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S: BSS Blast- Beyond Boarders - Dedicated to the Graduating class of 2012

BC: Going “beyond boarders” truly defines the 2011/12 school year. “Beyond” is something that can be unknown, beyond the outside range of one’s perception. At the end of the day, when Boarders come upstairs they truly cross the “border” from day to night bringing different perceptions not only cultural but from their daily experiences. This year we celebrated many moments that define our curriculum (Wellness, Exploration, Leadership and Diversity). Our Community Weekends highlighted memorable moments – Wonderland Adventure, Family Carnival/Bowling and Dream (Xtreme Chase/Car Wash/Celebration). Our Wellness program further expanded with a monthly health club calendar providing Boarders with the updates and various options available to them. This includes, Bootcamp, Evening Runs, Pool, Smoothie Wednesday, and special guests. New hardwood floors and furniture and a splash of color are also some of the highlights made to our home this year; we could not have done this without the support of the Annual Fund. It all came together at our first ever Coffee House where marvelous and diverse talent show took place. Overall, we were all entertained and touched by each performance. Clearly our home resonates meaningful experiences. This could not be done without the Boarding Staff – they all bring something unique to the program and are the driving force behind all these experiences. Eleni Gicas Vice Principal, Boarding, Global and Civic Engagement

1: Wellness

2: CN Tower Climb | Fitness | Nothing feels better than a sore muscle after a great workout. We have the opportunity to access BSS's excellent fitness facility. Boarders can work out with Ms. Espinoza, go for a run or join in on a pumped up group workout or yoga session. !

3: Swimming

4: Run for the Cure | Each year Run For The Cure is an exciting part of the BSS Harvest Reunion. The fundraising event also raises awareness for Breast cancer. Boarders have taken part in the Run For The Cure for the past 4 years!

5: Food Committee | Pasta Segretta | Food committee is a new boarding initiative. It is a well-known fact that Boarders love their food! This group of students discuss BSS Boarding food and collaborate with The Chef to make more executive changes. The Food Committee is responsible for our popular Wednesday smoothie night and the Garden. | Maria Deschamps and Onmi Chai ran this delicious Sunday night dinner alternative – Pasta Segretta. They have made it possible for boarders to buy a $2 spaghetti, their choice of alfredo or tomato sauce. It is convenient, inexpensive, and delicious!

6: Exploration

7: Star Wars Dinner

8: Culinary Experiences | Crafts | Boarders have all kinds of talent, one of the many ways they exhibit this is through weekend crafts. The Staff Don’s also bring us together through food, yes every Boarder’s favourite thing, delicious treats. Boarding is a blast on weekends!

9: Enthusiasm

10: Boarding

11: House | "My favorite part about house games is the energy among the community!" -LaSeane

12: Games | "I love House Games because I get to hang out with people I normally don’t hang out with. I also get to show off my red pride!" - Sophie

13: Boarding Movie Award | Poll – What I liked about BMA? 81% - Brought the families and Boarding together 14% - Videos were watched in the theatre 5% - Get to eat popcorn

14: Weekends | Weekends in Boarding, although quiet, are full of entertaining activities. These activities range anywhere from boot camp in the fitness centre or culinary experiences, to local trips to films in Toronto, malls, and restaurants. There are also ‘big ticket’ events such as excursions to Wonderland and live theatre. Toronto is full of things to do!

15: Dinner | Poll - What was your favorite Karaoke Song from Christmas Dinner? 89% - "I Will Survive" sung by administration and Boarding Staff 6% - "Break Your Heart" sung by Onmi and Maria 5% - "Somebody to Love" sung by Alina and Natalia

16: Carnival

17: HALLOWEEN | Halloween in Boarding always consists of three things: awesome decorations and crafts, UCC/BSS Halloween dinner, and of course Trick-or-Treat-ing (all ages). This is the single holiday during which Boarders can dress ridiculous; and believe me we Boarders go all out!

18: Diversity

19: KOREAN DINNER | Similar to other themed dinners, Korean dinner was planned by a group of Boarding students. The student coordinators were extremely pleased with the success of this dinner. There was an educational presentation, trivia games, and even Korean dancing. It was a great night of sharing the Korean culture!

