the other random stuff. those definitely made my nights. thats what i used to look forward to every night.and u probably forgot...or dont want to remember...avinash's house :P i believe the quote was "You're a really good kisser" :P haha fun times, one of our many experiences.And of course when i took u of the streets when u were stranded from going to Jesse's house :P and u came over and played xbox haha and u actually killed ppl!! i was suprised u didnt die like 50 times :PAnd when you helped me choose my clothes that one night, and it was APPARENTLY the best dressed ive ever been?? haha yeah whatever :P OH AND HOW CAN I FORGET!! remember when i got my braces put on!? that night when i was at your house? and we ordered pizza hut?? and i couldnt eat it so we had to use the blender haha!! that was such a fun night, even though was super miserable cuz i couldnt eat anything :P not to mention your dog tried to eat my feet -.- when i look back, 2 years is not long enough to know someone like you. its gone by really quick, and if i could i would definitely relive every second that I have pent with u over the last 2 years. Im gonna miss you heaaapppssssssss. The peeps in Jordan are damn lucky to have you there. Make sure u tell them about me hehe nah just kidding....but not really....but i am :P BBYYEEEEEEEE, I MISSSS OU ALREADY!! :) from Justinnnnn <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

20: Leila Fujiwara Grandma Fuji | HEY AYA!!! ok so I know we haven't talked like we used to and we have kind of grown apart. I mean I talk to u once in a while but it's different from how it used to be right at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. I know we won't want to admit it, but it's true. and i rlly miss u sometimes. I see you in school, but i miss your crazy, yet fun personality that contributed to the things that made me smile in each day. but i guess I still have that once in a while maybe not everyday, just sometimes. Anyway, I'm going to miss you sooooo much when you leave, there's no one i have ever met in my life that is like you. You are sooo energetic, crazy, fun, loving and caring all rolled up into one. You are sooo unique, not just cause you try things like dying ur hair these different colors and shaving a small section of ur hair, ur just so unique and ur so confident and you never let what anyone say put u down. u are urself and u don't care wat others think and thts wat i love about u. Never stop being u ok??? I will definitely miss all the short but fun times we had....the spatula dance @ ian's house. remember? "spatula all on the floor, spatula give me some more, spatula till u get sore, spatula, oohhhh " i think it went something like that...and also ur AMAZING PASTA, i swear one of the best i have ever tasted in my life and trust me i have had A LOT of pasta in my life cause it's like one of my favorite foods... and that time when margi somehow managed to finish that whole bucket of yummy haagen dazs, or that time when me n margi made u listen to barbie girl, or that time when we three were so into the spice girls song and the time u two showed me that "my dick" music video...i think that was the name of that song... there are so many memories in such a short amount of time and Im so happy that they happened because those moments let me have the opportunity to get to know u better. i will miss u aya and I hope that u won't forget me and that jordan is going to be just as gud as ur life here in sl or even better bye bye aya! luv u millions n will miss u millions xxx

21: Margaret Watts MARS | So Aya...sitting here, in the lab, realizing that we have so many weird memories together. The first time we met in the pool and you were all like, "HEY, FEEL MY LEG WOBBLE IN THE WATER!!!" And then we spent the rest of the time jiggling our leg fat. And then there was the eternal math tests, on the floor with the dust-bunnies rolling by a-la western movie style, complete with music. Ms. Chamila comes along and is all like, "Heeeey, do you need any help?" "Uhmm, yeah, can you help me with this?" LOL, no. You have to do it yourself." And then we have the epic hair dying, I'm not sure if you ever got the green hairdye out of your toilet...might be awkward to explain. And the true proof of a good friend, you can dye their hair while wearing only underwear and a shirt, while dieing of laughter. BTW, you STILL need to cut my hair...oh, and enjoy the socks, they would look freakin awesome if you somehow turned them into stocking with garter belts or something...anyway. Now I have no one to wait on while they shower in the changing rooms. I really hope no one else reads this...that would be a fun one to explain. "So yeah, I was just waiting in the changing room and eating lunch while waiting for you to shower after we snuck past Mr. Shipley." Brilliant. And all the car rides. The fantastic car rides. And Ian's spectacular dieing laugh. Now no one can make Ian die. And we are going to miss you making Ian laugh which makes all of us laugh. And now I have no one to awkwardly dance the middle of lunch and with no music. And I am going to fucking miss you!!! We are going to come visit you in Jordan and we must go to a hair salon. I thought you should know. Just in case you were wondering, I AM GOING TO FREAKIN MISS YOU! P.S. I'm sure I've probably forgotten something important, but I'll remember it later and scream it at you so that everyone looks at us like we're nothing new. P.S.S. We have got to go to that hair salon in Jordan...

