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Butler Elementary PTA 2011-2012

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Butler Elementary PTA 2011-2012 - Page Text Content

S: Butler Elementary PTA Scrapbook 2011 - 2012

BC: Butler Elementary where memories are made and excellence is a priority...


1: Butler Elementary | "Let us realize that the privilege to learn is a gift, that power to learn is a blessing, that love of learning is success. - David O. McKay | Butler Elementary PTA Arlington Council Area 18 2011 - 2012

2: TABLE OF CONTENTS | *Evaluation Certificate to be added to front after evaluation. 1...Cover Sheet 2-3...Table of Contents 4-5...Going Green Mission 6...Picture of Butler 7...Butler Stats 8-9...PTA Board Roster 10-13...Principals pass the torch 14-17...Faculty Pictures 18-19...Butler History Facts 20...PTA Budget 21...Meeting Dates 22-23...PTA Goals 24...PTA Installation Luncheon 25...Silent Auction, Kind. Round-up 26-27...Cutest Pet Contest 28...Teacher Appreciation Lunch 29...Dennis Lee Show, Senior/6th grade Reception, Scholarships

3: 30-31...Field Day 32-33...Nurse Robin's award 34-35...School Supply Pick up 36-37...Back to School Luncheon 38-39...1st Day, Tears & Cheers 40-41...September Meeting 42-43...Fund Raiser 44-45...November Meeting/Reflections 46-47...Cupcake Day 48-49...Family Fun Run 50-51...Canned Food Drive 52...Book Fair 53...PTA Holiday Luncheon 54-55...January Meeting/Lifetime Memberships 56-57...Teacher of the Year 58-59...Talent Show 60-61...March Meeting/EPA Awards 62-63...Popcorn & Fun Fridays 64...Box Tops/Other fund raising 65...Directory 66...By-laws 67...Historian Yearly Report 68-71...Thank You's/Acknowledgments

4: check us out online... www.butlerpta.org -like us on facebook -follow us on twitter

5: Last year the Butler PTA made the decision to "go green", by distributing our newsletters electronically, rather than printing them. To further improve our efforts to help the environment, this year's scrapbook was created electronically as well. Not only did we save a ton of paper, this has also allowed us to easily share the scrapbook with everyone. A link to this year's scrapbook will be added to our website. Hope everyone enjoys it and is inspired to do something "green" too. BIG CHANGES, BECAUSE WE CARE!

6: pic of school | BUTLER SWEET BUTLER | 2121 Margaret Drive, Arlington, TX 76012 | Enjoy the view, because changes are coming soon. Thanks to the PTA, Butler will soon have a covered walkway. Be sure to check out the new awning. Project starts in April 2012.

7: Butler Elementary is the proud home of: | 672 students 65 teachers/support staff Principal, Daniel Gallagher and 510 PTA members

8: Board Roster | Principal, Daniel Gallagher President, Angela McKay 1st VP - Aide to President, Joan McDonald 2nd VP - Community Service, Herbie Wilbanks Book Fair, Pam Cooner Butler Family Fun Run, Tracy Hauswirth 3rd VP - Membership, Kate Hall Volunteer Coordinator, Kristy Kundysek 4th VP - Programs, Julianne Davis Special Events, Amy Harris Talent Show, Laura Baussus 5th VP - Publicity, Tracey Jackson Directory, Kim Julius Directory Ads, Tauna Burden Newsletter, Holly Hattendorf 6th VP - Budget & Finance, Kim Knoll School Supplies, Sunny Austin Field Day, Kay Wade T-shirts, Amy Booze Yearbook, Katy Walsh 7th VP - Hospitality, Kate Wood Secretary - Laura Kennemer Treasurer - Jamie Paladini Historian - Sheyna Kobty Parliamentarian, Kim Ray

9: Book Club, Jodi Brownlee Sunshine, Missy Brown Environmental Awareness Contest & Reflections Contest, Cindy Withers Marquee, LaNette Hammond Box Tops, Karol Clay Popcorn Fridays, Mendi Schutte | VIP Volunteers | The people who keep us moving forward...