20: Caribbean | Dinner

21: Japanese Dinner | Japanese dinner was full of delicious food and fun activities. These girls not only found us an atypical and delectable menu, but also organized tradition activities that were so fun.

22: Jersey Shore Dinner | What was everyone’s favourite part of the Jersey Shore Dinner? 70 % - The Snooki Poof Contest 17 % - Creating ‘celebrity’ names 13% - Getting to dress up for the dinner

23: Talent Show | Boarding's got talent! The diversity of the talent was incredible - from musical performances, dancing, juggling, human puppetry to original scores. The Grad finale was a rendition of "Friends Forever". This event entertained and touched us all - most emotional memorable moment of the year!

24: Lunar New Year | What does Xin Nian Kuai Le mean? a.May you have the spirit of a dragon and horse b.May all your wishes be fulfilled c.Wishing you prosperity every year d.Happy Lunar New Year Answer: d

25: Canadian | Dinner | Fun Facts! Two national sports in Canada are Ice Hockey & Lacrosse! Two national symbols of Canada are the Beaver & the Maple Leaf!

26: Pictures of | Japan | Taiwan | France | U.A.E | Vietnam | U.S.A. | Antigua | Jamaica | Bangladesh | The Bahamas

27: Home | China | Hong Kong | The Philippines | South Korea | Canada | Barbados | Mexico | Bermuda

28: Boarder Banquet

29: High Societea

30: Leadership

31: Our Community | "To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there." ~Barbara Bush | Leaders In Boarding

32: DREAM | The Extreme Chase

33: DREAM in its4th year, supported The Jack Project at Kid's Help Phone to raise awareness for mental health. The event featured "The Xtreme Chase", an urban adventure. A car-wash and exciting celebration to finish off a great day!

34: Tuck Shop | Community Standard Board | CS - Lindsay | I got a lot of benefits from running a Tuck Shop. I know the price for all the food we have in the secret cupboard. I am better in mental math since I was counting money really fast! And I got to find out how hungry our boarders are at night. It was a great experience for me and I hope to do it again with Lindsay and others! - Suhan Tuck this year has been awesome. It was really fun getting to know how everything works and being able to order the food! - Lindsay | CSB is made up of three boarding students promoting the importance of community and social justice. This year Moyowa Boyo, Lauren Gill, and Shanahly Wan worked with Ms. Gicas to help strengthen our community in a positive direction.

35: Prefect In Boarding | "I met girls from different grades and countries. It’s the best kind of weekday sleepover" - Head Girl, Carly Walter | BSS' Blast Committee

36: Staff | The Boarding Staff become our "mothers" away from home. They are always here for us: Support, when we are sick or stressed, waking us, tucking us in. We love the staff! We are sad to see some leave us this year but we are looking forward to welcoming the new staff too.

37: Community

38: Community | "Boarding comes together as one during Community Weekends to make for an unbreakable bond where nothing can drive us apart." - Megan

39: Weekend | "My favourite part of Community Weekend is that everyone comes together. I loved this year’s activity: Wonderland trivia questions." - Rachel C.

40: GENERAL LIFE | Boarding always has a lively ambiance. There are students hanging out in the common rooms. There are students bustling in and out of the office. There are students watching movies, doing homework, and of course participating in the wide variety of weekend activities. “Life in Boarding is great!” exclaimed Kelsey DeGagne.

41: ORIENTATION | Orientation is always one of the most stressful and exciting times of the year. For some students it is their first time away from home so the Boarding council makes this strange transition a smooth one. “Orientation initiated my relationships in Boarding; it made me comfortable with my surroundings.” Rachel Huang.