22: Margi De Castro Magherita Wifey | Ayaaaaaa!!! I am really going to miss you. I am going to miss you SOO much. You have been an amazing wife (well now ex wife :/) School really is not going to be the same without you because you really are one of a kind (being cheesy right there) Honestly I have never met someone as crazy and as insane as you. You are the only person I know who has the guts to act completely weird and not care at all about what anyone else says. You are what makes this school original and when you're gone I swear school is going to be so dull. This year we have grown apart a little bit but last year I would say that we were pretty close and I know for sure that you are an amazing friend because you always stood up for me. I will always remember that sleepover we had where we wore granny dresses, put bras on top of them, put underwear on our heads, stuck toilet paper up our noses and rolled around on your chair screaming PUNNAAM. I will also remember the Aiyargi dance (epic stuff right there). Oh and by the way I am going to give you that dress that makes your boobs look bigger before you leave. I am rambling a bit too much so I guess I should go straight to the point. Basically Jordan is so lucky to have you and I am going to miss you a lot. But you better come visit us here in Sri Lanka! I will try to come to Jordan as well to visit you :)

23: Meagan Martin

24: Ms.Lilani | Aya – you’ve been the sunshine in my classroom. Just listening to you talk about life ingeneral– sharing your personal project and being a part of your evolving fashion statements – not to mention measuring lengths of shorts !! - have been immense fun. I loved sharing time in science with you – watching your hair stand up on end when you were attached to Mr. Simms electrical gizmo – seeing you taking off to the bathroom at a run after eating fermented potato chips (YUCK!!) and more!! I will miss you at OSC. Take care and look after your self. A great big hug Much love Ms. Lilani

25: back to | Natasha James Dr. NGJ

26: Ravin Madurawe | Aya! Why do you have to leave :(( I'm gonna hate you forever XD come back and visit a lot. YOU BETTER!! Now whos gonna make Ian do his stupid-crazy-laugh-that-is-funnier-than-the-joke huh?? See what you do when you leave?? Everything gets messed up :P But seriously. I'm gonna miss you :( have fun in Jordan. But remember. No place will ever be as fun as here :P But yeah. It really sucks that you are leaving. Again. We are really gonna miss you :( xxx Oh yeah... andFRANKENSTEIN!!

27: Sarah Ibrahim | DO NOT READ!!!!! FOR YOUR SCRAPBOOK!!!! ( It'll ruin the fun ;) ) Ok, first of all I am so glad I met you!. and I'm not just saying that. You are one of the funniest most randomest( Insert synonyms) person I've ever met!. Your bizzare humour is what I like about you the most and it sucks that you are leaving!. We had our fair share of moments. Like the times we hid from Mr. B and Mr. Shipley during sports day? THAT WAS FUN! The girls bathroom is the ultimate hiding place! Oh and the time we hid from Mr.B ( again) because we didn't do our google document. hahah! talk about de, ja vu. I remember we named a monkey Musthafa for some reason haha!. Do not forget our random hitler moments! Remember finding that swastica thing drawn on a table in french? and mdm veena kept insisting that it was buddhist symbol and we wouldn't beleive her haha!. And our random Arab moments! hahaha As long as my dad makes me learn Arabic ( Which is going to be a while -_-) I'll always remember you :P. Don't ever forget me!! ( Come to our 2014) Graduation :D that would be awesome!!!. Oh and on a final note I would like to say. MA3 SALAMEH!!!!!!!

28: Damien Martin Mordakai

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