10: It is with many emotions I announce to my Butler Family that I am retiring at the end of this school year as of June 15, 2011. I am closing a wonderful chapter of my life that allowed me the opportunity to serve children and their families for thirty nine years! I was one of the lucky ones who got to experience working at their passion in life. Children are so important to our future and the responsibility educators have on a daily basis is overwhelming as well as rewarding. Imagine planting seeds in a garden everywhere and never seeing the results of your efforts, the good stuff! The seeds a teacher plants every day are like that, we never know "the good stuff" unless they return to the teacher to share where they are and what they are doing. We may never know how we reach every student. I have many who have returned to tell their story and that is the ultimate gift of our work. Here at Butler we experience reunions of former students who return to our area by choice so their children can attend Butler. We are very lucky! My challenge over the years has been to spread the work to others to contact that special teacher that made a difference in their life...pass it on! I want to thank all of you for the impact you have had on my life and my family's life. It has been a privilege to work with and for you! We made so many memories over the past sixteen years and we have worked as partners to make Butler your place of choice for your children. Thank you for completing "our triangle of success: students, parents and teachers." | Parting words from Mrs. Coulter, upon the announcement of her retirement...

11: The true magic at Butler is really simple: parents and teachers working together for student learning success! This is what sets us apart from other schools, working together and putting children first! I want to thank all the volunteers that work within our school to make our job easier and allow teachers to free up more time to teach children. Thanks to ALL of you who have taken leadership roles in the past. I am especially grateful to Laura Kennemer, Past PTA President and Michael Roytek, Past President of Butler Dad's Club for their hard work and support. You have set an example for all future leaders/parents to come! In closing, my gift is the memories I share with each child, each parent/guardian, and each teacher! I will miss the daily smile, daily hug and the many friends. I am thrilled to pass the "torch" to such a wonderful friend and colleague, Daniel Gallagher. He is the right choice to lead Butler in the future. I will be watching from the sidelines and cheering each of you during the quest for student success. Watch out world, Butler is emerging. Respectfully, Sara Coulter

12: Encouraging words from Mr. Gallagher, regarding his new position as Principal... | The 2010-2011 school year will be ending soon and with each ending comes a new beginning. I am very excited to be named the Principal of Butler Elementary beginning next year. I truly believe that I have learned from the best. Mrs. Coulter was an outstanding mentor and a true friend. She dedicated herself to the students, teachers, and parents of Butler Elementary and I will do the same. We have always shared the same belief that it takes parents, students, and teachers working together to create a successful school. I will work tirelessly to continue the tradition of excellence that began 35 years ago when Butler Elementary first opened its doors to students who were excited and eager to learn. I want to ensure that Butler maintains a high level of excellence and that each child will be challenged to their full potential. I will continue to provide training and support to the staff of Butler to ensure not only excellent instruction, but student success as well. I often say that what makes Butler so special is that it is truly a community school where the teachers, parents, and students are all working together. We have the best teachers, students, parents, PTA, and Dad's Club in the entire Arlington ISD and I am proud to be the next Principal of Butler Elementary. Daniel Gallagher

13: Passing the torch... | A Retirement Reception was hosted for Mrs. Coulter by the Butler PTA & Dad's Club. Butler Faculty & Staff, AISD Administration, and some AISD employees attended the ceremony. She will be missed. Thanks Mrs. Coulter!