42: Ambrose | I love the Ambrose family because, everyone is so enthusiastic and friendly. we are spirited, amazing and we dominate every family competition:) - Lauren | The best of Boarding is my Family Advisor, Ms. Sengupta. She takes an extra step in trying to make sure I am always happy and on top of my schoolwork. She is what makes me love Boarding even more. - Janelle | We are a group of fun loving and quirky girls. We're known as the loud ones but i think thats our signature trademark:) - Ashley

43: Augustine | What I love most about my family, The Augustine's is that we are always together. We may seem like a quiet bunch of girls, but actually we are all very similar and share similar same likes and dislikes. - Rachel C. | I have had some unforgettable times with my family. We always know how to laugh. We may never win an activity but we have fun doing it. -Kaileigh

44: Elmonts | The Elmonts are all free spirited and lively girls. No matter what, an Elmont will always have a story to tell. They are very loving and adventurous, always up for a challenge. - Sara | Elmonts are special. We are all amazing people and I love Elmonts. Ms. Simmons is a very fun and cool Boarding Don. I love Elmonts. -Alina | The Elmonts really feel like my family. They are my family away from home:) - Alex

45: Perpetuas | The Perpetuas are an awesome and dynamic family. We love to have a good time and we always give 100 percent in everything we do. Go St. Monica’s! - Moyowa | We Perpetuas are different than all the other five families. We are a very dynamic and funny group of girls. - Dany

46: West Yorkshire | This year the West Yorkies consist of relatively new boarders. We have a very dynamic and diverse group of girls. We are definitely thrilling to work with. - Erica | West Yorkies is the most spirited and energetic family. We always bond as a family when we get together. We are a special bunch of girls. - LaSeane | I love that I can get to know people that I never would have met otherwise - Maria D.

47: Whitby | We are the most enthusiastic and spirited family in St. Hilda’s. We treat each other like sisters and Ms. Bookman is like our mother. During Formal Dinner, my family does not only speak to people of our own grade but of different grades and cultures; this shows how much of a diverse bunch we are. - Clara | Whitby is a small family with a lot of beautiful people in it. I could not be placed in a better family. I love Whitby. - Natalia

48: Approximately how many boxes of chocolate were sold for St. Valentine's Day in 2003? a.1 billion b.70 million c.10 thousand d.36 million Answer: d | Valentines Day dinner

49: Grads Last Words | Moyowa Boyo | In the past 3 years, I have grown and changed so much and I can only attribute it to the experience boarding has given me. It’s been a blast! From house games, to formal dinners and boarder banquets, I’ll miss it all. Particularly I will miss the people that always offer a friendly word and a good laugh. Jo, Goops, D’nea, Sophie, AiIish, Ms D, Ms Gicas and so many more, you have all made my time in boarding amazing! I can’t believe I’m saying goodbye. To boarders, enjoy your time and treasure every moment because before you know it, you’ll be saying goodbye too. Cheers to a memorable three years! | I remember meeting my first roommate, who introduced herself by giving an enthusiastic wave and saying “Hi! I’m your roommate!” and it’s weird to think that nearly four years have passed since then. It’s been a whirlwind of fire drills, mocha frappuccinos, laughter and tears. I gushed over Vampire Diaries and obsessed over MTrench with dear ol’ Chan, spent almost a whole day in the res office, stayed up until early morning watching Misfits and random movies with the ever-lovable Christabel, saw every school play last year with Pauly C, spread the Star Wars love to Miss. Dube, had hard-core partiesat Starbucks and met some of the most amazing people in the world (if I were to list them all here, I’d go way over the word limit). In September 2008, nervous and excited about this new world, I had no idea what would hit me, but I’m glad it did. | D'Nea Campbell | Erica Chan | How do you say goodbye to your family? You don't. And I won't. As Peter Pan said, "Never say good-bye because saying good-bye means going away, and going away means forgetting." Although I'll be going away (this is an inevitable truth that I have come to face), there will be no forgetting in my process of leaving. I’ve had my fair share of laughter, tears, and memories in these past 4 years to last me a life time, but there isn’t a single second that I would want to redo. So, thank you. Here’s my advice before I get on my way, it’s not original I’m sorry to say: Grab those opportunities when you see ‘em. Cause everyday’s a brand new day, you gotta carpe diem. Now, as Boarder Captain I never asked you for much, but here’s my last request: Seize the day, boarding, personalize each day with your very own touch. | Natalie Cheng | Time flies! Can't believe I have already spent 5 years in BSS (: Now, I will leave this place with the same height I first came. To my girls~ TW: m ho m gay duc ngo ah :D I will miss you, duc harn jau lay wun ngo la<3 NH: see you in summer! I will come find you<3 RC: lomei, no more lomei<3 CC: gay ju pick Kristie/my room next year!<3 KL: m ho gua ju kao jai m lay ngo<3 LH: mei dong xi gen ni jiang bahaha :O<3 RL: one more year to yun<3

50: Catherine Clarke | Sara Dubé | Annafaye Dunbar | Ailish Forfar | Although I’ve only been a Bish boarder for three amazing years, it seems like I’ve been a part of this family my whole life. “Asquared”, thank you for always being there for me. I promise one day we’ll figure out “who dat girl” is! LG and Kails, you both brightened my days and I’m going to miss you SO much! Morgo and Vic, I’ll miss our rides and early morning practices together. Keep working hard and great things will come your way. P, I couldn’t have done it without you. Cheering me on and being my friend whenever I needed it, I’m truly going to miss you. Simmons and Ms. Gicas, thank you both for your support and kindness these past years! To all of my friends, I love you all! I have a lifetime of unforgettable memories to hold close to my heart. I’ll never forget this incredible experience! | When I first came here I had no idea what I was really getting myself into but I am glad I did. I have met so many amazing people, learnt a lot and have had many great experiences. I am so thankful that I got to come here for the past two years and can honestly say it has changed my life for the better :) Crazy bike rides, trips to the park, midnight starbucks parties, after study ville runs, movie nights, shopping trips, pulling a 'Dubes' in the airport and being rescued by Iman!, Island times, home reminiscing, long philosophical talks, discovering the Force, all-nighter-7 am over easy brunch, figuring out I fail at monopoly, having the best roomie anyone could wish for and learning SO much from everyone around me. You have all made me a better person and for that I thank you. Peace and love, Doobie. | Coming into boarding in grade twelve, I was not so sure what to expect. After being here this year I have learned that it is a wonderful community filled with great girls who are always spirited and ready to take on any challenge, especially when it came to house games! I will be cheering for Elmo forever! | It’s been three years since I first walked through the pearly white gates of BSS, wait I stand correct the dark brown doors that seemed much like a scary palace. I have gained many great memories and amazing friends. Holla at my two girls Wifey (aka wif wif) and Huucci M. for being able to put up with my crazy dance moves, my unbelievable sass and my amazing jokes. BSS has taught me a lot and I am truly going to miss this incredible institution. I would like to big up Goops, Ms. Folkes, Geeks Ms. Sookoor and my girlz J.phee, Laseane S., HT and my grads.

51: Lauren Gill | The past 3 years in boarding has been indescribable. From the friendships to the late nights, chilling in the res office and being able to chat in a friends room are only a few of the many memories I’ll cherish. KG, LG, AS, SD, AV, NL, MD, I don’t know what I’ll do without you next year; you’ve made boarding so special! MoMoBoBo, I can’t tell you how much I’ll miss you and our random dancing sesh’s! You were the best roommate in the world! Ails, I’ll be missing zebraness in my life L. Linds, my froyo buddy; I’ll miss your random acts (doggy day). Laseane, we still need to make a YouTube channel! Kimmay, thanks for being there through the thick and thin, you’ve become one of my closest friends ever, don’t forget our NYC trip! Thank you 1D for keeping me awake to work. I couldn’t have asked for a better boarding experience! | Joannes Gomes | Kaileigh Gonsalves | Nina Hou | I will Miss HL, NC, TW, CC. Life with you guys is Awesome!! I will never forget. I love you guys. <3 | It’s hard not the find it all a little bittersweet, in the past two years in Boarding I have made amazing memories with amazing girls that I will never forget. My favourite nights have to be the ones that I expected nothing of, playing games in the Res office and just laughing until it hurts. Ms. Ridley thank you for being an awesome FA. Goops, thank you for always being there to listen to me cry, even though majority of the time it was about Taylor Swift, I couldn’t have done it without you. Lauren, Ashley and Ailish the giggles we have had together have been some of the best moments of my life, I wish you all the best in your future I know you all will continue to amaze the world. To the graduating class of 2012, BE FEARLESS I love you all! Good luck! | The past 2 years have been a complete world wind! One filled with some of the Best memories of my life. Goops, I have no idea how i would of gotten through it all without you! Ms. Gicas, I am so thankful for your support! KG, Ley and Ail - I will never forget the times we have had in this building! I dont know how im gonna survive next year without my team. Words can't explain how grateful i am for these past two years, they will be a part of me forever! The friendships I have made will always be treasured and I hope they last nothing but a life time. This is it - the real world now..To all my fellow grads - never give up on your dreams! One day they will come true:) Love you all!!