14: PRINCIPAL Daniel Gallagher | ASSISTANT PRINCIPARL Stacie Humbles | OFFICE STAFF Robin McDaniel, Sue Thomas, Stacie Humbles, Daniel Gallagher, Deborah Washam, Debbie Steiner, Carolyn Eddlemon, Ann Watley

15: KINDERGARTEN TEAM Kiley Bounds, Jana Rosier, Barbara Jackson, Dee Mackey, Tricia Angell | FIRST GRADE TEAM Pam Marshall, Haley MacDonald, Kim Jones, Dianne Browne, Kristen Zarosky | SECOND GRADE TEAM Sarah Vaughn, Jennifer Hendricks, Michelle Viskozki, Susan Robertson, Ann Forshag | THIRD GRADE TEAM Denise Holloway, Tori Oglesby, Laura Weiss, Lori Jenkins, Shelly Osten

16: FOURTH GRADE TEAM Diana Goudey, Cyndi Perry, Jodi Brownlee, Erin Pearcy, Anita Foster | FIFTH GRADE TEAM Kristyn McWilliams, Sara Meredith, Kathy Ryan, Debra Anstice, Christa Bowie | SIXTH GRADE TEAM Molly Bennett, Brenda Billups, Judy Riedt, Mollie Anderson

17: FINE ARTS TEAM Amy Viskozki, Jenny McHenry, Dave Lovell, Dawn Reed, Lana Ogden | SPECIAL EDUCATION TEAM Denise Smith, Debbie McDonald, Kathy Powell, Daralyn Jennings, Kim Diaz

18: A little Butler | THE BUTLER SISTERS "Our Namesake" Butler Elementary was named after two sisters, Nora & Pearl, affectionately known as "the Butler sisters". Both were born in Godley, Texas and both began their teaching careers in Arlington ISD at Arlington High School in 1942. Nora and Pearl were dedicated teachers, who loved their students. Nora retired from teaching in 1966 and Pearl retired in 1971.

19: PTA Presidents: Kathy Beaman 1975-1976 Phyllis Olson 1976-1977 Betty Dillard 1977-1978 Ann Morris 1978-1980 Loretta Eskridge 1980-1982 Sharon Shackelford 1982-1984 Dottie Williams 1984-1986 Lynda Sherrieb 1986-1988 Linda Majka 1988-1990 JoAn Porteus 1990-1992 Elaine Garrison 1992-1993 Marguerite Hampton 1993-1995 Ann Morris 1995-1997 Sue Taylor 1997-1999 Bernita McWilliams 1999-2001 Marilea Hickman 2001-2003 Sherry Trussell 2003-2005 Tracy Hauswirth 2005-2007 Rhonda Hartley 2007-2009 Laura Kennemer 2009-2001 Angela McKay presently serving | Teacher of the Year Recipients: Gloria Capps 1975-1976 Ingrid Scharnburg 1976-1977 Barbara Floyd 1977-1978 Karen Dooley 1978-1979 Nina Elder 1979-1980 Kathy Bailey 1980-1981 Faye England 1981-1982 Kay Mrazek 1982-1983 Joi Huston 1983-1984 Doris Layne 1983-1984 Phyllis Worley 1984-1985 Elena Cogdell 1985-1986 Kathy Moon 1986-1987 Jean Nobles 1987-1988 Kay Andrew 1988-1989 Bobbie Wolfe 1989-1990 Donice Duckett 1990-1991 Gail Shannon 1991-1992 Joann Bender 1992-1993 Pam Marshall 1993-1994 Debbie Valentine 1994-1995 Janet Thompson 1995-1996 Jean Gambe 1996-1997 Barbara Thompson 1997-1998 Teri Farmer 1998-1999 Donna Black 1999-2000 Kathy Barnar 2000-2001 Dave Lovell 2001-2002 Marsha Krause 2002-2003 Janna Rosier 2003-2004 Brenda Morris 2004-2005 Aleta Caraway 2005-2006 Michelle Schwarte 2006-2007 Leslie Davidson 2007-2008 Amy Viskozki 2008-2009 Debra Anstice 2009-2010 Denise Holloway 2010-2011 Kim Jones 2011-2012 | Principals Joyce Meesey 1975-1996 John DeMore 1996-2003 Sara Coulter 2003-2011 Daniel Gallagher 2011-present

20: 2011-2012 Approved Annual Budget | TOTAL INCOME: $128,397.72 TOTAL EXPENSES: $107,328.00 A hard copy of the budget can be viewed in the scrapbook binder in the teacher's lounge.

21: Meeting Dates | September 8, 2011 November 10, 2011 January 12, 2012 March 22, 2012 | Board Meetings start at 5:30 Regular Meetings start at 7pm Pizza & drinks sold at all meetings.

22: The Butler PTA was organized in 1975, the year Butler Elementary opened in north Arlington. We are a member of the Arlington Council of PTA as well as Area 18 PTA. Our meetings are held on the second Thursday of September, November, January, & March at 7pm in the Butler Cafeteria. Our PTA Bylaws state that the purposes of Butler Elementary PTA are: | - To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, community and place of worship. - To raise the standards of home life. - To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. - To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth. - To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education.

23: Striving to make all of our meetings informative & child friendly.

24: April | PTA Board Installation Luncheon Rolling Hills Country Club

25: KINDERGARTEN ROUND-UP | PTA offers free babysitting and helps conduct Kindergarten Round-up each year. It's a great opportunity to get the incoming kindergarten kiddos excited about their first year at Butler. They love taking the tour and having a chance to buy some spirit items. GO BRONCOS! | THE PTA SILENT AUCTION brought in $1,287.50 at the Dad's Club BBQ. That's nothing to keep quiet about. WOO-HOO!

26: CUTEST PET CONTEST Students voted by putting money in the jar of their favorite Butler pet. The teacher/staff pet with the most money was declared the winner. Proceeds benefit the Arlington Animal Shelter. The 2011 winner was: | LOLA owned by my Mrs. Ryan | Bow-WOW!!! The contest brought in $1,004, for the Animal Shelter.

28: Teacher Appreciation Luncheon | May

29: And some other fun things this month, like... The Dennis Lee Show | Senior/6th grade Reception | PTA Scholarships awarded

31: FIELD DAY | PTA sells food, drinks, snacks, & candy at this event each year. What a hit!

32: Nurse Robin McDaniel was chosen as one of the DFW Great 100 Nurses of 2011. This prestigious award is something all nurses in the DFW and surrounding areas strive for each year. Over 800 nurses were nominated after meeting the criteria ---100 were chosen. Nurse McDaniel was honored at a ceremony at the Professional Development Center where her name was added to the "Education Flag of Learning and Liberty Wall of Fame". | CONGRATULATIONS NURSE ROBIN!

33: June/July Summer break, oh how I love you...

35: SCHOOL SUPPLY PICK UP | August | Parents have the opportunity to order school supplies through the PTA, rather than running around town shopping. This is a huge convenience.

36: Starting the year off right by making sure our teachers & staff know they are appreciated. Back to school luncheon catered by Fuzzy's, and lots of great door prizes...

38: The first day of school brings excitement, joy...

39: ...and sometimes tears, especially for those with kindergarten kiddos. | Tears & Cheers | So, for those in need the PTA sponsors, | This tradition takes place in the library, right after parents drop-off the kiddos for the first day of kindergarten. Here they are greeted with smiles, tears, coffee, juice, muffins, and TISSUES! Let those little ones fly!

40: Firefighters presented some tips about fire safety at our September meeting, as well as a presentation by one of the Boyscout Troop Leaders. | September meeting

41: and of course some Spirit Sales and Book Club info...

43: Students sold cookie dough as a school fund raiser. The top sellers got their chance to grab some cash in the money machine. Overall, the fund raiser made $14,976! | October

44: Reflections awards & acknowledgments were presented at our November meeting. | November meeting

45: And the orchestra entertained us with their talents.

46: 2nd annual CUPCAKE DAY

47: because you are so sweet | PTA and volunteers, provide a variety of delicious cupcakes for the faculty to choose from. Sort of like an all you can eat cupcake bar. YUM!

48: 5th annual | Warm-up run with the Firemen, grade level runs, games, community vendors, prizes, food, bounce houses and LOTS of fun.