52: Stephanie Hsiao | Serena Hui | Sarah Jiang | To SJ: I can’t believe we won’t be roommates next year:( 4 years passed by so fast and I will never forget all the wonderful memories we shared together, especially the laughter, screams, hugs that fill every corner of our room. Thanks for being such a great friend and listening to all my complaints:P You’re the best and I will for sure miss you.;( Keep in touch! To SW: Thanks for giving me support when I’m down and struggling with stuff(!). I will definitely skype u next year when I need help and give you updates! Btw, sorry for disturbing u with the noise when u’re sleeping To EZ, XF, YL: You guys are amazing, especially the connections that bring all of us closer. Although we are all departing to different unis, but we can always keep in touch through skype! 6 people conference skype! Let’s do it:) | Iman Khan | 3 years doesn’t seem much but the amount of memories I have taken away from boarding are infinite. There are way too many to count! But I will say that everyone in boarding has changed my life! I don’t think I would be the same person I am today without meeting every single one of you. Carol, whatever will I do without our soca jam sessions. Dubes, please don’t ever change. Laseaneeee! Hang in there, you’ll make it through and you’re going to be an amazing St Hildas house head next year! Ashley, what will I ever do without my partner in crime next year?! And to all res staff, I will forever cherish all the laughs we’ve shared. St Hildas rocks! Peace out! Xxxx | As a proud bish boarder, the past six years has been an incredible and unforgettable journey. I still remember grade seven as if it was only yesterday, and now here I am writing my grad blurb and preparing my "survivor" speech for my last ever boarder banquet. Thanks to all boarding staff and friends for supporting me through the past six years and filling my life with laughter. And I will never forget those great and crazy memories I had in boarding! | I want to say thank you to all my friends for giving me support, food, hugs and my parents who always tell me I’m the best, to all the teachers and boarding staff who help me and listen to me all the times. It’s hard to think that I have to live without all of you next year but I will always remember the good memories in my heart and wish you all the best <3 THANK YOU BSS! For lamb: good luck with university I will miss you a lot and hopefully you will find a nice roommate (like me) jks! For YL: Thanks for all the jokes and fun times let’s swim back and visit together! For forever: Thanks for borrowing me your bed, food and time wish you all the best! For Swan: Thanks for all the advices and good times, have fun in Britain! For XF: Thanks for all the good times and hugs :D have fun in TO!

53: Katherine Lai | Ashley Nguyen | It’s strange to admit, but after the past three (incredibly long) years, BSS boarding has become a place that I can call home. There are countless memories from the two consecutive years at the Hideaway and the more recent ones from the hallways of the fourth floor that I will always cherish. To Iman, Carol-Anne, Sara, and Laseane, thank you for being awesome! To the rest of the grads of 2012, the best of luck and stay fabulous! | Carol-Anne Phillipps | Ashley Shoul | The fact that two years have already gone by is BEYOND shocking and simply hard to believe. SO MUCH has happened within that time frame! I owe majority of it to the boarding community and my loving parents for pushing me to come here. The friends I’ve made here are like sisters, we bicker and argue but at the end of the day we’re there for each other. Iman, Sara, Laseane and Ashley, I couldn’t thank you guys enough for the ridiculous moments we have shared, and my fellow islanders for being there for me to “bruk it down” with, you all mean the world to me. GOOOOOOPS I could never thank you enough for being there to nag me and push through my stubbornness (which I know you will miss dearly as well as my 'stinky' face). All of you have made me mature and develop into a much more responsible and independent girl. I really couldn’t have asked for a better family. I love all of you deeply and will greatly miss you. | Two years ago, BSS Boarding was just supposed to be a stepping-stone to university life. As my time here comes to an end, I’m happy to say that it has been so much more than that. Boarding has provided me with both an experience and a family that I will never forget. Ail, you were the most amazing roommate I could have had. Always keep it CLASSY. Kails & Lo, thank you for the laughs, and incredible memories. Goops, thank you for everything. I could not have made it this far without you. To rest of the boarding staff, thank you all so much for the support you have given me. To the grads & remaining boarders, I wish you all nothing but the best. Remember to “stay far from timid, only make moves when you’re heart's in it, and live the phrase: Sky's The Limit” | life doesn't only have one direction

54: Sophie Smith | When I applied to BSS I had no idea who I was, who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do when I was older. I came to boarding searching for a reason for my life, I was filled with unanswered questions that I wanted answers for. I came here in order to change myself for the better and in the end that is what I did. I now know who I am, who I want to be and what I want to do when I grow up! And the best part about it is that I managed to create friendships here that will last a lifetime and memories that will last forever! I love BSS Boarding and I will never forget the impact it has had on my life | Shanahly Wan | Xiaofan Wan | Ya Lei Wang | Christie Wei | For the passed four years whenever I have to fill in my address, I always put “298 Lonsdale Road”. In this castle, I have made friends that will last forever. The memories I have made here, whether it is house games, boarder’s banquet or the evacuation last year, will always be unforgettable. | My three years in BSS boarding gave me an opportunity to meet all my friends and build relationships that will last for a lifetime. I learned how to communicate, how to laugh together with my friends, and also how to cook eggs for every Saturdays breakfast. Different events and activities in boarding taught me how to fill myself with spirit. In classes, I gained knowledge; in boarding, I learned how to live in a better life. Boarding taught me something that I could never learn from classes or family. Living with people that as the same age as me is challenging and the things that gained form life can be used to help my life in the future. | Four years, three FAs, two rooms, one hallway, my boarding life can be simply summarized into these four numbers. However, been woken up by staff even during my sleep in days; stick a “do not disturb” note on my door just because I am eating chips; pick up “the green bin” most of time for kitchen duties; tell visitors that I love sharing washrooms with the entire hallway during ambassador tours even I want one just for myself desperately. I never think BSS boarding life is perfect, but it does often “concave up” and prepared me well for my university life over lake. (peace out, grads 2012). | life doesn't only have one direction

55: Ingrid Wong | Tiffany Wong | Sarah Yang | Ever Zhang | Although I have only been to boarding since grade 11, this is the best time EVER. I enjoyed everything in this big family: from 8:10 am wake up, to billiards party in common room, to 2 am fire drill, to 24 hours gatings, to movie night, to formal dinner, to house game to boarder’s banquet Moreover, I have to credit all my happiness to SJ and her way of taking over my bed and eggrolls, SH and the girls night we had together, SW and her taste of the lovely Mr. Shakespeare, YW and her biomedical-weapon-like mouth, XW and her special cloud that is constantly flowing above all of us and those people who made me laugh from my deep heart. GUYS, as I go gone, I will remember all the times we had together. We are friends FOREVER! | I am very glad to be moving on into a new phase of my life. I will never forget the memories, the good and the bad times I had at BSS. | My short three years in boarding have changed my life in so many ways. There were many good and bad times, but if I mixed them together, I would say it was a heck of a journey. Thank you to all the boarding staff members for making my time here within the boarding community a good one. I will always remember this unique chapter of my life where I met many of you whom I can call my sisters. Special shout out to Stephanie, Sarah, and Joy; I love you guys so much, thank you for being with me through everything and anything. Our friendship will always have a special place in my heart. And to everyone else, good luck and enjoy the rest of your time in boarding because before you know it, all this good times will be over. | I’ve been at the BISH for 4 years and every year the new people who have joined the boarding community have made both positive and negative impacts in my life (: My little famjam members accumulated frm 2008 - 2012 always supported me when I needed someone to laugh with, cry with, get in trouble with, try new things with, diet with lol, workout with, shopping with, procrastinate with, nap with, get pissed at with, nom with, and much more other wacky crazy stuff to do with -- MY POINT is if you’ve survived 2012 widz me, you will know, and I want you to know that I, will never ever ever forget you, yes YOU ;) Unless if FB shuts down . . .jks jks ~’love you guys >< soo so much *Anyways I’m going to NYC ;D lol!! Shooo visit!! Don’t forget me & Good Luck

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