49: FAM ILY FUN RUN | Saturday, November 19th, 2011 3:00 - 5:00

50: Butler Broncos help with the fight against hunger by collecting canned goods to donate to the Tarrant Area Food Bank.

51: g i v e | back

52: BOOK FAIR | PTA & volunteers provide assistance in the set-up, running, & take-down of the book fair. | Encourage those kids to READ, READ, READ!


54: January meeting | The PTA Life Membership Committee has selected three individuals to honor with a Texas PTA Life Membership. This is one of the highest honors that can be given to an individual by the Butler PTA and is based on each one's outstanding contributions to the well-being of children. Many, many thanks go to these busy individuals who find time to give so much to our school. Our Butler community is very fortunate to have these deserving recipients of this honor.

55: Congratulations & much thanks to this years recipients: PAM MARSHALL MICHAEL ROYTEK KATHY RYAN

56: Teacher of the Year...


58: Butler Talent Show | PTA organizes auditions and runs the annual Talent Show. This tradition has been going on since the seventies. And yes, we have talent!

59: February

60: March meeting | Environmental Awareness Contest winners were acknowledged. | Participants in the One World Challenge were also acknowledged.

61: "It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be her forever." -Jimmy Carter | "I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use." - Mother Teresa | Teaching the children to do their part. | We are not to throw away those things which can benefit our neighbor. Goods are called good because they can be used for good: they are instruments for good, in the hands of those who use them properly. -Clement of Alexandria

62: POPCORN FRIDAYS | Students get popcorn vouchers, if their parents attend the PTA meetings. Who doesn't love free popcorn?

63: FUN FRIDAYS | PTA also hosted several Fun Fridays, where they sold candy & drinks. | Once they got over the initial chaos, it was a BIG HIT!

64: So many ways to earn extra money for your school. PTA encourages the students to participate in as much as they can. | The grade with the most box tops, gets an ice cream party. That will motivate any kid! Congratulations Kindergarten, 2011 winners!

65: With every PTA membership, you receive a FREE Butler directory. These are invaluable. | Thanks to all who purchased ads in the directory. It was another great year!

66: BUTLER ELEMENTARY PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION BYLAWS | A hard copy of the full thirteen page document can be found in scrapbook folder in the teacher's lounge.

67: HISTORIAN'S YEARLY REPORT | APRIL March/April newsletter PTA Installation Lunch Silent Auction Kindergarten Round-up Cutest Pet Contest MAY Teacher Appreciation Lunch Dennis Lee Show Senior/6th Grade Reception Butler Scholarships Awarded Field Day Coulter's Retirement Reception AUGUST School Supply Pick-up Back to School Lunch 1st Day/Tears & Cheers SEPTEMBER PTA meeting - fireman presentation - Boyscout presentation - Book Club Info/Spirit Sales Cookie Dough Fund raiser Popcorn Friday OCTOBER Sept/Oct newsletter Fund raiser top sellers honored Reflections contest Fun Friday | NOVEMBER PTA meeting - Reflections awards - Orchestra performs Popcorn Friday Box Top Party Cupcake Day Family Fun Run Canned Food Drive Book Fair DECEMBER Nov/Dec newsletter PTA Holiday Lunch Fun Friday JANUARY PTA meeting - Life Members honored Popcorn Friday Teacher of the Year FEBRUARY Jan/Feb newsletter Founder's Day Banquet for PTA Lifetime Members Talent Show Auditions Talent Show Fun Friday MARCH PTA meeting - Environmental Awareness participants honored - Band performs Popcorn Friday

68: THANK YOU'S...

71: ...and acknowledgments

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  • For the first time ever, the Butler PTA Scrapbook has been created digitally. This is just one step further in our environmental efforts. We hope you all enjoy seeing our year in review. Many thanks to all of our wonderful teachers, parents, & volunteers. You have made it another great year at Butler Elementary. Butler PTA
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